Thirst of Power

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The mid afternoon sun shone down on the world below. Two kids were running around each other and playing. The look of joy showed heavily on both of their faces. The thrill of life was easily recognized on the two as they played and laughed. The golden sunset drifted its way down to the beach, where the two were headed. As they played in the waters and made sand castles, a low lying cloud of smoke drifted way in the horizon. Soon, the two noticed the smoke, looking at each other in a questioning glance. The smoke was clearly not fire smoke, and certainly not cigarette smoke either. The smoke was clearly green, what it was or where it came from was another story.
The two kids looked at each other for short while and then curiosity grabbed both of them by the neck until they went to investigate the strange substance. They followed the cloud, walking on the roads and several times through the grass and over creeks and small rivers. By the time their tired limbs were able to reach a close distance to the substance, the day was nearing an end, making the two in a near rush so they would be back home before their parents started looking.

Upon arriving at the site where the cloud hung, they could clearly see a factory of some kind of which it was coming out of. The two had edged closer to the factory, a factory called Opix. The two had never seen the factory before, and felt overpowered as they set their eyes upon it at that moment. Forgetting about the cloud of smoke, they began to search what they could of the area around the factory. It was huge. Much bigger than the businesses the children had ever seen in the city. As they neared a corner of the building, a huge green fog surrounded them. Being reminded of what they were originally searching for, the two realized the smoke was leaking out of the factory from somewhere.
After breathing it in, they both had began to couch uncontrollably. "C'mon, let's get out of here." One of them had said and the other, coughing loudly, had agreed. They hurried off the site of the factory and headed for home. They soon departed from each other as they entered the city, for they both lived on opposite sides from each other. Once both of them had returned home, they both passed out on the bed, though they didn't know at the time that something horribly wrong had happened.... Or did they ever notice as the next few years of their life journeyed on, but one day, one day it would all come back.

The young man awoke from his sleep abruptly, waking from a dream that he soon forgot. Devin rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, yawning as he did so. He could tell, easily enough, that his muscles were sore. The day before had proven his limit. Looking the sheets on his bed, he could see the blood stains that were splattered across them from the wounds on his body that were still bleeding. They usually didn't last so long, the wounds, but yesterday was fight almost to the death. Though, he believed, him and that superhero had both proven their might. He had landed good blows on his opponent, and so did she land good blows on him. The blood stains proved that.
Devin carefully came up to his tired feet, a forceful breath coming from him. Today would be a long day, as he would try to get well and rest. Rest...did he ever rest? He didn't think so. Between college, a job, and that, he didn't think he ever rested. Could he let himself do it today? He could only wish, really.

Soon, he got into a warm shower. Although his wounds stung, the shower was still relaxing to his muscles. He could picture his muscles smiling as they looked forward for the day of no stress. He himself was truly looking forward to it....
After his shower, he wrapped up his wounds in bandages that were able to carry the blood for up to to eight hours, or at least, what it said on the package. Tightening the belt on his pants, the young man sat down on a small chair that sat in the middle of his small apartment. The small T.V showed the news, and his small clock struck thirty minutes after ten in the morning. Devin sighed to himself. He was already bored. His eyes glanced at the skateboard by his door. His fingers gripped his seat, and then he couldn't take it anymore. The small space...nothing to do, no action. He needed action.

Devin soon flung himself up off his chair, headed for his door, grabbed the skateboard up in his big hands, and headed outside, where he plopped the skateboard on the ground, jumped on top of it, and then started to ride the piece of bored quickly down the sidewalk and to the other side of town where his good friend from child hood lived....
It had been a very long night, that was to say the least her body had taken on quite the beating and if it weren’t for her fast healing rate, she might actually be in the hospital. She had taken quit the beating and could only think of what ACTUALLY might have happened to her body, thank god for the Super Serum, or so she called it. That fated eve, the moment her life changed for all that was ‘better’, the day her life would change completely. Prior to that day she was a normal martial artst, practicing hard every day, working until her sweat wouldn’t come out anymore, and playing with her best friend Devin, someone she stayed friends with to this day. Of course, at that moment though a secret between them stared, and he could NEVER know why she changed slightly, he just couldn’t.

Emily was her name, and martial arts was her game. At the age of ten she had qualified for her first black belt, and by the age of fifteen had added another two, by taking more than one art at a time, to her belt. Soon, by the age of twenty two where she was today, she had over ten arts mastered, her speed in each only grew faster and more agile, her mind seemed to be a machine for the arts, ready to conquer them well as many as would appear before her. It was then that she started her actual job, the job that kept her out of college, and living in a rather decent sized house, the Job that would also help her disguise her secret identity. She had opened a school, well rather Co-founded, a school for Martial Arts, all arts forma ll continents, they’d pay to get the child down here if they ahd the proper grades even. With the help of a elder principle, who had his degree in teaching, they hired a staff of teachers and a staff of top ranked martial arts to represent every art, and she presided over the arts. The school flourished and was now internationally known.

The benefit of it was simple, the Ivy League schools ate it up. The students all were so well disciplined and so well graded, they all went on to greatness, well a majority. But, it was all a wonderful cover up for her secret, she was the masked hero keeping the city save. Her cover up was her cane, and right leg. Supposedly when she was competing for the World Martial Arts tournament she got inured and couldn’t sue the leg again, though she was still a good fighter her hero counter part had no leg injury, that was her gift and talent. The school then became her way to watch for anyone strong enough to take on her mantle, or step up as her side kick, but she never found anyone so she never said a word, watching in silence she was able to groom at least thirty children a week, but in grooming them able to enhance her own skills, keeping them all so sharp that she could do her night job easily.

She crossed the room, her cane making a firm thud with each step as she grinned a bit and got dressed, sliding herself out of her loose fitting cloths, the colors were mostly white, as she slid herself into a skirt and blouse. Emily was very girly in a lot of ways and would never seem to wear anything in public but a skirt and a blouse, or a dress. The soft blouse was a smooth sleek black with green lines that moved horizontal on it, made of a smooth silk, whice the pleated skirt was a normal green, a nice bright dark contrast. She sat at a chair in her dark room, the sunlight not able ot come in due to some drapes she had put up, and popped her lips stretching a bit. There was no need to do her hair, it was in a bunch of tightly bound black dreadlocks.

She rose making her way, without her cane, to her bathroom, the room was all cream and marble, nothing too lame nothing too bright she brushed her teeth and then started her walk out to her living room thinking about her friend Devin, she hadn’t seem him a whole lot since the school year started, after all, it was that same reason that she didn’t see him. She was busy with her students, he was busy with his studies, studies that ripped him from her curious arms and caused for him to live all the way across town. Stupid schooling. She took a breath looking at her room to make sure no signs of Silent Assassin could be seen, her counter part. With a nod she went to her kitchen, starting on a set of eggs, sausage , and rice, her usual breakfast on a Saturday morning. She giggled a bit, clutching her cane and putting it against the wall, today would be a good day.
(Sorry for the short post. >< Didn't feel like I had much to go by.)

He slid his skateboard against the smooth concrete, leaving black skid marks behind him. Rolling through a drive thru of a coffee shop, Devin ordered a large French Vanilla cappuccino for himself and a large coffee for Emily.
Devin rode the skateboard more easier now, gliding through allies and around buildings and on the side-walks. People would look at him every now and then. Devin would only ignore them and go on his way. He didn't care for the attention. Not ever since then. Anyone knew who he was? He'd end up getting in a fight or being called after from the police. He still kept his cool, though. Maybe for his friend's sake. If his bestfriend ever knew that he was the one to cause all the mayhem in this city, he, well, didn't know how she'd react. Being the bad guy and all, most people didn't like it when he was disguised.

Devin skidded to a stop before long, looking at the building in which Emily lived. It was pretty nice looking from his standards. This part of the city was more in the rich and style. It got built up a lot and was more taken care of then the part he lived in. His was well, run-down, old, and not really clean. He was use to it. He'd grown up in a poor family. It didn't bother him all that much, though there was those points that he hated. He shrugged to himself as he thought of all this. He wouldn't let it get in the way of a good day. The young man slowly approached the door, raised his hand that wasn't filled, and knocked his usual, light knock on the white door of which his friend lived.
s her cane came tapping and rapping against the floor. Her eyes carefully slit a moment listening for the heart beat, to find if it were someone unwanted, someone dangerous. After all, when you lead a life of heroics and half the people in the state pen were out for you and your blood who could be too safe. She paid attention, close attention, to her cane, which contained a sword in it, if a fight were to follow she could easily defend herself even with her gadgets hidden safely in her secret underground rooms. Her eyes traveled to the eye hole, a long pause followed, and before he could react the sound of locks and tumblers moving against one another could be heard, succeeded by the swift sight of a cream skinned, black top, green bottomed gale hugging you. The scent of soft lavender and lemon was about her and before long ten thousand words swarmed by you. Stinging your ears with all of their meanings.

[spacer]”Oh my God, Devin how are you, where did you come from, how is school, oh come in come in have you eaten, I’ll cook.” Yes, that was Emily all right, this was her home. Soon the sound of a cane could be heard thudding its way back into the home followed by a quite closing of the door and a bright light that was the ceiling fan turning on. She oh so carefully sat down, crossing her legs in a big leather chair, her eyes scoping him over in a quick fashion. He was getting stronger, odd, he must’ve been working out during school. “you seem so grown and adult now, and so… wow. I’m amazed I remember when we were skill kids playing around and you were so small.” She was shorter than him, and no where near as buffed up, she appeared to be a skinny nothing used only to teach.[/spacer]

[spacer]He knew of her training, he had to have remembered what she looked like, she was once a great and powerful warrior and now cut down in her prime, sadly that wasn’t just and understatement. Her powers allowed her to control her muscle mass, allowing her to appear buff, or to appear weak. In a normal day she appeared as if she had no muscles outside of a normal human, at school she often time warmed up with her students, allowing for her to build muscle mass, but still seem weak. Nor to mention, learn a few things. She carefully sipped at her cup of tea the sweet smell coming tenderly to her nose which made her feel warm on the inside, it would be a good day, that much was sure.[/spacer]
Devin smiled at his friend and gave her the large coffee he'd gotten her. He chuckled a bit. "Everything's well." He smiled. "Don't worry about cooking for me. I ate before I came here. I didn't want to be a burden. So, how's your school coming along?" He asked, referring to her martial arts school she had going on. He was interested in it and also happy for Emily to find a job that she liked so much. He knew she would do something with what she liked best. And from childhood, she was always doing Martial Arts training. And he had to say, she was brilliant in the Arts.

Devin found a chair and sat in it while he let Emily talk. He sipped on his cappuccino.
"When we were Hard to believe. It was such a long time ago when we use to roam the streets after dark when our parents didn't know. We did some crazy things as well." Devin said, remembering the freedom of childhood. "Say, do you remember when we stumbled upon the site with the factory because we were following that green smoke?" He wanted to know if she remembered it or not. Devin was never sure if it actually happened or if it was a dream. If it did happen, maybe it would explain some things. He looked at his friend, at her face and smiled. "It is really nice to see you again." He said in a soft and gentle tone as the sun shined through the windows and hit the wooden floors of the kitchen, sending a golden glow to gobble them both up. He could see the dust particles in the air, surrounding them with their rich fingers. Through it all, Emily's face shown in the center of it. It made him smile.