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  1. Zaya is a new model cyborg. But the technical term for her is an Android. Android #206. She was created by a mad scientist to destroy the world. He has tried programing her to be ruthless... reckless. She maybe able to kick ass and kill anyone in her path.... but she doesnt feel like she is destined to kill... She doesnt want to kill. And when she meets a group of teens her age they help lead her to the path she is destined to take...
    ((Author's Note: This is my first scifi... I am usually not into scifi but I figured I could give it a shot! :3))
    ~Character Info~
    Name: Android #206. But she goes by Zaya.
    Age: 17
    Species: Cyborg/Android
    Personality: Will find out in the RP :P. Its a surprise lol
    Extra Info: She is the first female Android ever made

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  2. Hey Sami! I will join this RP with you! I will also try helping you get more people into the RP! :3D
    -Character Info!-
    Name: White Jones
    Age: 17
    Species: Human
    Personality: Outgoing, Bubbly, Strong, King, Caring, Smart, Goofy, Sweet and Funny.
    Looks: He also has an athletic body! :)

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  3. Accepted Eli! :3 Thanks!
  4. Can you add a few more details about the universe?
    PS don't forget about tough love...Eli almost did
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Kuroi Haruno " K "
    Age: 17
    Species: Human/robotic limb
    Personality: Fighter, Protective, strong, Fast, Funny
    Extra Info: His arms and leg are robotic limbs ( If that is okay )
  6. >.< Shhh! Did not XD . >.> hehe...
  7. Lol ok Vanessa :3. Well basically this kind of takes place in 2020 so technology is slightly more advanced. I already created the RP already. ^_^ The RP should give you a little more detail if you want. Just look in the Scifi genre section and you should find it.
    And Eli... >.> You are such a liar! Lmao! XD
  8. Btw Accepted Akuma! :3
  9. Show Spoiler
    Name: 85
    Age: about 18
    Species: Cyborg
    Personality: She can communicate with different machines because of her AI Organic brain. She can be found having deep conversations with Toasters and other house hold items.
    Extra Info: Because of a freak accident five years ago mot of her organs are robotic, including half her brain. She has a perfectly bad memory, though every now and then she sees flashes of her past her organic robot brain attempts to fuse with her human brain. Her flash backs sting because of the high voltage electric exchange the organic robot brain give her. Other than that she's a happy, forgetful, hyperactive something teen year old who calls herself 85.
  10. Name: Android #P000 (Project H.I.E.R.O. [Human Intelligence Engineered for Risky Operations])
    Age: ?? (Not sure how many years it would for them to have gotten to Android #206. I'm assuming he'd be well over 200 years old.)
    Species: Android
    Personality: Undeveloped, leaving him very curious.
    Extra Info: The very first prototype Android, was sent to be scrapped. The lead developer on the project though refused to destroy him, Dr. Fujikari saw potential in continuing to develop this prototype. Dr. Fujikari invested 50 years of development into this Android before vanishing, leaving Android #P000 in a stasis lock.
    Looks: (Actual form and synthetic flesh form)

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  11. Sorry for not posting yet! I was babysitting the past two days! Post coming!
  12. Somebody needs to post. ;-;
  13. Can i still join in?

    Name: Shane Scarlet
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Personality: Smart, Tactical, Caring, Just.
    Extra Info: Wields a deadly weapon and was hired to take care of a Android that is said to be dangerous.
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Weapon (open)
  14. a male ruby o.o wow never seen that before, its amazing