Things you do, even though.....

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  1. Things you do knowing damn well they are bad for you?

    Not guilty pleasures, but habits and routines that you know are harmful. It can be physically or mentally harmful, whatever it is, it's bad and you know it, but still you do it.
  2. oh i'm sure I do a lot of things.

    I was ALWAYS guilty of holding stuff in until I was ready to burst...but I'm better with that (emotion wise people)

    another unhealthy habit is waiting until I ABSOLUTELY have to to go see a doctor ^^;; I've had upwards to a 103 temperature (when the temp was breaking) before I made myself a doctors appointment ^^;; woops. Probably not very healthy.

    I sometimes wait until last minute to get assignments and paperwork turned in. Puts a lot of unneeded pressure on myself.

    uh....i'll stop now : D
  3. Hmmm....Well I do a few things I shouldn't.

    I usually put a lot of pressure on myself when I get a grade I don't want and just can't let it go. It just keeps bugging me until I pop!

    I also eat a lot of junk food, I'm getting better though but the temptation is very hard to fight.

    I can't think of anything else at the moment but there is probably more.
  4. I can think up a couple:


    -I put WAY too much pressure on myself to be perfect in every way possible. I can't stop.
    -I compare myself to others WAY too often.
    -I over analyze things, relationships, etc. Get my hopes up, or worry often.


    -I have denied food for myself on purpose before until I feel too light-headed, or weak to a point of dangerously needing to consume something, or I pass out. I don't do it as often now since I have to stay healthy to function and get all the shit I need to get done. But when I can, sometimes I find myself so down that it happens. Getting KINDA bettur though, so das gud.
    -I have worked out obsessively before while my body feels weak, or when I am really sick. I force through it.

    And everything above, I know what it does to me, and I know the results.
    Though, I sometimes still do most of them.
    I actually do more of the emotion/mentally hurting ones than the physical nowadays. x.x

    I also tend to daydream and I AM a dreamer, thus I tend to get my hopes up for certain feelings on others way quicker than I probably should.

  5. I have a few of those but even though I know about these I do them all the time wihtout thinking over it at all.

    I often feel guilty for things that isn't my fault or that I didn't know of.

    I pretty much always close my feelings inside, especialy sadness and fear.

    I'm a worry wart and can go around and worry without knowing what I am actually worrying about.

    I have a strong urge to cure depression with chocolate.

    I'm a dreamer and a book/game lover, give me a book or a good game and I disappear until its finished and because of that I slack on what I should do if I'm not careful.

    I have a problem with my joints and such (jeez, don' t I sound old:) but I tend to ignore what my body tells me, if I'm in pain I ignore it unless I'm practically bedridden.
  6. I agree whole-heartedly with everyone on the guilt and stress. I do that a lot.
    This beating myself up has some physical ramifications, since it tends to really cut into my sleep.

    I also abjectly refuse to see the doctor until there's absolutely no other choice.
  7. Well, wow I never thought anyone would ask this question. Well I have a massive list and I am afraid I am going to keep some of it to myself but i wopuld glady like to relate some of it to other for therapeutic reasons.

    Well ummm I guess I will go the organized route like Staci :)

    1. Well whenever I write anything i can't get very far due to the fact that I HATE my writing. Its terrible
    2. Whenever I am typing a post i put it up withouth spell checking, this is an annoying repeat offender and it gets me really pissed at myself.
    3. Umm... terrible terrible thoughts, Don't like em, don't know how to get rid of them.
    4. Also i procrastinate on work till the last second as well.
    5. NO motivation, to do anything that I don't enjoy. Work, school, sometimes even the mundane eating and such until it is eating away at my stomach. Just don't care.
    ... stopping here with mental.

    1. Eat way to much fast food and buttered food. MY diet consits of, ramen, popcorn, burger king and panda express. Though I have an excuse. THose are all within walking distance of my house and cheap, making it so I can get them on a college student budget. OH GOD!! How I miss apples, and tomatos, and grapes, and even broccoli! God those taste so good now.... don't know much else.
  8. I'm generally pretty self-destructive, I guess, what with the chain smoking and drugs.

    I just quit nicotine-gum two weeks ago, so...


  11. Oh goodness. Yes. Diet Coke is probably destroying my bones/teeth/whatever. I'm pretty sure it's worth it.
  12. I breathe coffee in like air.

    Alcohol to sugar, sugar to smoking, smoking to eating junk food, eating shit to shopping, shopping to gaming, gaming to sugar, AND PLUSHIES.
  14. Pretending to kick people in the face. I only do it to guys, and only to the ones that I'm sure can handle having a foot fly at their face without squealing like ninnies. Problem is it's a slow kick to keep from actually kicking them (did this one time to my best guy friend-- I've got a scar on my foot from his tooth carving into me). So they can catch slow kicks... and then hold my leg up and drag me around.
  15. I'm a really picky eater, and a really unhealthy eater.
    I'm really clumsy. XD
    I have self-issues [confidence, esteem, etc.].
    I have a habit of biting cords. Like the cord going from my headphones/mic to my computer, or any thick enough cord that's just there. Ended up chewing through my old headphones/mic, so when my brother would be on the computer shirtless, he'd always complain that it'd shock him. XD
    I spend more money than I make. XP
    I speed and take turns a little too sharply when driving. o.O
    I worry too much.
    I procrastinate too much.
    I have a really overactive guilt complex.
    And I have issues with articulation. It's not as obvious when I write since I can take time to think about what I'm saying, but a lot of my spoken language consists of sound effects and gestures.

    I could go on all day. :P
  16. I worry waaaaay too much about what people think about me. I was raised to think that way, so it isn't something that's easily shaken off. I'm constantly under the impression that no one gives two shits about me.

    I definitely drink too much soda as well. One day it will cause me to go into kidney failure, I know it. WE CAN ALL GO THROUGH DIALYSIS TOGETHER <3
  17. I'm overly self-conscious, but do nothing at all about it. I smoke, I drink (alchohol and soda), I spend way too much time on the computer.

    Edit: Also; if left to my own devices I don't eat.