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  1. The struggle of coming up with characters or using a different picture for every rp. Then having to surf through bull shit pages of "hot anime female" and other winner google searches for the jewel. #TheStruggle
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  2. Use descriptions. Flex your writing muscle for ~10 minutes and all your problems are solved.

    Alternatively use the booru network (likely NSFW) or zerochan. Still a timesink, but easier than google.
  3. I try. It always backfires on me. Lol. What are your #TheStruggle moments? Lol
  4. Mmmm, I have often had that problem.

    Well, specifically the latter. Creating characters comes easily to me, but I often spend hours looking for art.

    Something I've taken to doing—specifically on DeviantArt, because using Google is near hopeless for non-photos in my experience; there is a similar method as the following for Google, but it involves making a ton of bookmarks and gets real complicated real fast—is create a folder of all character portraits that look like I could conceivably use them for a character somewhere down the line, whether I have one in mind or not. In my case, a folder full of fantasy character art. If it fits the genre, I put it in. So whenever I need a character's appearance, I go through that. Still takes a while, but at least I know that everything in there I've already determined is good.

    You don't even need to follow any art to do it! Simply make sure that when you already searching for art, you don't just add things you're looking for, but also things you aren't but might later. You'll still waste just as much time the first couple searches, but down the line the process becomes much more streamlined.

    In addition, I've accrued access to similar folders from some of my friends, so that if I don't find what I want, maybe they will have!

    but y'know

    that's just me

    My worst case was for a Nation roleplay. I needed an entire cast of redhead elves.

    Finding the females was easy. Finding fantasy art of male redheads is hard enough—but elves too?
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  5. I almost always just use a description. On the rare occasion that I do need an image for a character, however, I am very picky. That usually leads to a lot more time than is perhaps appropriate trawling Google.
  6. It's hard to look for good character images to match descriptions, so I always pin any picture or art I find interesting on my OC Picture Storage board on Pinterest. I might find some use for them in the future, and it gives me immediate options once I do want to start looking. It also gives me ideas if I don't immediately have an appearance in mind. Pinterest is also good with tags and descriptions to help you narrow down what you want.
  7. There's a resource in the writing institute I think, with a character template that covers a lot of physical features. I always use something like that and list them, then depending on whether I feel like it, I apply a show-rewrite. Or leave it as is.

    Struggles for me are... Hmm, my very inconsistent writing style and ability. There are too many intervals between writing for me to feel like I have a grasp of something solid. Regardless I need the constant feedback of replies to stay motivated to write.
  8. I have kind of a few images and names I use for everyone.
  9. Ugh, ironically used and out of context hashtags are the fucking worst....

    Anyways, more and more I find myself simply writing a description because there's rarely ever a picture that is quite what I need, and I have zero interest in spending any length of time trolling through a search engine or Deviantart to find the one good image that's buried under a fucking landfill of japanimu androgynous saucer eyed abominations that are not clearly male or female but always called ~chan, the latest 15 minutes of fame celebrity getting molested by the paparazzi, stock photo people who always have something off about their appearance verses your needs, and people who call themselves models after paying people to take their vanity pictures.

    It's important to always keep in mind that we all have imaginations and that in other written mediums like novels, character description is usually sparce and basic. It doesn't rob your enjoyment of a novel if you don't know the protagonist's hair colour, or much about the shape of their face, and you certainly don't lose sleep not knowing if they have birthmarks.
  10. #LOL
  11. I have the opposite problem. I have so many pictures saved which I could potentially use, or use to serve as inspiration for a character, and nothing to use them for!
  12. I save a huge stash of pictures that I like, on the off chance that they will be perfect for something in the future. O_O Because I have problems finding just the right picture to fit the description of my characters. I already have that part written down, or at least in my head first. D: so finding JUST THE RIGHT ONE is a pain. >:[
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  13. I used hashtags just to annoy ppl >:3 so my mission was accomplished @Dervish
  14. I'm gonna snap into you like a Slim Jim brotha, ohhhh yeah.

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  15. Holmishire had a good suggestion with collecting and saving pictures for later.

    Though in all honesty I've never had an issue with finding character pictures.
    If anime's you're issue just add "Real Life" to the search, that eliminates almost all of it.
    If you still wanted it drawn then just add "Drawing" instead.

    Though in the chance the concern/issue is more "Everyone is modelized/attractive and not average looking".
    Remember that both role playing and drawings are escapes for people, where they empower themselves to be above and beyond what they'd be in real life.
    And that's in all aspects, intelligence, personality, fitness, attractiveness etc.

    So if you're looking for an image that outright challenges that escape... Well, then of course it's going to be a challenge/more difficult.
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  16. Main problem I have is finding character portaits when they aren't supposed to be attractive or a celebrity face claim. Tricky shit, that.
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  17. I find plenty unattractive male models whenever I need a picture. Admittedly they do all look like they belong in emo- or boybands, but....

    Try unpopular tv-shows or failed pilots? Idk. I've seen people find them.
  18. Not a bad idea, but I haven't had cable or satellite for years. I have no idea what trolls lurk the prime time that would make me say, "Ah ha! There's my over the hill space pilot cannibal who has a harem of appliances.*"

    *Not a plot.

  19. This is my struggle too! I have such a hard time deciding which face claim to use because none of them are exactly what I want. I could spend soo much time going back and forth because I'm so indecisive D:
  20. Seeing as she's using "hot anime female" as her search description, I don't think either of those are her problem. ;)
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