This Demon Is Truly Heartless w/ Alek

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  1. Okay.

    Isabella was so scared, some demon guards had traveled onto Heaven and grabbed her. She was unsure what they wanted her for. She hated the demons. She didn't know what to do, as she was dragged into one room It looked like the throne room. She noticed the candle light. She looked around softly before her eyes stopped at the throne chair as she heard someone stand. She seen the prince. She gasped and pushed herself against the guards. " Let me go!! " She finally yelled. She didn't know what to think, but she was wanting to get out of here!! One of the us who had the hold of her, dropped her onto her knees and pushed his foot against her bum and slid her to him. " We grabbed the angel princess for you, since you wanted entertainment.. we knew she'd satisfy that... pretty well." As they disappeared. Isabella was on her knees, near the guy. She looked down, she was so scared. She didn't want to look up.

    p.s. She is wearing this
  2. Sitting with one leg crossed over the other, both hands conjoined with palms in a central connection, the man appeared to be sitting in semi-symmetry. His cerulean eyes hid behind bronze veils for a brief moment among the angel's very screams. "You know, maybe if the two of you bastards weren't so ugly... she wouldn't be screaming so frantically. You've done your part, now be gone, leave me to my... entertainment." he instructed, making sure to keep his eyes on the two of them, instead of the downed angel before him. Her assessment was yet to come.

    Once they had left his chambers to guard the door from the other side, his right leg had slid from his lap, planting to the marble upon which the throne had been sitting. "Do not fret, my dear. Your screams of terror will get you nowhere." he explained, his right arm coming to stroke the bare cleft of his chin, where his ivory brows had furled and his glistening irises seemed to gloss from the concentration of candle light projecting throughout the large room.

    Slowly, he looked her over and inhaled slowly. "Now, why did I choose you?" - Assuming this was the first question that came to any captive's mind, he figured he'd answer it before it left her lips. "You're the youngest, and most potent of the angels in the high heavens, I'm quite cocksure. Ultimately, your longevity is prepared for more endurance than most. What use is someone who can't offer me youth?" he inquired, leaning back in his throne upon his large hands falling to embrace each of the skulls which adorned the embroided leather, trimmed in gold.
  3. Isabella sat there, her knees. She had her hands in her lap. She had her hair in her face. She didn't know what to do. she blinked her sweet, and innocent eyes. She looked up finally as she heard him speak. " It probably will." She muttered. She glanced around, she didn't really see what was really here. She didn't want to be here. She shook her head. She closed her eyes softly as her head was down again. She placed her thumb on the floor. It felt really... smooth. She finally spoke, things leaving her soft lips, " what makes you so sure I am the youngest? Perhaps I have a younger sister." Which she didn't she was the youngest. She blinked softly. She moved her hand away she glanced up at him. Standing onto her feet, fixing her dress. She walked up the mini stairs. Only three. She looked into his eyes. " what makes you so sure?" She asked. her palms just right above his knees.
  4. Actually, there was a secret that was to go rather, unspoken in the whereabouts and presence of the young girl. Especially in the presence of the young girl. Even though, in what appeared to be purgatory, his existence is only a longevity of twenty-five years, his previous lives had the acquired experience of much, much more. Not to mention, this demon was immortal, in the sense that there was a slowed, or halted aging.

    Curling his index and ring fingers to press into the eyes of the skulls, he pulled himself from the seat, leaning forward when she stood in front of him. Slowly, Gil had risen to his feet, his six foot tall stature towering over her naturally. The depth of his voice sounded rather, omnipotent when he spoke. The realism fading as his vocals resonated among the walls of his homely chambers. "Little do you know; the secrets that reside underneath the flesh of this body. What makes me so sure? I cannot say, but I know you a lot better than you assume." he polished, his chest convexing upon him turning away for a moment.
  5. Isabella looked over at him when he started to get up. She slowly went to take a footstep back. She looked around. She was so scared. She didn't know what to do. She looked around, she thought about it. She tilted her head. She bit her lower lip as she felt her head go up just to see his face. Hearing his voice. It made chills go down her spine. Her eyes sparkled and then said, " you do?" She asked. She crossed her hands, " I mean how do you know about me? Is there rumours about me down here? Cause that would be surprising considering.. I am very innocent.." She smiled. she curtseyed a little but smiled. Her shimmering eyes glanced around. She hated this. She glanced over at him, waiting. She slowly narrowed her eyes. She took one step down before she took another. But suddenly she miss stepped and she fell. She fixed her dress.