Things you love in a roleplay-partner/group

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  1. We have a thread for pet peeves, they're good to learn from but we need positive examples too.

    What do like about certain roleplayers out there? Anything you'd like to see more of? What makes you happy about the roleplayers you meet in the groups and 1x1s?


    For me: I like communication, plotting things together with a person and discussing how to progress. For me roleplaying feels like creating a story together.
    If I have an interesting plot, fun characters and everyone engaged in it I won't go 'meh'. Instead I start toying with the world in my mind and that's always fun.
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  2. Communication, definitely! Those who actually read and meet my expectations make first time encounters all the more enjoyable for myself and for my partner, dependent on circumstances, or to put it metaphorically, how well they take the bait if you see they don't meet your expectations.
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  3. I love when I throw in a little detail that is inconsequential and later own my partner makes mention of it. Sometimes this mention elevates it to something of consequence, sometimes it is just a mention that tells me they read and remembered that little bit of pretty. Either way, it makes that partner, a keeper for me.
  4. I love when my actions have consequences. In most RPs I feel as if I can do anything with little care of my character's safety unless I give the green light for the GMs to make something bad happen. I like the feeling of vulnerability when in a setting, knowing that something exceptionally bad can happen to my character (Or the setting) depending on my actions. I think more, write better, and ultimately am more dedicated and interested in the RP.

    I guess that would be a better answer if the thread was about things loved in roleplays, but the GM controls all of that, so I think it counts.
  5. Communication is a necessity, and I also love it when my partner isn't shy about adding their own ideas and twists to the story and setting!
  6. I think we can all agree that reliable and at least somewhat frequent communication is great. I like it when my partner is open to my ideas, and also seeks to enhance it with their own ideas. It tells me that they really care about where the story goes. I also like it when they're laid-back (not super pushy about what they want to happen) because I really enjoy roleplays more when there's an element of unpredictability in it.
  7. Communication, loyalty and friendship.

    Roleplays get far more creativity, memories and effort if everyone get's along and creates a community.
    It becomes more of a joint investment, game and adventure. And less of a routine acting session.
  8. As a GM, I have a special love for when players meet an obstacle in the plot, and attempt to devise a solution to the problem. I love when they spend several posts devising a fantastic scheme about rigging a voting system or outwitting a puzzle. I love it when they, inevitable, at one point or another, fail to overcome the obstacle: They trip, they fall, and some of their characters may even die. Painfully. Miserably. I tell them, in painful detail, how and why it is they failed.

    ... Then they get back up, brush themselves off, learn, gather new characters, and try again... And again, and again, and again, until eventually, they surpass the obstacle I so carefully laid out. Then watching them celebrate that they outwitted me, the GM, and growing to really love their characters and feel invested in their achievements. They didn't just write victory: They gained victory. They didn't just kill the dragon: They were smart enough to learn how first. They aren't just the heroes of the land: They're indomitable badasses that conquered the impossible.

    I love those moments. They make the work to set up the obstacles worth it, every time. Every single time.

    Special thanks to @Tempest and @Kadaeux as well. They may get knocked down due to life sometimes, but "surrender" doesn't appear to be a word in their vocabularies. They keep trying. They have for years. I admire them.