The Zodiac Fighters

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  1. In the year 2020, Earth would experience the largest meteor crash in recorded human history. From that would be a foreign threat to all of its inhabitants. Nicknamed the Celestial Beings, all of whom were named after the various Greek constellations. These creatures were aliens of various giant forms. They seemed to only be capable of one thing: consuming other beings. Shortly after their first discovery in Brazil, panic struck the entire world. The regular military forces used against them weren't enough. Everything seemed hopeless, until a woman named Ilithyia Montague showed the world what she and her corporation had been working on. They were the Zodiac fighters, a unit of robots approximately the size of the monsters, built to be piloted by humans to fight the Celestial Beings. Entrusted by the UN, Starlight Tech was granted government funding allowing them to begin their search for permanent pilots. Tests were given all across the world to see which humans were the most synchronized with the units. Once twelve were found, they were gathered at their base in New York City to begin training for the battle against the Celestial Beings. Although there were twelve found, another pilot was put on standby in case the prototype was needed. Now with training complete, the pilots must ready for the fight against Celestial Beings, and perhaps more...
  2. I'm supposed to destroy. I was born to...

    On one of the many streets of New York City, a girl was waiting with a public phone in her hand. The young woman listened quietly to the rings, hoping the other line would pick up. The phone was on its last ring. All hope of an answer was destroyed moments later as the voice mail was activated. The Japanese girl sighed and hung up. If her mother was able to take her to the base, she would've answered. From the looks of it, she'd have to head there on foot.

    Her name was Persephone Montague, pilot of the Ophiuchus Unit Fighter. Her adoptive mother was the creator of this fighter and without her, she would never have been brought out to the world.

    Persephone went on her way towards Starlight Tech's base at the center of the city. Already in her hand was her ID to enter the underground building. The pilot passed a store with several wall TVs showing recent sightings of a Celestial Being. She already knew this one was headed towards shore very soon. If Ilithyia heard it from her, the chance of an operation to stop it would likely commence. It would be a grave mistake not to.

    Persephone spotted the Starlight Tech. building and headed straight to the entrance. She lifted her ID and slid it down. The door split straight down the middle and opened up to lead her to the elevator. She walked in and pressed the button for the laboratory floor. The elevator shot straight down and made it to the designated floor within seconds. The pilot stepped out and spotted her mother using one of the lab's computers. She walked over to her and stopped right behind her. "Mother." Persephone said to grab her attention.

    The head scientist turned her chair around and faced her daughter. "What is it dear?" She asked.

    "There's a Celestial Being. I expect it to reach the city limits by late tonight." Persephone informed her.

    "Well, we're not the only ones who've noticed." Ilithyia titled her head towards one of the TVs attached to the walls.

    "Shall I inform the other pilots then?" Persephone asked.

    "Yes go ahead. We've already got a few of the Fighters out for a test run."

    The pilot nodded and reached into her satchel for her AI assistance device. She put it up close to her face and began a recording to send to the other pilots across the city. "Attention Zodiac Fighters, a Celestial Being is expected to be within the city limits by tonight. Ready yourselves for the test run of the units." She pushed a button on the screen and moments after it processed the message, the device sent out the recording to the others of her group.
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  3. Joseph McCloud ex Air force pilot, now a mecha pilot defending the planet against the Celestial beings pilot of Leo 05 was out on a test run with the Leo. Joseph had proven to be a hard working pilot and as soon as he had been able to take Leo for a test run he had. He spent countless hours studying everything he could about the mechas and the Celestial Beings. He would not let his home fall to the damned creatures no matter what happened. "This is Leo 05 calling in to command running system diagnostic checks now" He leaned over and flipped a few switches on the control panel and then leaned back as the system ran its check when it was finished he called back into command "Leo 05 to command system check is complete all systems are operating and running smoothly now switching to-" He was cut off by Persephone's message about the Celestial Being coming in the city limits. He immediately got serious and flipped his mecha into attack mode and spoke loud and clear into the com "Leo 05 responding to the alert of the Celestial Being entering city limits. I am preparing to intercept which direction will the Celestial Being be coming from?"
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  4. Jäeger shot down the last of the mobile targets that were used to field test the Aries 01 mecha. Her bangs were stuck to her face, which was slick with sweat due to the heat of her cockpit from the motion capture system. She ejected the magazine from the rifle in the Aries' hands then returned in to its docking bay. While Jäeger was fluent in English, she didn't talk much outside of work, after all, she was still adjusting to life in New York City. The hustle and bustle was not something the small town girl was used to, despite the press coverage of her home country. Nonetheless, she didn't need to speak to be viewed as an excellent pilot that worked hard and pushed her own limits often. "Aries 01, reporting targeting systems and heads-up display effective. Test of close quarters combat equipment commence in, 3...2...1...commence." She twisted her arms, which released the spear into her right hand and the shield on the left arm of her mecha. With the backpack of her mecha consolidated in her spear, she was much more free to move as needed.

    She'd been testing the weapon systems for nearly three hours already, but she showed no signs of fatigue as she hit the grounded and airborne targets with her spear and shield. The mecha pivoted, reacting with its pilots movements almost instantly despite its size. She deflected an incoming attack, turned and thrust the spear through the target as it passed by her off of her parry. She'd ducked instinctively, ready for another attack when the test stopped abruptly. "What is the problem?" She asked the communications array as she returned the spear to her back.

    The message was sent to her mecha, which she listened to carefully. She then heard the response from Leo's pilot before she sent her own, "Aries 01 responding. Awaiting marching orders from Training Field 9-0 dash V."
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  5. Lafresia was sitting in the Libra zero-seven Mecha. She was in the middle of the training and destroyed two targets with two slashes of her swords. She trained the fighting with two swords, then with two guns, and the last one was the Dodging part. But she only came to the gun training, as suddenly the training stopped and she got the message. She heard it coming from a speaker inside her mecha,

    She waited for the second response, before answering. "This is Libra zero-seven, system works perfectly and it's ready for action and awaiting orders!"
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