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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by dragonesper, Mar 26, 2015.

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  1. I know this is going to sound wimpy as hell but I'm getting a bit fed up with that banner showing up almost every fourth or fifth time.

    I can't stand zombies, they seriously freak me out and I can normally stand still media (pictures etc) to a degree but... I have my limits.

    So, in short: Is there a way you could opt for not seeing specific banners? It would help a lot if there was something like that...
  2. The only things I know of are to completely block off all banners or to hope that one shows up less frequently, but I don't believe there is much to do filtering banners.
  3. As of now there's no way to get rid of individual banners, but if it bothers you too much you can put on adblock on iwaku which will make sure you don't see any ads/banners.
  4. Somehow I'm not used to staff members of a site recommending members block their ads.
  5. Probably because the ads here don't generate any profit.
    I installed the ad-blocker for now, but I hope there will be a day when you can filter ads for preference.
  6. As dragonesper said. Technically they're not our ads, they're yours :)
  7. As has been mentioned, since we don't get any profit from the banners it doesn't matter much for the site's sake if people use an adblocker or not. We do recommend members not to use it as banners can present you to new interesting roleplays you might have missed, but if something in the banner rotation bothers you too much, ad block is an alternative to consider.

    @dragonesper Banners are in rotation for one months time before they're taken down, so you can turn off the adblock every other week or so and see if the banners that bothers you comes up or not. They might come back if the banner creator decides that they still need more players and thus sends it into rotation again, but if not it will only be there for one month.
  8. It's been there quite a while already and yeah, it's slightly frustrating that I might miss good options for RPs. Though currently I can live with the blank space. My signature is a good indication that I have plenty of RPs to be busy with so the loss of interesting ones isn't too painful yet.
  9. Yeah, as Bell and redblood mentioned, the only option right now is to adblock it entirely.

    On the plus side, banners are only in the rotation for a month (unless the ad creator puts it back in manually), so it will likely go away after a while.
  10. If you're using Adblock Plus, you can disable the sitewide adblocker and use the plugin's individual ad blocker to disable a certain image if shown on the page. If you want to keep the banner rotation without this particular ad, this might help:

    Instructions for Google Chrome Browser:
    1. Left-click the red stop sign shape on the top right of the screen labelled ABP.
    2. Ensure there is a ✓ with "Enabled on this Site" and not an X with "Disabled on this Site" on the popup menu with a click (we'll undo this in a moment).
    3. Find the offending ad via page refreshing.
    4. Right-click the ad and select "Block element" (with the same stop sign and ABP symbol next to it). Click "Add" on the popup.
    5. Left-click the red stop sign shape on the top right of the screen labelled ABP again.
    6. Ensure there is an X with "Disabled on this Site" and not a ✓ with "Enabled on this Site" on the popup menu.
    7. Refresh the page.
    Done! :D

    Unfortunately, I don't use Firefox and thus don't know if the tool works the same way there. Hopefully it does, but if not, somebody else might be able to show you how to do this.

    I hope this helps!
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  11. As Sammy said, you can actually block images on an individual basis! With adblock even! Make sure iwaku is whitelisted and then just block the specific image when it pops up. That way you can still view all the banners and just get rid of the ones you hate. :D
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