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This Demon Is Truly Heartless OOC w/ Alek

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Pandilicious, May 12, 2013.

  1. Skelly

    Age: * 19-28*
    Looks like:
    Name: Isabella Song
    Age: Nineteen
    royal?; Princess Isabella
    race: Angel
    Personality: Sweet | Innocent | Good girl | Stubborn | Shy | Can be quiet, but demanding |
    wants/others: To go back home, and live a normal life and forget what happened.
    Looks like: [​IMG]
  2. So i found an outfit for my chick :3
  3. Alrighty then.

    Name: Gil
    Age: Twenty-four.
    Royalty: Prince of the Aegis.
    Race: Demi-Devil
    Personality: Witty, violent, sensual in nature, demanding, powerful, and abusive.
    Wants: To rule the Kingdom of which his kin run. - Run the cities below to fulfill the tyrannical wishes and dreams unfortold.
    Looks like: Cerulean eyes, white, disheveled hair, very athletic, typically wears modern-day tuxedos, suits.
  4. Want to start it? or want me to?

    Setting: She is brought to him, its night time, well 7pm.
  5. You'd better set the setting for all of this.