Theme Song #31

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. The great walls of the palace have crumbled to bits. Soldiers with spears ran toward it, taking many with their mortal weapons. Wooden ladders were pushed, reaching the top of what was left of the great wall. The enemy, armored by the finest of materials fought of those who tried to trespass their stronghold. Death was around, death was present. This war that have been going on for decades is reaching its end. But this time, the victory is to be on our side. We are the righteous owners of this land for God has gifted it to us. Sweet Jerusalem, birthplace of our Savior. Today, you are finally ours again. "In the name of Yawh! Le'ts take back what is ours!" yelled the lead prophet, Haggai. They had suffered enough when the Babylonians took over and put every Jew into exile. But not now, for God had gifted this land to his promised people.

    In the end, the enemy lost. The few that stood had run away and the rest were death. "Thank you, Yawh. You guided us well." the prophet said as he looked at the starry night. May his people live in peace for now.
  3. This was the last stand. There was no place he could run to. There was no place he could hide. It was his end, and he knew of it inevitability, for before him stood a fleet that had more ships than the stars in the sky. Behind him was a planet with a gravity well that could shatter ships much smaller than his as if it was a child who did not like the toy they got from their parents. At his side were his men, only a few dozen ships strong against an armada that could probably shatter the whole galaxy if it wanted to. In short, the situation was quite plainly hopeless as he could not escape: starting his ship's FTL drives would have been suicide, surrendering was not an option and neither was simply busting through the fleet before him. There were simply so many ships that he could not possibly hope to survive flying through the formation even at the highest acceleration, not to mention that even if he did, the frigates and corvettes would chase after him like rabid dogs.

    He knew it would come to this eventually, but he never imagined that his end would come at the hands of an entire fleet. He would not even dare to think that his mothership and only a handful of escort ships would face off against the combined might of the human forces. However, he was quite happy about it. To think that he was such a nuisance that the humans sent a whole fleet to wipe him out! To think that he was so important that they event sent several battleships! To think that they have wasted so many resources just to bring him down! For those reasons, he felt powerful. He felt like he could grab the armada before him and shatter it into pieces with his bare hands.

    But no matter how long he waited, the fleet did not attack, it merely started to close in. Even as his vessels unleashed their fusion cannons, the battleships merely flew past them, with the cruisers, destroyers and frigates remaining behind to deal with his escort... which did not match the usual human tactics at all. They liked to direct as much firepower as possible to a single target, vaporising them one by one so the enemy had less firepower to strike back with. Then, it occured to him. Those battleships, they were not interested in his escorts, nor his ship. They were interested in his person! They wanted to kidnap him, to bring him to justice and have him face court on Earth.

    As this realisation hit, he reached for his gun, but the next second, a battleship rammed into his vessel at full speed, and the pistol flew out of his hands due to the force of the impact. The hull of his ship groaned under the pressure, then he heard several bulkheads shatter, followed by the unmistakeable sound of air leaking out into space. Mere seconds later, all light disappeared from the bridge and the electronics failed. But that was all right. Even if he could not unbuckle his seatbelts in the darkness, even if he could not find his gun, he would still die of suffocation. He would not have to face charges back on Earth, and he would not have to suffer for his crimes. As that thought occured to him, he just closed his eyes, waiting for his own death... however, that would not be allowed. Merely seconds later, the bulkhead leading to the bridge was literally snapped in half, and a human in pure white armour entered.

    "Father of Rebellious Capital!" said the human in an accented version of his language. "You are hereby placed under arrest because of your crimes against humanity," said the human, and before he could react, cold fingers pressed down on his neck, stripping him of his consciousness.
  4. He slowly stood and stared out at the vast sea of soldiers before him. Of those left under his command there were three hundred and eighty seven. The dragons and elves were coming, they would lend him their aid but he had to buy them time to get there. The villagers were depending on him and his men to defend them. He had to find a way to stall them long enough for reinforcements to get arrive. A glance behind him told him of the state of his men. They were looking rough and he was a little worse for wear himself. In his mind he could foresee the end coming close but he could not give into that fear.

    He had a job to do. Bending on one knee he grasped his fallen sword now broken in half and took in a deep breath. He turned to face his men and gave them all a smile. His eyes scanning the faces and the tired expressions etched into their being. Just a little while longer his expression was telling them, they could do this. “We fight for the people, we fight for honor, and we fight for our friends. Do not forget this and we shall obtain victory. Help will arrive shortly but before they can get to use we must hold our line.” He said in a deep booming voice that reached each of his men. They all shouted and cried out in response. He had to get them pumped, he had to get them ready. They were going to need all the energy they could muster if they were to get out of this alive.