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    I work with preschoolers every Wednesday night for community services hours and boy do they work my nerves. What about you? Which age group do you prefer? Which group do you find cuter? What has a kid done that you have found absolutely adorable? Do you find them to be a blessing or a curse? Will you have a little child of your own?

    How about in a roleplay? Do you have kids in your roleplay? Do you find them to be a good twist in plot or just a pain to keep up with?
  2. I find that children that are young, from infants to about the age of 3 or 4 are absolutely adorable. Older ones, are easier to handle -at times- but they aren't as cute as the little ones that waddle around the house! I don't know about role playing, I've never really played a child before, it's an interesting thing I could try, but not so sure about it yet.
  3. I like children for the most part, but crying really grinds my nerves. I don't think I'll be having any children any time soon, but it seems to be a possibility in the late future. As for roleplays, one of my most favorite ones was originally centered around a two-year-old. For the most part of the first fifty or so posts, I was only playing him. It was unbelievably challenging, trying to come up with how a child that age would react to adult figures, but it was a lot of fun.
  4. *fleeeees from the children*

    I dislike children. I seriously dislike children.

    I have no way with them, and I think they know I'm not terribly fond of them. They're incredibly messy, and if they're really young, they can't communicate properly about what they want. I also get annoyed very quickly by crying. I also like my space, and you can't have that when you're in charge of kids, as they need to be watched.

    I don't have any plans for children. Ever. I remember what I put my own parents through (and I'm considered a really good kid) and I just couldn't deal with all that.

    Also my definition of "child" ends at 12. After that, they are full teenagers, with all the irrationality and hormonal impulses.
  5. I'm in the odd position of not liking children but apparently being really good with them without trying very hard. My patience is tried but usually, somehow, I keep just grinning and bearing it.

    Crying is a huge thing for me -- in a very negative way. There are only two people in my life that I "allow" to cry: my mom and my partner. That's it. Anyone else and you'll see me make like Nero Wolfe. I can not and will not deal with it.

    I try to stay away from drama for many reasons so teenagers are on my hate list. As LuluRS mentioned, I too remember how I was when I was a kid: and I wasn't a good kid. If I were in my mom's position, I would've been in a boarding school or a military school the moment I graduated from 8th grade -- if not before.

    RPs with kids... I'm not entirely sure about this one, to be honest. I get stressed out from some genres of RP so I would imagine I would have the same response as above. However, I can foresee some scenarios being manageable and possibly even enjoyable depending on how they're played out.

    (Of course, I write this as I hear screaming kids outside my window... -sighs-)
  6. I tend to dislike other people's children. That is not actually to say that I hate children though. I think that if they're raised properly, they can be quite charming. I work in retail, so I too see children on a weekly basis, as well as that I used to tutor grade-school children for community service. There are some little sweethearts, and there are some pains in the asses. Sometimes they're both.

    I've seen a child throw a temper tantrum in the store and kick one of the lower shelves, which caused it to fall and make a mess. And you could see something of her parenting style in this and what happened - she scolded the child, which did nothing to stop his tantrum, and picked up the mess herself while telling him that he was "being naughty" and "ought to use his inside voice". Eventually the child calmed down and she bought him a game and he was a spoiled little pest.

    There are others, though, such as when I worked in the gas station. The child of perhaps five entered the store with his father, got a juice and a pack of skittles and went up to put them on the counter while his father continued looking. He shyly put them up to where I could scan them and when I asked him how his day was going, he launched into an explanation of how his sister was with his mother having "girl time" and painting their nails and such so he and his father were having "boy time" but his dad didn't know what boys were supposed to do during boy time and (this was the cutest) "since I can't play pool or gamble" they decided to go to the gas station.

    As for children in roleplays, I've never truly played one, npc'd a couple, had stories that involved them.
  7. That's really cute, Kitti :D the second child, not the first one. If that'd been my kid, I'd've been on his ass in a second. Can't stand children like that...