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  1. Good morning, Iwaku.

    While waiting for the pale sun to rise in this still chilly northern land I live in, I took a moment of relaxation bone by awakening from a full day's cycle followed by an easy time surfing through serene traditional-styled and eastern-based art with a background of zen music to ponder what I would like to do before I was to take my life into a more active pace.

    Starting anew my love of story writing seems like an excellent place to start, so I can have a steady shelter from life and fate's often cruel designs and a way to resource myself, in a way. As such, here I am, ready to introduce myself to this storytelling community.

    I have chosen the pen-name Moonlit Rogue, and while I may seems overly formal and calm right, now, I assure this is entirely the ridiculous amount of time I kept sleeping mixed with the early morning and the mood music talking, I am usually hot-tempered, gifted (or cursed) with a strange sense of humor and admittedly a bit of a gifted ditz sometimes. I still, and have for all of my memory, been somewhat afraid of crowds and strangers, to the point of being labelled as 'Savage' from some of my relatives, so if I seem distant and cold like the moon at time, I assure you this is not you fault, I'm just in a strange mood... again.

    When I prevail over my many fears, however, I believe that I am a caring, loyal and empathetic young woman in her early twenties that has routinely the fellow reaction to anything she deems cute as this fellow:

    Why won't you let me love you!? ;__;
    Beside my overbearing love for the cute, I also am a great lover of tales of all kinds, from the simple children's fables of old, to the stunningly rendered video games of tomorrow, passing through various books, manga, movies and documentaries. I dream of travelling the more ancient and culturally-wealthy parts of the world one day, and would always love to learn more about the many, many types of artistic pursuits created by mankind that they may be drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting or even practicing musical instruments, yet alas I have not yet found a way to quench my heart's desires.

    With what I have already revealed, I hope you will not be surprised that my enjoyment of literary genres and topics is long and varied, and that only my diligence and my state of mind keep me from writing nearly everything that may pass through my head. In this place, I hope to find a way to keep myself inspired and motivated and, hopefully, find inspiring and supportive kindred spirits at the same time.

    I think I took enough of your time, however, and as such I wish you a good morning and hope to see you again.
  2. Welcome! I think you should enjoy it here a lot :)
  3. Fast!
    Thank you, kind soul~
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  4. Hello friend, welcome to the little corner of the internet we call Iwaku please enjoy your time here.
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