They Who Dwell In The Mountains (OOC) PLAYERS WANTED!

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  1. Hey there, I'm new to this site, but an experienced RPer from other websites as well as hosting stuff like DnD for friends irl, who may also get here soon.
    ANYWAYS, enough about me. This is the first rp I've posted on the site, so I'm really just wondering who would be interested and if you want to play.
    TWDitM is probably going to be a one-off rp centered around rumours that dwarven kingdoms may still exist deep in the mountains. In recent times, dwarves have had to leave the land as disagreements have grown between their homeless kind and the dominant human government. The few who stay in the realm are risking their lives daily in the hope to find their original home buried deep somewhere.
    Esentially a band of adventurers (presumably 1+ dwarf but that'll probably be me.) make their way down through caves in the mountain looking for loot and a hope of a lost Kingdom.
    So, sign up if you're interested! Basic character sheets needed only, if you don't sign up then please tell me what you think!
  2. I'm actually interested xD do you have a specific character sheet? xD
  3. Just the basic character sheet, it's written by an admin somewhere in the forum. I'll find it for you now.
  4. Character Name: Dàin Ungardt
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Dwarf
    Age: 110
    Occupation: Appraiser

    Appearance (open)

    Eyes: Slate Grey
    Hair: Reddish Gold
    Height: 5' (with boots on)
    Weight: 196 lbs

    General History: The son of a silversmith, Dàin worked the majority of his life helping his father making objects of mostly finery. Cups and plates of silver, inlaid with gems. Even inlaying the odd sword or other weapon with gold or silver filigree. He used this knowledge in his further pursuits as a an Appraiser. Once he became an adult, he worked long enough as a silversmith himself until he was able to open his own shop. There he would either appraise items of value, ranging from antiques to some other objects that humans liked to put in establishments like museums, or money and gems. He also doubled as a coin exchanger where he was situated.

    As a man who was regularly visited by adventurers, to check their loot or give them local currency, it was not strange for him to become rather curious about their stories of quests and the like. Every now and then he even heard the odd rumor about hidden cities and treasures. This is why, after putting his young apprentice at the helm of his shop he set out for a bit of adventure himself. Who knew what valuables he would discover?

    [Please state if more detail is required]
  5. Approved, nice app.
  6. Are female humans allowed? Curious, are we sticking with just dwarfs and humans or are Orcs and elves/half-elves in too?
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  7. Any races are allowed, honestly I don't really mind.
  8. Let me look for a picture were I can base my character on. (it means that I will join ^^)

    Here is a basic template for people who want it.
    Character Name:
    General Appearance: (picture or written, or both)
    (Optional, but it says somethin about your character)
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  9. Character Name: Sinopa
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Shapeshifter, the fox kind
    Age: 23
    General Appearance:
    pictures (open)

    Just as in her human form she also has blue eyes as a fox. Her fur is more of a sandy colour than orange, like the red fox. She is also smaller than normal foxes.
    Occupation: Hunter and trader of food and goods.
    Personality: She is very playfull and enegetic, curious and can be very annoying. But she is also observant and her eyes always tell that she knows more than she shows.
    Bio: She has lived in the forest with her kin for eleven years before she left home. She took it upon herself to find a job and get more in touch with civilisation. She traded everything that she hunted and kept part of it for herself. Over the years she ot acquinted with a lot of people even if most of them were people who just passed by. One day she traded a load of food for a simple medallion. She loved it so much that she wanted more of it. She gave up her trade and went on the search for more.
    extra: Her clothes are her fur, she doesn't tell people that she is a shifter.

    If more needs to be added please say.
  10. Good cs, accepted.
  11. Anyone? This isn't dead I hope.
  12. Probably dead. Looks it to me.
  13. Not very optimistic for the person who made the thread.
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