EXERCISE Theme song #39

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
  2. What I see is quite a bit messed up due to my warped mind but here's a look into Phoenix's Wrath's mind;

    I see a family hiding from the soldiers in Nazi Germany, 1944, in Poland. they are hiding in an attic, praying not to be discovered. It tells the story of the family's on goings every day. They have celebrations and enjoy each others company, knowing if they are discovered, they would never see another again. They are safe for a few months until one day (when you hit around 2:58) they are sold out. The family is then taken away, leaving rubble in their wake.

    The people who sold them out go up and see the mess, remorse and guilt flooding to them as they realize what they have done. The empty attic is eerily quiet, and very much uncomfortable. Four lives ruined for a mere shilling. what have they done? Oh what have they done? pain and misery sets in as they leave.

    It flashes (around 3:52) to the family's happier memories of running on the beach while flashing back to them being put on the trains, then back to the happy memories. The memories don't stop as the train suddenly becomes derailed and the prisoners set free. Like on the beach, the family is holding hands and running off, fleeing into the woods as snow hits the ground, smiles on their faces and laughter as they realize that they were free. They meet up with other family's, and that's when the music ends.

    and it just came to my mind. No warning. Nothing. Every note told a story to me, every song does.
  3. Someone's walking through a dark forest. NO OnE CaN SeeE ThIs. Only you. A flash of light. The riddled corpses left behind are now in full view. The young man walking forward laughs. Just a chuckle, rising into hyseria. Bubbling into insanity. The lightning continues, and you don't want to look at the monstrosity any longer. You are hiding in the trees peering out at this man. This man who killed so many. As he walk on you follow him. You can't seem to look away. He draws another traveler astray, this time a young woman. He seems to hypnotize her with his eyes. They dance for a bit, in a surreal sort of way. She seems completely drawn in by him, as he is now holding her as he would a human-sized puppet. Her head sags down, her muscles unyealding to gravity as she falls into unconciousness. The last sight she would see was his evil grin. But to her eyes, such a warm compassionate look. You must look away. It's too much to bear and keep your insanity. You face away from this monster and shut your eyes to try to escape from the reality of it. Suddenly you hear a rustling behind you. The forest fades away. The last thing you see is a laugh. Just a small freezingly warm chuckle.

    That's my interpretation. (just cause I love horror stories)
  4. The man I knew once, was gone now... He was taken by his own blade, no, by his own mind.

    I looked into his eyes, they were hollow, not like they had been when we started. I wondered, why had he wanted this in the first place? I sighed, then handed him his morning tea with a smile, "Love, please come walk with me," I said, hearing the marching steps of our army just outside the walls. I wondered if those screams were pain from prisoners, or new prisoners being locked into their shackles, soon to be forced to work to death, since we never fed them one meal. "No dear," he shook his head simply, not touching his tea, I knew he felt responsible, and he was responsible for all this, but he hated it as much as I did.

    The rhythmic marching started to lul my scences like it usually did when I had our "special" tea, and he looked at me as if I should leave. I nodded silently and left the room, not remembering anything else that happened, like usual. That night, I woke and he was over me, bloody hands, and distant eyes. Suddenly a sharp pain struck up my side, and I looked down to see a knife had penetrated my skin, just below my rib cage, and sinking into my heart. The bleeding didn't stop, and the knifed hand fell into my lap, as I looked up at him his face seemed hurt. "I'm so sorry.." he whispered, and then the knife released, but I couldn't let this end like this. I quickly grabbed the knife and slashed his throat open, blood splurting onto my face and the bed sheets. His eyes were enranged for a moment, but then the life faded from them, and soon everything went blurry.

    "I love you..." I whispered, my hand dropping the knife, and landing on his head, running my fingers through his hair to his cooling scalp. I sighed and closed my eyes, "But this had to happen.... at some... point..." my last breath left my lungs and floated through the air, with it my soul left me, and I watched as I was taken to heaven, while my husbands last breath deflaited and dropped to the ground, hell opening up and stealing him away, leaving me alone with heaven, and god. I love you, I always will...