Third times a charm

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  1. Hello, this is an idea that I have gotten a partner to twice but the first time it died after two posts because my partner disappeared and the second time my new partner said she/he was interested but then when I were going to start the thread he/she didn't answer xD So I hope I will be able to roleplay this idea this time ;)

    I am searching after a partner that can write around 3-6 paragraphs per post (with other words, describe as much as you can in every post even if your character only speak one sentence), if you have a writers block and can't write more than one or two paragraphs sometimes now and then, then you don't have to worry because that happens to me too.

    You don't have to be able to spell like a God and you don't have to have perfect grammar, I'm from Sweden so my English can become pretty bad some times now and then too x3

    Here's my idea:

    -Black death
    The year is 1348 and a sickness has spread into england and is killing everyone that gets in its way, a girl (me) has been accused for being a witch and spread the sickness with the powers the devil had given her. The only reason she had been accused were because of the man that ruled in their country, he were in love with her but she rejected him so he spread the rumours that she were a witch. Then he told her that he would save her if she would marry him, she decided to run away and are now on a journey to get away from the sickness and all the people that are chasing her. Some weeks ago she met a person (you) that she started to travel with, what will happen when this person notice that she is being chased and accused for being a witch? Will the person still help her when that happens or will he/she betray the new friend because of the fear of being with a witch?

    Things you should know:
    *They will travel a lot, by foot, boat, horses, everything that they can find
    *If you are a guy then it can be romance (or non-romance if you want that) if you play a girl then it won't be any romance. (because of the time period they are in)
    * I have planned to let the ruler of the country go after her at some point in the rp, I can play him but if you want to play him then it's ok too, or if we both play him. We can figure that out when he comes into the rp.
    *There will be dead bodies everywhere in cities and people that are afraid of coming to close to other people because of the sickness, this is a dark time in history.

    This rp is based a bit on the movie black death, in reality they didn't start to chase witches before later in history.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.