Theme Song #17

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  1. [video=youtube;Ancl4LfbV2E][/video]

    Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. The rumbling stops, and the boy unwraps his arms from around his head. He sits up and cocks his head to listen to the outdoors. Silence. He stands up and shuffles forward with shaking legs, his shoes clanking against the metal floor. Food and utensils had fallen, and litter the ground as well as his back, making a huge mess. The air was dusty from flour that had fallen, making it a little hard to see and breathe. Water drips from the small steel counter, mixing with the flour on the ground to make a paste that runs under his feet. His sister was still shaking beside him in the tight space, sniveling with her arms slung over her head. He picks up the lamp that had fallen and sets it back on it's hook on the wall. It illuminates his frowning face through the dusty air. Taking a deep breath, he turns and grabs onto the stainless steel ladder. It's warmer than it was before. He slowly ascends the ladder, his arms shaking as he grabs for the rungs. He reaches the top and holds himself on the ladder with his knees as he turns the handle for the trapdoor. It has quite a bit of resistance, but gives in after he hits it with his palm, producing a loud, creaking thud and a click.

    A rock falls and clatters against the pile as something within it shifts. The rocks shuffle, and with effort are pushed away by the door of a trapdoor on the ground. A boy emerges, instantly greeted by the sound of crackling flames and snapping wood. He peeks out to see his house, reduced to rubble and in flames. He steps off the ladder and into the outside world, slumping forward towards the shambles. He walks into the burning rubble, through the opening that used to be his back door. Broken glass crunches under his shoes as he trudges onward. He enters his kitchen. The fridge was knocked over, and the sides were blackened from the fire around it. The cabinets were broken or open, their contents baking everywhere. He exits and makes his way to his room. His mattress was hanging off the bed, aflame. His toys were broken and melting, and bits and pieces of his clothes and wardrobe were littered across the ground. He leaves and walks to his parent's room. Wood crackles and flames lick at his face. He shields his face with his hands, as the fire surrounds him. He looks into the room, and in the center, A pile of burning wood lay. He escapes the enclosing flames and enters the room. Something crunches under his foot, and he looks to see a golden ring. The flames block the doorway, and the boy turns toward the pile, his eyes widening as he sees two hands, a male and a female, the smell of burning flesh flooding his nostrils.
  3. I felt trapped. The container they had me in was rather durable and there just seemed to be no way out. Plus, if I were to escape there were guards patrolling around constantly. How did I land up in such a mess? One minute I was relaxing in town with my friends and next thing I know there are large armored vans pouring soldiers out and surrounding us. I thought my friends and I had done something wrong..But the soldiers told my friends to move away from me..Just so I could get tazed..falling to the ground and being contained. After that moment, everything was nothing but flashes. Each one currently haunting me as I sat in the corner of the container holding me. No matter how many times I rubbed my eyes or pulled on my face..The images just wouldn't go away..But of those images, the one that came most often was when my friend said..

    "You're weak."

    ARGH! I slammed my fist onto the floor. I am not weak..I was just taken by surprise by everything..Just having it replay in my mind made me angry. I'd like to see what they would've done..No actually why didn't they help me?! My fist slamming the floor again as my arm began to bubble. I didn't take notice to it though, my mind was bent on figuring out why my 'friends left me to get taken away. The anger inside boiling and causing my heart to thrash about which was only making the bubbling furious. I looked down to finally notice my arms were bubbling. It made me curious, but I was still too angered to really dive into the mystery..Instead I tried to shake off the bubbling. Only to see drops of liquid fly all over the container..slowly melting the sides. This gave me an idea.

    I rose from where I sitting and placed my hands on the side of the container. Seeing where my hands were was beginning to melt rather fast. Soon the guards caught notice to this and all lined up to try and keep me at bay. Well, if I was able to throw drips before..Perhaps it would work again..I held my arms back, then flung them forward releasing large blobs of the liquid towards the guards. They dropped their weapons immediately and were screaming in pain of how much it burns. Now I just needed to get back to where I was taken from originally..and get my answers.
  4. There was the incessant dripping. Always dripping. He wasn't sure if they had left the faucet to his small sink deliberately faulty in an attempt to drive him insane, but that was what it was doing. He was fine with silence. Silence meant that they were watching. Now, at any other facility, being watched might have meant something horrible. but here... He was glad they were watching. If they were watching, they were waiting, and he still had time. If there was silence, he wasn't ready for ascension. The silence was safe. The man felt his eye twitch as the dripping seemed to grow louder, but he dare not move. He dare not attract more attention to himself... But the dripping was just so loud! With a small whimper, the young male slowly stood from where he had been curled, his back pressed against the wall. On shaky legs, his heart hammering in his chest, he slowly walked towards the faucet. A jittery hand clasped around the water lever, moving it ever so slightly. With a small squeak, the water stopped, and he was left in silence once again.

    He didn't move, listening intently. Were they moving? Had he done something? He waited for what seemed an eternity, stone still and silent. There was nothing. His blue eyes closed, his held breath releasing in a shuddery sigh of relief. Slowly, as quick as he dared, he made his way back to the corner he had been occupying the last month. He was about halfway across his cell when he heard it. The soft click of metal on metal, with the tell tale whirring of gears. Eyes wide, breathing irregular, the man slowly sat down in his corner, knees brought up to his chest tightly. Please... not him. He couldn't go. Please... The sounds grew louder. They were coming closer. Please no. They were right outside. And they had stopped. Why had they stopped? There was the mechanical sound of opening doors, a cool light spilling over his form. Shit... no no no no no no!

    "This one is ready."

    No! Why him? No, he didn't want to go! Impossibly cold hands grabbed his arms, yanking him up to his feet.
    "This one cries." He was crying? He hadn't noticed, too scared to notice anything other than those cold, hard, smooth hands that held him with a strength he knew he could never hope to match, let alone break. "There will be no sorrow after ascension." Half dragging, half leading, the mechanized person led him out of his cell. He could hear his crying now, eyes too bleary with tears to see anything as they walked. The only sound in the large expanses of hallways was this...thing's feet against the metal floor. It didn't seem like they were walking long, before they were in a new room. A small stretch of floor over a huge chasm that fell down indefinitely. He didn't care to look down. The mechanical person let go of his arm. "This one must step forward." The young male looked over at the speaker incredulously. Their face was passive and unyielding. Reluctantly, slowly, he began to walk out. Every so often, he would look back, and the mechanical person would be watching, those dead eyes forcing him forward.

    He came to the end, looking around warily. There was the sound of machines, and his eyes widened as a large mass of metal and wires rose up from the chasm. A holographic woman appeared before him. If he hadn't been terrified, he might have thought her beautiful.
    "This one is ready for ascension." "This one has a name." He mumbled irritably, a moment of bravado shining through his terror. The holographic woman cocked her head to one side. "This... MY name is Adam." The holographic woman stared at him, as though they were staring right through him. It was a long and uncomfortable silence. "...Acknowledged. This one shall be known as Adam, until its ascension is complete." It was a...strange gesture of kindness, on the part of the machine. Mechanical arms reached out from within the machine, causing him to take a step back.

    "Adam, you shall receive ascension."
  5. It is a masterpiece. That was the first thought that flooded into his mind upon seeing the spaceship that drifted aimlessly amongst the stars, the light of the closest sun reflecting off from the blue-grey, metallic hull, revealing the millions and millions of alien characters carved into the otherwise smooth surface. Each and every character seemed to be incredibly complex, a symbol in its own right, probably representing a whole word, or even an entire sentence, maybe a whole paragraph. It was certainly possible, given their complexity, and the fact that they literally never repeated themselves, at least it seemed so. Even more impressive was, however, the shape of the hull as it incorporated seemingly impossible curves at impossible angles, yet closer analysis revealed that every piece of the spaceship was constructed and painted in a way that it became one gigantic optical illusion. Slight changes in the metallic hull’s colour gave the impression of curves where there were none, quick changes of colour seemingly melted two support beams under each other into one physically impossible cross and carefully constructed arches drew the eyes towards themselves, placing the focus of the eyes in places where they would get tangled up in the masterfully crafted symbols.

    Not once in his entire lifetime has he seen something similar, even though he witnessed the ruined temples and places of worship that were maintained by other civilisations, even though he has been travelling for millions of years. He has seen stars going nova and become black holes, he has seen nebulas give birth to solar systems, he has seen the cities of advanced civilizations, he has seen the very fabric of space torn by weapons beyond his comprehension, but this one spaceship was undoubtedly the most beautiful of them. It was simply… divine. Yes, that was the word his mind was searching for. Divine. The only word that could possibly describe this object that simply captivates his senses.

    His thoughts were interrupted as his computer gave the result of the analysis he requested, and his eyes widened at the numbers. This tiny spaceship, barely larger than a few thousand cubic kilometres had such a thick hull that his scanners, which were able to instantly pick up targets from light-minutes away, were unable to get a reading on the inside of it. What’s more, the mass measurement sensor returned an error instead of a value, regardless of the fact that he had used it for measuring the mass of stars and black holes. Even more disturbing was the fact that the material of the spaceship’s hull did not match any combination or permutation of the known elements, and it was simply too smooth to be even machine-made. Each and every molecule was placed on a perfect plane, precisely aligned, and according to the results, they did not emit any kind of energy. They just simply stood there, unmoving as if that was the natural order of the universe.

    Now he was even more captivated by this strange, seemingly impossible physical construct. He wanted to study it, to take it apart, to understand what made it so divine, so he calibrated his ship’s sensors to find an entrance into the ship that he could use. However, the moment the sensors started their sweep again, they immediately gave him an error, asking for manual compensation, and as he looked at the divine ship, his mind was frozen with fear. The divine ship started moving.

    Armour plates changed their position, visible support beams disappeared into the hull, arches unfolded into straight lines, straight lines curved into circles, symbols formed and dissolved as the form of the divine ship changed from that of an optical illusion to a terrifying battleship. Valves opened in places previously covered by armour and introduced black into the ship’s colours as they formed intricate shapes which glowed with black light. New, complicated shapes emerged in the hull of the ship, designed to deflected projectiles incoming from all angles and protect the systems of the battleship from sensors. Finally, layers upon layers of energy shields and energy fields wrapped themselves around the battleship, completing the transformation.

    Even in this form, the spaceship was as beautiful as a goddess. Even though the symbols were gone from its surface, the divine ship still captivated his attention. He accepted that. After all, if he had to die eventually, an end at the hands of a divine, impossible being seemed like a good way to go.
  6. Blades from helicopters filled the air with their song as five flew overhead. All was silent as they left just enough room from the trees to be both hidden and still be safe to fly. Big wig officials were being held in a warehouse just over the next ridge, the black hawks were for the tactical team being sent in to extract the officials. Silently the commanding officer gave his men their orders and hovering just above their drop zone the helicopters quickly exited once their cargo had safely landed on the ground.

    Crouched low, each soldier looked around the area. No one ran at them, no one shot at them, it was all quite. Without a word orders were given and they were on the move. Six groups of them to be exact, each with different orders and different extraction points. Moving cautiously they traversed the forested grounds and paused just at the crest of the hill. If there were any enemy personnel they hadn’t seen them yet. Dropping to the ground one group nearly walked out into a patrol party.

    The officer in charge motioned with his hand, and the private nodded, pulling out a knife. Crouching slowly the guy moved behind the enemy and took care of the problem. Both men in the patrol now had to be dealt with, the private pulled them both into a bush as far as he could so no part of them showed. Checking the road for any sign he’d been there he rejoined his group. It was going better than they dreamed it would. When the signal came to move in they all found different entry points and one by one made their way to the warehouse.

    The rest was easy. When they first arrived the officials had wanted to make a lot of fuss, and noise but each member of the unit managed to keep them quite. If this mission was a failure it would mean death for all of them. The lookout signaled the all clear and each group took their perspective official and as silently as they came, left, leaving no trace of their existence in the enemy camp.