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    The sun danced through the purple curtains of the young blondes room. It shined down on her salo skin. She opened her dark green eyes slowly. She was still tired but knew she had to get up for school. She stretched out her slim frame, rubbing her eyes gentlely. She pushed the warm purple duvet from her body, feeling the cool air nip at her skin. She sighed peacefully finally getting out of her double bed.

    She stretched her body once again as she pulled fresh clothes from her wardrope. She walked to her bathroom and placed her clothes down on the back of the toilet. Switching on the shower, she striped from her piggy Pjs before stepping in.

    She let the fresh warm water soak into her soft skin. She washed her body with a mango scented scrub, lathered her skin and rinched it. She then started massaging her scalp with sweet smelling shampoo, she let it soak in then rinced, doing the same with her conditioner.

    Switching the shower off, she stepped out grabbing a towel, she wrapped her body in it. She did the same with her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror, she brushed her teeth and dried her chin. She applied some fondation, eyeliner and mascara. Finishing off with a little lip gloss.

    Removing the towel, she brushed her hair, smiling slightly. She got dressed. She wore a white tank top, a yellow button down shirt and a pair of denim shorts. She put on her contacts and left the bathroom.

    She grabbed her phone and keys, stepping into her converses, she headed down stairs. She had a small breakfast, grabbed her bag and left for school. She drove to school within the speed limit and parked in the students parking lot. She started walking to the school entrance and smiled, she loved school.

    She stopped by her locker to grab some books before heading to class, even though she knew she would be there early. She was excited. Today they were getting new partners. Though she knew the teacher was picking she trusted she'd be paired with someone worthy.
  2. [​IMG]

    Ace rolled over in bed as his alarm clock went off. A groan escaped his lipsat the idea of having to go to school. His black curtains were closed, though it didnt matter since he had spray painted his windows black. He sluggishly got out of bed, his boxers hanging low on his hips. He ran his fingers trough his hair, letting out a sigh. He strolled into the bathroom and took a look at himself in the mirror and grinned, "Still sexy, Ace" he told himself.

    He quickly rushed his teeth and took a 5 minute shower. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back into his room. He pulled on a pair of boxers, dark jeans, and an old Nirvana t-shirt, before pulling on a pair of black vans.

    Ace grabbed a pack of Newports, making a mental note he would have to stop and pick up more after school. He grabbed his bak pack and keys off the dresser and headed down the stairs. He stifled back a bitter comment when he saw his mother passed out on the couch with yet another Radom stranger.

    He hopped into his black jeep wrangler and sped towards school. He plugged his phone into the car and began to blast Avenged Sevenfold, while lighting a cigarette. He pulled into the parking lot just as the late bell rang. "Perfect, thts the earliest I've been here all year." He commented with a laugh. He threw the cigarette on the grous, putting it out with his foot.

    Ace began his stroll towards into school and down the hallway to his first period class. He walked in 20 minutes after the bell rang and immediately took his normal seat at the back if the room.

    "Nice of you to join us Ace, thats your third late this week, maybe you should get a new watch." The teacher said coldly. Ace just laughe and threw his feet up on the desk.

    "I think Ill pass, but maybe if this class was a bit more interesting I would bother showing up on time." He responded quickly. He leaned back in his seat. "Now get on wht whatever you were talking about, Im sure it was fascinating." He said sarcastically.
  3. The young womans eyes had her full attention on the teacher he was explaining about partners for the first big project. She had just hoped she wouldn't be stuck with someone who would make her do all the work. That's when another student walked in. Twenty minutes late. Her eyes, as all of
    the other students stared at him.

    She felt her eyes roll as she looked back to him as did the others. She then
    rreturned her vision to the teacher who was writing out a late slip. He began pairing students at random. She frowned at the method.
    " Stephanie. You will be partnered with.."
    He looked down at the attendance sheet and looked back up at her.
    " Ace."
    Her face dropped why the hell had she been partnered with him. She held a fake smile on her face as she tried to keep her perfect record. But on the inside she screamed.

    She had been a perfect student the entire year. She was never late, handed
    in her work on time and now she was paired him with him? She was outraged. She was so mad she could barely stand it. She wouldn't let him get off with the work.
  4. Ace smirked as he saw immediate displeasure fill Stephanie's face. He let out a soft laugh. "Dont worry babe, I'll make sure its worth your while." He winked. He put his feet on the ground now leaning forward in his desk. When the bell rang he stood up slowly and sauntered over to Stephanie, blocking her way out of her desk.

    He leaned forward, his dark green eyes locking in on hers. "So whats the plan? " his smile never faded, his brow raised in amusement. His red moved slowly over her body, taking in every curve, her smooth skin, and then moved back up lingering on her lips for a moment. Was that a touch of lip gloss that he noticed?

    "It would be too bad working with me. I might not be very smart, but I'm good at other things..." He teased lightly, having a feeling that he was getting under her skin. Though he wouldnt min getting under her clothes. She wore so much it was like he was hiding her body. But, it gvr him a trill to imagine what might be under them.
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  5. This was impossible. How could he pair her with that... she sighed heavily, she was better than that. She was not going to let this get to her. She would be fine. She told herself. However believing this was harder than she thought. Hearing him speak she felt her dark green eyes glare at him. Ignore him. Class is over soon. She thought to herself turning her attention back to the teacher she once admired.

    A slight sigh of relief escaped her slightly glossed lips, as she packed up her things, standing to leave she saw his face rather close to hers. Seeing him block her from leaving, rolling her eyes. She leaned back slightly.
    "Library after school. If your late you can research by yourself."
    She spoke with a slight growl. She was trying to keep her feelings of him being her partner under control but he pushed her buttons.

    She felt like he was looking through rather than at her. It made her skin crawl. She had to keep up her grade and refused to let him stop her from getting an A. She put her bag over her shoulders and walked around the other side of her desk.

    He was going to be a nightmare to work with. The way he spoke to her made her want to slap him. She wasn't going to entertain him she would let it go. She felt a fist clench as she took a deep breath. Don't let him get to you. Count to ten. She thought to herself.
    "I don't need to know. Just meet me at the library and we can get this started."
    She spoke slightly looking at him, before he could say anything else she pushed past him lightly and walked out the door. Letting a fresh breath fill her lungs she smiled. Her first class may not have been the best but she had the rest of the day to make up for it.
  6. He smiled as she walked away from him. He gave a quick catcall before attempting to leave the class. His teacher now stood in the way, blocking his exit.

    "Mr. Matthews, here is your late slip, one more late and I will have no choice but to report you." The trCher warned coldly. Ace Bruges and took the pink slip and shoved past his teacher out the door. He didnt really feel like going to his next class, so he exited the building, and went to his car. Oce he was hidden from the camera, he pulled a cigarette out of the pack and lit it, inhaling deeply. When he finished, he put it out on the asphalt and put on his headphones, turning his iPod onto shuffle and listening to whatever happened to come on. He waited for a moment before heading back into the school. He wandered aimlessly around the hallways until the period ended and then headed to his next period class.

    He sat through his next few classes, and at lunch went out for anther cigarette, before taking a nap in each one of his afternoon classes. When the last bell rang he grabbed his bag and headed towards te library. Showing up on time for once in his life, he took a seat at one if the tables, pulling out his phone to sort through various texts he had never responded too. And then also ent a quick text to his dealer asking if he could come pick up later. Then, she at back in his chair waiting for Stephanie to arrive, a smirk plastered on his face.
  7. The short blonde girl attended all her classes, enjoying the classes more so because he wasn't there. She even got to correct a teacher. He mood had improved immensely and she had returned to her bubbly self.

    During lunch, she ranted to her friends about what had happened today, they had their own blabbly to get off their chests also but her mind traveled else where, she was slightly surprised to not see him at lunch. Typical, he had skipped the rest of the day to get out of
    their hhistory project.

    At the last bell, she walked along the halls with her best friend, they chatted about the theme of history assignment. She was good at history but being alone would make the work twice as hard. They were given partners for a reason.

    Stopping at the library door she hugged Tilly in thanks for walking her there. She smiled as she pushed the doors open. Waving bye to her.
    "See you later."
    She called to her, when her green eyes looked around they widened in shock. Her jaw dropped as she saw that he was there. She shook her head. She perched her lips together as she walked towards him.

    Pulling out a chair at the opposite side of the large table, she sat. Her bag hung by her leg as she pulled out her history book.
    "I guess we could do our project on world war I. Unless you have any ideas?"
    She spoke looking down at her book, she pushed some hair behind her ear with her slender fingers, as she flicked through her history book. She was sure he would just mock her or try and flirt with her. She doubted he had any ideas but he had surprised her by showing up, on time, maybe he was worth a chance.
  8. Ace smiled watching her for a moment. "Well, World War I is a huge topic. What angle did you want to take on it?" He asked, his tone dry and bored. He reached across the table and slowly untucked the piece of hair from behind her ear, curling it around his tiger length before letting it fall to frame her face. "Your hair is too pretty to tuck behind your ear. I want to look at it." He cooed gently.

    He sat back slowly now smirking at her. "I think, before we start on this project, we should get to know each other. I could take you out for dinner. Wherever you want to go. " he suggested, his boyish grin never fading.

    His phone began to buzz in his pocket and he took it out now reading a text message from his mother. Come home. Need help. Johnny hurt. Ace quickly tacked the phone bak in his pocket and looked up at her. "I have to go. I had a great time. Here I'll give you my number, call me or text, well find another time to do this ok?" He said hurriedly, his mind now elsewhere.

    Ace quickly scrawled his number on a sheet of loose leaf paper and shoved it towards her before heading out the door and down the hallway.
  9. Stephanie looked down at her text book, scanning through it. She had no idea, perhaps a piece on how it started or how.. her thoughts were interpreted by him releasing her hair, she felt herself blush slightly. Her deep green eyes looked at him for a moment before turning her gaze on to her textbook.
    "Thanks I guess."
    She more said to herself than to him. He was changing the subject, they needed to get this started. Or at least have something to work on.

    Stephanie looked at him with her eyebrows narrowed, was he messing with her? Had he liked her? She shook the thought from her head, he was just stalling, trying to distract her.
    "No this is for our end of the year project. We have to start some where. I need a good grade."
    She felt her lungs crave air as she spoke quickly. Taking a deep breath and realising it. She looked at him with a slight pout. It was just a way of getting out of work but it make her think. Would he really be as bad as everyone thought or would he be a gentleman. She almost laughed at it. It was kinda sweet though.

    She heard his phone going off and felt herself glare at him, couldn't he tell whoever was texting to wait? He clearly had no interest in helping. It was so frustrating.
    "Is it really that important?"
    She spoke with an eyebrow raised. She felt a little shocked as he moved so quickly. Clearly it was.

    She watched him speak about exchanging numbers and then scribble down his on a piece of paper, tossing it to her and running off. She followed him
    as he rushed away.
    "Wait, what about the project? You didn't answer me."
    She called out after him as she got to the door of the library, had gone. She growled underneath her breath slightly irritated but it did seem important. Maybe it was.

    She rolled her eyes as she returned to the desk they had been sitting at, she started to pack up everything. A annoyed frown on her soft lips. She had originally planned on having two parts of the project so she
    could give him something to do and she do another bit and they wouldn't need to spend as much time together. This, due to his quick departure, would not happen now.


    Stephanie paced the purple carpeted floor of her room, she done all other assignments, yet nothing on her history. Perhaps she could start it? No, she would not allow him to give her all the work. She had a half a mind to call him, if that was his real number. It was probably some porn line number so he could look at her smugly and say something smart.

    Take a breath. Your driving yourself insane. She thought herself, she was, she was stressing out. She took a breath and fell onto her comfy bed, her body slightly sinking into the covers. Just relax.

    She lay for a moment before pushing herself up. This was ridiculous. She was ringing and was going to demand for an explanation. She was going to yell at him for leaving and demand that he helped her with the work.

    She grabbed the number from her desk and rang. Suddenly regretting the decision. She felt her stomach fill with nots. Was it too late to hang up?
  10. Ace looke down at his younger brother, anger welling up inside of him for his mother. The little kid was covered in bruises from te hands of whatever man she had slept with the night before. "What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you bring those men into this house? All you care about is getting high and getting laid. " he seethed through his teeth at his mother. "And your kids are the ones paying the price for it." He knelt down beside his younger brother picking him up in his arms and bringing him to his own room. Atleast, he could keep an eye on Johnny of he was beside him.The younger boy fell asleep as soon as he was laid in the pillow.

    Ace looked frustratedly at his phone when it started to ring. He picked it up, not recognizing the number but answerin anyway. "Hello?" He said gruffly through te phone. "Who is this?"
  11. It answered and she jumped. her phone slipped from her small hand, she rolled her eyes as she picked it up, she growled at herself. She held the phone to her ear for a moment before speaking.
    " Um its Stephanie. I was ringing about the project but I'll just talk to you tomorrow. K bye."
    She spoke quickly then hung up. She growled at herself again and fell to her bed. She didn't know what she was supposed to do.

    Stephanie lay on her double bed and sighed. She perhaps was a little to obsessed with school work and getting good grades, maybe having a slight break wouldn't hurt. She had finished her homework, extra credit and assignments for other classes.

    She would take a break. She rose from her bed, grabbed a pajamas and headed for the bathroom. A relaxing bath would melt away her stress. A nice bubble bath. She smiled to herself.

    She turned on the water and put in the bubbles. She smiled as it foamed up so high.
  12. Ace furrowed his brow and quickly dialed her back. He should probably explain why he had to leave in sub a sudden rush. So hopefully she would think it was for some drug pick up or something else that he was known for.

    "Come on, pick up. " he murmured, impatience clouding his voice. He pulled out a cigarette while he waited, puttin it in his mouth and lighting it.
  13. Stephanie now almost completely naked turned off the water, feeling the water to check the temperature, she smiled. Perfect. She thought. She heard her phone and sighed softly. Grabbing her pink robe she walked from the main bathroom to her bedroom.

    Picking up the ringing phone, she checked the number, she hesitant to answer but before she stop herself she watched her thumb slid across the screen.
    She spoke, she was unable to think of any other words unsure of why he had called her back. A soft sigh escaped her lips.
  14. When he heard her voice he spoke almost immediately. "Hey, Stephanie. So the reason I left so suddenly, my um, little brother got sick and my mom needed me to watch him." He said smoothly. So, it wasn't the exact truth, but he wasn't about to tell her that his mother had a strong of abusive boyfriends that would take their anger out on her kids.

    He paused for a few moments. "So uh, tomorrow is Friday. If you want, we can get together to finish that project." He said absently, his mind currently elsewhere. E took a couple puffs of his cigarette and then flicked the ashes into a nearby ash tray. "Maybe we could go to your place. Probably less distractions there. And you seem like the type to save all of your notes from the whole year plus the last 2 years. " Ace continued.
  15. She nodded to herself as she listened to him, she had no siblings but she could understand, she felt bad for the boy.
    "Aw hope he feels better soon."
    She spoke with sympathy in her voice, she was sure that they could organize something when he felt better. She felt worse for bothering him.

    Stephanie was sure she could throw something together and she had kept all her notes, she almost laughed. She shrugged her shoulders.
    "Well if you can, I mean I didn't know you had a little brother and I do. Its easier to study. I'll see you tomorrow then?"
    She wasn't sure if he would be
    at school and she was sure that he didn't know where she lived but if not she would call him after school.
  16. Ace nodded, "Yeah, so you want to tell me your address?" He asked calmly. He quickly put out his cigarette in the ash tray. "And you want me to be there right get school, a couple of hours after , or what?"

    Ace sat down on the for of his bed waiting for her answer. He smirked and chuckled slightly. "Anyways, what are you wearing right now? Or are uo wearing anything at all?" He cooed huskily. "I've wanted to know whats under all those clothes for a long time now" he said seductively.
  17. Stephanie smiled and tried to think of her address. After a moment she told him her full address. It would probably be easier to just show him.
    "Um I guess after school. We could just drive there."
    She wasn't the best at describing where she lived, she could just drive him there. She smiled, she was slightly surprised that he was actually interested in doing some of the work.

    He smile slightly faded, she rolled her eyes, did he really think he would tell him? She felt herself blush slightly as he went on.
    "I'm not telling you I'm not that type of girl."
    She wasn't someone who just gave herself to any guy that flirted with her, she hadn't really done that much. She looked down at her robe. She wondered though what would he say.
    The girl felt her blush deepen. She hadn't known that, truth be told she thought he was very hot but she wasn't about to admit it, mainly because he was probably just trying to get his foot in the door. She refused to believe him.
    "Hmm sure, well I got to go, I was just about to take a relaxing bath. I'll see you tomorrow."
    She smiled but she refused to buy into his charm, he would take her, use her and then brag about it and then probably ignore her. She said goodbye before hanging up.

    She returned to the bath stripped the robe off her soft skin and sat in. She leta sigh of relief slip aand sunk into the water, she needed this. She had a tough day and she rarely had time to herself. She felt her eyes close and smiled.

    Already relaxed.
  18. Ace laughed when she hurriedly turned off the phone. But, she had revealed that she was about to take a bath, which meant she was probably naked. He wondered if he had made her blush. And if he did did that blush just stay on her cheeks? Or did it travel along her body to places he so desperately wanted to explore.

    This was like his new favorite game. She was playing hard to get as that made him want her even more. True, before the assignment he ha barely noticed her other than the fact that she was smoking hot a sat a few seats in front of him. But, now that he had taken real notice, he wasn't about to be shy with his desires.

    He quickly shoved his phone in his pocket, and looked over at his little brother. "Just wait till you discover girls, my friend. Life gets wild." He said with a laugh. He quickly flopped down on the bed next to his half asleep brother. "Anyways, its time for bed. So stay on your side and we wont have a problem right?" He joked. It was an old joke between them since before his mother'a new job they had had to share one. Now, it was common for Johnny to sneak into his room if he had had a nightmare or something of the sort. And Ace had never minded, blood was thicker than water after all.
  19. After her bath she stood up and grabbed a towel, she couldn't help but think of him, she didn't want to admit it but she had always wondered if the rumors were true that he was a good kisser. There had been more interesting ones but she refused to think about it.

    Entering her room she quickly threw on her pajamas, tying up her hair she let it dry naturally and pulled up her warm duvet before sleeping. She was exhausted. She fell to sleep almost instantly.


    Waking up in the morning, she moanedas she sstretched out her body, she pushed the covers off and got out of bed. She dressed in a pair of leggings and a baggy hoodie. She figured hiding her body would be best. Though her butt always did look good in leggings. She let her long blonde hair fall, it was slightly wavey from letting it dry naturally.

    She slipped on her ugg boots and started walking downstairs. She grabbed a slice of toast before headingto school in her car. SShe wondered if he would stick with the plan to work after school.
  20. Ace yawned as he awoke, stretching out in his bed. He frowned as he felt a warm body txt to his and remembered his brother ha slept in his bed last night. " Morning little bro. Stay home from school today, but I wont be home till late so your on your own for dinner ok?" He said. His brother just rolled over in bed an went back to sleep.

    Ace smiled and quickly got out if bed throwing on a pair if jeans an a t-shirt. He lit a cigarette and grabbed his keys heading out the door. He had to get a pack of cigarettes before school so he might as well leave early. E got into his car and drove to the Speedy Mart, the guy atte counter knew him and had 2 packs reay and waiting for hi. On the counter by the time he got to the counter. He quickly paid for them and then heDed back to his car. He started t and drove towards the school, sauntering into his first period class only 5 minutes late. Pretty much the earliest he had been in school all year. Even the teacher looked surprised that he had arrive so early.

    He went to the back of the class, and plopped down in his usual seat, already waiting for the end of the day.
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