This Beautiful, Yet Fragile World

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    Zaya is a new model cyborg. But the technical term for her is an Android. Android #206. She was created by a mad scientist to destroy the world. He has tried programing her to be ruthless... reckless. She maybe able to kick ass and kill anyone in her path.... but she doesnt feel like she is destined to kill... She doesnt want to kill. And when she meets a group of teens her age they help lead her to the path she is destined to take...
    "You may wake up now Android 206!" Dr. Waxzilf yelled as he pressed a button that opened almost a coffin-like container. Tubes and wires connected to the yellow body container and attatched to the wall. There was a little window at the top and you were able to see the face of a beautiful young woman's face. She had long beautiful shiny black hair (however you could not see it all through the tiny window.) high cheek bones, full pale-pink- colored lips, Silver colored eyes (although you could not see them because her eyes were closed), fair skin and the perfect slim body. Dr. Waxzilf pressed a red button then suddenly the body container opened, making a hissing noise.
    Suddenly the girls eyes flew opened and she sat up looking right at the old man. She blinked a few times then stood up. She was wearing a blue t- shirt that fit perfectly around her body, jean jacket with the sleeves cut off, a jean skirt with black leggings and boots. Dr. Waxzilf had an evil smile on his face, "YES!" he yelled throwing his hands up in the air as if he won the lottery. Zaya just looked at him as if he was crazy. Then she cleared her throat and asked, "Is there something you wanted?" her voice didnt sound like a robot, it sounded like a real human girl. Sweet and gentle sounding. Dr. Waxilf put his hand down and looked at her, "Yes! Go to the city! Make some damage!" Android 206 sighed, she didnt want to destroy anything. But she knew in her head what the consquences would be if she didnt do what she was told. She knew about the little bomb inside her. She nodded, "May I come up with a better name for myself? Android 206 seems kind of..." she couldnt think of how to finish that sentence. The doctor thought for a moment then nodded, "Yes you can." Android 206 thought for a moment then said, "Zaya...." Dr. Waxzilf smiled then nodded. "Sounds good, however I will continue calling you Android 206." Zaya simply nodded then teleported out the door, "I am leaving now." she said, and she did exactly that. ~~~~~ It took Zaya less than two minutes to get there. She thought the outside world was beautiful! It was ashame she had to destroy it.... Zaya then thought up an excuse.... She wanted to atleast explore. She walked through traffic, cars stopping immidiatly, horns blaring. However she ignored it.

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  2. Sitting on a roof he noticed a women who seemed to just be oblivious to the traffic, and seemed to just walk out in front of it. He shook his head as she didn't look like she was lost maybe she was just having one of those weird days, which peaked his intrest in her. He followed her from the rooftops watching her as she went into the crowd, he was easily able to leap from building to building as a weird mechanical sound emitted from his legs.
  3. Zaya stopped walking, she knew somebody was watching her. She turned her head and looked right at the guy. She was tempted to jump up but there was too many people. So she went into the alley in between the two buildings, where she couldn't be see and jumped up, high. She landed on her feet and looked right at the guy, with no expression what so ever. "What are you staring at?"
  4. His back turned to her, he slowly turned around " I'm staring at you " he said chuckling crossing his arms which made a Hissing noise. He inspected her up and down. " your not from around here..." He shook some of his hair out of the way " and that can only mean one thing "
  5. She crossed her arms, "And where exactly do you think I am from?" she didn't keep her eyes off him. She suddenly heard the hissing noise then realized, "So I am taking you are one as well."
  6. He looked at her and tilted his head closing his eyes " I'm not one of you " he said chuckling taking off his jacket and dropping it on the floor as his arms looked normal. But then his fist began to spin in circles " but I have you " he said laughing. " but your very beautiful for being like yourself "
  7. 85 opened her eyes slowly. In one eye stats of a system reboot and her other the ceiling. Once her Organic AI robot complete rebooted she sat up. Had she been electrocuted so how? She looked around seeing that she was in the kitchen and saw the knife driven into the ground inches from where her head laid. She stood up and pulled the knife out of the floor and tossed it into the sink. A cutting board with chopped carrots sat next to the sink. She sighed, now she know for sure she had had another black out. She packed the carrot strips away and when to lay in her bed. Her head ached.
  8. White saw the entire thing of what was going on up on the roof of the building. He ran into the alley where he saw the girl jump from and started climing the ladder on the side of the building. Once he got to the to he looked between the mysterious girl ad guy, "What the hell is going on up here?"
  9. He looked back at the guy who climbed his way up here " You nosey son of a-" he cut himself off and shook his head looking back at the girl " Watch yourself around these parts...i'll be watching you " He said as he took off in a sprint, his legs began to make a hissing noise and soon he leapt like he was in space to a building across the street. He began sprinting.
  10. >Humanity Compilation Complete!
    >Beginning Activation Sequence...
    >System Boot...OK!
    >Circuit Test...OK!

    >Weapon Systems...OK!
    >A.I. System...OK!

    >Data Logs...CORRUPT!

    >Attempting to restore last backup...CORRUPT!
    >Scanning for useable Data...OK!

    >Compiling fragmented memory logs...OK!
    >Transformation System...RESTRICTED!
    >Attempting to access security logs...RESTRICTED!
    >Activating consciousness...OK!

    >Initiating playback of recovered memory data files...OK!
    >Playing Data File 37...

    A light moving from eye to eye was all that was visible. "Ocular tracking seems functional." Said the voice of a female, continuing forward to question him, "Why are you so obsessed with this obsolete model anyways, dad? They've already created a functional android, yet here you are, working with the P000 model that was to be scrapped because it wasn't even considered worthy of completion." As she finished her question, the light vanishing and the pale face of a young woman with yellow hair could be seen. A set of glasses adorned her petite face, a modest pair of bronze studs in each ear.

    "Good, good." A second, male voice, spoke from out of sight. The woman moved away and a middle-aged man became visible. His hair was darker, like that of rust, accented by bits that looked to be the color of freshly polished steel. "Myra, you should understand better than anybody. No matter what other people say, a father never abandons his child to death." Stated the older man, his voice having the slightest of trembles.

    >Playing Data File 278...

    "Worthless pile of scrap metal. I don't care what he says, you're not my brother! All you've done is steal my dad from me! He's already wasted 30 years on you, 30 years of my life, spent helping him to ignore me for you! Not one more day!" Myra cried out. She appeared to be significantly older, her body had become more full, her hair had grown several inches, and she had gained at least a foot in height. She could not have been much younger than the man she referred to as 'dad' in Data File 37. In her hands, she held a small cube shaped object, wires poking out around the edges.

    Android #P000 was able to identify it as an explosive device, his self-defense programming activated. "Myra, please, don't do this! Don't take my son away from me! End this nonsense, you're endangering yourself as well!" The male voice from before called out. Panning towards the left, the android saw the male from before, his aging was even more apparent. The once rustic colored hair with the slight accentuation, had vanished, the entirety of it, had become that once distinguishing color of steel. His warning, would prove too late. A red, left-arm shot forward, grasping tightly around the woman's throat.

    "My son! Stop this, don't do it! She is your sister!" Dr. Fujikara cried out, but his words fell upon deaf sound receptors, for the machine had no such concepts. Myra dropped the explosive device to the ground, and grappled at the machine's hand. There was naught she could do though as with a single flex signal to the hand, her entire throat was crushed, had it just been her larynx, there would have been chance for her to be saved. However, her jugular burst from the pressure, rendering her lower rear-jaw, throat, and the top of her torso stained black and blue.

    >Playing Data File 301...

    Dr. Fujikara's face filled the machine's vision. His hair had gone, and his skin had become loose and wrinkly upon his face. "I don't have much time, my son. I have completed the program which will give you humanity. I know not how long it will until your system can properly make sense of the code to compile it, the algorithms used are more complex than you can handle directly, which is I why I included the necessary software updates in it. Countless yottabytes of data is to be extracted and applied, it may take years, and I will not live to see you again. I just want you to know, I do not blame you for what happened to your sister, Myra. It was my fault. I should have worried about developing your humanity first... When you awake...please, don't blame yourself..." Dr. Fujikara's words ended and he stepped outside of the android's containment unit. The door closing behind him, and the room began to descend, floor after floor. It had not been long before gunfire could be heard above.

    >End playback of recovered memory data files

    Android #P000's occular sensors activated for the first time in ages. The room was pitch black, but he felt himself overwhelmed by emotions for the first time. What were these things? His strong legs buckled beneath him, the gears in his midsection felt as though they had ground to a halt. The arms which were once strong enough to individually collapse a human throat, with no effort, were trembling. The oil pump in his chest, though he could feel the steady beat of it, felt as though it had been ripped out. A horrendous howl was unleashed by his vocal output system. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..." He repeated, over and over. He could feel oil beginning to leak from his occular circuits. What was this? The emotional output was too much though, he could not truly question it. A week passed with him lying in a fetal position within the dark room, he did not even know when the oil actually stopped leaking. His hands reached up and wiped away the oil from his face, but he did not feel the metallic surface he expected. No, what he felt was...soft.

    P000's hands began to roam his entire body, it was soft all over, and he appeared to be wearing several strange fabrics. The overwhelming emotions that once prevented his basic systems from recognizing the materials had subsided. A simple query of his information databases would yield them to be what was called clothing, made from cotton and leather. With his mind clear, he was able to switch his eyes over to night vision, and he realized that the soft material covering his body was synthetic flesh, it was only a moment later that he felt the hair upon his head, black as the oil that had puddled onto the floor from his strange episode.

    P000 spent some time exploring the laboratory after his awakening, trying to make sense of things, to see if he could find any backup files of his missing data files. There was naught to be found amongst the leftover debris. Realizing there was nothing keeping him here, the machine decided his best chance to find any type of answer would be to go into the world. He climbed his way through the damaged elevator shaft and staircases until he found an exit door on the top floor. Exiting onto the roof, he was quickly met with other humanoids. Though he knew none of them, he recognize that there seemed to be a total of three, two males and a female, one of the males whom happened to be jumping to the roof of the next building over.
  11. White watch the man hop away and looked at the strange but beautiful girl, he was obviously not aware of the other android, "What the hell was that about? Did he try to hurt you?"