They're beautiful, aren't they?

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  1. the stars. We never just look at them anymore.
    - Agent D (Men In Black)

    A month between threads is enough time, right? :P

    I've fallen back in love with stargazing this year. Holler back, my fellow skywatchers! I want you to talk to me about how you stargaze and why you like it!

    I like the way it brings you back to nature. I know some folk like to play music or talk to friends or find constellations etc, but I prefer to just find a spot on the grass and lie still. I like to fixate on one star individually and watch it glitter. I think about how old it is and how far away and how it's been sparkling up there since thousands of years before I was born; it's very humbling. I listen to the wind in the trees and the dogs, cats, bugs, birds, and occasional fox in the neighbourhood. I smell the grass and the leaves and feel the solid earth under my back; I think it's important to unplug sometimes and appreciate the beauty and might of the natural world, even from a suburban backyard; it's also an opportunity to just stop and reflect; emails will wait, so will texts and TV and laundry. I like to start while there's still a little light around the horizon and watch as more and more stars slowly peek out from the sky; I basically go in when I'm too cold or hungry or starting to fall asleep. It's... For lack of a less hippie/new age voodoo way of saying it, a good way to get centered.
  2. *wishes light pollution wasn't such a thing where he lived, but alas it is*.

    There's barely any stars in the sky visible where I am. :(
    It's basically just a few dots.
  3. Aye. Kind of saddening to look up at a barely-speckled night sky and think of all the gorgeous stars that we can't even see anymore.
  4. SPACE! SPACE! SPAAACE! Space is one of my favourite things!

    Space is absolutely beautiful. Big, vast, mind bogglingly beautiful. There are mysteries out there I cannot even comprehend and this excites me. :ferret:
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  5. Always look up when taking my dog out for his nightly walk.

    Last night got to see a shooting star right past the Big Dipper. It's something that always manages to get my heart racing.
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  6. I get to see the Northern Lights, and Jasper National Park is the biggest dark sky preserve in the world. Needless to say, my sky gazing opportunities here are fantastic.
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  7. I grew up in the city, and it was really hard to see most of the stars there.

    When I moved here to bumblefuck Arkansas and got to see all the stars it was AMAZING. O_____O I've seen shiny things I've never spotted before. I've even been able to see meteor showers now, which is really cool.

    I don't go outside and star gaze as much as I'd really LIKE to though. >:/
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  8. I love the sky at all times! The cusp of night where there are still some sunset colors creasing the skyline and the stars just start to peek through is probably one of my favorite things. If I were better at painting, I would try my hand at it.

    I also love laying in bed so I can look out my window and see the stars. I usually have a nice view of the moon front and center with all the little stars surrounding it. It's a very peaceful thing to drift off to.
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  9. A sky full of stars is blissful escapism for the mind.

    I can't wait for winter to roll around again to get those crystal clear nights.
  10. Living in London means the night sky just isn't a thing here. Which I hate, because I love skygazing, day or night. It's a horrible irony that I'm at one of the top science unis in the world, with access to an awesome big-ass telescope and an astronomy society, and yet it's pointless because you can never see shit.
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