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  1. So guys I have been busy for the last couple of days and I will not be able to reply to anything for about a week. If I get lucky I will try my hardest to post. Though as of now it will be a weeks time before I do. However, do not fear I will return. :D
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  2. Aw, shame. Hope you can get some free time again soon, Foxy!
  3. We shall be here when you get back. =D
  4. k update imma be gone for awhile longer just got a new job.
  5. Hey, it's all good. Gives me more time to put together my chatrp.

    Grats on the new job!
  6. kay the foxmaiden will be catching up her post tomorrow! yay! but still wont be able to post as much as i use to hours are still tiresome but i miss u guys!!!!
  7. Don't lie. You miss me the most. =p
  8. FOX! :D
    -shakes hand-
    Welcome Back :D
  9. .... I think I'm gonna cry
  10. Welcome back Fox! ^^
  11. I lovers you and have missed you Foxy!!! Look forward to hearing from you again. *hugs*
  12. I miss all the same *Glomps everyone with her massive amount of love!*
  13. ow
    Love hurts! Too tight Fox
    *passes out*
  14. I think you cracked a rib with that glomp... but totally worth it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.