Theif's Guild Roleplay (And Possibly More)

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  1. I'm really wanting to try out a Thief's Guild roleplay, but I can't come up with enough to get it started, just yet. Here are the basic things that I can think of that we would need to begin:

    ~Guild Name
    ~Guild "Calling Card"

    Things like that. I want the "Calling Card" and the Name to be matching, obviously. And maybe the members can all customize the Guild "Calling Card" for their jobs. I could expand upon this and make a whole new world in general (Having gods, rival guilds, other types of guilds, leaders, new species of animals, etc.)

    If you choose to join me in this planning, I thank you immensely!

    ~ Genesis
  2. you know I'm with you..... I even have some chars from my books that I could use for this.......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.