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Post character Sheets and Quest sheets here for Thialia A World of Quests
Character Sheet
Weapons: (Primary and secondary.)
Spells/Skills: (Mages/Enchanters can have two spells and one skill. Every other class can have two skills.)
Unique Skill: (create your own, just don't make it OP.)
Items: (Max of 5)
Request Fee: (If requested specifically. Can be money, an item, ect.)
Other: (Likes, dislikes, ect.)
The most abundant species that roams the planet. Each having their own personality, and views on life. Some are more kind while other's can be mean or cruel. Over the years some human's obtained the knowledge of magic from elves, other's learned about the riches in the earth from dwarvs, and some learned about survival and it's varying methods. Power is sought out by wicked hearts and peacee by the kind hearted.

The Fae
This magical land is only seen by few. Fairies occupy this mystical land fluttering about and living simple lives. It is said to get to the Fae you must befriend a Fairy disguised as a human and win their trust to see this treasured land. Fairies, like humans, all have different personalities. Some are mischievous and will pull pranks on humans, some help people in danger, other's confine themselves into their realm. Most are naturally green thumbed and can grow plants and crops with ease.

The Lycan
If you see one of these beasts run. It is said that a man who craved power was given a gift but this gift also was a curse and every full moon he would shift into a bloodthirsty werewolf. Anyone who survived would be bestowed the curse from the wounds he inflicted and soon the population of Lycan grew more in numbers. Most live away from humans, some not wanting to kill anyone, other's stalk travelers to feed the thirst. If you are suspected to be one, you are given two options, to be exiled or death, many pick the first option. It is thought that those who wish for power are turned even without having contact with a werewolf.

Why vampires were given this name? It's simple, many feast at night. Though people believe they are weak to the sun seeing they are only seen at night but that's untrue. They feed at night because it is easier to catch a prey and not get caught. Garlic, wooden stakes, holy water, none of this phases them and hell, half of them go to church and eat garlic. Most remain peaceful and out of sight, only feeding when necessary but some have killed innocent people giving the race a bad rep. It is often told to fledglings to only take enough blood to survive and let the person live. To become a vampire they must inject toxins into your blood so a simple bite wouldn't change you.

The Undead
From bones to rotting flesh these living dead are a rare sight. Necromancy can lead to giving life to these monsters, but the sad truth is they aren't actually bad. Most appreciate the second chance to live. Some seek revenge though and that's were the bad apples come into play. These undead want to see those who made them suffer feel the same pain they received. It is said if you see an undead a bad omen is coming your way. Aside from animated Skeleton's and Zombies many spiritual beings are also on the planet. Ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, these invisible beings only appear when wanting to be seen and cause chaos at the flick of a wrist.

The Elven
Similar to humans but are usually more slender and shorter, most having paler skin. Their mostly known for traveling across the land as bards, merchants, or enchanters. They have been blessed by the gods and were the first species to obtain the knowledge of magic. Though humans at first feared them and killed many, so the numbers of this species is less than it used to be. Despite the poor treatment from the human ancestors many have forgiven, some have not.

The Dwarven
The people mostly known for their fascination with rocks and ores. Before man even knew about mining these small stout people were in the ground finding all the riches. They gave their knowledge to the humans and now many are seen helping in the mines across the land. Unlike elves they were not killed from fear so their numbers are more abundant but not more than the human race.

The Animated
These beings are not living nor dead but brought to a moving lifelike state. Gargoyles, Treants, Armor. Thing's you wouldn't see walking around. Though many have a humanoid state to disguise better in the world and their master's are always nearby, for the most part. In order for them to "die" the mage must die or they must be broken into nothing.

The Satyr
These men seem normal if you just catch a glimpse but if you get a good look you will notice more inhuman features. Goat legs, tails, ears, and horns are seen aside from their human features. Many are often drunk and pursue nymphs. They are usually seen as musical beings and most play the pipe. They are rare but when seen they are not shunned or attacked, as they are seen as woodland gods.

The Nymph
These maidens of nature are depicted as beautiful women of rivers, woods or other natural locations. They love to dance and sing, some can even animate nature. Though they do not die of old age or illness they can still find death in other forms. Satyr's often target them. Since they look like normal women they are not attacked or looked down upon by humans.
Thief: Agile and quick reflexes. Best for quests that require stealing, or getting information.
Mage: Knowledge of the arts. Best for quests that require a bit of magic to compete.
Warrior: Strength and brute force. Best for quests that needs brawn over brains.
Archer: Trained to snipe from a far. Best for quests that require distance.
Bard: Encourages allies with songs and tunes. Good traveling companions.
Merchant: Masters of trade. Easily can persuade other merchants for discounts or selling items for more money.
Herbalist: Dabbles in making potions and poisons. Used to make items for healing or harming.
Miner: Strong and hardened like a rock. Can obtain precious ores and gems.
Guard: Well rounded protectors. Good to have when needing protection.
Enchanter: Can imbue magic into items. Want a fire sword or maybe a pendant that deflects arrows? Pick them.
Hunter: Can track prey, including people. Can set traps and can see them a mile away.
Blacksmith: Creating weapons and armor is their specialty. Broken sword? No problem.
Nothing (Yes you character can have no class but still have some Non class specific skills)

(Note more may be added later on.)
Shortbows: Used for closer range. Fires arrows.
Longbows: Used for longer range. Fires arrows.
Dagger: Short knife. (Blade is around 4-8 inches )
Shortsword: Longer than a knife but shorter than a longsword. (Around 1 foot 1 & 1/2 feet.)
Longsword: Longer than a shortsword but smaller than a greatsword. (Around 2-3 feet)
Greatsword: A large blade that is longer than a longsword. (Around 4-5 feet)
Hammer: Blunt objects that can be held in one hand.
Mace: Longer and heavier than a hammer. Can also be spiked.
Chain Mace: The bar is now a chain, a bit longer than a normal mace. Can also be spiked.
Warhammer: A large hammer that needs two hands to handle.
Axe: Like a hammer but sharp instead of blunt.
Waraxe: An axe that is long and needs two hands to handle.
Staff: A wooden blunt weapon used by mostly mages.
Rod: A metal staff. Heavier making the hit harder but also slower.
Role: Like a staff but it is longer and less thick. Flexible.
Spear: A pole with a sharp point.
Javelin: A small spear that is thrown.
Pickaxe: A double pointed axe with thinner metal used to mine into rocks.
Leather Whip: A thin leather weapon used at a slight range, the tip can slice into flesh.
Chain Whip: A whip made of chain, can be bladed, or the tip can have a blade.
Sickle: Small curved blade usually used to cut crop.
Scythe: A large two handed sickle.
Wooden shield: A wooden object used to deflect incoming attacks. It is lightweight.
Metal shield: Like a wooden shield but it is more durable. It is also heavier.

Clothes: Very Lightweight but hardly any defense. No noise.
Leather: Lightweight but not strong. Hardly noisy.
Chain: Heavier than leather but stronger. Semi noisy.
Iron: Stronger and heavier than Chain. Noisy
Steel: Heavy and resilient. Noisy.
Gold: Fancy armor that isn't as strong as Steel or Iron but stronger than chain. Noisy

(Note spells are for mages and enchanters only.)
Spells that use the element of fire
Inferno: Sends a ball of flame out from the castors hand or weapon.
Singe: A spread of fire is shot out from the castors hand or weapon.
Flare: Sends a flame into the air that bursts and rains fire down onto the area.
Flame Wall: A wall of flame bursts from the ground in front of the castor.

Explosive Spear: A spear of flame explodes on impact causing an area to be hit by flame.

Spells that use the element of water
Ice Spike: Sends a shard of ice to impale the victim, sent from the castors hand or weapon.
Aqua Jet: Sends a powerful blast of water from the castors hand or weapon.
Ice Volley: Sends multiple shards forwards from the castors hands or weapon.
Acid Rain: A cloud of acid is formed above making the rain that falls chemically burn the area.

Acidic Burst: Sends a slow moving sphere of water after the target that bursts upon impact causing acid damage.

Spells that use the element of earth
Earth Spike: Sends a sharp stalagmite up from the earth.
Earth Needles: A volley of sharp tiny stalagmites shoot from the earth.
Barrage: The castor picks up nearby rocks, small or large, and hurls it.
Petrify: The castor turns the victim to stone, limbs or all.
Fissure: The earth is split causing victims to become trapped in the hole. Can be closed to crush the target.

Spells that use the element of wind
Gust: Sends a burst of air out from the castors hand or weapon.
Gale: Sends a gust of wind controlled ny the castor.
Twister: A concentrated spiral of strong wind that destroys anything in its path.
Suffocate: Takes the oxygen from the air causing the area of affect to choke all who enter.
Razor Wind: The air moves so fast it slices through anything like a blade, or crushes resilient objects.

Uses magic involving the life and death
Animate: Brings bones, or objects to life.
Reanimate: Brings a spirit or rotten flesh back to life.

Uses the element of spirit
Force: Pushes and object or person back, can send them flying causing injury.
Telekinesis: Uses spirit magic to pick up and move objects or people.
Crush: Uses spirit energy to apply extreme pressure causing injury.
Manipulate: Can control a living thing with your mind.
Levitate: The castor can make things float or even have people or animals glide through the air.
Poison: The victim becomes ill as internal organs shirt down.
Paralysis: The victims body becomes limp and cannot move.
Daze: Sends confusion into the victims mind.
Seal: Prevents mage from using magic.

Spells that manipulate shadows

Reap: Turns shadows into blades to cut the target.
Shadow Bind: Darkness grasps the target holding them in place, also weakens them slowly.
Eternal Darkness: Envelope an area in darkness making it hard to see.
Acid Touch: Anything the controlled shadow touches begins to melt.
Void: The shadow turns into an empty space, things will sink inside like quicksand.

Spells that use light
Shine: A bright shine that can cause temporary blindness. Damages undead.
Radiate: A small orb of light is made to see things in darker areas.
Smite: Concentrated light strikes the target cause blindness and damage.
Glowing Touch: With the powers of light wounds are healed.
Healing: Cures any illness inflected on the target.
Revive: With the power of light the deceased can come back to life.

Spells that enchant objects or people (Enchanters only.)
Waterbreathing: Allows the person to breath underwater.
Deflect: Arrows bounce right off.
Glow: The object glows in the dark, giving off light to see.
Strengthen: Physical strength is boosted, amount depending on how much magic is put in.
Invisibility: The spell causes the object to make the wearer disappear from the naked eye.
Hawkeye: Allows the wearing to see further and to pick up on things missed by the naked eye.
Flame/Water/Earth/Wind/Spirit Cloak: Protects against the associated magical element.
Flame/Water/Earth/Wind/Spirit Weapon: The weapon is imbued with said element.
Poison/Paralysis Ward: Protects against poison or paralysis.
Siren's Kiss: Weapon or item is imbued with Paralysis.
Serpent's Tongue: Item or weapon is imbued with Poison.​

Bow Skills
Quickfire: A trained archer can send arrows out faster than normal.
Steady Aim: Higher accuracy for archers.
Volley: Fires multiple arrows. Lower accuracy.
Vital Shot: The arrow is aimed at vital organs.
Blunt Skills
Crushing Blow: Using strength to break bones and objects.
Vital Blow: Causes blunt force to hurt vital parts of the victim.
Shield Bash: Hits target with shield to stun and hurt them.
Slice Skills
Power Slice: Focused energy allows the cut to become more severe upon impact.
Flurry: A volley of swings cut the target but leaves the user open for retaliation.
Miscellaneous Skills
Acute Hearing: Better hearing for the character. Good for eavesdropping or locating traps or people.
Meditate: Calms one mind to allow clearer thinking. Cures a dazed state.
Persuade: Allows you to manipulate someone to do a certain action or say a certain thing.
Distraction: Gets enemies attention so allies can get in an attack.
First Aid: Knowledge in how to treat wounds.
Thief Skills
Steal: What's a thief without the ability to steal items and goods.
Mug: An attack distracts the target while the also steal an item or two.
Warrior Skills
Brute Strength: Two handed weapons can be held in one hand.
Guard Skills
Lightweight: Heavier armor weighs nothing to them.
Iron Stance: Years or training has taught them an impenetrable stance as long as it is held.
Free Shield: Instead of being a weapon they can have the shield be in their armor freeing up a space for an addition weapon.
Merchant Skills
Barter: Allows possible discounts or higher selling prices for merchants.
Inspect: Can tell the price of an item.
Bard Skills
Enchanting Song: Dazes all who hear.
Alluring Song: Lures the victim to the singer.
Battlecry: Boosts morale of allies allowing stringer attacks.
Lullaby: Puts all who hear to sleep.
Miner Skills
Fool's Gold: Can identify gems and ores making sure they are real.
Locator: The miner can locate gems and ore's in nearby rocks.
Smith Skills
Fine Tip: Advanced smithing allows for sharper more deadly weapons.
Resourceful: Uses less items to make weapons and armor.
Hardened: Makes stronger armor.
Herbalist Skills
Gatherer: Can identify rare plants and objects used for potions and poisons.
Maximize: The herbalist can squeeze everything they can out of what they have, meaning more potions and poisons.
Hunter Skills
Track: Every good hunter knows how to find their prey.
Camouflage: Knowledge that allows the user to blend in with their surrounds via clothing. (Available for Thieves)
Domesticate: A hunter's knowledge allows them to have animals help out.
Trap Making: A hunter knows how to make many traps with their knowledge.
Mage Skills
Focus: Allows mage to cast quicker.
Element Mastery: Allows one more magic spell taking the place of a mages skill.
Double Enchanting: Allows an item to have two enchantments.
Advanced Enchanting: Allows for stronger enchantments.​

(Over time each character can get more skills in their arsenal. More skills will be added to this list as well once I can come up with more.)


Used mostly for enchantments.
Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings.
Healing: Heals wounds.
Tonic: Cures sleep
Elixer: Cures paralysis
Antidote: Cures poison
Angel's Kiss: Cures petrify
Remedy: Cures sealed magic
Siren's Brew: Puts target to sleep
Serpent's Kiss: Poisons target
Medusa's Glare: Petrifies target
Binding Brew: Paralyses target
Tongue Tied: Seals magic.
Can be a trinket your character carries around or maybe a diary. Up to you what you use to occupy their pocket space.​
Quest Sheet

Name of Quest: (optional if you can't think of a name.)
Name of Quest Giver: (Your character or a random npc)
Quest Description:
Quest Objective:
Total Union Members Allowed:
Wanted Union Members:
Additional Info:​

Name of Quest: Jewel Thief
Name of Quest Giver: John Shadowman
Quest Description: It has come to my attention that a rare gem has been located in the Helmah Mines. It is worth hundreds if not thousands of gold. The gem is now on its way to Ambrosia. I hear it will be put on display as a trophy and many will get to see it in its glory. Though if I can have it and sell it to a fence it could be more than just a display.
Quest Objective: Steal the gem either on the way to Ambrosia or from the display.
Total Union Members Allowed: 4
Wanted Union Members: The Cat Burglar
Rewards: 20% the profit (400 gold)
Additional Info: If it isn't obvious don't get caught. Don't keep the gem for yourself either. You have only a week to get the gem before I hire someone else.​
Example Character

Name: Valerie Hemmingway
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Bard
Weapons: Shortbow, Dagger
Armor: Clothing
Enchanting Song
Unique Skill: A father's gift, using the gem her father gave her Valerie gain's resistance to illnesses for a short time.
Healing potion
Earrings of Hawkeye
Ring of Spirit Cloak
A small gem her father gave her as a child.
Personality: Valerie is often bubbly. She is kind and caring. At times overly energetic and playful. She is seen as innocent so not many understand why she takes on quests instead of become a Bard for an inn or pub.
Background: Valerie was raised in Yorstien, often wondering what was past the city. She grew used to the bustle of all the people and admired her mother who sang at various locations in town. She grew up learning how to sing from her mother and her father stayed in the mines of Helmah to give them an easy life. Though as she got into her teen years her father was killed by a cave in and things grew a bit rougher as their income was now depending on her mother. Valerie noticed the union was looking for new members so she applied as a bard for support. Not only did she get to help her mother but other members of the union. She has gotten to see more of the world and even has visited Helmah, seeing her father's grave and his last words being that he will see his wife and daughter again one day. As she has traveled she has learned how to use a bow and dagger for self defense.
Request Fee: 30 gold
Other: Valerie dislikes fighting and bickering among friends. There is no time for that. She dislikes evil hearted people. Her likes are singing, chatting with friends and watching the stars.

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Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Smut, YAOI, Slice of Life, Modern Fantasy,




the Animated ~ Gargoyle


Short sword (scimitar)

Claws and Fangs

Clothes or Leather, though he can wear Iron and Plate.

Shadow Bind
Darkness grasps the target holding them in place, also weakens them slowly.

Eternal Darkness
Envelope an area in darkness making it hard to see.


Unique Skill
Stone Skin
He can change between his forms at will. Yet he can also keep his human form and just make his skin strong as stone, there shall hardly be any damage done.

* Collar of Command. (choker) The ruby will pulsate when his Animancer is near
* Silver Band of Night Seeing (simple ring on his right ringfinger), allows the wearer to have nightvision
* Pathfinder Cross (ring on his right middle finger), will always point to the north (or show him the way to his home/tombe if he breaths on it)
* Scarf of the Ice Fairy Queen. (white scarf). It was once gifted to him by a Fairy he saved from a Ghoul long ago (only after saving her he learned she was a Queen). She left it on his statue the winter that followed. It cures the wearer from Frostbite and protects the wearer from freezing over.

He isn’t the guy you go to for fun or jokes at all. He isn’t made for humor or entertainment. His face always has a serious expression as he observes the life around him. He isn’t want to participate in meaningless conversation, yet will not hide his opinion and view on certain aspects of life. He can be really harsh and cold to those whom approach him at first and this will practically not change at all. He has already said too many goodbyes to people he held dear and loved and he doesn’t want to go through that pain again. He has a great control over his feelings and expression so it hard to guess what is really going on behind his calm mask.

He has a great memory and will hardly forget anything, may it be faces, names or actions, he knows it. Same goes for maps and things like that he only needs one look at it and is settled for a long time. This also means he holds grudges for a long time and keeps on reliving old memories very strongly. Things you might have already forgotten you said, will be remembered by him. Also he is a great fan of truth, no matter what he will never lie to you. Be careful what you ask for as he will also not sugarcoat whatever answer he has to give you.

He was created during the great war between Necromancers and Animancers. Since Ghouls fought along side with the Necromancers, the Animancers needed allies too. They gave life to stone statutes and thus created the Gargoyles. When the battles was fought and won by the Animancers, they thought is was only fair to thank those who fought so long with them. They allowed the Gargoyles to be more than just stone creatures and gave them the power of transformation. Ragnavaldr had been one of the first status, a demon protecting a tombe, to be turned to life. He didn't think much of the war, simply because he was Under Command. Once they were thanked and given the ability to turn into a human, he realized how much destruction they had caused.

Instead of living like a human, as the other Gargoyles, he returned to this tombe and let himself turn back to the stone beast he had once been. Every now and then he awoke from his slumber to keep up with the life around him. And now he has just woken again, ready to mingle and see what the world him has to offer, before going to sleep for another century.

Request Fee

~ Fires (he is fire resistant and it will make him warm for other people)
~ Sunny days
~ Simply watching people
~ Riddles
~ Music and Songs

~ Undead, especially Ghouls
~ Lies or Liars
~ Water (he is weak against water, plus he can't swim)
~ Birds (something with poo and do I need to explain more?)

~ Being Under Command, since he has literally no way to control his own actions
~ Water/Drowning. He is weak against water and he can't swim, since he will sink as a stone (such a funny pun)
~ The death of his Animancer family. He likes keeping up with the changes of time and being alive every now and then.

Gargoyles have basically three forms. Human, Creature and inbetween. As a human they are just as strong and weak as anyother human being. The only difference by be that they don't have a heartbeat and their skin has a grey tone (makes them look a bit sickly). Creature is when they have fully changed into the statue they were. They don't need anything until they turn back to human. Turing back human things several nights. (yes they could by nights, since they were created during the night). Inbetween, this is also literally what it says. It depends on the Gargoyle what his inbetween form is. For Ragnavaldr he will have his claws and fangs and is able to cast his batlike wings.

Under Command
Each Gargoyle was created by an Animancer and is therefore bound to that Animancers family. Even the family line were to stop, the Gargoyle would simply return to the stone creature he once was. Because of this bound any Animancer of that direct family line can put the Gargoyle Under Command, this happens automatically and the Gargoyle will do whatever his/her Animancer requests of him. They can not move against this. Yet they can be freed from it if the Animancer sets them free, or 'Exempt From Command'. This means the Gargoyle will be free to life his own live and is no longer bound to the Animancer family. Though back in the days only few Animancer did this, and now a days only a few Animancers still know about their bond with Gargoyles. For most it is just a legend, a fairytale from long ago.

Additional Notes as his Creator
* If you want to play an Animancer from the family that created him, please PM me so we can discuss things
* I will most likely use him also in the Modern Era (though with a different appearance -as this will change to fit into the time area- and a different name)
* If you want an one on one with him as my character, feel free to PM me
* If you create a Ghoul, my character will automatically dislike him very strongly at first sight. However things may change if he gets to know your character better.
* If there are any question, feel free to ask me (either through PM or in the OOC chat)

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"I bet you never seen a wingless fairy like me, yeah you should call yourself lucky today. I'll tell you a secret... I am a good luck charm."

Human Age 23, Fairy Age Unknown




(Just like in her picture) ​

Dagger "Wolfacatian"
This dagger was given when she accidentally, unwillingly, rescued a Lycan

A trained archer can send arrows out faster than normal

Vital Shot
The arrow is aimed at vital organs

Rabbit's Feet
Being a wingless fairy makes Egatha uses her feet more than she should. She can no longer travelling using her wings, so to help her moving faster Egatha had trained her feet for many years up to the point where she can break her limit. Egatha calls this as "Rabbit's Feet". Rabbit's feet is a skill which enable Egatha to ran twice faster than normal, she can also jumps thrice higher than normal. This skill helps her a lot to do jobs and moves around.

Moon-shaped Necklace
This necklace is a heirloom from her great great great great... great grandmother with her family crest crafted on it
Ring of Eagle Eyes
When equipped, this ring can enhance accuracy up to 50%, a perfect accessory for ranger
Two Healings
One Antidote



Egatha is your typical evil friend. She fights for good, but it doesn't mean she will help you. She prevents evil from causing harm to the world, but it doesn't mean she won't causing you any harm. Her ideas might be brilliant, but it involves lot of casualties. Just imagine a villain trying to fight for good and voila~ you will get Egatha.
"Are you seriously think that letting your enemy goes will make he changes? Meh, what a joke."

Sometimes refers as has no mercy. Killing doesn't mean anything to her, life is just another small things in life. Egatha doesn't care about anything. She never puts her own feeling to tasks given to her which is why she always does her task perfectly and only in a blink of an eye.

"Your begging has no meaning to me."

Egatha is fearless. Nothing will make her shivering, even her own death. She faces death so many times and manages to get away from it every single time. She cherishes her life just like other, but she doesn't mind give it away when she needs to. Having few families and close friends makes her doesn't think twice to do something reckless.

"You want me to jump from this height? Better you have enough money for paying your bet!"

Depending on someone or something will always bring bad luck, Egatha assumes. She fights and works alone, she hates having people dragging around her, slowing her down. She takes care of herself well, but she can't protect other. In fact, she hates protecting people unless it is her job.

"Just leave it to me. Don't ask me to bring that rookie with me. I might end up killing him by accident... or not."

Money is her world. Money and shiny things, nothing can replace their position. Egatha will do everything, anything, every time, anytime, everywhere, anywhere, just state the payment and she will be off.

"What? I'm not taking that job. Eh? 500.000 coin? Well, did I say I don't want to do it? You must somehow misheard it."

Egatha was born in mercenary fairies, living their life by doing things for people and getting paid, they always trying to get profits as much as they could. This was the basic reason why Egatha turned into a materialistic person. She had been taught by her family that gold was the most precious thing in the world. Also because of this lesson about gold, Egatha would do anything to get more and more gold. She never felt satisfied, her life goal was to be drown in wealthiness.

Nothing special about her past life. Egatha lived normally as fairies, trained her skill in using bows to help her defending herself and of course, finding a way to use this skill to gain golds. One miserably past about her was when Egatha unfortunately lost her wings permanently. She went hunting with her father at night, it was a cold chilly night. Her father's friend told him about a beast lingering in the forest and offered a lot of money if he could bring back its skin. Egatha accompanied her father for it was not an easy task. In short, they managed to kill the beast with Egatha's wings to pay the price. The beast tore her wings into pieces on their battle. It was almost a miracle that Egatha survived since she lost a lot of blood.

Things went by normally after the incident, though Egatha could no longer fly, she still did her job well. After years working for her family, Egatha decided to separate herself from them, she wanted to explore the world and develop herself. Egatha believed that she could find more money if she worked in a bigger agency. She used to accept jobs only from the fairies, now she was ready to take jobs from all over the world by joining this guild.

Varies, the minimum is 500G and one precious item

"I set my price high because baby I'm worth it (insert music here) because that's my skills' price, take it or leave."

The Wingless Fairy

Everything Shiny and Shimmering
Perfectly Done Job

Bear-shaped Beasts
Fussy People

Distinguish Feature
On her back, there is two skin defects in shape of dark gray oval, it used to be where her wings grew
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Galdadore Woodsbukle (The Fifth)






Primary: The art of Music and storytelling
Secondary: Small dagger


Cloth Chest plate
Arm guards

- Alluring Song

Unique Skill:

- "A Satyrs Gift" The ability to make wine appear our of thin air

"Galdadore's Pipe of Musical Magic" - An old pipe (No magic Value what so ever)
"Galdadore's Cloth of warmly warmth" - A hood like cape, keeps him warm when it's cold
"The First's Magnificent Necklace" - Necklace which supposedly belonged to "the First"
"The Sexy Comb of Beard Combing" - A comb he uses to comb his beard
"Hoof Buffer" - A special type of hoof buff only sold in specific towns

Galdadore is a hopeless romantic, he loves women, men and everything in between. Often trying to woo people with songs of love and lust, usually results in him being harshly rejected. Which then leads to him drowning his sorrows in wine and singing sad songs of broken hearts and tragic lovers never meant to be.
But on the bright side, he loves a good adventure. Although it is best he travels in a group, as he is easily lost and has nil sense of direction. He likes to think he comes off as glamorous and outrageous, but really he comes off as eccentric and crazy. He likes to quote his great grandfather, Galdadore the First, especially in arguments or when he's being particularly persuasive. "You know, as the great Galdadore the First used to say..." There is much speculation on wether or not there was a Galdadore the First at all.


Raised from birth with an pipe in his hand, Galdadore has always loved music and storytelling. He was often alone physically, as Satyrs do not usually stick together. But mentally, he had his songs and his music to keep him company. Satyrs are mostly peaceful beings, but when riled up they often charge like a goat, butting their massive horns at their enemy.

Request Fee:

-A date
- Or Some Hoof buffer


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Name: Anastasia Hayward
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Mage
Weapons: Scythe (Can separate into two)
Armor: Clothing
Reap, Turns shadows into blades to cut the target.
Razor Wind: The air moves so fast it slices through anything like a blade, or crushes resilient objects.
(Element Mastery: Allows one more magic spell taking the place of a mages skill.)
Suffocate: Takes the oxygen from the air causing the area of affect to choke all who enter.
Unique Skill: Double Cast, when her scythes are split she can cast twice the amount of magic but her accuracy is worse.
Remedy x5 (Because what's a mage without their magic?)
Personality: Ana is cruel at heart. Those she see's as lesser will be treated as lesser. She often is mean for no reason and if she finds a reason her attitude only gets worse. She is self centered and the world has to revolve around her. No if's and's or but's. Rarely does she act out of kindness and most of her actions are for selfish reasons. She can be cold and have a heart made of ice, giving no concern to anyone but herself.
Background: Born and raised in a rich family always lead to bad things. Ana was raised to be a lady and acts it for the most part. Despite her icy attitude she is just another normal snob in the world. Her parent's were born into wealth as was she. They cannot tell her where the money has come from but it is thought her ancestors were the first to settle the city of Yorstein. Her mother is a stay at home wife, going out to auctions a few times to just blow away the money they have. Her father a drunk who spends his money on alcohol is no better. Anastasia see's money as nothing though. Not even an object that brings happiness. From a young age she felt joy in doing devilish tasks. When she grew older she realized her violent wants could be achieved by taking on quests. Anything involving killing a target would get her attention. In order to take on these quests she learned how to wield a dual scythe, and cast simple spells that can torture the victim. Her young sister is Estelle but the joyous brat embarrasses her so she claims adoption.
Request Fee: Cash and items are no used to her and she will do quests for the fun of it.
Other: Ana likes dark colors, has a fascination with death and torture, and blood makes her happy. She dislikes bright colors, energetic happy people, and anyone who pities and gives mercy to a target. When her scythes are together her magic seems to be more accurate and concentrated. When apart it becomes sloppy but she can send out twice the amount for lower accuracy. She began to take on quests at 18.


Name: Estelle Hayward
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Thief
Armor: Leather
Acute Hearing: Better hearing for the character. Good for eavesdropping or locating traps or people.
Steal: What's a thief without the ability to steal items and goods.
Unique Skill: Aura Slash, Using the energy within, her dagger glows and elongates for a quick slash that can fatally harm the target,
Ring of Invisibility (Only worn when sneaking around.)
Glowing Pendant (Used when in dark areas to see a few feet away.)
Waterbreathing Bracelet (Used when a quick escape is needed and only water is present.)
Personality: Unlike her older sister Estelle is kind and caring. She is energetic and bubbly, at times clumsy. She likes to lighten the mood if it becomes to serious. She likes to play meaningless pranks on people that mean no harm. She is a good listener and doesn't mind deep conversations as long as they don't get too gloomy. She likes to pickpockets instead of harming the target but she isn't afraid to fight. Unlike her sister she didn't turn into a snob. She gives to the poor and helps out the lesser whenever she gets a chance.
Background: Just like her sister Estelle grew up watching her father drink away and their mother buy pointless things for their home. She was an observant child and always found fun playing pranks on people, especially her older sister. She found a talent that few her age had and that was stealing and not getting caught. She easily held the perfect poker face when confronted and often times her parents were convinced they misplaced whatever it was. She found the union one day while following Ana to prank her and upon seeing the types of quests she knew she would want to participate. Though not for the money, seeing they already had enough for even their grandchildren, but for the thrill of stealing things. It after all was her calling.
Request Fee: Supplies for a prank.
Other: Estelle likes anything sweet and when she was younger she would steal cookies from the cookie jar. She also likes other lively people and ones who have fun the way she does. Disliking those who are too serious or mistreat others. Often times she is fighting with her sister whenever she is around. She uses a shield more for defense than as a weapon. She joined the union at the age of 15.


Name: Armondo (Huehuehue)
Age: Ageless
Gender: Male?
Species: Animated
Class: Warrior
Armor: Steel
Brute Strength: Two handed weapons can be held in one hand.
Flurry: A volley of swings cut the target but leaves the user open for retaliation.
Unique Skill: Darkness Blade, darkness covers his greatsword and upon impact the darkness constricts the target slowing them down.
Personality: As a living armor Armondo does not act in a specific way. He acts lifeless and cannot speak so any communication comes from hand gestures. Though when around other animated objects he seems to come to life, like he isn't alone. It is unknown what he truly feels but it is noted at times his feelings are given away through expressions. Aside from hand gestures, the way he moves his body can give away what he may be feeling. If he actually has emotions. If he shows any kind of humanity it is kindness and patience. Or maybe it comes off that way since well he is armor.
Background: Lifeless in the castle. He stood there over time as some decoration. A boring lonely life with other empty suits of armor. One day a necromancer wanted an army and began to animate anything he could. Over a few days he had hundreds of lifeless moving objects, including Armondo. What happened to the Necromancer is unknown but he has to be alive. Of course the man fled after most of the animated where destroyed. Armondo had been lucky and was kept intact so the leader of the land could tell if and when the mage died by waiting for Armondo to scatter to the floor lifeless once more. Over the years he seemed to develop a mind of his own and would move around without command, the ruler decided to put Armondo to work in the union, keeping deaths lower now since the thing is technically not living.
Request Fee: Fee? Armondo doesn't understand currency and has no need for items.
Other: If you look closely into his helm you can see the faintest light, two to be exact indicating he does have eye's. Magic but nonetheless eye's. Oddly when hurt or injury is inflicted instead of blood Armondo bleeds a dark purple/black shadow like substance. If you try to take off any part of his armor it stays in place like a body part. Only magic or destroying the armor itself can kill or dismantle him. Many people believe he is a man in armor so none question him walking about the world but some children run from him. He likes to give gifts, not anything in particular but if he hands you something odd's are it is meant to be a gift. Even if it is a dead mouse. He wields his greatsword in his left hand and the shortsword in his right.
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I am fine with many genre's so lay it on me and we can decide if that genre will work.

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I am fine with many genre's so lay it on me and we can decide if that genre will work.
Name of Quest: Bad Bandits
Name of Quest Giver: City Guard of Yorstein
Quest Description: Over the past week there has been a high number of bandit attacks going through Ulmer Pass. Aside from innocent bystanders passing through, traders are also being affected. Most refusing from crossing now so their wares aren't stolen. If this isn't dealt with soon then production on trades will be halted. With that being at a stand still the rest of the town will suffer and it will cause a domino affect of supplies running low.
Quest Objective: Get rid of the bandits.
Total Union Members Allowed: 5
Wanted Union Members: N/A
Rewards: 10% off of all stores for a week
Additional Info: You can kill the bandits or capture them and bring them in getting you 15% off instead. Though it may be hard and we are unsure of the number of bandits at the pass.

(Because most quest type things always start with pesky bandits. I will have the IC up today or tomorrow.)​
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Name:Kabalyelo(Combined words of Kabalyero and Yelo. Words in filipino means "Knight" and "ice")
Gender:N/A (Uses male pronouns)
[Primary]Great axe "Glacier" [bimg=no-lightbox][/bimg]
[Secondary] Great sword "Snow" [bimg=no-lightbox][/bimg]
Brute strength
Unique Skill: Ice swordsmanship- The Kabalyelo will be coated with ice, and unleashes a combo of flurries with his two blades.Through the magic that his master gave him, he unleashes a puff of ice inducing smoke after each strike. The Kabalyelo was left stunned after usage, needs alot of cooldown.
Never melting ice- A charm that the Kabalyelo brings. It's from his master that's been long gone.(It is rumored that it can turn water to ice)
Rusted Greatswords (x2)- Some swords that were found during his last quest with his master. He uses these for practices.
Tongue tied(2x)
Personality:A cold and cruel person. He is usually quiet, but when it comes to his allies he cooperates very well.
Background:Once an old knight frozen in the glacier,no one knows if the knight inside is truly dead. But his armor was brought to life alongside his soul by an unknown mage. They had a strong bond, molding his knighthood by protecting the mage. But since the day she left him, he began traveling the lands to see her again. Alongside the Never melting ice she gave him, he joined the union in hopes of finding his master.
Request Fee: Though unusual, if requested, he is required a short, food. Why would this armor want food? I don't know, maybe it's his soul.
Other:His armor was polished by the mage while she was with kabalyelo. His weapons were also enchanted by her. Kabalyelo likes the cold. It reminds him of his master. He hates being burnt; it ruins his armor AND it limits his cold affinity. He also hates losing a strong bond, so when he gained an ally befriended him, he makes sure that they will be protected by him.
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