ThermoShake - Innovation in Progress :D

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  1. Check out our page here!

    We're entering the entrepreneurs challenge here~


    [The video is a little silly, rushed, and we messed up here and there, but it was the first elevator pitch and we were in a frenzy to submit our entry to the competition, which runs until April!]

    (: I wanted to share it with you! And hear any thoughts you might have~

    It's currently only at the entry level and a work in progress. We're just going to do our best and see how well it goes P:
    Our university is big on innovation and entrepreneurship.

  2. That sounds like an interesting product to do. However, in my opinion, you rushed this video a bit too much. The noise is simply distracting and your voices are not audible enough. The slogan could use a little bit of work too, I think. I would really like to see a video or pictures of this product in action, and I think you might want to do a video that is centred around it so you can show people that it really works.
  3. I squee'd slightly seeing Saki in that video.

  4. Hmm...

    I totally understand the sound problem! I was pretty annoyed when I looked over the footage and couldn't really hear much.
    Is it difficult to understand either of us?

    (it's the first draft of the video, so i can still improve!)

    And... unfortunately, at this point in the competition, we only have an "idea", not a physical prototype. It's a business pitch meaning it's a "This is what I'm designing, this is what will do, and why you would want to work with me on it."

    EDIT: Also, elevator pitches have to be 60 seconds +/- 10 seconds because they're just introductions. But I can see how the quality of the video is really poor and we need tips on how to make it catchier :D`

    Thank you!
  5. I could understand you in the video but the noise was simply annoying, not to mention that not everybody may be paying full attention when they view the ad.But I think you should try and minimise the noise of the video to make the message clearer and more audible.
  6. How do you propose to convert mechanical energy to heat?