Things that Embarrass Yourself when You're Alone.

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  1. Hey, guise! It's Levoosh-tea.

    So let's face it. There're some things you do that are embarrassing.

    However, have you ever done something so silly, so thoughtlessly that you embarrass even yourself?

    Tonight, I used my pumice stone to kinda exfoliate myself instead of using those fancy loofahs. It was initially for the use of my coarse and callous feet. I used it on my arm and now there's a huge spot of where I removed my arm hair. I either have to do that with the remainder of my arm hair or let it stay patchy. My issue is, my arm is red and sore because of all the hair I ripped out.

    Also, when I was home alone today, I was looking for my phone. Turns out it was in the freezer. How did that happen? I was holding a small pack of frozen peas in one hand and my cellphone in the other. I tucked away my peas in my jacket pocket and my phone into the freezer.

    Both of these are like, "God, Lev, why are you such an idiot?" moments.
  2. Don't worry, I'll make you feel better

    I don't consider this story NSFW,but if you're uncomfortable reading anatomical terms you should probably skip this post

    As a lady of non-smelly-hippy status, I am compelled to keep my armpits nice and smooth

    To this end, I was shaving in the shower, and when I turned to rinse my razor, I somehow managed to clip my nipple.

    Freaking OW.

    I had to lie on my back on the bathroom floor and apply pressure before it stopped bleeding enough for a bandaid (not gushing, just persistent)

    my boyfriend was very confused why his honka-honka privileges were suddenly revoked.

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  3. I trip over my own two feet in the hallways at school.....for no reason. Even if no one is around it's really embarrassing.
  4. Sadly this is something I do around people and when I am alone, aha.

    Just minding my own business and out of nowhere those pesky walls happen to leap out in from of me. I swear I have more bruises on me than a eight year old on the playground.
  5. I'm sorry but. prettyy funny.
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  6. I live in no shame as I dance around my apartment in my pink and green boxers wearing a pink tank top just for the hell of it. Because I'm crazy.

    Though this was embarrassing as a teenager but hilarious now:

    I feel in a duck pond climbing a tree. I smelled like duck crap all day as I walked home; made riding the bus miserable.
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  7. Sunday morning. I was pretty much beat out, studying and finishing my projects the other night. I didn't notice that I poured orange juice on my plate and scooped rice into my mug. So I, being the silly woman that I am, attempted to drink my rice and eat my orange juice with a spoon.
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  8. Back when I had longer hair, my bangs would sometimes tickle the side of my face. On multiple occasions I would freak out and slap myself really hard. I was always certain that a spider was crawling on me.
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  9. when I talk and nobody, not even the hundreds of people around, are listening.
  10. When I'm singing and my voice cracks like really bad.

    Also when I re read things that I wrote years ago.
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  11. Omfg yesssss. I can only feel shame and the sense of, "Damn, boy, what were you thinking...? "
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  12. I am never embarrassed by things I do!

    Maybe when I was younger though. Like I used to be embarrassed by the nerdy things I like and my love for reading writing. Don't judge me, we grew up in different places.
  13. I did this too!
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  14. I fell in the shower and bruised my tailbone. Now I'm limping and wincing and sitting gingerly, but I don't dare explain myself to anyone since I'd sound like an old lady. :c Even thinking about slipping in the shower makes me want to hide. I'm seventeen, not seventy. D: