There is always a bigger fish...

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    Chapter 1
    "The bigger fish."

    It had been many years since Clare saw fit to walk down her father's path. A man she hardly knew but the only family she ever truly had. Even now as she made her way down the windy dirt road, she found herself harkening to momeries of old. He had left her side when she was very young after her mother had passed away. Even now she remembered his final words to her, "The best gift I can give you is your humanity. Live a simple life; die a simple death." Words which till this day still haunted her. As a young girl Clare had displayed impressive gifts, word spread of her talents. Most regarded her as an omen. Village by village the locals banned her from their gates. It wasn't until her thirtenth birth year that they found her. The house of vipers of the platinum eyed clan. The same house which her father served under. Seeking closure she'd accept their offer and undergo their training. Her flesh mutated by unholy alchemy and vile sorcery. She had become something unnatural; something engineered for a soul purpose. To slay whatever manner of beast the house of vipers labeled as unpure based on the contracts they recieved.

    After finishing her training the bicolored eyed beauty would discover that her father had disappeared years ago without a trace. Many thought him to be dead but something within Clare's her heart told her otherwise. And so she wandered the land...moving from one contract to the next while seeking answers to the question which plagued her.

    With dust stained boots the casually clad pilgrim found herself wandering through a lush woods. The branches of the tall trees providing shade and the illusion of comfort from the hot sun. As various wandering merchants and travelers stared at her as she casually passed them by one foot. Each whispering amongst themselves. And though some possessed more tact then others one thing ranged true, they all percieved her as a monster. For the sad fact of the world was simple. Though she protected many innocents and stood as man's guardian against the evils which prey on them. In the end the simpliest blacksmith or stable boy would recieve more respect and tolerance from society then she ever will.

    After walking for days on end the mutant would find herself reaching her next destination, Riverwall. A small and humble fishing town which had fallen prey to a supernatural being with an unquenchable thirst for human fluids. But one not to be confused with your run of the mill vampire. This entity was something far more exotic and as fate would have it...deadly. Once she passed through the mouth of the town the locals would point and stare. Some going as far as to shove their children inside as if to shield them from her. It was funny that even in a remote town such as this, bigotry still thrived. With bearing the bicolored beauty would press on. Her stride and expression providing no clue regarding what it was that was going on in her head. If anything she seemed frigid and detached, void of any emotion or concern. Such a display would birth many ill thoughts. Some going as far as to voice their thoughts, They called her a monster, omen and blight. An enigma with no place in this world or that which is to come. Even those which refrained from speaking expressed their fear through the gateways to their souls; their eyes.

    Twisting the knob of brass Clare would pull the door to the elders home toward her. It's old hinges creaking under the strain. The door would slam shut behind her as she conversed with the elder regarding payment and his options. All the meanwhile a few curious locals would attempt to eavesdrop by congregating near the door. Pressing their ears against the weather worn wood. However the sound of their sheep and livestock would drown out the muffles making them inaudible. The men whch attempted to spy would fall backwards as Clare flung the door open. Exiting from the elders home. Granting them but a single glance before pressing toward the norther edge of town. "How much did she want? No doubt our soul or all our savings." One of them stated. "I heard those creatures milk towns for every penny they got." Another would join in. "They say if you fail to pay whatever their price may be that said towns vanish without a trace. What could you expect from a being birthed from foul magic and fornication between witches and demons." The elder would only sigh at first, resting against his cane. "She is doing this for free. If she dies she says her employers would assume she acted on her own. And if she should succeed she'll simply claim that the creature attacked her before entering our walls. Hence no payment." The locals seemed shock still despite this epiphany many would still harbor distrust. "One should never trust a witch. No doubt she's up to someting."

    Clare found herself standing just outside of the northern gate before abruptly coming to a stop. With a soft sigh she would close her eyes taking in a deep breath aferwards. The sound of nearby foolage rustling in the wind, the faint chirping of the wild birds, even the sound of a nearby creek reminded her of simpler days. And for a single moment made her feel almost human. As if she were that little girl once more...