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  1. I suppose I'd always just headed for the libertine section, since my plots generally include smut. That being said, I've noticed that most of the people on there are looking for quick little whatevers to get off. So, today I crept this page, and people sound more promising. Bringing me to the copy/ pasta segment.

    Here are my rules.

    NO mousey, or bitchy characters; except for the rare cases that I specify that's what I'm looking for.

    Be willing to talk with me outside of the rp to plan things. Particularly if things are boring you. Chances are they're boring me too.

    Don't control the rp, but take initiative when due. It's a shared story; don't leave everything to me. That being said, if it's my world I've built up, don't just change things around without talking to me.

    Not all of my write ups are the most formal, but they should have enough information to get the idea to you. Feel free to do the same. If there's more I need to know, I'll ask. You can do the same. Equal rights, yo.

    All my stuff will almost definitely be mature.

    LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE LIMITS BECAUSE I REALLY DON'T. Short of scat and abundant mutilation. Unless it's torture, then everything's pretty much a go.

    Do not EVER spit back what I just wrote. I understand recaps or quotes, but add to that.

    I don't mind one liners occasionally when it's just dialogue. I don't expect you to fluff things up if there's nothing relevant to say.
    That does not mean I want blunt, boring replies.

    Sometimes I reply right away, sometimes I take a while. It depends what I have going on, and quite honestly how interested in the rp I am. Currently I'm trying desperately to get past writer's block, thus why I'm here.
    Feel free to send me a poke, but don't hound me or get rude about it.

    I may ask you to change your character. Don't freak out about it. I know how it feels to have your baby turned away, but it happens. Not everyone has the same tastes as you.
    Feel free to choose a totally different character rather than changing someone.

    If I have a character you'd like to use in a different setting, let me know. I may or may not be down.

    Proper spelling and grammar please. I don't care much at all about typos, I make them as well. If I honestly just don't understand what you're trying to say, I'll ask; don't worry about it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if I've already accidentally typed Bologna Dildos in here somewhere. Shit happens.

    I don't mind if you have a character in mind that you think I'd play well. I'm pretty good at keeping canon, and if you have just some OC you'd like me to play, feel free to ask. I enjoy making characters, and if I like the person, I'm rather quick to try and please.

    PLEASE post a character within, say 3 hours of claiming an rp with me. Even just a skeleton, and keep working on them, so I at least know you're on it.
    I know you know what it feels like to be excited and end up waiting a week with a boner. At least, I assume you do.

    Let me know if you're disappearing for a while, please. Or if you want to drop something. I don't know why this is so hard. I'm guilty of it, too.

    If you rip off my characters I WILL find where you live and fill your pillow with spiders.

    Unless it's anime, do not say seme, seke, or uke.
    Top, bottom, switch please.

    If you're the type who only plays girls, bottoms, or submissives, you can almost definitely get out my face.

    I'll probably add rules as I think of them.

    All of these are pretty debatable. If you think you can convince me past something, shoot. Just don't be whiny or bitchy and I probably won't mind.

    As far as what I'm here and in search of; I imagine probably just one person. As mentioned; I'm trying to get past writer's block. I need someone I'll jive well with. Feel free to shoot me a message, or drop a comment on here if you think we'll get on, though. Even if it seems like I've found a partner.

    I do have quite a few characters already made up, and stored right here.
    Apparently you need an account to view it? I don't know how to fix that.
    If you don't have, or want to make an account, I suppose just send me a message, we'll chat, and if I think I've got someone you may be into, I'll just copy/ pasta the info for you.

    I think I'm forgetting something. I don't know what.

    Oh, I'm also a huge fan of incorporating bdsm into things. If you're not familiar, but interested in things that aren't 50 Shades of Rape, feel free to mention that.

    I'm generally craving some sort of fantasy, I think. Maybe something set within the Game of Thrones world. If I thought particularly hard about it, I think I've got a couple of plots I'd like to do, but it really depends on the person I'm writing with.
    Just, for reference, I suppose, I'll post a starter that I'd like to be able to use some day. Depending what sort of story, and moreover, what sort of character I'm playing, my writing styles change fairly drastically. Also, when I'm reading, I tend to put more effort into attempting to come off as eloquent. It's worth mentioning that I'm not reading anything right now, and haven't been writing for a while, so I'll likely take a minute to actually scrape together a grasp of the English language again, rather than just babble on.

    "Come on, girl." she could hear a gruff, though kind voice belonging to a man as she passed her way by. "Spare a glance; Dornish women are the fairest, I'm told." he insisted, following along behind herself. This caught Nedan's attention. It wasn't the first time she had heard the words, but it was the tone rather than the phrase that struck her. There was no hunger, or entitlement. Genuine curiosity, rather. Turning her head toward the voice, she noted an elderly man, poorly dressed, with wind burnt skin and shining eyes. He smiled at her attention, and raised a hand. "They tell no lies, you are fair." the man proceeded, catching up with slow, patient steps. "Though fair may not be the word." he noted, curious eyes turning over the scars hard set in her skin.
    "I am not Dornish." Nedan denied simply, her own eyes noting of him both the thin fabric, and the way it clung to a form thinner yet. Standing and studying the thick skin and pleasant temperament a moment, the girl handed over a purse of silk, filled with most likely more gold than he had laid hands on. Judging by the looks of his skin, the man had worked hard for naught all his life. It wasn't surprising in this place. Hard work seemed rarely rewarded by ordinary people. "Winter is coming." she mentioned, turning to take her leave of him. She had work to do.

    Varys had asked of her to move North. Gather some information, and recover something stolen of him. It was a simple enough task, one that had given the girl some objective to preoccupy her time with. These days, it seemed too easy to slip in through a window, take her prize, and retire. She had been growing restless. Bored, and irritable. The trip now was a welcomed one.

    By nightfall, she had come to a warm inn that smelled.. strangely wonderful. The town was nothing special, but gods, the food. Sitting to herself in the place, Nedan had ordered her dinner and drink, watching silently out the window beside her. The room was dim and full. Loud laughter and the odd cheer poured out of the place. She was content to sit amongst the friends and strangers in the room, keeping to herself. Sooner or later, she was sure to hear that familiar phrase, but the men in the place seemed rather preoccupied with themselves for now. Good, she didn't fancy a fight before bed on this night.
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