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  1. Okay! As certain members might know better than others, I've come and gone from this site a few times. Taking breaks while things in real life occupy my time, only to come back when things settle down again.

    I don't know about all of you, but there are certain songs, picture or quotes that make me think of this place and help me feel connected the moment I step foot back in here. That's what this thread is for. I'd like to see what causes others to think of Iwaku, whether you take the occasional break or not.

    One thing I always think of even more than roleplaying is the community and friends I've made here. I still remember the warm welcome I was given when I signed up and that impression has stuck with me. Simply put, the people here rock. To that end, my first submission is going to be a song I first heard after my most recent return that made me think of all of you guys.

    A bit on the mushy side, but that song made me think of the site and the connection so many of us have here.

    Let's get a collection going! Songs, poems, pictures. Stories or memories. Anything!
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    These guys
    ...It's possible I pronounce Iwaku wrong.
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  6. ... This reminds me of Illium.

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