They drive me crazy. Anger management maybe?

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  1. So I have been on the phone off, and on since last Tuesday. My services were to be transfered, and Comcast lagged behind everyone else. So much so that I have had yelling contests with them at one point. Last Thursday I had a four hour long call with them from 10 PM, to 2AM. They told me that today a tech would be at my apartment, and would fix the problem.

    Today at the time slot no one ever showed up. I then called Comcast ten different times, and was told that a tech had been here, and did the work. That a tech had come, and attempted to do the work. That a tech came, and no one was here. Then that there was no tech that was suppose to come.

    I then started a rage fit, and scared a poor man over the phone. I literally pulled a fist full of hair out. I still have no service, and am about to cry from how angry, and upset I am. I have called someone else for services, and they will be here Thursday.

    However this whole ordeal has made me question myself on if I am an angry person. I would have gone to jail today if I had gone to the main store to deal with them. Does it sound like I need help?
  2. Also my boy friend has been living in perpetual fear since this started. I am apparently the devil, and may have hit him more then a few times in my sleep...
  3. It's completely normal to be angry about poor customer service. I had the exact same thing happen to me with a landscape company, and it was very annoying because I kept on expecting them to come at a certain time, staying home when I had errands to run and and other such things. My advice is to try to find other things to do, or other ways to contact people besides your phone. Sometimes the best thing to do in a stressful situation is to walk away and distract yourself.

    I think that while you're asleep, your mind is still stuck on the problem and you're simply acting out without realizing it. Don't worry too much about it, but if you've had anger problems in the past there's plenty of reliable resources as to how to cope with stress and frustration. Just remember, you're in control and in the end, you decided how much something will bother you. If you still need to vent, you can go ahead and PM me :)
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  4. Customer service brings out the worst in us when those providing the service aren't doing their jobs right. A person can only take so much bullshit before they explode, you know?

    If you do suspect you have anger issues, you'll have to do some more thinking (unless you already did) about the following: Are you still angry about things people have done to you in the past? Are you easily annoyed? Are you forgiving? Does your anger make you forgetful? Stuff like that...

    My step-father had to attend anger management classes because his anger made him physically and verbally abusive. Having grown up around that, I too am the angry type. That combined with the mental disorders makes me be around. In those cases, I tend to lock myself into solitude so I won't hurt anybody. The most trivial things can make me want to go savage on someone.

    But there are ways to help control your fury. If I can do it, I'll bet you can too. :] When you're in that 'fight or flight' mode while you're angry, do your best to choose flight. Removing yourself from the stressful environment is very important. And I won't lie: having a journal helps. So does cussing. I like to swear up a storm while I jot down the shit that pissed me off today. It's so very therapeutic, especially if I feel the need to destroy the paper I wrote on.

    Other than that, I smoke a lot of chronic to keep me mellow and careless. I'm not one to encourage the use of drugs, but it does help.

    As for the sleep violence... Well, it happens. I've done it to my boyfriend, and he's done it to me. Maybe you're dreaming about what's making you angry, or you're having an awesome fight in your dreams. Unless it happens like every night, I wouldn't worry too much. :]

    Anyway hope I was a little helpful... Feel free to PM me if you ever wanna talk more, or just talk about anything else. That's another thing that helps, yo. Vent away whenever you need to.
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  5. I feel better today. I got to yell at them when they got mad at me for wanting to cancel my service. This woman got huffy, and demanded to know why I was leaving them, so I started telling her why.

    I feel like singing, and dancing today.
  6. Haha! Very good! It's very normal to get pissed at people that mess up your life for no reason. Or for a reason, for that matter. No worries. And I'm sure your boyfriend still loves you. :D

    And if he doesn't, then he sucks and doesn't deserve you. I've punched my mum in the face when I was asleep and my mum still loves me!

    Enjoy better service!
  7. Yeaa, Comcast is horrible customer service; for a lot of money. They are/were trying to buy out Time Warner so they could limit what we do on the internet. Glad you left them! If there's any smaller businesses that do internet provider service (such as Cable, I really recommend cable actually becuase then your internet can double as TV with tons of channels just no guide!), get them after doing some research. <3 I don't think you really need anger management; just simply that they were assholes and anyone would get pretty verbally abusive to the poor saps working customer service on the phone for them. (But some are just pure assholes it seems. Reminder that customer services people on the phone really don't deal or handle your internet.)
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