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  1. Heyyo! I'm growl, and I find myself craving 1x1's all the time.
    I figured I should just make a partner request.

    ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴇ:

    xxxxMy average post length is two to five paragraphs, depending on how much I have to respond to.

    xxxxI have good grammar, and I edit my post if I catch a spelling error.

    xxxxI get home at around four, so I can only post in the evening.

    xxxxI live in Central Standard Time.

    xxxxI can usually post within 48 hours of when you posted on the weekdays. Usually.

    xxxxSundays are unpredictable days for me, and I have work on Saturdays.

    xxxxSorry, I don't do the smut. Anything past making out shirtless is a no-no.

    xxxxI'm fucking animu trash. As such, I like to use anime/manga-based pictures (see plots for details).

    xxxxI need character planning before we start (at least a picture of our characters). I can elaborate over PM.

    xxxxI'm in love with love. Fluff, cliches, all of it. Romance almost always spices up a plot for me.

    xxxxLife has a habit of catching me by surprise, so I may not be able to PM you about it.

    xxxxDon't be afraid to PM me if you're concerned about something. I don't mind polite nagging.​

    ɢᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ ʀᴇǫᴜɪʀᴇᴍᴇɴᴛs:

    This is pretty short, but don't be fooled! There are specific requirements for each plot,
    so you should really check those out after looking over this.​

    xxxxYour average should be two paragraphs or more.

    xxxxGood grammar and few spelling errors.

    xxxxIt's okay if you can only play girls/boys. But I'd feel better knowing you have the capacity for both genders.

    xxxxYou don't have to be super active, but try to post with some semblance of regularity.

    xxxxPM me if you know you're going to be offline for several days.

    xxxxOffer your own suggestions for the plots. It may be my idea, but it's our 1x1.​

    ᴘʟᴏᴛ sʏɴᴏᴘsᴇs:

    Ahh, the fun part is here. These are all the plots I (sometimes) have muse for, listed in no particular order.
    I'm good with mxf and mxm, so know that when I talk about romance I'm talking about both of these.
    I’m no longer looking for partners for the ones that are crossed out.

    Post on this thread or PM me if you're interested in any of them (I’m more likely to respond to PM’s).
    PM any questions you may have to me as well.​

    « »
    HORROR ヽ(`▭´)ノ
    All I really want is the chance to describe some major gore. It can be realistic or it can be paranormal, and we'll probably each have more than one character. Right now I have two ideas:

    Your typical "teenage ghost hunters go into a haunted house to become famous off evidence of violently active ghosts." It turns out the ghosts are very violent. We'll have primary characters and less important side characters who will be the friends. To stop the ghosts' reign of terror, our main characters have to appease them one by one. The side characters will help them, but in all likelihood, at the end of the line they'll be dead.​

    A whole bunch of people (students and teachers on a school field trip? tourists on a tour bus? passengers on a train?) are trapped with a murderer. No one knows who it is, only that people are being killed left and right. This is based on Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. We'll work out how it ends.​

    If you have something that is similar in tone yet still fundamentally different that you think I’d be interested in, shoot me a PM!

    Posting Details:
    Posts should be a chunky paragraph at the very, very least. They should be considerably lengthy when something momentous is happening, like the discovery of a body or the description of a murder. Our goal gore-wise is to make each other grimace and/or laugh.​

    Gender I will be playing:
    We'll both have multiple characters. Each of us should play more than the one gender.​

    Gender you will be playing:
    Answered above​

    Romance? :
    It's definitely not necessary. The tension should be interesting enough. However, a romance between our characters in the first plot could happen. It's also possible in the second, albeit less likely. If it’s your plot, you can decide.​

    Anime Physics? :
    First plot, hell yeah. Second plot, nah. If it’s your plot, you can decide.​
    Basically we'll each have a super badass character. They are partnered together to investigate serious crimes. I'll be in charge of generating a new mysterious crime every time our characters wrap up another one. You can ask me stuff about it, but I probably won't tell you everything.

    note: This one is a little iffy for me, simply because I need a lot of muse to think up interesting crimes. If you PM me at a good time, I’ll still definitely do it.

    Posting Details:
    Just a paragraph per post at the least for this one. Dunno why. I just think it'll be harder to pull three paragraphs out of our asses for this plot. I'm looking for more quality and less quantity.​

    Gender I will be playing:
    Whatever I feel like playing when I make the thread. It will probably depend on your preferences and whether we do a romance or not.​

    Gender you will be playing:
    Whatever you want to play, (wo)man.​

    Romance? :
    It's optional. A romance between two young investigators would be cool. Then again, building the relationship between a gifted newbie paired with a grizzled veteran would be cool too. If I'm feeling romance-y when we're planning, then yeah we're doing romance. If not, then it's up to you. However, romance will not be the main focus.​

    Anime Physics? :
    ZOMBIEZ ( ⊙.☉ )
    They won't eat your brains, but they can definitely kill you. I won't go into details with the lore, but it's kind of like The Last of Us with some tweaks. The focus of this plot is more on survival and less on fighting the zambies. Our characters' personalities may clash, but they stick together because they have no one else. They'll struggle with lack of food, lack of clean water, lack of medical supplies, and of course the twitchy, deformed bodies staggering around. We'll be playing one character each, maybe more should the need arise.

    Posting Details:
    There should be descriptions of the surrounding area. Just because it's technically my world doesn't mean you have no responsibility to add to it. This + our characters' inner thoughts and worries + interaction with each other should be enough for two paragraphs or more.​

    Gender I will be playing:
    My character's gender will be determined by the gender of yours, unless I really feel like playing a specific gender.​

    Gender you will be playing:
    You (probably) get to choose, congrats.​

    Romance? :
    Yessss. It should be a slow build, but they'll be supporting each other. There will be lots of fluff-- frolicking through scenic landscapes, deep talks underneath a sky full of scars, scavenging in the filthy remains of human civilization for sustenance, stabbing a zombie through the eye for the other-- all that cute couple stuff.​

    Anime Physics? :
    Meh. Probably, but if you don't want to then we don't have to.​

    This is one of my plots that isn't dark! In short, one of us plays a tsundere-type character and the other plays a generally happy and content character. The tsundere either starts out with or quickly develops a crush on the flower child (I'm just calling him/her a flower child. Try not to think about hippies), and the two become increasingly good friends. It's just a matter of the flower child realizing and responding to the crush.

    That's all I've got. If you can think of any plot devices that would prolong the roleplay, that would be greatly appreciated. This is one of those plots that's really about nothing but the characters. It'll take place in high school (duh) and I'd like to keep any unrealistic elements out of it. These are the options for genders. The spots that are underlined are what I would prefer to play:

    tsundere boy x flower girl

    tsundere girl x flower boy

    tsundere boy x flower boy

    Posting Details:
    One paragraph at the least, but that shouldn't be the amount of content you're posting every time. Two paragraphs is much appreciated, and more gets you a cookie c;​

    Gender I will be playing:
    I don't have a preference. I have to play the tsundere boy in the mxm plot.

    Gender you will be playing:
    Whichever gender/character role I don't play.​

    Romance? :
    *screeching noises of great assent* (fluff-only)​

    Anime Physics? :
    ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ INTERACTIONS ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
    I can't think of a better name for this one than "Interactions." This one is somewhat experimental. Our characters are connected loosely in some way. Maybe they're shoe locker neighbors in school. Maybe they live on the same floor of their apartment complex. Maybe he/she works at his/her favorite cafe. Maybe they walk their dogs at the same time every day. Maybe a combination of two.

    Our characters will interact, and then we time skip to the next time they interact with each other, which could be the next day or the next week. The goal is to see how a relationship in a roleplay can form over time when the characters don't have something to regularly and reliably bring them together.

    After a certain point, they may recognize each other as acquaintances, and then friends, and then good friends, and so on. It might not work out positively at first, or at all. Don't worry about trying to mold your character into one that's compatible to mine-- it's better if both of us has a wild card.

    Ideally, the interactions will get longer and the timeskips less frequent. In order for this to work the way I want it to, I'll need a player who's genuinely interested in the relationship between our characters.

    Posting Details:
    Just follow my average. This is the only plot in which I'm telling you to either mirror post or write more than I do.​

    Gender I will be playing:
    I don't really care. We'll talk about this.​

    Gender you will be playing:
    Tell meh.​

    Romance? :
    It would definitely spice up the plot. I don't care what the nature of it is: tiny crush, unrequited love, mutual attraction, simple lust. I'm not the type of player who demands that my character's crush be reciprocated. I'm a low-key masochist and I love the angst. This is the one plot where I might even encourage sexual themes, but we'll stop and timeskip once more than the shirt comes off ≧◉ᴥ◉≦​
    Anime Physics? :
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  2. I came on here thinking, "Wow, what a cute lil' request sheet. These cartons of milk and bubbling pink -- stuff! Hey! This person is probably all cheesy, fluffy, and all for the giggles."

    Then I read the first plot and I just laughed.

    I hate watching gore on TV, but I love reading about it whether it be a novel or manga. Weird, right? I'm really intrigued by your ghost and train murderer idea since I haven't been in many mystery RPs lately and I've been dying for something more serious. I haven't done much with my resume because -- no. But you can look at one of the group threads I'm in to check me out and see if I'm suitable for your majesticness.
  3. First of all I must congratulate you on your formatting, it is really lovely!

    Now that that's out of the way, I'm actually tempted by both the ghost and the tsundere/flower child plots, the latter surprising me since I usually don't like school roleplays. If you still have some spot left, I would be happy to work on either of these with you, just say the word!

    PS: Both MxF and MxM are fine with me as well.
  4. Oh hey. I'd be up for the crime-fighting plot. ^-^ It sounds cool, and I'm pretty sure that I meet all of your requirements. c:

    (And I second the comment above. That is some pretty cool formatting, I am jealous. xD)
  5. The zombies one would be fun. I have been searching for a buddy to do a good zombie plot. :)
  6. Still looking! :D
  7. I would love to do the Tsundere x Flower child with you though ^u^ PM me?
  8. okay, the formatting for this thread is absolutely adorable and i love it. rock on.

    anyways, wow, i actually think i fit all your requirements! i can do all genders, decently sized posts, good in-character grammar. i have a little irregularity with posting frequency, but it's not too horrible. i think i fit.

    i'm loving the zombie prompt. the tsundere boy / flower girl idea also sounds adorable. i love plotting and making scenes and ideas, so it should be all swell. you can hop on over to my resume if you'd like to know a little more about me!

    shoot me a pm if you're at all interested. ( ^ ^)
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