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  1. Greetings Earthlings!
    So I been wanting to do some MxM for awhile now. The rules are simple.
    1)Don't leave me, at least tell me if you do... T-T
    2)Have fun!!!!!!
    3)Do as you please. I can take anything!
    4)I don't do realistic rps.

    5)Have more fun!!!!
    Call me master (open)
    A male prostitute(YC/MC) was taken in by a sadistic man who was famous in the thug world; he's a mafia boss(YC/MC). The prostitute isn't allowed to let another guy talk to him, let alone sell his body. The Mafia boss calls the other guy his dog, or pet, and gets extremely jealous. He also makes him do extreme things.

    Boy Next Door (open)
    There's a boy next door. He's always jumping from his balcony to (YC/MC)'s balcony. He's always flirting and showing affection to his neighbor(YC/MC), who just ends up brushing it off since he does it to everyone. After some time the boy next door started to do "things" to his neighbor, the neighbor, at first didn't like it but soon got used to the frequent attborcks, but then it all changed. The two boys end up fighting which ends their unique relationship. The neighbor started to realize that he actually missed the company.

    Intertwined by Rivalry (open)
    Two kings. One ruling the Western Kingdom(YC/MC) and the other is ruling the Eastern Kingdom(YC/MC). These two kings hated each other and were always at each other's necks, but is that all there is to it? After a meeting with the four kings (Southern, Northern, Western, and Eastern) the two kings ended up disappearing. Drunk from the drinks that were passed out at the meeting they end up sleeping with each other only to wake up together, with no memory of what had happened.

    A child's regret (open)
    (MC)A high school boy who's popular with the girls actually wants nothing to do with them. He would rather be with his friend; his childhood friend(YC). His friend isn't so popular... or single... He ends up going over to his friend's house and spends the night with him. Too scared to tell him his feelings he kisses him. What will his friend do?

    A Prince's Kiss (open)
    Lexington High has three guys. The princes. These guys are the guys that have everything. The looks, the athletic skills, the academic skills but there's something else. Something secretive. The third prince(YC/MC) (Ranked third in the prince scale) has a crush on the first prince(MC), but the first prince despises the third one, yet loves the second prince(YC/MC). This ends up making the third prince envious which makes him do horrible things not only to the second prince, but to the first prince too.

    I'll add more when I can think of some.
  2. I'd love to do Intertwined by Rivalry with you. :3
  3. Call Me Master sounds like an interesting plot. ^.^
  4. A Child's Regret sounds interesting to me.
  5. Please let me do "call me master" with you ^_^
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