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  1. Sooo... Sleeping problems. Some of us have it most of the time, some only occasionally. Without going into the details, I have been on a continuous sequence of sleeping at unusual hours and it's because I honestly can't fall asleep without tiring myself out first.

    Usually, I just have to do my nightly routine of washing face, freshening up and brushing my hair before bed and I'm prepped for sleeping. If I have a bit more trouble, I just play soft music until I fall asleep listening to it.

    What do you do to help yourself sleep? Do you have sleeping problems? If so, how do you try to get a good night's sleep?
  2. Jerk off.
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  3. I pretend I'm dying. Knocks me out pretty fast.
  4. Weed helps. Smoking some while my husband rubs my feet is by far the best remedy for my insomnia.
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  5. Melatonin pills. They did wonders for getting me back on a decent sleep schedule. :D

    Also, using your bed for sleep and sleep only. If you do this, then it's easier for your brain to associate your bed with sleeping. Getting into bed becomes part of the routine that tells your brain to sleep. If you lounge in your bed at other times of the day, though, then you don't have that kind of routine. Your brain won't associate your bed with sleeping, and you might as well try to fall asleep on your couch (or any other place where you typically lie around during the day).

    And also, turning off your laptop/phone/whatever your main internet source is before you start to get ready for bed. If you just do this, then you'll have time to wind down as you get ready for bed, and you won't be tempted to open your laptop back up and check up on other things once you're lying in bed. Not only does this keep you up longer just by virtue of you being online instead of sleeping, but it keeps your mind active and distracted as you're more interested in doing something stimulating than letting yourself rest. I know a lot of sleep experts say things like "don't use your computer within two hours of your bedtime!!1" for this exact reason, but, I'm a bit more practical than that, and I understand that's just not how most of us roll. XD So instead, I find that just turning it off before you even start to get ready for bed works pretty well, as it eliminates the temptation to go online for a while longer once you're in bed -- and I think that really helps you settle into a routine and tell your brain it's time to power down for the night. And, you know, it isn't quite as scary as the thought of powering down a whole two hours early. :P
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  6. Some days I have more anxiety than usual, and nothing helps me fall asleep.

    Usually, I meditate before falling asleep. I practice my breathing until it's regular and deep. I concentrate on that, I clear my mind of all the clutter, and the only thing I focus on is my breathing. I realize it takes a lot of practice, but now whenever I do this, it's pretty sure I'll doze off after 15, 30, 60, 90 minutes. I'm very patient with myself :P I also listen to classical / relaxing instrumental music because it ALSO helps me to not focus on the city noise. I've been falling asleep with music since I was like 10 o_e

    I also use 8tracks and its wonderful tags:
    Stream 6,000+ free Calm + Relax + Sleepmusic | 8tracks radio

    On the mobile app, you can even use a timer so that it stops after the playlist or after certain minutes. I always set it at 60 minutes, and I never remain awake for the end of it :)
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  7. I have insomnia and this is really big for me! There are a few things that I've done to help falling a sleep easier!

    A) Don't live in your room. Your room and your bed should in your brain be seen as a place to sleep and sleep only! Well and when you're older >> The dirty, which is what any doctor will tell you.

    B) Get up and go to bed at the same time everyday. Mind you no one is perfect, so if you slip one night, still get up that same time the next morning and POWER through the day until it's your bed time again.


    D) When falling a sleep I try and think of actually sleeping. How the bed feels, how my mind gets heavy, how my breathing will ease. Don't think of anything else.

    C) IF ALL THIS FAILS like Kage-Kun said, Melatonin pills. I have a very small dose from the doctor. You shouldn't take them TOO often or too many days in a row because they help create the chemicals in your brain that tell you your sleepy! And that it's time for bed. You should not become dependent on them because then your body will stop making the chemical on it's own. They help you fall asleep, but not stay asleep, so you wont have to worry about not being able to wake back up.

    D) Also remember not to drink high caffeine drinks close to bed. I don't drink coffee at all, nor energy drinks UNLESS, I have to drive for a long period of time.

    And that's how it's done :D
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  8. What helps me fall asleep easier:

    A busy/active day
    Cooler temps (I have a tough time sleeping in hot temps)
    Not doing any reading/writing/thinking before bed
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  9. Marihuana.
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  10. I just let my mind wander and not really latch onto any thought in particular, or I play out scenes in my mind. Even if I don't go to sleep right away, it's kind of like mimicking dreaming and it can be relaxing enough to let me drift off at times.
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  11. Do you find the Melatonin pills addicting at all? I take trazodone to help with sleep, but it's very addicting and doesn't really help me get a 'good' nights sleep... I still feel super tired the next day. :/ I'm in desperate need of an alternative.

    What I find really helps me sleep is a good hike during the day. Being able to both mentally and physically exercise like that helps lull me into a nice sleep. Also, ASMR.
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  12. Welcome to Night Vale. Something about Cecil's voice just... does things. My thoughts are always running at high speed, but when I hear his chocolate-coated voice, I just stop and all I can do is imagine Night Vale as I start to sink into sleep.

    Of course, if I start listening when I'm tired already, I fall asleep partway through or fight awake to hear the end unless I've heard the episode before.
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  13. I never sleep. I am always unconscious for 5 hours.

    But really, I've been getting less and less sleep everyday. Gotta cut out some time for future classes lel
  14. I'm on summer holidays right now so my sleeping schedule is pretty off. During the school semester I generally don't have many sleeping problems unless it's before an exam or some other very nerve-wracking event. I also suffer from seizures but those tire me out more than anything, so though they keep me up for the time being, I'm usually out in 10 minutes afterwards.

    Some things that do help me sleep when I'm having trouble include:
    • Deep breathing. I never actually tried this until a few weeks ago and I literally konked out while I was breathing...
    • Melatonin. This was more for my bad anxiety days when I would wake up every hour or so. They weren't a cure-all but seemed to help!
    • Getting out in the day. Sounds simple, but it's true. Going for a walk, hiking, shopping, whatever... something to get me moving and tired.
    • Not drinking soda before bed (still having trouble with that one)
    • Taking a bath. Gets you nice and warm and relaxed!
    • Reading old roleplays on my phone, or a book, while in bed!
    • Washing my sheets. If I know I really need a good night's sleep, I'll wash my sheets the day of, and I find the fresh sheet smell to really help me!
    • NOT TAKING DAILY NAPS. Oh man but I love my naps... but then I'm up until 2am because I fell asleep for 3 hours during the day...
    • Praying. Obviously this isn't for everyone, but talking to God really calms me. Meditation and reflection are really good substitutes if you don't believe in God - reflect on your day, what you are thankful for, the people you love. It is very calming.

    Honestly, right now it is past 1am here and I'm fine with that. In the school year I have to be up very early. I do still work at 9am some mornings, but when I have the chance I love staying up late and sleeping in... mainly because I am more productive in the night hours!
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  15. Pure melatonin pills are not addicting so you need not worry. The reason is that Melatonin is naturally occurring in the body, so you are not adding anything foreign. Just make sure you look at the bottle and check to see their are other things thrown in there that can be addicting.

    Your body releases melatonin to help you sleep, so taking melatonin pills is just increasing the levels in your body to help.

    Now what can possibly happen is that your body becomes “addicted" to the higher levels so you need to continue taking them. However nothing bad will happen.
  16. Soft music or turning out all the lights, sometimes I'll leave the T.V on as background noise.
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  17. This song, for some weird reason, has me conking out quite easily.

    Otherwise, I usually don't fall asleep easily. I'll go to bed at like... 1:30 and end up tossing and turning until an hour later. Unless I'm completely exhausted, I don't fall asleep. I may end up trying some of the methods that have been posted.
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  18. I have a hard time actually falling asleep, like plenty, probably. Closing my eyes, laying still, and telling myself stories in my head is my go-to, since I need to distract myself from my normal thoughts.

    If it's especially hard, a little cup of warm milk drunk while sitting in the dark kitchen usually helps.
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  19. Agreed x.x I accidentally fell asleep this afternoon. Woke up with a bloody headache.
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  20. Naps will only HELP if, it's 20 minutes. No longer, or shorter or otherwise it leaves you feeling worse then when you had started AND throws off your sleeping cycle :D
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