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    Nyomi "Ny" J. Phalli

    Eighteen | British - French | Hufflepuff - Graduated | Half Blood - Veela | Occupation - Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

    - Mother (Estranged)
    Her mother was a very flirtatious Veela that used her allure to seduce countless men and became pregnant rather often. She gave birth to ten children, all daughters. The youngest, Nyomi, came to hate her mother and how she abused the Veela's charm.

    - Father (Deceased)
    Heartbroken when he discovered the love of his life was unfaithful and refused to marry him, this poor and emotionally unstable man committed suicide by hanging himself in the bedroom he'd shared with his beloved. He never got the opportunity to know his daughter, Nyomi, but she attended his funeral and Nyomi took her father's last name legally.

    - Oldest Half Sister (Estranged)
    The eldest of the children born from a Veela's reckless romances, she is only known to be alive and currently residing in Wales. Nyomi does not have any other information on her. She believes this woman's name is Claire, but can't be certain.

    - Half Sister (Estranged)
    The second eldest in the family, she is believed to have married into a Muggle household and has disowned all connection to the magical society. Her name is Annabella and she has renounced her Veela heritage, refusing to ever let it be known.

    - Half Sister (Deceased)
    The third born in the family, her name was Jennet and she committed suicide after falling in love with a happily married man and was unable to convince him into leaving his wife and children. She died of poisoning, consuming Liquid Death at her own hand.

    - Half Sister, Half Sister & Half Sister (Estranged)
    The triplets, Emma, Emilia and Emerald. These three daughters went on to marry into wealthy families and even have children of their own. Nyomi has never met them.

    - Half Sister (Estranged)
    Only her name is known, Alice.

    - Half Sister (Estranged)
    Lola, despite once being a loving young woman, abandoned her husband and children to follow Lord Voldemort and she accepted a position as a Death Eater.

    - Half Sister
    The only sibling that Nyomi cares about, Lynda. They grew up together until Nyomi disowned her mother and began studying at Hogwarts. Currently they communicate through letters, but they haven't seen each other in years.

    Hogwarts Years:
    1st - Nyomi happily left her mother and declared herself an orphan upon arriving at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Hufflepuff and throughout the years, it was no surprise as to why. Nyomi is the perfect representation of a Hufflepuff.

    2nd - Nyomi began taking her studies very seriously and became the top of her class. She received notification that her mother was expecting another child, but couldn't care less.

    3rd - Definitely her most exciting year, at the time. Nyomi tried out for Qudditch and made the Hufflepuff team as a Chaser. She competed against the other houses in friendly competition and that's how she was introduced to the Weasley twins.

    4th - Nyomi's studies began to fall below average when she became completely obsessed with the Weasley twins, specifically George. She struggled to maintain her grades and was surprised that her sister, Lynda, offered to let her live together in Ireland.

    5th - Nyomi and Lynda reconnected during this year, but sadly it couldn't last long. Lynda was called away to work in the Ministry and was sent undercover as a spy. Nyomi was forced to live in foster care again, until the Weasley twins suggested she stay with them.

    6th - Nyomi finally managed to excel in her grades again and was awarded early graduation. This was also the year that her two best friends, the twins, decided to abandon school and start their business. She happily followed them and has been working there ever since.


    Ronald "Ron" Billius Weasley

    Sixteen | British | Gryffindor - 6th Year | Pure Blood

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