Therians out there?

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  1. What's up? I'm new and I searched (no therian discussion threads) so I decided to make on just the heck of it :)
    Hopefully this can turn into a mini-club or something for Therians and those who support. Or it'll just be a good chat between people. Either way, it's whatever. Could even turn into a debate :P I really don't mind.

    I'm a teen panther therian (also, if you don't know, panthers are really just jaguars/leopards that have a very black color mutation - but you can still faintly see their spots. My panther is a jaguar). Though my animal may or may not change in the future. I've connected with a small handful of animals more significantly than others, so it's a bit hard to tell.

    I started my "connection" through animal planet, having pets, etc. I've always loved and appreciated animals. I've always sorta "acted" like one in a way :P Sometimes I think they're closer (in a way) to God than we are...

    I'm also a Christian; my belief is that we're all connected with nature/animals - and sometimes some people are more "in-depth" with that connection. The animals we choose as our theriotype are just those that we connect with the most or associate ourselves with. Though this can be different for anyone :)
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  2. *raises hand!* I don't know what a therian is. O_O What is iiiit?
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  3. You know how transgenders are individuals who think they were a specific gender trapped in the opposite body? A therian is an individual who believes they're a specific type of animal trapped in a human body, be it in a spiritual or literal sense.
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  4. I should have remembered that. Thanks, Assy.
  5. Ooooh! I didn't know there was a special name for that!

    I have never felt like I should be an animal, but I do have a weird connection with cats. >>; I've always felt a little empty without a cat in my life, so I have dubbed them my familiars.
  6. This is a thing now? Good grief.

    I assume it's not quite so literal for most people, right? More of a "I have a few cat-like traits and would prefer to wander around outside" than "I'm going to chase a laser pointer for six hours, eat something I shouldn't eat and then throw up all over the bed", right?
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  7. You'd be surprised.
  8. Sadly, nothing I read on the Internet surprises me any more.
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  9. I know a hyena therian who likes to go out at night and rifle through people's trash before scattering it around.
  10. I thought that was what raccoons did?
  11. It's something scavengers do. Raccoons are what most people know about given their population spread.
  12. Always knew you were a mad cat lady, Diana.
  13. Um... I'm all for adopting one's own identity and owning it in the face of criticism, but that kinda ends at "vandalizing private property" at the likely detriment of one's own physical health.
  14. Personally, I find the whole therian thing to be a rather goofy. Either you're taking the idea of a spirit animal to awkward new places that it doesn't need to go, or you're mentally ill and literally believe that you are an animal spirit in a human body and need professional medical help. The former is harmless on it's own, just not something I care for. However, the latter type of person is encouraged and validated by the others who go around and talk about being a wolf or a cat or any of the other weird things that people decide to identify as to be unique and different (like fictional characters, fictional species, and non-living things; I've seen people who say they are multiple things all in one body that hit all of these areas in fact, being some mess like a wolf and Sherlock Holmes and an ogre and a star going supernova and an oddly shaped rock all sharing a human body).

    I can understand liking animals and identifying traits you share with them (or share with our nonsense cultural identity of them, like the rugged lone wolf concept that actually doesn't exist much in nature because loners of a pack animal species tend to die quickly), it's just a bit of harmless amusement, sure. Just be aware that you're not actually an animal, and anyone claiming to truly be such is not just another person having fun by saying they like cats so they're a cat, they're delusional and should see a psychologist. It may seem fun and cute, but it could very well be part of a deeper and more troubling mental illness that they ought to be seeking help for rather than playing super-happy-fun-animal-pretend-time with other people on the internet.
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  15. I've Identified (and still do, up to a point) very strongly with wolves, to the point that I've occasionally felt the presence of phantom limbs that I would not normally have, like tails, or rotatable ears. As respectful and eloquently put as your post was, you're either saying that me feeling the way I feel is wrong and I shouldn't 'validate' others... OR you're saying that I'm mentally ill... which I assure you, if I were, they'd have discovered such an illness by now.

    A lot of Therians... or 'Therianthropes' Realize they are in fact humans. Most will not actively try to emulate more animalistic behavior than what they'd normally be doing, and I would dare say most of them would look weirdly on those that try too hard at that. While it may seem odd to you, it's not nearly as odd as some (very human) behavior that goes on in the dark underbelly of the internet, and I feel that if people want to talk about how they feel about a harmless (YES! Harmless!) phenomenon that they have in common, they should be able to do so without people breathing down their necks whispering warnings of mental illness and the dangers of enabling.

    From the boards I visited, it's often very clear who the mentally ill are, and those are usually recommended to go see doctors by the very people you seem to dislike. In a way, these people found a place to open up to about their feelings, detecting real problems before it becomes a true issue.

    All in all... I think you might have the wrong idea, mixed in with some (understandable) prejudice. I'm glad you uphold at least the spirit of civility, but please realize you're potentially upsetting people who've done nothing wrong, despite being, in your eyes, a bit nutty.
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  16. As much as I hate to use the word, it's a spiritual thing. It's no more real or fake, right or wrong than being Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or even atheist. It even follows the same process of discovering who you are. These are people who, in theory, have sat down and considered all of these things and come to the conclusion that they are whatever they say they are. They don't deny that they have a human body, and all the limitations that come with it, they feel, keyword feel, that their 'self' isn't human. Frankly, I would rather people be comfortable with who they are than for someone else to come along and say they're mentally unstable or whatever politically correct/tongue-in-cheek way anyone wants to say it.
  17. Until you realize that (if you genuinely are feeling these "phantom limbs") such a thing is a neurological condition. Perhaps not a mental illness, but it is by no means normal, especially considering the unprecedented nature of it; that you are experiencing sensations associated with an animal you have never been nor ever will be in physical form. No human being can ever understand what it "feels like" to be a particular animal.

    If you would disagree with this, then you evidently side with a supernatural mindset, which is what I believe causes the stigma associated with therians. A solely personal and seemingly arbitrary self-description that remains completely undocumented or explained. Anyone can declare themselves a therian and associate with a particular creature, but given the inability to express their "feelings" (as compared to studied cases like in schizophrenia or Alzheimers) people are left to assume it's generated by a playful desire to associate spiritually with an animal they love, and nothing more.
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  18. As long as they do not try to claim they have a real struggle thats connected with the Transgender one, do whataver you like that doesn't harm others. God knows there are no shortage of strange and peculiar in the world. But Trans people oes not need to be lumped together with something that lacks scientific basis or any actual sense of cohesion. I have allready seen someone on a old site I went to try and discredit Trangenders as crazy or wrong by reffering to Therians/otherkins. I rather it does not become a thing. My GF has a hard time as it is.
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  19. I think it can be best summarized as thus.

    "I don't really believe in the supernatural, but if you do, that's fine. So long as you're a productive member of society (whether that be by going to school or working a job and paying your taxes) you're entitled to be whatever the heck you want to be so long as it doesn't infringe on other's rights to be whatever it is they wanna be."

    Now obviously rifling through someone's trash is both unhealthy for you and wrong, but I won't judge every "Therian" by that stroke, just as I don't judge every Christian by the acts of the Westboro Church, and so on. The acts of a deranged individual are not allowed to poison the well for me. It'd only be disturbing if it was really and sincerely damaging one's own psychological and physical health and potentially infringing on the rights of others, and, eh'... Therianism(?) doesn't. I mean, not really. Someone feels really attached to one animal or another. Good for them. I feel the same way about ferrets, never once would I describe myself this way, but if it makes you more comfortable with your identity, then I have no problems with it.

    Just understand that, from an outside perspective, Therianism(?) is really... Odd. I mean it's one thing to really adore an animal (I'm obsessed with ferrets and can't ever shut up about them) but to actually feel that you have some sort of spiritual super-connection, or otherwise not-scientifically-provable-magical-thing, with animals, that makes you feel as though you have the soul (also not scientifically provable) or chakra or whatever, of an animal... That's really weird. That's like saying that "ouiji boards really do summon ghosts" kind of weird.

    Now do I think it's necessarily wrong? No. Do I think you need medical help if you sincerely believe you are an animal? Yeah, you should probably go visit a psychologist at least, I mean you may not be dangerous, but there may be more going on and it never hurts to check things out with someone who has spent eight years of his/her life in post-secondary dedicated to figuring out what's going on inside people's heads. Do I think that everyone who feels special connections with animals is krazy kaiser king level of insane? No, but a person who says "go see a psychiatrist" isn't saying "you're a mass murderer who needs to be locked in an asylum", they're saying "I'm concerned and think you should see someone who can help you if this turns out to be something more than what you thought it was."
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  20. Oh, I won't even try to deny that there's likely some prejudice going on here on my end. I kept the language as civil as possible to mitigate it, because I'm fully aware of it. I've seen a lot of extremely deranged people who identify with animals (and other things, as previously mentioned), and they do rather awful things to civil rights issues, which Hellis already touched on. The main bad thing they do is linking their issues with those of transgendered people, which gives simple-minded bigots an avenue to say that transgendered people are just as nonsensical as people claiming to be a parakeet in a human body. I've also seen therian types who make similar comparisons between their own struggles for acceptance and those faced by homosexuals, racial minorities, and women. It's just not okay in my opinion, and that's a large part of why I don't care for therians as a group. Definitely has potential to be an unfair bias against the harmless ones, but I try to do what I can to avoid that.

    As for potentially upsetting people, yes, I can see your point. I wouldn't have bothered posting here, but the OP invited debate, so I went for it. I wasn't trying to upset people, rather I was trying to put out a cautionary word about those who are seriously ill and need help that can find refuge in therian communities. It's great to know that places dedicated to such communities actively police themselves in watching out for the people who need help, and I did not know that they did so. I think it's fantastic that the harmless and reasonable folks are looking out for the well being of people hanging out on their boards.

    Now, about you in particular, yeah, sorry to say it, but if you're experiencing phantom limbs that you do not now and have never had, then you probably are mentally ill. Or, well, the definition of "mentally ill" is kind of flexible and changes depending on what source you're reading. Some say all mental disorders are mental illness, others (like the Mayo Clinic for instance) say that you can have disorders without being mentally ill and that it only becomes officially labeled as mentally ill if such issues start to affect your ability to go about your day to day life. I would say, as a person with no official psychological certifications, that your phantom animal limb thing falls into the mental disorder category, but not the life-affecting mental illness category. So yeah, I am saying that. However, the two categories aren't mutually exclusive. You could also, simply by talking about these things as if they are normal and not signs of mental disorders, be encouraging and enabling people with serious mental illnesses and influencing them to not seek the help they need. It's just the nature of the internet at fault there. You have no idea who's reading it and what they might be going through or thinking.

    It can certainly be harmless, yes, but that does not mean that it should be encouraged or promoted as normal and healthy. That's basically my whole point. It may not be harming your life, and you in particular may not be harming others by thinking this way, but it doesn't exactly make you the poster child for mental health. As long as you're not harming yourself or others, sure, do your thing. Just be aware that you're probably diagnosable and you should be careful about encouraging others who think this way, that's all.
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