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  1. Haruka Kanagawa - Senzou Private Academy

    Academies were not few in Japan, many having different types of focuses, and different types of people come there. A very priveleged, beautiful and outstanding academy was the Senzou Private Academy - expensive to join unless one had special talent to get themselves in. The school focused only on the martial arts, swordmanship, marksmanship and archery. The lessons and everything else was scheduled after these things, allowing the students to get the most out of their education.

    They did not have early classes, allowing the different students to practice their respective art in the mornings, and on top of that, it was a boarding school. The place had enough space and a small amount of students so that all students could get their own room with a private shower. The place was like heaven, and it was quite the amazing thing to be in this castle-like place. Truly, like a dream come true. A dream about fighting, and maybe once becoming a soldier of high status - unlike the young men who would just jump right into war in another country, crawling through the dirt.

    No, a true warrior - graceful, elegant, and independent of their weapon, should that be lost. That was the practice of the school. Grace, proper speech and knowledge. They were taught literature, math, and everything else desired to have a cultivated conversation. They were trained to talk to nobles and royalty, things adding up on top of each other until their heads could barely take it.

    Well, that was for the ones with small heads, though!

    On top of all of these outrageous things, Senzou was an all-boys academy. They did have another school that looked alike for girls - but the preferred one would be the boys' school, after all. Therefore, some people even cheated with this to get in. Or, those people were very few. Maybe they could even dare to be narrowed down to one single person in question...

    .. and on top of that, she was a top student! Always graceful and with a glint in the eye, she had become the captain of the swordsmanship club and sometimes, she even coached the younger students. Most people were surprised by her reluctance to talk to other people, but she never dared to mention anything about it. She remained quiet most of the time, seemingly focused on her doing. In her free time, all she would do was practice. Practice with her sword, her gun, her bow and arrow. Shooting, shooting, kicking, hitting, running, aiming, anything to get the perfect sight and aim. She wanted to be the best, but not for the satisfaction of others - it was all for herself.

    She wanted to prove to herself that she was not what she had been when she was first born. The hopelessness, the sight of the woman that had sickened and withered before her eyes. She would not become weak like that. She had decided that on that day, and from then on, her hands would never shake when holding a weapon.

    They were never shaking. She would be able to kill... if that was what her orders would be.

    Another day was passing just like usually, with Haruka practicing her precision with the sword, cutting up ragdoll after ragdoll, throwing knives onto aiming boards, practicing her agility and easy, swift moving of the blade in her arm. It was not an object. She would treat this as part of her arm, a very sharp, incredibly strong part of her arm.

    A voice snapped her out of concentration.

    "Kanagawa!" The voice was raspy with age, and Haruka immediately knew that it was the supervisor. She sheathed her sword, sweeping back her hair, her forehead damp with sweat. She walked over to the source of the voice, standing straight and with her hands at her sides.

    "These people want to talk to you." The hand squeezing her shoulder told her that these were not just any civilians or people wanting to scout her for competitions.

    "Haruka Kanagawa, we have come here on the behalf of the Queen and King. They are concerned for their daughter, and requested to find a new bodyguard from this academy. We have been observing this place for weeks, and you are the only one meeting the aquirements that we need to protect the young mistress. There is no pressure, but... the family would surely be disappointed..."

    A switch clicked within Haruka's mind, alerting her. She knew that this man was not going to let her just walk away without accepting. She braced herself, her blank expression turning to a smile, a very convincing light in her eyes, despite it all being an act.

    "I would be honored to take on this responsibility, sir. I am not in shape at this moment, so if you would spare me the time for a shower and a change of clothing..." Even if the male looked rather normal to Haruka, the feeling in her chest would not go away. This man was not going to let her away no matter what, and she had to accept this job offer without a complaint. Even the supervisor standing at her side seemed to notice that.

    "Very well. I will see you at this Academy's entrance in 30 minutes."

    In order to escape the other man, she nodded with a response and ran up the stairs to her own room(no public showering considering her gender and all). After a quick shower, she changed into a white suit with a white tie, blue vest, and a black shirt. On her feet were black polished shoes, and she patted her own chest with a sigh.

    "It's almost embarrassing... how I don't even have to wear anything to hide away my chest because there's nothing to hide away... guess I won't have to worry if my shirt rips..." The voice she spoke in was sarcastic, a little tool to calm herself down.
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  2. Aoi Minashiro - St. Rozen Private School


    Further blocks and houses down away from the next door neighbor of the Senzou Private Academy, was known as the sister school called the St. Rozen Private High. On the right side of the school, show a building next to it that was claimed to be the females' dormatory.

    While Senzou was acknowledge in martial arts with passion and honor, the St. Rozen was known as an elite all-girls' school that conquers status and symbols. It was also written that the school was given donation by the wealthy family over the few years to support the young mistresses to become proper and well-behaved with high intelligent and grace. Aside from the brother Senzou Academy, there was an tradition that was come from the school's siblings, passing down by generation to generation by only these two schools. For over the years, the brother Senzou's tradition had marked the male students with the title called "Knights" and taught them how to wield weapons to fight for the higher ranks against all the school's system. To become number one... Even best to the best...
    For the sisters, The St. Rozen's tradition had place their young females as "maidens" or "princesses" to symbolize the kingdom they've sworn to protect with honor. However, they need a partner known as the "knights" to help them on their ways. So with the help of Senzou and as they said, they've swore to assist the "Maidens" protect and proud glory to do whatever they can to protect their kingdom.

    But to the modern time as of that now, the tradition had continue its way to the present to serve the princesses. Additionally noted, both with the funding the parents had donated to the both schools, the both genders weren't allowed to be intolerance during school's lesson and restricted from any dishonoring their family. Even fooling around or try anything unappropriated manner to pass curfews or such.

    Especially the successor Aoi Minashiro, the young maiden who was runs the most powerful family than anyone in the entire school. But she know what she's doing for herself, she doesn't like trouble. But still doesn't care about the family's wealth or title. With the perfect girl like her: being smart, creative, hardworking, and most devoted; nothing really stops her way of getting to the highest education. However... To her, it wasn't the case because honor didn't matter to her.


    ~ Over behind the St. Rozen's school ~
    Behind the school had lead to reveal the beautiful and stunning scene; a group of the Sakura (known as cherry-colored) trees that surrounds the beautiful lake with its gleaming pink colors of the blossoms. Upon on the lake had shown the reflection of the tree being upside down while the petals had began to fall from the branches, breezed below to the pond before landing on the cold water. It was the most beautiful view that anyone could ever seen before, however, there was one person who had monopolize the entire view: Aoi Minashiro. From the side of the trees had shown a figurine next to the tree bark: perfect, well-behave girl. Her short tomboyish hair cut with a light pink hair, wore a black look-alike military jacket that has few ribbons on her left-side bosom, a red short mini-skirt that covers on the mid-thigh length wise, and a black boots. It was rather strange for a young girl to wear this uniform, but it wasn't her school uniform. It was something more precious than anything... She was glancing down away from the stunning view, watching the blossom falling until the wind blew.


    "Hn..!" the pink haired reacted, closing her eyes to prevent the small petals going into her eyes when the wind blew. She sighed at the wind tries to held her hair before it will possibly blowing another time. 'Goodness... The wind is a lot lately..' She thought to herself, occupying of what she had to do thanks to her family. 'I.. By the time I will receive my partner, I.. I hope he can help me to get in the higher rank... No.. The top... to find... him..'

    "Minashiro-chan!" The pink hair female snapped out of thoughts when she heard feminine voice yelled out her name. "Where are you!"

    It had reveal that the shouter was one of her maid, Lulu. Aoi blinked in puzzle to what was the matter for calling for her. "Yes, what is it, Lulu-san?" Aoi asked as she turn her full attention to her. Lulu, who finally found Aoi near by the tree, ran over to her until she tripped... A sweat rolled down from Aoi's head and ran over to her. "Are you okay, Lulu-san...?" she asked in full concern to her clumsy maid. She noticed the smile was given from the maid as she rose up, showing her that she was okay.

    "Yes!" Lulu replied as she still remain rooting on the ground, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to--" A hand was shown in front of the maid, giving her a sympathetic look.

    "Never mind about that, Lulu-san... We've been over this many times, remember...?" Aoi gave out her hand to assist the silly company who still sitting on the ground, cover in dirt. "Plus, I said to call me 'Aoi'. We're friends, aren't we?" This caused the maid to blush after she accept the offer, shaking her head quite a bit much.

    "NO, I mustn't! I shouldn't, I just can't--" "Lulu-san, please calm down. It's fine when it's just us two and Nana." Aoi interrupted her, preventing the maid from saying anything. Getting the idea of what she was about to say. Aoi sighed before she gave her the stern look. "Anyway, I'm assuming that I am summoned to the headmaster?" The maid was about to say something else but only nodded her head, the young pink haired mistress gave a sigh but small gentle face. Aoi began to dust off the dirt from Lulu's outfit, "I suppose that can't be help. If needed, we shall go... I suppose we have to meet with the 'knight' my parents had assigned.."

    Lulu noticed her master frown at the thought of meeting someone she had never met, but knowing that she didn't wanted this idea to begin with.. If only that time didn't happen... When Lulu was about to open her mouth, Aoi shook her head and given a smile to her not as maid, but her friend.

    "Let's go.. I bet after seeing the grandmaster, I believe we'll have to go over to that gigantic gym." Aoi chuckle as she took her friend's hand.

    "Y-yes..." Lulu only manage to say as she watch her master given a painful chuckle, both began their way over to the grandmaster's room.

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  3. Haruka Kanagawa - Senzou Private Academy
    Being lead to the Grandmaster's room was no easy task. It took five flights of stairs and a painfully long walk down a corridor to get there. When Princess Aoi and Lulu arrived, they didn't even manage to knock the door before it was opened, and they were ushered inside by the guard standing there. The man sitting calmly in a chair, back turned to the young women, got out of the chair, looking at the bodyguards posted to Aoi's left and right.

    "Your agents seem to believe that they have found the suited Knight for you, Young Mistress. I will be escorting you personally. He is waiting in the private lounge. Come this way." Followed by three bodyguards, one for his left, right and back, he led the young women and their safety staff down that long flight of stairs once again. When they reached the bottom floor, he walked down a corridor. It didn't take long before they reached a set of double doors adorned with beautiful carvings, shiny golden and silvery paint and even some gems here and there.

    The Grandmaster opened up the door, and as expected, the person that everyone had been waiting in pure excitement for was right there, sitting in the chair. It would be the first time that princess Aoi - or, any of the maidens, really - would meet Kanagawa. The reason for that was his personality, if one would ask the Grandmaster. He was not a person who spoke up - and he had never actually defended himself in front of others. He had simply been a passive watcher of things his entire life. The Grandmaster supposed that that was fine, what he appreciated this young lad for was his talents, anyways. He had the most skilled hands and eyes that he had ever seen, and flourishing in such a young age... truly admirable.
    Though, to be quite honest, the Grandmaster had not expected the men from Aoi's family to pick out Haruka. Sure, talent was there - but with his dull personality, would anyone be interested in him? It remained a mystery for the slightly confused headmaster that a person with such a strange social behavior would be chosen specifically to guard the gem of their Sister Academy - fate was a strange fellow, or so one would say.

    Well, setting things aside, the princess and Lulu was allowed to step in, and upon seeing them, Kanagawa thankfully stood up. Now was the big moment of fate. Would she like him or hate him? He had already been hand-picked, but from this, no one would know how things would unfold.

    "It is an honor to make your aquaintance, Your Majesty. I was picked by your parents to serve as your body guard. My name is Haruka Kanagawa."She wanted to make sure that this girl did not hate her, and got onto her knees, kissing Aoi's hand gently. When she stood up, she even offered the maid a bow. She was surprised to see Aoi dressed so tomboyish, but she supposed that she was not one to speak on that matter. After all, who would be more tomboyish if they were to look at the two girls?

    The thought made her slightly angry with herself. She had long forgotten why she chose to become a man on the outside, even if she had this nagging feeling that she knew it deep down. She had settled on the fact that it was because men appeared as stronger - they didn't show weakness and they could get to show what strength they had in these sort of situations. That was what pumped Haruka to go on with the life she was living. She had no other means of doing so, after all. If she told the truth, who knows what would happen? Would she get in trouble? Get expelled? Or would her talent save her on the tightrope?
    In a situation where she could not even tell that, it was not safe to let her secret out. So, a secret it remained, at least to her. She was not going to let it be anything else this early.

    There was a long few moments of silence, and briefly, Haruka allowed herself to wonder what was going to happen. Despite the way she dressed, Aoi was quite beautiful. She had short hair, and even if some would call that boyish, in Haruka's eyes, this was short hair meant for a girl. On top of that, she had the most adorable face, and Haruka was thankful that she had permission to look away out of politeness. She was unsure what would happen if she had to look the gorgeous female in the eyes for a while.

    It was not that she was interested in girls... no way, right!? She was just struck by the perfection of this being in front of her. There was nothing growing, and no feelings were in her heart. It was just because she was not used to seeing women, and pretty women at that.

    Her gaze was calm as it remained on something to her left, waiting for the permission to look into Aoi's eyes. The tension could almost be tasted in the air, and even the guards sent by Aoi's family seemed to get a little nervous. It was a big moment, after all. Maybe this princess Aoi wasn ot good at accepting new body guards? Maybe she had bad memories with them and had been totally against getting a new one?

    ... there was no way, huh?
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  4. Once they arrived to the office room and hearing the Grandmaster had announced that the guardian Aoi's parents had pick just arrived, Aoi nodded her head in reply after they went arranged into the room so they'll be more comfortable to sit and relax. She given an apology look to the Grandmaster for being late and taking this responsiblity, Lulu almost bursted to apologize herself to distracting her but Aoi gave her the hand to stop. She already knew many things that she was going to put herself at fault, but she ignored it and said it wasn't anyone's fault but her own. Lulu couldn't argue any further because she could tell that this would probably upset the princess.

    With that aside, she listen to Haruka's introduction and made a sweet smile to him (since she doesn't know anyways.) and exchanged the acustom tradition to how the rules state that the princesses the knights were supposedly given. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, sir.. Uh, Kanagawa-dono, was it..?" Aoi made an apologetic smile, cursing herself to almost let her mind slip of his name. Noting that she has to be more careful from being distracted in thoughts. "I am Aoi Minashiro. I am the 13th blooded 'princess' of the Minashiro family who's the successor in the next line to inherit the family's... Honor and wealth." She introduced herself in a small glimpse of a sadden tone, not liking the way how she wanted to state that.

    It was quite an embarrassment but already such the humiliation of how this turn out to be for the young maiden after not only being late to the introduction of young knight, adding the fact it had to be in front of the headmaster. But it also had to do with her personal affair and disliking to the title that she had said, after all, she had a hard time to deal with her family to be finally set free to do her own bidding that had nothing to do with the Minashiro's blood. In the only way to live on her own, she was assigned by her two personal servants, whom she treated as friends; the maid name Lulu Misaki and Nana Munayuki, to watch over the princess. At first, she had objected the thought of letting her friends being involved because of her both stubborn parents, but it wasn't any choice of the matter because she knew that Munayuki is willing to watch over Aoi since she is about nearly twice age than Aoi and only about five years older than Lulu was. Surprisely, Munayuki still looks young istead of the aging looks, but if there was ever someone tell her because of her age... Well, it wouldn't be pretty. At least from Aoi's experience anyways.

    She turn to have spotted the two other older but young women behind the scene, Aoi only frowned after she learn that they didn't seem to put faith in her very much by herself. The wealthy successor had waved her hand to dismissed the ladies to not be included with this conversation, not because she doesn't like them. Oh no, she enjoy all her family except her own bloods. And there is a reason to that. The two agents were going to protest but she gave them the look which caused them to go without a fuss. She sighed at this discomfort before looking back at the two men in front of her, leaving Lulu on the side next to Aoi from vision. From the looks of it, she took note of the knight's apperance. Behind the gentle and poker face, she felt... Breathetaking and speechless at the handsome man.

    Blond hair that was neatly made with care, handsomely face with the felt-like smooth skin, sharply sapphire eyes that would pierce into glance like ice, lean but nicely physical built that seem strong and wouldn't back down without any fight.. This was the perfect knight that she had expected, even though the female student had never seen any 'knights' students from the Senzou's school, beside Kanagawa-san. She really likes the handsome man, but she didn't want to involve this sweet gentleman into trouble... Then something clicked to her mind.

    From the remain glance in view of the taller man, her eyes wondered off from their contacts to only looking down at the rug. The young intelligent girl didn't understand this. Handsome? She covered her face with her left hand, puzzled from this comment she had made to herself. After all the years that she had remained with her family, except the memories she had with someone that was dear to her; her damn father had tried to making his own daughter, flesh and blood, being a bride wife to another wealthy family branch of generation, it sicken her to the thoughts to actually meeting the people she doesn't know with. Especially wasting time with men, of all things. Thinking about it now only made Aoi had a ill-looking expression on her face. Luckily it wasn't revealed to anyone in the room and hope it stayed that way. She sighed before removing her hand and to look back up again to Haruka Kanagawa.

    She, again, didn't understand this. At first she didn't like having the idea of having any men near her, not because any inncident but because of something else that caused her to dislike men. But Haruka was different... And she seem perfectly fine with him, not knowing why the reason behind it. Thinking about this... Only had confused the girl more. The perfect student doesn't really know Haruka, but it felt like something was.. just feeling right. Aoi place her hand over her large bosom, concerning why her heart slightly beating...

    But she shrugged it off as she noticed about Haruka when the boy look puzzle and nervous. Their eyes began to lock in contact before it was broken away. She blink from his cute expression and smiled from the very first time of her life, or been a long time since she lastly made this wholeheartedly smile. Aoi didn't know what was the matter but let out a small chuckle, causing everyone, even Lulu who was surprised about this, to stare at pink-haired canadite from the sudden but gentle, small laughter.

    She stopped at the moment when they look at her, leaving her to blush at the silly action she had made. Aoi coughed in a mannerly way with her hand to help clearing her throat. "A-Anyway, Kanagawa-dono. I was wondering if it'd be all right to ask you..."

    "Why did you became a 'knight' of the Senzou Academy." The voice finished off the remaining sentence, cutting off the young maiden's question. Aoi's eyes widen in surprise as she could recognize the slight deep, older feminine voice from anywhere. The pink-haired successor shot up a glance, finding out it was her agent: Kitami Miyabi. From the appearance, Miyabi had a long dark hair that was tied into a bun while her front hair and bangs were pushed to the side away from the eyes and cheeks, wearing a black square glasses as either fashionable style or just necessarily needed vision. She wore a white color shirt that seem neatly folded while it was clipped with a black laced ribbon to cover her fleshed neck, and the sleeves were up to her wrist, having a frilly and laced edges. Not very visible for any line that'll try to reveal her top or anything. Below the shirt was a tight black skirt that cover lower to her mid-thigh but seem comfortable for the business like agent to move around in, and what covering her skin was a dark brown panty-hoe to try not exposing any of her flesh's color. And at the bottom of her feet were just black high-heels, kinda bit high for even Lulu to even try wearing... Although it was against her dress code to wear it.

    "Mi.. Miyabi-san.." Aoi hesitated, calling her name in a quiet whisper as her agent walk up beside to the grandmaster. The princess slightly frowned at this upcoming event. She had hoped that Munayuki would of particated into this instead of Miyabi. She didn't like thinking about people bad, but she wasn't or never on the friendliest term with this snake. Meaning with this, she didn't came to see Aoi. No, Miyabi didn't. She actually came to observe this new knight only to behalf of her father because of the contact that was made secretly.

    Lulu made a face when she also learned that Miyabi was here to come see the boy in person or from her own eyes. She didn't like the idea of having that lady being here...
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  5. Haruka Kanagawa - Senzou Private Academy - Lounge
    The arranged room had Haruka waiting there for at least 40 minutes, and it seemed stupid. She had hurried to get herself ready, and yet she had to wait. She had thought about getting angry on the inside when Aoi dared come so late, but her expression did not reveal this. She knew that some people would have their reasons for coming late, especially someone like Aoi. She was rich, and probably had a million things on her mind. Haruka's hand clenched as she sat there in the chair, legs crossed as she awaited the arrival of the young, rich lady. The wait seemed painfully long, and on top of that, she had this feeling of suffocation in her throat that felt more uncomfortable than she'd like to admit.

    The introduction seemed off from the beginning. Right in the moment that Aoi stepped over the threshold, it was clear that she did not feel like she belonged there. Haruka got the vibe that the woman probably had a desire to leave already. The introduction was the same. It was bitter, sad, hiding away feelings that she could not show to anyone. Being the successor of the money that the family had, plus their company and assets, she would never be able to stay in her family if she refused. Haruka had seen it before. A person cutting away their family because she didn't want to be the leader of their company. And yet, she managed to get rich on her own. But not all people were bold enough, strong enough. Haruka knew that very well. And even the strongest had their limits.

    Haruka wondered briefly why Aoi's parents had not joined her, but her mind quickly settled on that Aoi probably did not desire for her parents to be there, even if they wanted to themselves. She wanted to make a decision on her own when it came to Haruka. Yet... it felt as if she was still controlled by them. The people standing at her sides did not show any sign of letting her decide things on her own, and if Haruka was picked by them, that would be it. Aoi would probably not have an actual saying in something like this. She stood straight as she looked forward, bowing in response when Aoi addressed her. It would not be polite to answer that. She just had to acknowledge that Aoi had said the right name and that her introduction had been heard. After this, a long, painful silence ensued, and Haruka could barely resist holding her breath. Her hands were placed flat against her hips, her fingers gracing the sword at her left side. The moments felt so long, as if someone had dragged out time like a rubber band. And as if that rubber band snapped, time set back into motion again quite quickly, leaving Haruka with a question to asnwer.

    It had been obvious that Aoi had wanted to ask something, but the tall, business-like woman behind her had taken the word, making Haruka slightly pissed. Couldn't Aoi at least be allowed to ask questions herself?! But she had to answer it. The reason she became a knight, huh...? A long moment passed as she thought. Her real mother was not alive. The "parents" that she had mentioned was her father and step mother who had run off to Los Angeles after throwing their kid to Japan and expecting her to become a doctor. But that didn't happen. She enrolled to this academy on scholarships earned from her talent with the sword, and she was bravely pursuing her dream. She closed her eyes, really appearing to be in deep thought about the question she had been asked. Because, in all honesty... her reason would end up being something like...

    "My reason would be... that I desire to become stronger. My weak mother passed away when I was a small child, from illness and fatigue. Watching her figure like that, a desire to not fall into such weakness welled in me, Miss Miyabi. When I got to this country, I knew. The moment that this blade laid in my hand, I knew that it was my call. I am capable of fighting, protecting whoever I am supposed to protect. That thought in itself was enough for me. I have no other reasons for my becoming a Knight. I simply want to be able to feel pride when thinking back on my life, feel that I have accomplished the strength I was looking for."

    With that, Haruka closed her eyes, waiting a few moments before she opened them again, her gaze piercing Miyabi's. Her eyes turned back to Aoi after a few seconds, making it obvious that she still wanted to hear the question that the princess had to say to her. Her expression had remained unchanged the entire time while she had spoken, her hollow insides being revealed to the outside. Seeing her talk about her late mother without any sort of sadness in her eyes, without any sort of change in her voice, it was slammed into one's mind that she did not harbor any feelings that were worth anything. It remained a fact that she did not have capability of loving or caring. The only thing she would be capable of was wielding her weapon and using it to protect. But only if she had been ordered so. No emotion or passion remained in her gaze, but determination showed in her piercing eyes. She was a warrior. Incapable of love.

    "I believe that you were trying to ask me something before, Your Majesty... before you were interrupted. Did Miss Miyabi ask your question for you, or is there something else that you would like to know?" It was pure protocol. She was doing this because she knew it would give her the best standing. She even smiled as she said the words, her face lighting up in a very charming way as she did so. Yet it was all a fake, because happiness was not a feeling that she had either. All remained silent as she stood there, awaiting Aoi's reaction to what she had said.

    It seemed like Miyabi did not enjoy her response very much. Not her answer to the question, but what she said afterwards. The business woman seemed pissed that Haruka would go directly asking the princess something, and that she hadn't just shut up. Or, so it felt to Haruka. But Haruka wanted to know what the princess had to say, and not her body guards. The female did not seem happy with the question that had been asked, and that was all that Haruka needed to know to continue with what she was doing.

    For a brief moment, a flash of something passed by the reflection in Haruka's eyes. This woman was on the behalf of the parents. If Aoi took a liking to her, would her parents be against it because Haruka seemed more loyal against their daughter than them? Haruka had been ordered to protect the princess.

    So, she would be loyal to the princess, as well. There was no blurred lines or grey zones in that. It was a tight situation, almost like a rope had wrapped itself around Haruka's neck like a fearful snake, and with each bad move she made, it would tighten around her neck and render her almost unable to speak. As she got more and more anxious, the snake tightened its grip around her neck, and soon enough it felt like she would be suffocating. This sort of situation made her feel scared, and she knew that this family would bring her trouble. But her heart had not allowed her to just turn away. The moment she saw Aoi, looked into her eyes, she knew that this girl was not happy. She had things that she desired, no, needed to talk about, and with the way her life was, all she could do was cry on her own. Emotionless or not, she did not approve of other peoples' sadness. She wanted everyone around her to be happier even if she couldn't be happy herself. It was a strange feeling, being able to sacrifice herself for this sort of thing. But her feelings were genuine. She wanted to make this girl happier, even if she could not gain any feelings herself. She hoped that it would be accepted by others. Even if it wouldn't, she would do her very best. The fleeting moment passed.

    Haruka got onto her knees, bowing once again to the princess. There she remained, waiting for her next order. She knew that she had not been assigned yet, but even without working for this woman, she still had to show a lot of respect. She did not come from a very well-functioning life herself, and hoped that somehow, Aoi would take understanding to that and create a basis for them talking to each other. If that could happen, Haruka was sure that she would feel reassured, somehow. That way, her anxiety might go away somewhere too.

    For a moment, she wondered why the reactions from Aoi had been so nervous. Haruka was the least self-aware person the planet, and was not consciously aware of what effect she had on people. She knew that her smile could make people shut up with annoying questions, but that remained about it for her.
  6. Aoi's eyes widen as she heard the knight had explained his reasoning why he had become a swordsman. It was all for his mother's sake, whom has passed on. Aoi's eyes soften in sympathy as she was looking down at the knight Haruka who had bowed in front of her because of this ridiculous status. She didn't wanted this... She didn't wish for this to have happen. The perfect student look and locked toward entirely at the ground, eyes shined quite a bit as if she felt like crying but was soon covered by the bangs for mixed feelings of sorrow and pain. The expression that she didn't want to show to anyone, not even in front of the knight.. A man.. The pink-haired female had clutched her hand into a ball of fist by the side of her, shaking the fist in a small tremble.

    For this man to have no choice but to continue on living and work hard for his weak mother who never got to see her child grew into a fine man, his mother must be a lucky woman to have a child who ties to no weaknesses... Protecting what must be protected by the honor code of the Senzou's oath... However, Aoi knows something that no one else knew about... Especially behind that oath's true meaning... Except ten people. And there was an exact reason why she didn't want to obtain any knights to get involve with this matter... but what can she do? Aoi Minashiro, the pure maiden of the Minashiro blood, who isn't capable to wield a weapon due to the blood-line's tradition. It was something that she can't do because of the useless and strange generation blood.. Aoi felt so helpless because she had to be the 'princess' of all being, in the Minashiro's name! (OoC: This may sound confusing but the detail will be reveal later) She had no idea why this had taken so long for years to have obtain knowledge and cursing herself in the family's name.

    While Aoi was distracted with anger and despair, Miyabi scowled at the reply to the question she asked in Aoi's place, more likely in a impatient attitude to finish the meeting quite quicker as possible. Miyabi extended her hair to flop it in the hair to remove over from sight. "Ho.. You've only become a 'knight' to protect whatever you can, hmm," Miyabi snorted, "Even when you don't have that sort of power?" Aoi's eyes widen once again from what Miyabi had said, already knowing what she had mention.

    "DON'T!" Aoi suddenly cried out, rosed up from her seat as she glared at Miyabi but not enough will-power. Her shout cause for everyone to look at the girl as she shooked her head in a displeasing manner. "Don't you dare, Miyabi-san...!! You promised!" Miyabi smirked at the princess who outburst her voice. She turn her body around to the smaller girl who was looked down upon.

    "'Don't', what, hun." the mocking Miyabi asked, daring to pretend to be innocent to all of this in a childish behavior. "Did I say something I shouldn't have~?" Aoi clutched her fist even more because she didn't like how the way Miyabi always tries this stupid attempt like months back. Those terrible months back, Aoi close her eyes tightly as she recalled the painful memories.

    "Please, don't..." Aoi begged as she once again looking at the floor, placing her hands onto her chest to stop the beating heart that aches in pain as she lower her head as if she was bowing in front of Miyabi. "Please.. We've not positive that Sir Kanagawa-dono is suitable to do this kind of job yet.." She look up at Miyabi with her orbs shine with near-liked tears that was close to formed the stream of tears. Miyabi stared at the weakly princess who pledged not to involve the knight. She gave a 'hmph' in the response, shrugging with her shoulder as she walked over to the bag that she brought in with her and start digging inside to search for something that needed to be given to the grandmaster. After Aoi heard the respond, she look at Haruka who stand beside her and her maid Lulu. She tried to make a poker-face but had failed with the emotion that seem visible on the expression. "I apologize for troubling you, Sir Kanagawa-dono.. I.. I'm very sorry.." She said in a sad tone, apologizing though she already knew the forgiveness wasn't needed." She walked over to the Grandmaster who stood quiet this whole time, she bow in front of him in due of politeness. "I would also like to apologize for this troubling to you as well, grandmaster.." She pulled her head up after giving accustom, she turn away.

    "Grandmaster, since Sir Kanagawa-dono is here.. I would like in request that you seek two guards or agents to show him around the school building." Aoi told the grandmaster while still showing her back to him, "After he is done exploring the school campus, you are welcome to do whatever he wishes to do.." She look back to Haruka and gave him a one last smile. "I apologize again for being you here all the way to see this conference... I.." She broke off, looking away once more for the discomfort that was given to her and shatter that kind of conference. "W-we shall continue this conversation to another time... I am not feeling well.. Please.. Excuse me.." Aoi pardon herself outside of the lounge, Lulu panic at the quick jolt. She bow in respect and chase after her mistress.

    "As what the girlie said, grandmaster." Miyabi told the older master as she handed the paper to the grandmaster. "You are to bring this boy around this school, under by the His and Her Majesties. They want him to feel comfortable and hope that his abilities are what they are expecting." Miyabi turn around to glare at Haruka. "If you, Haruka Kanagawa, haven't received anything by your "coach" yet, I'll going to tell you now so listen once." She pointed her finger at the younger man. "You are the knight that was chosen by the King and Queen personally and to be expected of the great performance. Got that?" She shown a disgusted look on her face before she had head off, without even hearing the grandmaster's reply.
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  7. Haruka was instantly pissed off. Not because of what Miyabi said to her. She was already cold to such things. She was aware that the last person that she would be able to protect would be her mother. Well-knowing of that, she had joined this school. The promise she had made to herself lied in the fact that she would not make that mistake again. She would not let a person die in front of her eyes, even if it cost her the life she had left. The determination was clear in her eyes, and despite Aoi's emotional outburst, she stayed calm and collected, eyes completely focused on Miyabi. The gestures were obvious to Haruka, and she was not going to accept anything less from herself than this calmness. She would stay like this, only observing what Miyabi said and did, an obvious scare-tactic. Sadly, the fearless Haruka was not moved an inch by this.

    Even if her heart did sting a little bit seeing Aoi. It was clear that the princess was trying to make her not become her bodyguard, and Haruka was aware that it was not because Aoi didn't want her to do it. It was because of the person standing right in front of her now. Aoi must be fearing what they would do once Haruka became part of their staff. What kind of things she'd be set to do, and on top of that, their very psychological way of trying to induce fear into her. She remained steady, hand on her sword as she remained in the same position. She knew that she was being provoked, and a fire lit in her stomach, sending a strange glow all the way to her eyes. Her feet moved so swiftly that it was hard to even notice the movement. There was something going on, and her eyes constantly focused directly on Miyabi. The tension could almost be felt in the air between the two people, leaving the ground almost shaking below them with the power of their stances. It did not take long for the reaction to happen for the both of them, and it happened quick and without break.

    Before one could manage to react, Haruka spoke up. "Miss Miyabi, you have missed an important fact. The fact that I might be an enemy--" In a flash of metal, her sword was drawn and pointed directly at Miyabi's throat, her expression not wavering as the bodyguards aimed the guns at her. A long moment of silence passed as they stood there, Miyabi giving her a frightful smirk. It became clear that this woman was going to be the biggest of her troubles once her work started, and she wanted to prove her spirit to this woman right now so that she knew what she was up against.

    "You're brave, for such a brat, you know that, right? Lower the guns!" When the guns were removed from aim that would shoot Haruka at point-blank range, she sheathed her sword and looked the other woman dead in the eye. "But you've got spirit. I like that." When Aoi excused herself, the two women were left to their own advances, leaving a blood trail of tension behind them.

    "If I had perhaps been emotionally affected by your beforementioned comment, I would have had many chances to plunging my weapon in a lethal area. Do you really need protection? Isn't it rather "common sense" that you're missing? Never let down your parades. Being staff for a princess whose life is being targeted, you should know as much, Miss Miyabi." Haruka's eyes were flaming with an emotion that Miyabi didn't see there before.

    It was intriguing. She had hired many bodyguards in her long life, and never had she seen such a dead person. Everything close to "vitality" had burned out of this young body as it had sunk into deep despair. Something had shattered Sir Haruka Kanagawa, and it was not just the death of his mother. There was something else, something deeper and darker, and it had shattered her heart into a black hole. That sort of bodyguard was the best. No emotional involvement. Ability to draw any kind of weapon on any kind of living creature without hesitation. If Miyabi should say so herself, she'd even dare state that this Knight would not even flinch while pulling the trigger on a child. The look in Haruka's eyes was telling her that there was only a shard of a human left, and that shard was not enough to keep her mortal. She had lost all compassion, love and sense of justice. A machine to be used.
    "Since the princess is now absent, I will give you the tour of Senzou's Sister Academy, Rozen Private. May you enjoy your short trip here." And in that moment, it was decided. Haruka was going to become Aoi's next bodyguard. It would teach Aoi that not all people wanted something from her. Not all people wanted to be friends with her, or hate her. Some people just wanted to be there, without really knowing her.

    Unsurprisingly, Haruka drew glances wherever she went. Every classroom they passed contained bunches of girls that stepped over each other to observe the newly arrived male. But when they noticed Miyabi walking behind Haruka, they would look away. This Knight was already someone's property. Haruka walked with her hands clasped behind her back, her stance fearless and straight, yet it didn't seem stiff. She seemed to naturally move this way, well-suited for a rich man. Everything about Haruka's aura made her seem like she came from a good family with amazingly strict manners. And yet... there was no such thing. She did not even have a family left. Her cheek still stained with the memory, and despite the one love that was shown towards her, she could not feel it. It felt like someone had dug a hole into her chest, stolen her heart, crushed it against a hard surface, stepped and jumped on it, only to not put anything else into the hole again.

    Hollow. She was hollow on the inside, and even if she showed a smile to the one kind soul in her private life, it still felt like her chest was being pulled by tiny little strings. Strings with hooks and needles attached, and whenever they would pull, painful gashes would spread in her heart, cutting open the feelings that she saw returning little by little. Whenever she felt like she was getting close to the answer, the string would pull tight, crushing what had been left inside her, leaving her an empty shell once again. "Miss Miyabi, you really have another goal with choosing me, don't you? It's not just because I wield a sword better than the others, is it?" Miyabi smirked at this, adjusting her glasses.
    "Who knows. You might find the answer if you search well enough, child."

  8. Even before the chance that the business-like agent was about to leave, she had pulled into stop when Haruka had drew his blade out in front of the older woman as if the boy was threatening Miyabi in her tracks. Miyabi had already figured that the knight was angered by this matter, nothing because of what she had said. "You're brave, for such a brat, you know that, right? Lower the guns!" When the guns were removed from aim that would shoot Haruka at point-blank range, she can feel the young mans' stared deadly in the eye to send a scare-tactic glance. "But you've got spirit. I like that." When Aoi excused herself, the two women were left to their own advances, leaving a blood trail of tension behind them. She had the feeling that the knight was more annoyed about this dilemma that wasn't properly informed to him about what was going to happen in the future if he had know what's in it for Haruka.

    Miyabi laughed in a mischievous way until she gradually stop the laughter, looking dead serious to Haruka's sharped eyes. "Boy, it's seems like you don't understand what you're even been pulled around here..." Miyabi stated as she fold her arms, giving the disgusting smirk to Haruka. "I don't really care if you're going to be feeling affected by the statement or not. Actually, it's more to your well being about something once you'll learn the hard truth about soon. You have no idea why the Senzou had actually trained their boys for this particular reason. And to why the little brat didn't want anything to do with you or the knights of Senzou involve. She alone preferred to have the power if it weren't for the women's blood of the Minashiro family. However, she's not doing this for honor, just so you know, because otherwise her parents would have come meet you in person than in place of the little princess," Miyabi confessed as she play with her hair, "You'll know it soon enough, boy... I mean, it's up to you rather you would like to fight by her side or just quit while you still can. You still have this option before the next few days. If you have questions, ask pinky to spill it herself, but it's not like she'll tell you anyways." With that being said, Miyabi laughed in a rudely manner.

    Walking by to the classrooms, the students inside the classrooms were either hearing footsteps or saw a shadow figure walking by in the halls. But they notice that there was no girls in that height was ever existed at school, but only few exception due to the parents' generic gene. While rest were in the classrooms, there were several other female of the titles 'maidens' and 'princesses' were staring at the new coming visitor that they've never seen before. Half of the girls who had no class lesson at this time were staring at Haruka for quite the looker while the others whisper of how incredibly hot the guy was. Some giggles and blushes were made around the boy as the group toured passing through. But seeing the ugly step-mother look-alike figured behind the knight, the girls weren't able to comment or approached to the man as they wanted to, already guessing that Miyabi belonged from the Minashiro's family. Aoi Minashiro's father's agent...

    For Miyabi to tell this to Haruka without Aoi's approval didn't really bother her. This was put under the order of Aoi's father after all, so she didn't need to seek permission from a mere brat she was assigned to watch over. Of course, if Miyabi wouldn't be care, his majesty would like the report that will be handling in soon.

    In all of this, Miyabi wasn't one bit of surprised to why the both Majestic parents are selecting this boy as Aoi's knight, even when it's just a genetic hand-picked.. Assuming that they must of look at Haruka's background and information of the strength behind the knight, was possibly necessarily for the little pink-haired student. Such an attitude like this, Miyabi can only guess this boy would face the danger and join the princess's side even when Aoi was against it. Miyabi sighed at this stupid decision to why the princess even care about one small matter when knowing the tradition of the family, especially the male side, had to do. What was the big deal to Aoi anyways?

    "Miss Miyabi, you really have another goal with choosing me, don't you? It's not just because I wield a sword better than the others, is it?" Miyabi looked up to the soldier who voiced his question, feel like he needed to know more than what was giving to Haruka.

    Miyabi smirked at this, adjusting her glasses. "Who knows. You might find the answer if you search well enough, child." Seeing the disappointed look from Haruka, she can tell that Haruka wasn't satisfied with that answer but say nothing afterward. "If you'd like to know, you'll have to talk to that pretty girl yourself when you'll probably see her tomorrow or no less than later of today. But I doubt that little girl would bother saying it, since considering it's her personal affair. No one knows why she's doing this. But her parents are the only ones who know this reasoning to her behavior and just assign any best male from the Senzou Private Academy. Which it leads to you and we'll be testing you out by the next few days to see rather you are the promising hero we'd be looking for or the zero who'll just meet his fate." Miyabi snorted as the purple hair agent walked further ahead of him. Haruka had surprised reaction to see her moving ahead but stop into her tracks as he saw her turn to look at him.

    "Oh... About before of what I said," Miyabi retraced of their conversation before an hour back about Haruka's reason, "I shall rephrase of what I have replied to that reasoning." Turning over to face Haruka with a horrible glare, if looks can kill, this might would of cause a huge threat to make one to entirely give up right away. But she'd like to see the fighter to given the reaction and reply to himself without having being frighten in a way.

    "That reason to become strong is admirable for the weak, I praise your reasoning to that for the loss of a parent and loving. However, that alone doesn't improve your training to become the best knight there is, if you want to help the princess. You need to be stronger, fighting against other knights..." Her violet eye color sharped the looks as if she was warning Haruka the foreshadow future, seeing the male's eyes widen to this of something being unheard of.

    "What are you getting at, Miss Miyabi..." Haruka question the damn woman as he steady on this new information that was going to be reveal right about now. Haruka clutched his hand to curl into a fist, as much as he wanted to help the princess, there was some obstacles he had to endure from this whole new level of the fight. However, what he remember, the Senzou Academy had taught their students for martial arts for a reason. Why is that? "Is there something more that I have yet to learn about? What is this foolish nonsense you are speaking of!" Haruka didn't mean to lose his temper but this is getting more annoying for each of the suspenseful pauses, "The Senzou taught us how to wield weapons to become fight and protect our love ones, but is there more in the behind story that no one knows as of yet?" Miyabi remained with her eye contacts as Haruka given a bit more question.

    "If you're not careful, you'll be dead by the time you'll realize.. Because I'm going to warn you now: Lady Aoi-sama isn't in danger... No. Not yet... But she will be facing in such a crisis against other knights and Valkyrie women." Haruka flinched when he learn that Valkyrie women must be the 'princesses' that was suppose to be fighting among with their knights for honor, but he didn't know they could fight with actual weapons!? Senzou Private Academy didn't taught the men about their 'maidens' or 'princesses' were going to participated into this battle! "As you can pretty much guessed, yes, the princesses are actually the candidates for the title of 'Valkyries'... Most rich girls in the Rozen academy knew nothing of this sort because their parents hid it and would like no dishonor to the family's title and name. Lady Aoi-sama knew what she was going for, but that wasn't the goal she was enter for. Especially honor. She belittle the title and family's name and set her concern on something else where. I believe you'll find that out soon enough.."

    Soon as the damned woman had turn her back and started to leave, she can feel that Haruka tried to stop Miyabi and needed more information than this. But shortly in such a small time, a bunch of grouped of the Rozen students began to make their way in front of Haruka, blocking his pathway for trying to stop Miyabi. "Miss Miyabi, wait! What are you--"

    The girls were began to gang on the poor soldier with their annoying squealing and curiosity. "Are you new here?!" One asked as they got close to Haruka. "You're a handsome looking guy, are you around from here!?" "What are you doing here?" "Do you have a girlfriend?" "You're so cuuuuuute!" "What's your relationship with that Miyabi-san of the Minashiro family!?" One question to another were asked and didn't seem to stop.. It continue further on as the knight had lost sight of the woman.
  9. Haruka fumed with anger. It was completely outrageous. There was not one ounce of care left to what this woman felt about her, or what this woman tried to scare her with. There would be no reason for such nonsense. The anger did not feel personal, rather like a distant, white flame burning in her chest until she felt incredible pain for something that did not concern her. Her eyes followed the woman as she left, and a hand settled at her sword. She was strong enough. She had long ago abandoned the purpose of fighting for her mother, knowing that it was pointless all along. Since then, she had become top in all classes, with a glint in the eye and a dead course of action. She was just another doll that was manipulated by this Academy. Not only did she have to fight her fellow warriors if that day came, but now also the ones from Rozen Academy? It was completely outrageous.

    "Miss Miyabi is the agent of my new employers, now if you will excuse me--" Really, she did not have to ask. Her slim, agile body allowed her to slide easily through the crowd as she dashed for the entrance. Thankfully, she was not interrupted in her tracks as she ran, ending up panting a few blocks away from the school. She was filled with anxiety, and yet it was not as to whether she would pass the test or whether she could keep her life. What was going to become of Aoi? Thinking about this, it was very painful. Aoi could not take care of herself in the way that Haruka could. She could not abandon her emotions for the bigger picture. What would happen if the people aiming for her happened to get to her? The pain in Haruka's chest felt very unnatural, but not unexpected. She had known from the beginning something was very, very wrong. She actually cared. In this one case, she had found herself caring for the other female, and painful as it was, it was fact. On her way to get far, far away from that horrible school, she collided with a small human being. When the flash of pink hair had fallen to the ground, Haruka finally realized who she had just ran into. She got onto her knees, carefully stretching out her hand, well, almost cautiously.

    "Princess Aoi... I am so sorry that I bumped into you, are you alright?" Haruka almost flinched seeing the tears. This was not a line of sight that she could ever get used to. Tears shed in front of her would make her nervous, unable to concentrate... She stared a long moment at the other female, glancing around. There were no one around her. Haruka guessed that she had ditched bodyguards and maids only to get to run away. What a sarcastic encounter. She would run into another bodyguard yet again. Instead of saying something, the princess sat there for a long while. It seemed like Haruka had been recognized, but the princess did not give any alert of her acknowledging this fact. Haruka didn't mind, and instead sat down beside Aoi, waiting for her to react. The pink-haired female seemed to actually react to this, an expression of shock on her face. Perhaps, she had not experienced something like that before? Her patience with the princess was soon rewarded as the girl began to speak.

    "I thought this was supposed to be easy! How on earth am I supposed to rule my entire family, and all of the things that they own, when I can barely control my own feelings?! I do not want you to get in danger, Sir. I do not want to bring your life on the line because of the cruel secrets that these places hide beneath the surface. Run. Just run away. Do something else. You can't be here."

    The princess' words were serious, but had no effect on Haruka. She had made up her mind. She stood up, her back to the princess, hand placed on her sword. "Your majesty... you might not be aware of this..." She started as her hand drew her sword out of its sheath, slowly turning around. The wind took a grab of her white jacket, letting it flutter around her body as she pointed her sword at the princess, though not in a way that seemed like she would strike. She stood and observed the other girl from above, eyes cold and emotionless. She had no intention of hiding who and what she really was in front of the princess; of all people, this young woman deserved to know who she was hiring.

    "To put it quite bluntly, I lied. When your Father's Agent inquired about my reason for joining this Academy. While it might have been a true start... it is not what drives me now. I simply wanted her to underestimate me. That woman is surely planning out ways to accidentally end my life during the training so that I can not come to protect you. Even if I play dumb, she would know that I am far beyond capable of this job. And she might get into trouble for that. But, pretending to be fighting back, feigning anger to my words as I approach her and showing off the weakness that she thinks is my mother... it will all benefit me in the end. Because I'm very selfish and stubborn, princess."

    Aoi looked so shocked that the word "shocked" barely even cut it. She stared up at Haruka for a few long moments, her heart freezing out of fear at the expression in this young person's face. What could have happened to this man...?
    "Sir Kanagawa... why on earth are you telling me these things? When I can not use them for anything, it is quite meaningless."

    "No matter what people try to convince me with, I will be loyal to you. I will consider you my master and my boss, and your orders will come first to me, whatever the risk is. The reason I came to speak to you and not any other person is simply one: I want you to know exactly who you're hiring before you actually do it. I'm not going to be able to consult you, or comfort you. I can provide a shield against violence and malice, but sadness is something that I can not heal. I cannot be your friend, or your accomplice. Miss, if you choose to hire me for this job, you have got to know that I am stripped of emotion. Well aware of this, as well. I do not have anything of a friendship to give you, because I don't feel anything for you... but..." There was a short pause. "... I do know that I would not want to see your life come to an end. Therefore, Princess.... I will do my very best to get to protect you, whatever I might have to bet on it. After all, my strength is the one thing that I can brag about. I hope you will accept me if I do happen to pass these tests, and if it must happen that I do not survive... I want you to move on."

    "What... about Miyabi? My parents? What if they're going to... you can't let yourself be dragged into this, Sir! It is none of your concern... it is my problems, do not drag yourself down... go somewhere else... quit being a Knight... I do not deserve your protection or your understanding... please... why won't you listen to me, Sir? If you would... then there would be no pain involved for you... you'd be safe..."

    Haruka let out a sigh. It seemed like this girl was hard to bend. But there was no going back at this point. When Haruka made up her mind, it was definite. It was painful to think about what she would have to go through if Haruka was not there. Haruka, despite her hands shaking at the thoughts of her comrades dying at her hands, knew that she could carry out the order, get her hands stained in blood and she would still be able to sleep at night afterwards. She was already beyond insane.

    "Mistress. I did not choose this lifestyle to be "safe". My entire life has been the true meaning of "eat or get eaten". You will have to fight or else someone is willing to fight harder than you are yourself. Learning by this principle, I knew I would have to throw away some things. One of those things... were my freedom to be a normal human being. I have accepted what I have become, and that is enough for me... that is why, Mistress, I cannot back down from this post unless you really do want to say to me that I cannot be allowed to protect you? I will not go against orders... but please think rationally. Do not worry for my safety. Think selfishly, like I do myself, princess. Do you need me? Do you want me? You should not take my feelings or well-being into account making this decision." Despite the cold, emotionless tone of voice, Haruka smiled. It made Aoi uncomfortable. Truly, what a sad person Sir Haruka was... so sad that Aoi's heart ached at the thought of what kind of life this man was leading...

  10. All of this felt so wrong and horrible, after hearing the knight admitting the truth about the whole story behind the reason why they've chosen him, Haruka Kanagawa, as her knight, Aoi remained speechless for the moment as she gazed at the knight whom concern himself into her affair, putting his line on the for a mere stranger for they have never met or spoken before until now. She have never wanted this to happen, especially the past that she had to endure alone with her servants for just this one person, she has to search for. A memory had flashed through to Aoi's vision to show herself in the past.

    Ever since childhood, before an incident that happen between her family and the true meaning of the tradition behind the two schools, Aoi was normal rich girl who didn't wanted anything in her life but just her family... She was a happy little child when everything around her world was just perfect, not needing anything else to ever changed from that dream. The small group of people that was in front of her, were waiting for her to come over to them to join in the fun game they were going to do. But right before then, the memories and the people of her image cracked into the ground, became nothing but dust. In reality, a piece went missing out on her from her life and despised her both parents so much. If only they had never shown that to her beloved brother... Maybe this wouldn't have happen and things would of turn out to be different... However, it did. Due to the lost missing beloved brother who she admired and cherished so much, she had no choice whatsoever of this and have to find the knight who was willing to help Aoi... For her brother, and Aoi, should of never deserved this horrible fate... It was so cruel. But what could she have done if she cannot wield that of power that Miyabi had mention an hour and half back, because of the cursed Minashiro's blood she had condemned so much about...

    With no choice of the matter, Aoi had thought about Haruka's suggestion: move on and become stronger. She doesn't like the idea of having to ignore Kanagawa's safety because if there was anything, penalty will come in afterward. Which would possibly make things in vain if she had died. With the knight also told her that he weren't like the idea being getting closer or some such, Aoi wasn't going to ask anything of that as they'll probably go on for their journey. She didn't want to get close to him and... get hated by the man that she hardly knew, but felt with trust in gut. But the smaller figure frowned as she looked up at figure, looking upset to only make Haruka given a concern look at her. She doesn't know what to do without the help of the knight being there by her side.

    "Are you certain that you're not going to regret of becoming my knight, Kanagawa-dono...?" Aoi asked with a obvious hint of sad tone, slowly rosed up from the spot that she had fallen when Aoi wasn't looking where she was running to, and bumped into Kanagawa on the way. Dusting off the dirt on her rear while looking at him at the same time with the remained sad face from before. Of course, the tears from her eyes had shed away dry to make sure that she wouldn't show anymore deep thought of emotions to expose too much. This leave Haruka to raise an eyebrow at this at the sadden Aoi who question because of the confession he had made.

    "I do not, my lady. I would like you to understand that I have already swore my loyalty to you, in promise that I shall aid you in battle if necessary. Well, that depend on the decision if you allow me to do so, that is. If you accept me to remain by your side, I will help to guide the path for you that you have been seeking for. But I would like to know what is the reason why you are requiring a knight to assist you. Or... At least from what Miyabi said, you didn't want to go with this at all. She said that if you had wanted to do with fame and glory, their majesties would of come in your place than yourself being here. I was informed by her, that you weren't doing for honor..." What is he doing, Haruka thought to himself to already know that he mustn't get too nosy in her personal reason but he wanted to know why Miyabi had said those horrible things. What was it that he doesn't know? What is the reason the young princess is trying to do something on her own, to even dismissing her own family for. But even though he had no right to ask about that since he could understand that idea. Although it didn't stop him to have the rights to know everything... Including the behind the true meaning of the guardian ship of the two linked schools, according to what Miyabi had said... His heart throbbed by the sharp pain like as if a knife or his own blade, had cut the beating flesh, for asking something so personal against the highness's will, but he can't stand of watching the mistress to suffer alone through the horrible experience that he had felt. And he swore to never allow that sorrow to ever encounter that to anyone, not even the highness... "I'd like to know everything to why this had to do with me or the people behind the school and you, of all people, to get involve the situation when I can tell you're against it..."

    Aoi can see how strong willing his eyes are when Haruka lock his eyes into her, as if he could read her in many emotions. Although as much as he can understand, there was a bit miscounted information or conclusion, though that he was right about one thing, but it's another. "I'll be willing to tell you the whole story, Kangawa-dono. But before I get to tell you, I like to correct myself or... in recall about Miyabi had set her goal for something to kill you... That's not the case." the weak girl corrected as she frown. "It may be true that she had plans to set you kill during the matches that you were placed in the challenge, but in truth... This knight's requirement test isn't what or where the 'killing' to be taking place at. This level only tests your abilities if you can manage to serve your performance... The task that I am doing... is worse than you can imagine."

    "What..." Unable to finish his sentence, Aoi continued. "What you have to do is..." She said as her lips move but her voice faded away as she still moving in motion. Haruka's eyes widen at the same time when the wind had blown, causing the beautiful petals from the sakura trees to fallen from the branches. And without even knowing, a noise was made of a sound like 'clunk' hit towards the ground that was left behind, soon after the princess left.

    The day had began to set as Haruka began to look the sunset, the sky that use to be blue had turn into the reddish-orange color in the air as the clouds were moving to the north direction. The school meeting had been over since an hour back and the princess had disappeared before the two hours had passed for the St. Rozen to release her students to either go home or back into the dorm. Haruka was still at the Rozen Private School to collect his thoughts to learn about the condition he had to do, in order to become Aoi's personal knight.

    "In order to become my knight and hear everything of the truth behind the school; within few days, appromixately around four to five, you are to go into your academy's gym room that is known the arena stadium. From there, they'll be expecting you to be ready to fight against eleven candadites who are supposedly the next line of knights or at least to be the best in your school... Seven out of eleven or most wins will be determined in results."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    ~ ~ ~ ~ M e a n w h i l e ~ A o i ' s ~ M a n s i o n ~ ~ ~ ~
    It had been an hour later after meeting with Haruka Kanagawa in a such privately area at the rear side of her school; Aoi had return home from the Private St. Rozen High School with the ride of an limousine vehicle, she was picked up by her personal and trustworthy agent Nana Munayuki, whom Aoi knows since she was a little girl. By the time they had reached to the house, Munayuki had arranged the car in the parking spot on the side near by the house's front entrance by 50 inches. Her agent had switched her key to momentarily turn off the key and exited out of the driver's seat to walk over on the right side of the limousine, open the door for her young mistress. As the passenger's door was open at the right rear-side slowly moved out of the way, the fragile mistress Aoi open her eyes to view her own mansion that her father had not known about it. Of course, given to the poor girl for having a huge struggling of a the endure battle the parent-child argument. She didn't want her parents to know where she lives. However, since Miyabi was able to contact her, Aoi had frighten up from the idea of what if Miyabi had turned her, reporting his own daughter was found somewhere in the hidden cottage. But some reason, Miyabi haven't sent one word about it and Munayuki, her agent, manage to deal with Miyabi about it... But aside all of that, Aoi looks back to the memories, to remember that very day when she and her father had that talk from her actual home, before she ever had decided to live on her own with Munayuki, Shina (Lulu), and several other servants that was friendly with the candidate student. Why all of this had begun this way...

    ~ F l a s h ~ b a c k ~

    It was about five years ago at the year xx's, time taken place at one pm in the afternoon when it was the day that the pink-haired princess was at home, living with her parents before she had to move out due to the reason she had to fight for. The young eleven-years-old child who had a pretty long pink hair that stretched down, covering the entire back with a white headband to support her hair from getting in the way of her eyes. The dressing outfit she wore on the top was beige-like tan thin, loose sweater below the collar bone while the sleeves were middle-length but above the elbow. Her bottom out was a matching colored skirt that combine with the sweater, but a bit darker color of brown. Leaving the shoes that looked like furred-snow boots.

    The small girl had charged her way from her bedroom, hearing such shocking news after what happened five days ago from that same year time. The younger Aoi had an raged anger with her eyes was said the opposite for it was shine as the glittering ocean that reflects on the beautiful sun's ray. Meaning that she wanted to cry.. She paced herself in a mannerly speed walk as she passed through the large halls and few rooms that were belonged to her parents, her other younger sister that yet to be born... and her dearly beloved brother's. Why... Why... Why... Beyond as she walked, the walls gave off the echos from footsteps as she arrived to her destination. Her father's study room.

    "Father!!" the voice outburst, unable to hold in the emotion as she burst the door open inside by doorknobs turning. She enter inside the room and walked only up towards to the study desk. "Please tell me that it is nothing true!" Her eyes twinkle with the almost urge tears that was about to release, but held them back trying. From her vision, room was viewed with all necessarily documentation files, books, paper stacks, pens, and further more important stuffs that was laid on top of the desk that while the surrounding study room was just look like a library store. Behind the desk was a large, black leather chair that had its back turned to the girl before her so called father turned around. Staring at his teary child.

    "What is this all about, Aoi. Why are you disturbing me out of the thought in thinking." It wasn't an question he gave to his daughter, it was more of a annoyed demand to why his little girl was making all this fuss. Aoi who kept her head up, trying so hard to hold her tears, stared at her father in hoping to know what was already about than already try telling him. "Well, Aoi? I am waiting, I do not have all day with this, my child. Time is precious." Or so he said. But instead, she'll still say it anyways. Her hand clutched on the side as she gradually speaks from the lips, hoping her voice to make it out without hesitation. Her hands were placed on her small bosom but one of her hand was holding on metal bracelet that was important to her. Not wanting to hear the terrible news that to be true but still asked to confirm it rather the princess Aoi liked it or not.

    "You know... What I want to say, father..." Aoi spoke in a whispered volume before tighten her held on her fist. "You know what I'm asking about...! Where is he!" She cried out in demand as she faces him. Again, trying hard to not letting her emotions getting the best to her, it got the better of her already. Definitely.

    "If you are talking about that shameful, foolish, wretched and dishonorable imbecile; you are best to forget about him, Aoi!" Her father shouted as he slam his fist on the table, causing for the poor girl fright, shutting her eyes tightly by the sound of bam on the furniture. Aoi slowly open her eyes again, embraced her small palm around the bracelet she was wearing with the still sadden expression. "For he had befallen Minashiro's name and blood to dare turn against us, his own family!"

    ~ x ~ R e t u r n ~ o f ~ t h e ~ P r e s e n t ~ x ~

    "Aoi-Sama...?" A voice called to the maiden who was soon broken away from the thoughts, Aoi blinked as she caught Munayuki grew concern about the her exhausting highness. "Are you all right, my lady...?" Aoi didn't mean to let her friend to worry about her any further and smiled at her, even meaning to lie to her... Of course, Munayuki know about her tiring held-in feeling and didn't want to be a burden to anyone, but the agent kept quiet.

    "Yes, I am fine..." Aoi lied, giving a half-honesty even though she hated to lying to her love ones. "I was just tired, that's all. Um, Nana-san...?" The fragile, tired Aoi had looked at her best friend with an upsetting face from before. "Yes, Aoi-sama? What is it?" Munayuki blinked at the sudden change of tone, feeling on the inside that her highness had the worse impression again due situation that was similar to before, months back. "I am going to retire myself in my room so please let Lulu-san know that I am not going to be able to eat dinner again." Aoi had explained, feeling guilty to doing this again for nights that had passed. Of course, it was because she was hoping that the knight she had encounter as days passed, she didn't want to get them involve. Especially the Senzou school, of all places... One of their students...

    "Young mistress, you mustn't..." Munayuki began to protest but she already knows it was futile since judging on Aoi's expression, she shouldn't push it on the younger girl anymore so instead, "All right. I shall inform Lulu about this then. Please rest when you can, we do pray that you get better, Aoi-sama." Aoi nodded her head, upset that her friend understand how she felt even though it was selfish of Aoi, but can't be bother at the moment. Just that, she had ran inside the mansion to avoid talking to the servants who tried to greet her until she finally reached to her room. As soon as she open the door, she ran inside and closed the door in a quiet noise then lock it like how she did in the past... Except her servants weren't in her room this time...

    ~ x ~ R e t u r n ~ o f ~ t h e ~ P a s t ~ x ~

    "He wouldn't do that!" Aoi dared to talk back to the old man as she grip the object in her hand more. She know in her heart that her brother would never abandoned the family. Especially his own sister.

    "Do not defend that fiend, Aoi! That foe is not your brother by any longer!" Her father scolded at his daughter for defending the so-called 'foe' brother of hers. That brother of yours is good as dead! By the time we will find him, we shall execute him." Aoi gasped, covering her mouth in terrible shock that her own father... No... This man who will no longer to be her father, tries to kill her dear brother! This terrible man! Her tiny arm shook violently, disproving of all of this. She knows her brother so much that he wouldn't do this kind of thing! It's not his nature!

    "No!" The girl hissed at her no longer father, stared at elderly man as her father's eyes widen before it turn into a terribly angry, icy eyes. "What was that, my dear child?" He asked her in a icy tone. The child knew what was given to her, but she didn't care. What's more important that her brother had to be executed for unfair warning for something she imagine that he wouldn't do. "I will not let you kill Ai-oniisama! I'll find him before you'll ever do!" The girl declared against the old man, finally broke herself down into tears after from hearing this insanity decision without her consent of feeling into this.

    Just right then when older man was about to talk, his child had already ran from room into the hall way, back to her room and slam the door shut then locked it behind her. She slightly gasped when she saw her two servants: the maid Shina and the agent Munayuki, at inside her room, next to bed to discuss about something important that Aoi couldn't understand them. The both heard the door locked without any understanding and spotted their young master at the door. In Aoi's vision: both of them were quite young in their teenaged lives.

    Shina was the sweet maid, even though she was kinda clusmy, who had beautifully long, silky black hair that was ashamedly waste to be hidden inside the bum, tied up. Her eyes were soft but delicate shape with the lightly dark gray orbs as her face that seem smooth like a baby's skin that had extra care with lotions that needed. Her ears had an each earrings clipped on her both side and was given by her parents as presents. The clothing that she wore was the maid's outfit (anyone can know that. xD) because it was part of her job. Shina worked as a maid because she watching from childhood life, she realize that her mother grew ill after losing her husband but still withstand strong for her little girl. Shina knew that she was young but she wanted to help her as much as she can. So when she was recruited at the age of 15 to become a maid in-training, her mother had already passed away and wasn't able to live on her own so by coincident, Aoi's brother (thirteen and a half years old had suggested to their parents to take in Shina. Because of his kindness, Shina felt moved and was in total grateful in his hand. After Shina had learned that Aoi was his sister, the maid had decided to help Munayuki, who also got attached to afterward, to raise Aoi.

    Munayuki, on the other hand, is a bit of a person who send icy wind on the shoulder or harsh thorn on the back spine to whatever blocks her way. But Munayuki is actually caring person from what Aoi learned about her in a way, she's the type of woman that Aoi adores and want to go up to be. Even though Aoi love Shina too, Munayuki was quite the mature woman she had given respects too. But sometimes the child gets spoiled by Munayuki on the dot, too. From the looks of Munayuki, actually look like Miyabi (the present description was place on the 2nd or 3rd post) but unlike the scary woman; Munayuki was the opposite. She had a light purple hair color with the tomboyish hair as well as Aoi's, except her bangs by the side of her ears were longer down to her shoulders. Her eye color were icy blue, deeply sharp but inside the ice (pupil/iris) shows that it wasn't that cold in way Munayuki tried to express her emotion. (OoC: I'm planning on drawing them later to what they would look like because with this, it's taking too much writing. Munayuki will get her background later.)

    The two ladies had looks from the teared child that locked the door, the both teenagers exchange glances before they had turned over to the young girl who was sobbing. Before they even got to ask what happen, the small child sobbed harder to ran over to the two older ladies. They flinched to the crying one and gave another glances between the adults but this time, it was the worry look. They couldn't really understand but they waited until the child speaks for herself before any actions were done.

    ~ x ~ R e t u r n ~ o f ~ t h e ~ P r e s e n t ~ x ~
    The door to another side had open from the inside of the other room, was the bathroom. Coming out of from the bathroom was present Aoi who just took a shower, all refreshed. She was wearing nothing but a long collar shirt that covers her over all the top to her knees. The sleeves were long as well, that her hands hardly reached. The shirt was loose on her, especially on the bust but it wasn't all that though. Because to be honest, it was her brother's shirt. (No, she's not obsessive with her brother. Yes, she's clingy if it shown too much about her caring about her brother but she just truly cares about him. It's normal, isn't it?) terrible, horribly presentation day to meet the knight of the Senzou Academy. But of all things, why that school... Her brother and his friend went to that school together but something was off... If the female Valkyrie suppose to be symbol of honor and grace, why did her brother became a Warrior? He's never the type that ever wielded weapons before so... Why?

    Aoi became puzzled about all of this mysterious pieces that didn't make sense to her. She sighed at this now headache coming to her, she walked over to bed to move the blanket to enter inside the fluffy queen size bed of hers. She cuddle inside the lovely and soft laced blanket then snuggle onto the cushion as she lay her head on the pillow. She couldn't think nor speak at the moment anymore as she wonder off to sleep... Hoping tomorrow that it'd become a better day for her...


    ~ x ~ R e t u r n ~ o f ~ t h e ~ P a s t ~ x ~

    Thirty minutes had passed since young child had cry for such a long while. Finally, the girl looked up at the two women and explained about the rumored that had spread about her brother who was exiled from the family, because he turn against the family for an unknown reason. The ladies were shocked to learned that the beloved brother who Aoi have loved and admired, pulled such action to attack the master. Shina couldn't believe it, of course. After all, he had given his hand to her to welcome inside the family even though he was younger than her. Without him, she wouldn't be there for little Aoi. Munayuki, who was also close to the boy, didn't accept this either. Why would the young master go berserk to attack the king? After the kindness and silliness he does and talk with her, his sister Aoi, Lulu, and his friend that was unnamed or known. (His name isn't going to be reveal until later)

    So since then, the two ladies had explained to the other servants that was close to the exiled prince about it and of course, their reactions were the same as three. But several others hesitated to think before deciding, end up saying that they weren't sure on what to believe or not. No one blames them, of course because they were frighten if the king, or the queen, would react to their rebellion argument and it'd be pointless to try for the king was selfish and stubborn to care at all. From then on, the ladies had resigned to the both Majesties and decided to help little Aoi to find her brother before the royalty plans on catching him first. At first, the both parents were going to put up a fight about having Aoi to go out, but they already had something in mind that they had something in mind and placed a note for the future, just for the mistress. So they had escaped to one of mansions that they had abandoned years back and enter inside. The mansion was kind dusty since it was never used over the years, but with the help of the maids, it was possible to fix it up again while Munayuki had some good connections with construction workers and business dealers. The child had decided that with this new life of some sort, is something she's able to find the answers and clues to why her brother had went missing and betrayed the family... She hoped one day, things will be answer by him...
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  11. Haruka stood and observed the other girl with saddened eyes, her expression unable to straighten itself this time. She stared Aoi down, angered by her words. But it was not anger directed at Aoi, it was anger directed at the horrible people that had ruined Aoi's life. She could see that once, in the past, Aoi had been a girl full of spirit, love and gentleness, but she'd been crushed down by her family and everyone else. From the looks of it, it appeared that there had been a death of someone close to her somewhere in the past. It would be the only reasonable explanation to what was happening.

    Aoi was trying to protect her. She claimed that she did not want Haruka to get involved in this and end up dying, but her biggest worry seemed to be about Haruka actually dying. That made Haruka suspect that this girl had lost someone important, and she was afraid of getting someone new that became important to her and then lose them. She stared at Aoi for a long while, before she let out a little sigh. It would not be easy, but from this, she knew that she would be able to go through the tests. It would be an easy task, and Miyabi could not get in her way. She was fueled by her own anger and wish for one day taking Aoi's revenge over her parents. If that included taking Aoi somewhere far, far away to have her protected, then Haruka was ready to do that. She had no life to abandon. Even that guy... he would eventually learn to deal with it. He rarely saw Haruka anyways. He was always kind and gentle with her, making her feel so horribly guilty. She did not deserve kindness or compassion, and she certainly did not deserve anything close to what she was getting here. It was too much for her. She stood with her back against Aoi as she would begin speaking again, her voice as steady before despite the emotions welling in her chest for the first time in years.

    "Mistress, I am aware that you want to protect me, and that you would advice me to step out of this while I am still alive. But it is alright. You do not need to worry about me. My desire, and the purpose I would like to follow, is to protect you. I am not going to accept anything else. My desire is to keep you safe from everyone who wants you harmed. I might not be capable of helping with your family or how you feel about them, but I'm definitely going to make you feel safer in your life. I apologize for what has happened. I would think now that someone you have cared dearly about got involved here and either died, or put one leg in the grave by his actions. If that is so, I would not know who or how, or if he is dead already... but what I want you to know is that my purpose of living puts me with one leg in the grave already now. You are not going to change it."

    The silence that passed between them was suffocating, leaving them both in a situation where neither could speak for a while. It seemed that Aoi needed to process these words, not because she lacked the brain to do so, but because she had emotional problems in doing so. It was a lot that he was saying, making her feel not uncomfortable, but insecure. She had never really heard anyone declare their sole purpose in life as wanting to protect her. It was a big promise that Haruka was making. But from the glow and sharpness in the Knight's eyes, she knew that those words could easily become reality without any kind of trouble. He would do this even if she tried to push him away from it. He was stubborn.

    "I appreciate that, but do note that you will be fighting for your own worth, Sir. I want you to be sure of this before you go into it. It is eleven matches with talented young men. Even if you are still young yourself, you ahve got to know that it is not that easy to win seven or more of these matches. I would like for you to take caution before you do anything rash, and I would also appreciate that you thought things through. If you're really intent on becoming my Knight, there's a lot of things that come even after the job has become yours fully. There's still a lot of things that you should know about me and my family. There's things you won't be very happy to hear, and things that will frighten you, maybe... but you need to know." She locked his eyes with hers, his blue orbs surprising her with emotion. She hadn't seen Haruka like that in the short span of time that she had known him, and yet her heart told her that this was a rare sight. And, just as suspected, his face immediately cleared itself, though the hand placed on the handle on his sword seemed to clench down on it hard. She was a bit worried whether his hand would be okay, but she decided to not mention it. After all, that could just bring them more trouble. "I might not ever become your friend, Sir... but you have got to be aware of that I do not want to put you in this position. I would rather see you walk away, abandon these academies, the families in them and completely end the idea about becoming a Knight. If you would do that, things would work out much easier. But I know now that that is an impossible thing to ask. I wish for your safety, but if you will not listen, I will have to accept this." She sighed, but smiled at Haruka when looking her in the eye. The smile was sad, and Haruka knew she was hiding away feelings from many years ago. Feelings from another painful encounter.

    Haruka let out a little sigh as she moved closer to the princess, placing her hands in the smaller girl's. "Princess, I will never be safe. I am glad that you have accepted my decision to become a Knight for you, and I will do all that stands in my power to make you satisfied with my performance as your guard. I will not let you down, and despite what you might think, I will not betray you in favor of your parents. When I get this position, the only person I will listen to is you, or the things that are of your best interest. I am aware that your parents does not want you any good, and I know how that can feel." Haruka's expression was a slight frown, and a deep, dark hatred showed in her gaze as she spoke. She really knew how this felt. "I have decided to do this because I do not want you harmed. And I do not want to see yet another child completely fall victim to their parents. I want to get you out of this."

    A memory seemed to surface inside Haruka's mind, and she looked away from the puzzled Princess, letting her hands away from the other. The hands that had just been holding Aoi's had started to shake, and Haruka had turned around, putting her sword back where it belonged at her hip. She allowed herself to take a deep breath as she closed her eyes, Her body stiff as if she was nervous. Maybe she was. She had a hard time distinguishing her emotions when she had not had them for years.

    The sky seemed to be mocking her. Despite everything that had happened, and the words that the Princess had parted her with, it was still clear and blue, the cherry blossom petals flowing through the air, making dots of pink on a clear blue canvas. She glanced to the ground, a blanket of pink pooling around her feet and filling out the entire park. As she walked through this, the petals would also stick to her clothing, her hair, her shoes... everywhere. She shook it off once the trees were out of her sight. The pinkness rendered her speechless.

    She had been thinking about how the blossoms resembled Aoi. That they were fleeting, gentle and lovely, beautiful. That was how she saw the young princess with so much on her mind. Haruka had never once considered the girl weak or anything of the like, rather the contrary. She wanted to see more of the strong side that Aoi had a hard time showing to others. She couldn't dare be anything but weak when in company with other people, and Haruka knew exactly how that felt.

    few years ago.

    The little child standing in the doorway had long, blonde ponytails and big, blue eyes. She was about eight years old. Clenched between her skinny arms, a little teddy bear rested. She was wearing a blue dress with puffed, short sleeves, a bow at the back and a frilly skirt that reached below her knees. She was wearing blue, polished shoes and white socks. In the room that she was glancing into, a woman laid. The woman had been sick for a long time now, and the little girl had been watching over her every day. When she entered the room, the woman was completely quiet. But she did not approach the bed. She stayed quiet in place and stared at the pale, white sheets, the dark, brown wood of the bed, and the only sound was the weak breathing of the human in the bed and a light clacking whenever the little girl moved her small, delicate feet. It was blurry, like a distant memory. The sound of the girl's feet soon stopped as she came to a halt only about 30 centimeters away from the bed. She stood there in the room with dimmed light, staring at the woman in the bed. Despite her pale, sickly face, she was very young and beautiful, her hair the same wonderful, blonde shade as the little girl's. The curtains had not been pulled away from the window in a long time, and the little girl made her way to the windows to do just that. She also opened it, letting in the free air that she knew the woman liked so much. Her hearing was obstructed by the light wind as she let her head out of the window to accept the air coming from outside, letting it whip in her hair. When she let her head back inside, she needed a few moments to readjust her hearing. Her eyes widened visibly when she was again listening to the sounds in the room.

    Everything had been like usual, with the lack of sounds being something that she had gotten herself accustomed to at a very young age. But there was a sound missing, a sound that she could not tell apart from other sounds in the beginning. The sound had been so natural that she had barely payed attention to it, other than acknowledging it was there. Her ears scanned every sound trying to figure out which one was not there. There were more sounds now that the window was ajar, but this one meaningless sound would not appear in her ears' range. So what was it? It did not take her much longer, and soon enough, her gaze fell on the bed. She did not know how much time had passed since she started looking around for the source of the missing sound. Minutes? Hours?

    And she knew now what was missing. She ran up to the bed, listening in closely. Her heart dropped in her chest as she shook the woman, expression panicked. She tried shaking the frail body in the bed, but it wasn't there. The sound of her breathing. It was gone. She got tears in her eyes as she kept shaking the now withering, dead body of her mother, tears falling from her eyes as she whispered words trying to bring the woman back to her. It had been so many years since she had gotten attached to her mother more than her father, and now her mother was gone. Fear filled her at the thought of never being able to see her mother again. Her brother was coming home today, so why?! How could she die?!

    "Mother, please come back... please don't leave me here all alone...! I can't live without you, I don't know what to do without you... I'm scared of father, please... please breathe again... I can't live this life if you're not here, mother..." She sobbed into the sheets for a few moments before running out of the room, bursting open the door as powerfully as she could to her father's study. "F-father... mother is... she isn't breathing...!" Without even answering the little girl, the man stormed to the room with the bed and the now cold body, and a body carried on feet with polished shoes followed along with this frightening, frightening man. When she got there, he was bent over the bed. She couldn't see his face. When this face finally turned towards her, it was filled with hatred.

    "She's been dead for a while, you brat! You let her die, you useless child! You have always clung to this woman without any concern for anyone else. You're a selfish, little brat..." Before the little girl could manage to run, he had grabbed her by the arm. The sound of his hand making contact with her cheek echoed in the entire room. He yanked her by the hair as she sobbed, putting her in front of the bed, in front of her mother. "This is your fault, you useless, little bastard. This is your work. You made this happen, it's all your fault." She wanted to protest, and yet she knew nothing would come out of it. Instead she closed her eyes on the sight, broken sobs escaping her throat, leaving her with trouble when it came to breathing. She felt like she was going to suffocate. He tossed her on the floor, leaving her in the room as he locked the small door after him.

    Hours passed. The little girl banged her fists on the door, her lack of strength making her unable to come out. In the end, she sat sobbing against the door, hands bleeding and red drops staining her beautiful, blue dress. They rolled onto the floor as well, and she looked up to the death bed of her beloved mother. Her fault. It was all her fault. She had done this to her mother.

    When the door was opened, the little girl shielded herself, thinking that she would be getting another hit. She was surprised to be embraced in large, warm arms, and fought against it until she heard the voice that belonged to those arms.
    "Haruka! I'm so sorry... I wish I had come earlier..." He looked up, seeing their dead mother in the bed. Despite his sister only being eight, he had just turned eighteen himself. He shielded Haruka's eyes in his shoulder as he went to the bed, drawing a blanket over their mother's face after closing her eyes.

    "Haruka, we're going to go to mother's house. I'll take care of you from now on, don't worry..." Initially he had wanted to take her to a hospital, but he feared their father finding them. It was obvious from the treatment that Haruka had recieved that this man somehow blamed his little daughter for the death. He went to the bathroom, taking Haruka to her own room to wait. He came back with the first aid kit, gently taking her hands in his own. The sight made him frown angrily.

    She had been locked in that room for hours. Her nails were completely ruined when she had scratched the door trying to get out, and the inside of the door was stained in blood. To put an eight-year old in this kind of panic was inhumane. She was his own flesh and blood. She was sobbing lightly as he bandaged her hands, putting a band-aid over the scratch on her forehead recieved from being thrown to the floor. He let her sit with ice on her cheek and bruised elbow for a little while before he took out a pink dress, new socks and new shoes for Haruka. He packed a little suitcase with a bunch of her clothing while she changed into the pink dress, having a bit of trouble because of her hurting hands. He had money himself to go to Japan where his mother's house was(since he had been saving up to go there anyways) and taking a child with him would not be much trouble.

    "I've already got my things ready in mom's house, so is there something you want to bring with you, Haruka?" He asked, trying to lighten up the dead expression on his sister's face. She went through the shelves at a surprisingly quick pace, putting her jewelry in a bag. Her brother, Hiroki, knew that the little box was filled with gifts from Haruka's mother. She also brought a teddy bear with her, and a few hand-written books. When she had packed that in a little bag that she insisted carrying on her own, they set off to the airport. Thankfully, there were seats for them both on the plane, since it was not in the traveling season. The plane ride, despite it taking many hours, was executed in silence, the small, frail girl sitting with her hands folded in her lap, her long hair covering her face.

    Hiroki put his hands on top of hers, and instantly she leaned her head into his chest, crying softly. He almost fell apart with sadness seeing her like that, and his hand held hers tightly, trying to use this to comfort her.

    When they finally reached Japan, the small girl was sleeping, and Hiroki had to sadly wake her up. She clung onto his arm despite her probably hurting hands, following him until they reached the taxi. He sat in the back with her, unable to leave her there alone while he sat in the front seat. He told their destination, and it took only half an hour and they were at the mansion. He grabbed onto Haruka, took her out in his arms, payed the taxi driver and got their bags as he carried it all to the house. The lights were off, and he turned them on before going to the living room.

    He took out a large mattress and blankets, lying down there with her in his arms after slipping off her shoes, her hairband and her socks. He slept in t-shirt and jeans himself, his arm protectively around her as they lied there. He figured that she would be scared out of her mind if she woke up all on her own in a large, unknown house. She had never visited this mansion before, only when she was so small that she couldn't remember it. He stared at her sleeping form, sadness in his eyes. He would have to try and raise this girl to have a normal life. This was where their life together without their parents began...

    resent day.

    Thinking back to this memory made Haruka very, very sad, but also grateful. Her brother had that day saved her life from being abused by her father every day until the day she turned 18. He gave her the chance of creating her own life, and the only thing she felt guilty about now was ruining that. The walk to her house was not long, but not really short either. It took enough for her to manage to grow distanced in her own thoughts in the middle of it. She almost missed the gates to her house, and when she realized it, she turned back and walked inside. Her father had never come looking for them. He was probably well aware that they had gone to live here, and yet he never showed up.

    Even her brother was puzzled. When she got back, a smell of food emitted from the kitchen. She was indeed hungry... she walked out to the kitchen after taking off her shoes, seeing her brother. He was, if possible, even taller than her, and did not look one bit like either of his parents. Their mother had been a half Japanese child, born with blonde hair, but raised in Japan, and their father had been an American with light brown hair. Yet her brother stood out with fiery, red hair and sparkling, blue eyes that matched her own. If it was not for their faces, one would doubt that they were even related to each other. "If it isn't my little prince! How did your training go today? Did anything interesting happen? I'm making beef stew tonight so I hope you like it." He was not going to complain if his sister did not give any answers. That would not be irregular for her. She was always quiet in all kinds of situations, and he would not expect her to blabber about her even now. Though he would have liked her to talk more. Ever since they moved here, her bubbling spirt had completely disappeared in favor of this nasty personality, and Haruka herself seemed well aware of this, making Hiroki's heart sting. The past had ruined his sister's mind forever, and he had not been quick enough to save her.

    "I'm finally getting a job. The Minashiro family has hired me as the Knight for their daughter." Hiroki seemed to react to that name, not that Haruka was surprised. The family had quite some rumors going on. Hiroki also remembered when Haruka had changed herself entirely. It had been a day when she was 13 years old, and she had come back in loose t-shirt with her hair cut. It was not blonde anymore, rather black with red stripes. He had not scolded her for it. He had let her grow up like she wanted to, and in the end, he was not disappointed. Even if she was a person hiding away the fact that she was a girl, he was proud of what she had become. The fact that he was not involved so much in her life made him able to treat her kindly and without any hard feelings. He had refused to listen to things about the school and how her life was going there, rather keeping their relationship strictly in the home. It was to give Haruka a few moments of freedom in the day, to give her a place where she would be able to breathe more easily. He did not see how that could be so wrong. That way, she would have a smaller chance of growing crazy.

    "Well, make sure to come home and visit every now and then, right? And keep yourself alive, already. This is not a free suicide ticket, Haruka." He said, making the girl look at him with widened eyes. Seems he hit it straight on the nail. She nodded while he looked at her, and he smiled. When he had finished cooking, he got over to her, letting the food heat while he hugged her around the shoulders gently, nuzzling his nose into her hair. She seemed to appreciate the contact as her arms wrapped tightly around his back. In his eyes, she was still just her usual, frail self. Just in a different, older and more mature package. But she was still just his sister.

    "I get it already. I'm not going to die, okay? I promise I'll be alright... the first thing I have to is win seven out of eleven matches, or more, that they set up with other members from my school. I doubt that I'll lose any of them, but it seems that they have to be rendered unable to fight. It'll be hard not to hurt anyone. If I come home even more nasty, that might be the reason. You know I hate hurting people that doesn't deserve it, people that I am only fighting for show. I hate that." She said, eyes serious. Hiroki chuckled as he hugged her tighter, making her a bit more pissed as she pushed from him with an angry blush on her face. As always, such a cutie...! He chuckled as he got back to his food, leaving her to stomp upstairs with her bags to change into more casual clothes than her tight, stiff white attire. When she came back down, she plopped onto the couch with a deep sigh, moving a hand through her hair as she closed her eyes. She'd be in trouble from now on, big time. It was not just going to pass like that.
  12. The night had fallen as hours passed into the dawn of the next day. At the daily routine hour around six o'clock am in the morning, the maid named Kana was in charge of waking up the princess, had made her cue of walking over to the girl's room to wake up her up. Wondering that her master was still asleep, she had knocked on the door to prevent of entering into her room without permission or she'll might get scolded by Munayuki again like every other servants that was warned. A small flash memory took Kana back when the time one of the maids was trying to go inside the princess's room, Munayuki, the manly looking agent, had a perfect timing to arrive at the scene to witness the maid was going to invade the young lady's room. Munayuki speed up in front of the maid who tried to enter inside without Munayuki's permission other than the princess herself, scolded at her in a non-angrily tone but caution warning. The maid squeaked under Munayuki's ongoing from the lecture while the sleepy Aoi had woken up from the silly commontion and giggles at the small event. The princess was use to this a lot and she knows Munayuki was being overly protective and the maids being cute for becoming speechless at this and felt bad for them after the lecture had been over. The maid had sighed at the turnout event that happen, but she did had fun back then.

    But right now, it was important to wake up the mistress to get up ready for dressing, eat breakfast, and go to school. The maid Kana had knocked on the door once again for any response until it was given nothing in return. This confused the servant how no reply came from the princess and assumed that she must of slept in again for staying up late last night.

    After all, one of the other maids, name Mimi, who was in charged of the midnight shift around twelve o'clock am, had wondering around to make sure everything was lock down and sealed tightly. But as she passed by to the princess's room, she could hear soft sobs from Aoi's room. Knew what she was crying: her exiled brother that had disappeared over about nearly five given years without any contact or reason given to why he had abandoned her, of all family. (Of course, they had a younger female sibling at home, but young sister isn't close to them since she was still a child anyways. Her name is Aya Minashiro, and she might given a part later in the story.) The maid name Mimi felt the sorrow concern for her beloved master who use to smile, shatter in tears to cry herself at night without wanting anyone to hear or near her. Kana, unable to wait because she was posted to another position to help around in the house so she decided to accept the lecture later, and must wake up the princess before she's...

    "If you're gonna wake her up, Kana, don't do it." A deep manly voice spoke from behind the maid Kana, which made the female out of the two figures turn around to see the butler that use to serve under Aoi's brother's vision. "If you weren't informed, Aoi-sama had already taken her leave an hour earlier than today. Saying that she wasn't able to rest so Aoi-sama went out for a fresh breathing walk to school to clear her troubling thoughts."

    "K-Kunato-san... I-I see," Kana stuttered in replied of disappointment. She kinda knew that the student must of still felt trouble with the whole meeting yesterday after the way she reacted, coming in home only up to her room and shut herself in there for hours. No food or drink needed, Aoi told them. "Then I'll get ready to my next post... I will be seeing you later." Leaving with name Kunato nodding his head, the two servants parted ways.

    Meanwhile for Aoi Minashiro, she had already arrived to the Rozen Private School by her personal agent who sent her by Munayuki's own car. Aoi wanted to be alone for a little while but she knows Nana wouldn't let her be, so she accepted the offer and went to school. But she didn't have any class period in the morning since she had already done enough credits and the extraordinary length, she didn't have to take any morning classes but the afternoon's. Being inside of the school building felt like a prison. Like her old house before she had escaped from, thanks to Munayuki and Shina's help. So instead of going inside the school building, she went to the back of the school to her usual spot: the sakura garden pond. In her heart, it was the most sacred place she ever went to and love the view. This place took her breathe away, with the scene from the blossom had spread into the gust of air while the petals had fallen into the pond was just the lovely sight. She had wished that spring wouldn't come to an end in the next two months... Aoi frown as she soften her eyes, thinking of the rough training for the knight Kanagawa had to deal with... It was the first time she was ever concern about anyone else that isn't any other man but her brother, due to her disliking whenever her father had introduced some snobby child or a bit older men into her face, arranged marriage. Aoi didn't enjoy those dark times after several times she recalled being alone with them, they were getting up to her just because she was 'cute' or 'beautiful' to their eyes. Caring about the appearance only, she rather loved and marry her own brother than any of those kind of guys since her brother appreciated her more in a gentleman's way. And cared for Aoi since he knows her more, told her that her personality and liking to know of a person is much wonderful and rewarding than being randomly picked by arranged marriage. Marriage... She wonder how it felt how to be married to someone she'll truly love... Did... Did her brother ever loved someone before...? But aside the thought of her brother, she wonder about Haruka of how he was doing right now and the future that was yet to come. Aoi closed her eyes as the cool wind blows in.
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  13. The night had passed just like that, she had gone to bed after their dinner because she knew that she would have to get up early. When she got into her room on bare feet, in shorts and t-shirt, her phone buzzed. She got onto her bed, opening the smartphone. She stared for more than a minute on the short message lighting up her display. A lot of consideration seemed to be going through her mind as she stared at the display lighting up her face in a strange, unnatural manner.

    'Yo, my little prince. <3

    How does a date tomorrow at 3 PM sound?

    - Rin'

    She seemed to contemplate for a while, but there was no way that this woman would give up when she was trying to get herself laid by Haruka. The blonde sighed and sent down a message simply saying "Ok" and arranging their meeting place, which was in a park not that far from Rozen Academy. Not that she cared about that. There was no protocol about dating, and as assumed, as long as you got good grades and did well in classes, they would not look into your current personal lief. Not that they had a serious relationship, her and Rin. They would get together, go on a date, and soon enough they'd be indulging in acts that couples usually only did. But it was just for show. Their relationship was entirely casual, with no boundaries or responsibilities. Tomorrow was her first test too, but she had seen that she only had to be in from early morning until noon.

    Hiroki came to say goodnight as she turned off the lights, darkening her room completely as she fell asleep, her mind wandering off to all kinds of different places. It was a strange life that she was leading, truly. She did not know why she was doing the things she were, but it did not matter to her any longer. That was the thoughts enveloping her as sleep took over her concentration and consciousness, leaving her in the gentle grasp of sleep in order to calm her down as much as possible.

    The next morning did not come as a surprise, and Haruka was ready for school before Hiroki had even gotten up. She left the house with a note to her brother, walking the distance it took to come to the school. Once inside, she was brought to the gym without further ado, and left in peace top change into her battle attire. When she got out, sword in hand, another student was already standing there. The coach instructed her, and she could see the heads of Miyabi, Aoi and some bodyguards in the distance. They were here to watch her performance. She turned her head to the person in front of her, gaze steady. The way that she stared at him seemed to make him nervous, for his gaze avoided hers directly. She smirked as she drew her sword, waiting for the sign.

    Two seconds, and they were blade to blade. Haruka had gotten a bad start on purpose, and as the male came over her, she easily parred with her sword, slashing out after him. She slashed and slashed and cut and carved after him with a frightening precision, actually managing never to hit him once. But eventually, he fell to the ground out of exhaustion, and she pointed her blade at his neck. The coach stopped the match and concluded her the winner. This went on eleven times in a row. Some took longer than others, but all was won easily by Haruka as she showed her precision. When that was over, she went to the next post, grabbing out two guns. She aimed them at the dummies, hitting both of them right between the eyes, square on the target. She shot down target after target, soon enough throwing them as she grabbed her next weapon; the bow. She strung an arrow on the instrument, letting it fly through the air. She hit right in the middle of the target. She also turned an arrow on the dummies from the shooting range that were far away, the arrow swirling through the air and hitting straight in the head of one of the dummies.

    And thus she went around to each of the posts, showing what talent she had and the things she had learned. She was excused at noon and left to go home. When the clock turned to 3 PM and she had changed into a nice t-shirt, vest and pants, the doorbell sounded and she went down, opening the door for Rin, who she suspected it was.
  14. Aoi was lost in the thoughts of her again from thinking about such event of the marriage topic. She had wonder if her brother really wanted marry anyone outside of the family, someone that the poor sister doesn't know who her blood sibling was interacting with. If she know who that person was, she'd accepted her future sister-in-law into the family... That is, if it's something that truly cherish her brother very much as she does. She appreciates him as a person and a man, but she can't love him as a lover nor does she want that idea of being with him. Reason one is because of the royal family or in general that the incest brother-sister love was forbidden for it will bring down the name in shame. But she didn't care about that, really. Reason two is also the same, but they weren't allow to love another same gender(s) because they can't give birth to the same gender unless another method can be used. (Not going there)

    But again, she didn't care about that either because what matters to her heart from what her brother had told her years back before he left the family. She remember the vision when her brother's eyes twinkled with something seem so calm and passionate. Aoi presumed that it was love that made him so wonderful... Which made her heart beat for the sweet, gentle man. "Aoi-chan, you mustn't be picky about loving someone with just looks, that doesn't seem right to betray that person's heart." Her brother said with a caring smile, placing a finger tip resting on his lip as his right blue bangs was covering the right cheeks. "When one day you'll ever find someone you'll truly love, you just can't ever leave them alone, or at least that's what I think." Her brother chuckle as the memory started to fade away. With just that line, she kept that to heart and as remainder what true love could ever be. But she wonder who his heart felt for when over the years, he had met no other women than just Shina and Munayuki, along with few other ladies who were the servants?

    "Aoi-sama," Aoi slipped away from the thought without having to flinch when she gazed up to her best friend Munayuki, the voice that belonged to the masculine woman agent. She bowed her greets in accustom as always and only move her head slightly up to report, "Kanagawa-dono is here as promised to show his performance. We are to await for your arrival." Aoi sighed, already feeling tired for all of this royalty business she had to do. Aoi said nothing but made 'Mm' reply to the agent and told her she was ready to go. It's not that she didn't want to see Haruka's performance. It wasn't that. She just hated to do this royalty curtoues she had to make in the manner. She heard Munayuki cleared her throat to signaling that they had to go soon. The emotional princess didn't say anything but looked up to the colored sky, hoping everything will be fine..

    ~ x ~​

    Right when everything was taken place inside the gym, known as the arena stadium for pratice trials, Aoi had watched from above in the VIP area. From battle to battle, all eleven matches, the performance the soldier presented had passed the expectation by flying colors in such to say she had hoped her knight can show came true, she clapped in appluade to the knight for his success as the crowd uproared in excitement while some were disappointed that the students they were rooting for, lost the battle. Still giving appluad to this since it was a excellent matches Haruka had conquered. Then one to the next, when the battle was over, Haruka who practiced with the dummies to display all the abilites and skills that he possesed were also fascinating that she was speechless. Her heart started to beat for something unknown. Was it because Haruka had performed throughout the test? Skills were incredibly used by his beauty among the fight in elegant style? What is this sort of unknown feeling she's getting, it felt so different when her heart beated after watching upon her brother's expression and kindness.. Was there something that she needed to know? But such strong strength and cautious tactic, she can feel like she's protected under his strong arms...

    ~ x ~

    When everything had come to an end, the students from the Senzou and Rozen mix had came out of the large building, Aoi had secretly ran out to go look for Haruka to wonder what sensation that is giving off from Haruka's fighting aura... Even if it wasn't displayed on emotion on Haruka's face, but she can tell how amazing it was... She had to see him. She looked around back and forth to see if the fighter was still around, and to her luck, Aoi had thought that the girl had found a figure that was about Haruka's size walked to the opposite side. She ran after him but not that closely behind him at all, since she was about 10 yards away from the man. She had hope to catch him soon.
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  15. When greeting Rin at the door, Haruka was immediately attacked by a mop of black hair and clingy arms. The girl, with hair short like Haruka's, though black and more straight than Haruka's messy hair, looked up at her with a cheeky grin on her face. Despite her looks, she was actually 20 years old, three years older than the tall Haruka. But she acted like she was barely 14 years old, and sometimes being in public with her was a bit... well, one would get the hint. She was dressed in low-waist jeans, a loose t-shirt, cap and a hoodie hanging open on her shoulders. When she looked up, her green eyes were twinkling.

    "Seriously though, Haru, you've got to stop wearing those vests... makes me wanna rip it off you." Rin purred, earning a sigh from the taller female. Before she could even manage to greet Hiroki good-bye, a smaller hand had grabbed hers and they were outside the house. After Rin's begging for about five minutes straight, they went to the park by motorbike. There was only a single reason for Rin wanting to use that form of transportation. She did not have a license herself, meaning that she would sit on the back. That gave her opportunity to cling onto Haruka as much as she wanted, and of course... touch her innappropriately. If it wasn't for her being completely used to this girl and her mischevious and teasing personality, she would have probably died in a bike accident years ago. They got to the park, and she left her motorbike outside, the helmets going into the locked compartment below the seat. As they walked, Rin slipped her hand into Haruka's. She supposed playing couple every now and then couldn't be the worst...

    "So, Rin, what brought you all the way here from college? Do you really love me that much, so much that you want to be together with me so soon again?" She heard a chuckle from below her and looked down to see Rin smiling up at her. She sighed. "What?"

    "You look cuter than usual. Are you trying to start something?" There was a small amount of people in the park, but they were all preoccupied or on their way out. Surprisingly, the two girls were almost alone. Haruka dragged the smaller female under the shade of a tree, pinning her up against the rough surface of the bark. She stared into Rin's eyes, a glint of desire in them.

    "And what if I am?"

    "Then I'll have to punish you."

    "Sure it won't be the other way around, sweetie?"

    Since no one were really there (at least not of what they had noticed), Haruka allowed herself to be dragged by the collar into a kiss by the other girl. Her hands instantly found their way into the lovely, soft black hair locks of her partner. Soon enough, she took control of the contact, pressing the other girl up against the tree to claim her dominance in this situation. She knew it would be a bit risky for them to do this, but they were both in very, very different clothes from how they would normally dress, and most people did not recognize Haruka without a sword strapped to her waist.
  16. The pink haired girl was running through to the path that she was sure to had follow, was where Haruka was walking though. She pulled into a break to stop her track, grasping for breathe from exhaustion that the speedy swordsman had walked away. What incredible speed he took off even though he was just walking! She couldn't catch up to him even when Aoi was use to be an ace for runner in sports team but never joined sports activity much. It took about few minutes for her to finally catch her breathe and no second to waste, immediately had taken off to find Haruka around the area she remember seeing the tall person had passed to.

    Ten minutes afterward, she sighed then almost start to become mobile until she stop to find Haruka. She saw the man that she was seeking, the sound of her heart had made the beating throbs once again in delight for seeing the Haruka right there in the park where the figure was sitting down at the bench. "Kanagawa-Sa--" Aoi had tried to call out for Haruka but it immediately broke off her voice as she seen the scene where Haruka was tackle down by the smaller companion that soon register to the princess's mind that it must be Haruka's male friend. She hid behind the nearby tree that she can find and watch them. "Who... is he? Is he Kanagawa-dono's friend...?" Aoi asked herself in monologue, watching the two couples were talking and such. Not knowing what they were doing, she watched both men from afar of where they were at. It wasn't suppose to be her business but she became curious of the pairs.

    The feminine girl flustered from this, rather to decided to wait until they were done speaking or just leave them be. She didn't wanted to be rude to get into their conversation or even walking in, but it seem like she wanted to know what the smaller partner of Haruka, relationship was. What he meant to him. Her heart began to ache as if it was slowly wrapping up by some chains, not locking but slowly building over the heart's surrounding as it sqeeze tighter by the next second. Was this... Jealousy?

    She never knew what jealousy was, but remember back in time that one moment when her brother 'Ai-oniisama' (recalling from the other post of his name) was upset about something. Aoi was still a child back then, she had noticed that her brother's eyes were hurt as he gripped his shirt tightly after something had happen. The young child didn't want her brother to be hurt after taller person than her brother's height, walked away. The poor worried child tried to comfort her brother from the pain she thought he was given to him was a physical wound, but he notice her sweetness and his eyes had shined like the ocean as his tears streamed from it. He hugged her tightly, trying to tell her that he was fine. She didn't liked it one bit and without realizing it, she broke down in tears herself. Crying with her sweet brother... The two siblings embraced in tears as they remain in that position until that memory started to fade.

    Aoi look back to reality to look at the men, couldn't hear their conversation well nor want to hear it, since it was considering rude to eavesdropping anyways. But instead of hearing things that were bad, she witness that the two men had moved themselves against up to the tree. Her eyes widen in shock that they've kissed! Two men kissed! (Of course from her eyes, she didn't know about the two's true genders.) The heart of the princess felt the pain in the flesh as if she was stabbed by an sword or the chain ripped the beating live object into many pieces of skins and blood. Her eyes began to glow and overflowed with the tears that she didn't understand about. She doesn't know what this pain or why she's crying. She just knows that she needed to get away from here as soon as possible, she turn forty-five degree in right direction of where she came from and dashed off to know care who will ended up seeing her passing.

    "Aww~ Poor hime~" A boyish voice pouted in non-worry manner, not surprised about the reaction since it was predictable of how she express. "I was hoping she put up some fight~ Guess she hasn't changed over all the years like what Ai-chan said, right, Mi~?" The owner of the voice belong to the shorter boy who had stand behind the tree. The one name 'Mi' had turned his head, in emotionless expression but still hinted a bit small worry.

    "Aoi-Sama..." The older male who was claimed the name of 'Mi' whisper quietly of concern after he saw the princess had ran off from the whole scene. The man watched her trailed off to the direction that she went until she was no longer visible in sight. The smaller boy with an red spiky hair tugged the older one's shirt with a twisted grin.

    "Do you think he's going to be upset if he learned that his sister is feeling depressed about some guy she doesn't know~?" The spiky red head devilishly grinned in mischief until the older man who had an short blue shaggy layered hair style smacked the boy. "Ow! What was that for!"

    "Don't talk down about Aoi-sama like that, Shun. You know how upsetting it'll be if Aizuki-dono finds out whatever report was giving about his sister being stress or what not. And Ryuusei-dono will be extremely angry at us if we gave a poor information." 'Mi' glared down at the boy who pouted to rub his injured head, "Anyways. Since we found her, we have to report back. Let's go." 'Mi' had reached his hand to grab the boy name Shun and dragged him, even with fuss Shun had tried to fight back to be set free but let it be.
  17. When the girls broke apart, they were slightly breathless, and despite the gazes shared between them, it remained obvious that it was not love these two beings felt for each other. It was a very careless, emotionless desire only fueled by what it was. They wanted each other, but they did not want to love each other. They did not want to start an actual relationship that involved responsibility and feelings. All they needed was to sometimes, every now and then, enjoy the physical presence of a human whose appearance they found attractive. Haruka let out a sigh as she looked into the other girl's eyes, staring like that for a long while. She seemed to be wondering about something, but soon pushed herself off the tree, followed by Rin, whose arm snaked around Haruka's waist from behind, rendering her unable to move without pushing the smaller female off.

    "You know we'll have to stop if you fall in love, right?"

    "I know already."

    "You like someone."

    "That's one-sided."

    A sigh came from Rin's delicate lips. She knew she'd realized the truth, and now Haruka was trying to avoid it. She bit down on her lip. This girl really just wanted to forget. Rin still remembered the frail ten-year old that had turned into this. She had barely managed to turn around before everything keeping up Haruka's pride and sense of self-justice had disappeared. She did not hate her father or seek revenge anymore, she simply did not want to get near him. On top of that, she had broken away from the girl she had been when little. She had cut her hair, changed her personality, thrown out everything of importance.

    "I get it already, you moron. You're not very self-conscious. Now, let us go back. Hiroki's out with his loverboy tonight, ain't he? I could see him putting on a bowtie in his room!" Rin seemed amused at this, and Haruka couldn't help another sigh. With this, Rin felt a bit more safe. When Haruka sighed, at least she was not depressed. She was just annoyed with Rin's foolishness. That was better than the bitter emotionless state she was usually in.

    The trip to the apartment did not take long on the bike, and as soon as they returned to the empty house, they took a detour to Haruka's room. The door slammed behind them both and a lock clicked. They would not come out of that room in the next few hours, muffled sounds being heard from beyond the door. Not that they cared, considering that the house was completely empty.
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  18. It felt like it's been forever ever since Aoi had ran away from the scene she just witnessed of the two men, her knight Haruka and someone who was more beautiful than anyone she had seen, kissing in deep lips on one another. Though there was nothing wrong about it because she still remember about her brother's words about nothing stop loves from anything or gender. She knows that but it wasn't that... She doesn't know how to describe the whole thing but she didn't want to replay the scene again as she continue on fleeing. Fifteen minutes later until further more corners, she had finally pull into a stop. She bended over, trying to grasp for air, panting from all that running for something she couldn't know. Her mind can't calculating the solution she had hoped, but only her heart might know... Nevertheless, she doesn't know what to say. Aoi had spotted another location that look like a park and walked over to the swings. The full emotion princess had turned around after getting near to the swing, then neatly hold down the skirt from the rear and sat down. Right there after she placed herself down on the swinging object, she had hold on the chains to make sure she doesn't flip backward to fall.

    This is made Aoi overly lost in thought, reminding herself that was nothing between her and Kanagawa-san as of yet. They done nothing to have that spark of moment and yet, she felt so amazed at the dancing swordsman who worked his way to be on the top to become her knight. She was lost at words to describe how the battle was intense and deep caution. The tearful Aoi had remember Haruka had given her oath to promise this girl with his life, even if he doesn't know the horrible story behind the schools' history or such. And let's be honest, with all of this five years had flew by; she doesn't even know if her brother was even still alive anymore. She had been thinking about it but nothing was ever sent to her except a three letters, from three years ago, had some sort of attachment in it; in the letter had a tape placed on the silver heart-shaped bracelet that contained a cross shape on the inside the middle. She doesn't know why but according in the letter from the sender name "Dragoon", and she doesn't know if it was a guy or a girl who wrote this, write to her.

    In the note, it was first showing the introduction of themselves of who they are. Not in details of what they look like or their profiles, but it had to do with the schools Aoi and Kanagawa had enrolled to. Something dark about buildings had involved them and their important friends to pulled into danger, mentioning about sacrifices were needed to break something from a certain location. But nothing more than that because they didn't want her to be involve into this. She didn't understand why there was a sentence said, 'I apologize for telling you all of this but it would be better that even if you have learn about this, you should never get involve.' Why telling this to her when something like this took her brother away from the family. It also said that right before her brother disappeared from the whole scene, he had left her something until, just one cue, a scraped metal her brother got for her, fell on the ground. Realizing that it was chipped in so many places that shocked her in unpleasant way. Thanks to that, Aoi had to recover the metal and told Munayuki to reshaped the large chains into the shape it use to be but in a smaller size.

    She had read everything about it but learn that her brother still exist and alive with them. But there was no proof that whatsoever because there was no picture, no nothing from him. Although this would be too good to be true, she had given a lots of hope to find him soon, if... If only she didn't hesitate herself in this strange pace of liking someone. She had promised herself that she can't fall in love for it will probably make her and Haruka fallen in battle. ...Kanagawa. She had wonder what he is doing right now with his unknown partner that she doesn't know. She looked up to the sky to see the use to be beautiful sky that was gleaming in radiant baby blue sky, was covered by the blanket of dark clouds that was soon going to be pour down by the rain. As the cloud sprinkled the tear drops of rain from the sky down to earth, it dripped onto the now crying maiden as both rain and actual tears mixed to fell from her cheeks. The rain had dripped harder than how it was starting.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~​

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    From behind the scene, there were two people who were beside the wet peach colorful tree to watch the sadden girl who lost her mind and seem exhausted to even care about the rain drenching her uniform. The taller person out of the two was holding onto large umbrella to shield the smaller out of the rain. Keeping themselves in distant away from the rain and the crying girl. The older man expressed two mixed emotions: sadness and concern, to see the tearing Aoi's expression to fogged in the deep thoughts. He can already guessed what she had been worried about. His fist clutched to watch his own best friend's sister who was seeking for her brother... All because of him.

    Show Spoiler
    Ryuusei Narukami

    "Are you certain that you're not able to meet her, my lord...? After all, the poor girl had wanted to meet you for a long time now. Especially it had been about five years since the incident we had made against the Minashiro family." The tall older man had looked at his companion with deep blue haired teenager who had stared at the crying girl, looking very uncertain of she had to do next.

    They received the report from the two men from earlier of who followed her. Which lead these two appear at the same time where they manage to spot on Aoi somewhere in the district neighborhood. The blue haired boy frowned after hearing such event that had happen to his little sister that he spent his life to stay close to her, spoiling her and such. But to receive such upsetting news after all the parting ways for five years, even when he wanted to see her but couldn't because of his own reason, to find out his sister is heartbroken? Shun is one thing if he joked, but hearing from the man that given the nickname 'Mi' had also stated that he had too, seen the sister cry. So they had decided to find her themselves to look from afar side-line.

    They were watched the girl soaked in the favorite jacket of hers, the memento from her brother. The smaller man shook his head in the reply of 'no' and the "But, my lord... You know how terribly guilty I felt after making you to abandoned your own blooded sibling because of my--"

    Show Spoiler
    Aizuki Minashiro

    "Ryuusei-kun, please don't... We've been going through this many times before of what had happen in the past, you didn't mean to... Nor did you have any intention of hurting us, or me. You didn't know that this was going to happen so of course, I risked my life to go with you. After all, if I known the details too late, I am positive that my own life and my sister's would had been done ages ago since she now know I still live but my reason to why I am still here with you and the others. Ryuusei-kun, you remember the promise that you and I made together after we had decided to abandoned the names of our bloods, correct?"

    "Yes... I remember it very well, my lord... But, Aizuki-sama..."

    "You didn't do anything wrong, Ryuusei-kun," The now named blue haired young Aizuki said in a calm tone without moving his head away from Aoi's direction but shifted his soften blue eyes at named Ryuusei. "Things just happen and you had fallen victim under the blood of the Narukami's name as I did with the Minashiro's, what else can you or I do since we shared fate? Strange as it may, but fate had pulled us together, you know... I have no regrets except to not taken my sister away from the Minashiro. You know that deep inside, so at the moment I punished myself to do not approach her until time is right..."

    "Yes... I am aware of that, Aizuki-sama... And I swore on my life that I shall protect your life and obey to your every commands that you desire." The masculine man saluted his accustomed side arm, placing his fist upon his chest with the absolute location where Ryuusei's heart is at. His eyes sharpen with his voice deepen into a heavy and malicious aura as he made a huge threat. "If there is anyone who will interfere your way, I will have no mercy to kill them." Cheerful Aizuki had a sweet smile on his face then nodded his head. He can tell when Ryuusei is deadly serious about his promise to the prince, so the feminine man then around full-body at the silly man for the royalty code in honor of Ryuusei's oath. Cocking his head on the side, the other fingered his companion to come closer.

    "Good... And I probably can't stop you unless my sister is involve, it's no guaranteed I'll save you from your punishment..." The guardian nod his head, knowing the kind of punishment he'll be facing later on if he dared go against Aizuki's wishes. "Now since that is settled, do me a favor, Ryuusei-kun...?"

    The knight soften his eyes and glance at the Minashiro child, smiling curled a bit as he began to question his prince, "What is it, my lord? Is there something that you'd like for me to do for you?" He saw that Aizuki had pointed at his sister who still remained wet from the rain that had poured not to long ago, Ryuusei saw a sad spark in Aizuki's eyes that he had wanted to something to help his little sister out. But he himself had forbidden to do so because he had already mention, that he's being punished for abandoning his sister to help this guardian out on their mission.

    "Help my little sister to get away from the rain. I'm not allowed to talk to her in person." The older one nods his head to hand over the open umbrella to his highness and took the one umbrella that remained sealed that other male prepared him with, open it outside under theirs and walked his way to the girl.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Still having the rain pouring down on he face, Aoi finally moved her body from the stiffen position. Feeling the ache from the movement she had put herself into, for nearly fifteen minutes now. Her body had shiver from the cold rain and felt her favorite jacket of her brother's was drenched in the cold wet rain. Aoi hugged herself for feeling foolishly of making the jacket that was dried-cleaned now wrinkle. She hoped later when she get back home, Shina would iron-press this beautiful black jacket into freshly new condition as if it was bought! This cause the girl to giggle for the troubling Shina who'll have to deal with this, but slowly had built up her tickling nose then sneezed at her lower vision's direction. She cursed herself to know that she was going to get sick from all of this and had to wipe her nose from any drippy non-politeness mess. Right before she had pulled her own handkerchief, another cloth was offered in front of the maiden and protected her out of the rain by placing the umbrella above the little cold princess. The candidate princess looked up to the kind man that she had never seen before as her hand hesitated to rather grab the cloth or not. How handsome... She thought to herself as she lock her eyes with the bloody crimson colored eyes, studying into his eyes. The icy blooded-eyes were like real jewel rubies as were the ones her brother Aizuki had showed to her when they were kids.

    "Are you all right, miss...?" The kind man asked with a gentle smile to the soaked girl, who was still trying to registering this whole thing. Why would a man talk to her? She mean, Haruka was one thing since he was the knight she was assigned with and dealt with him fine. But this man? She didn't seem sense anything bad about this man, it just felt like she know this man before... But where? Remained speechless, the older one chuckle at the cute reaction of hers and pull out a hand to help her up. "You must be cold from being under the rain for a while now, maybe you should get out of it and return home." Again, still as speechless in a bit more, she slowly took his hand to be pulled up until she accidentally lose her balance from the stiffed position, the body was set either asleep or stunned that she nearly had fallen in front of the man's vision. Although Aoi had shut her eyes, the umbrella was tossed aside as the man's strong arms had caught Aoi in time before fallen all over on the muddy ground in an embarrassment sight in front of this man! Her face turned dark shaded pink while at the same time her heart reacted as the male pulled her up to his level. He chuckled in a polite manner. "If your body is numb, it's fine to wait until you're ready to move. Do be careful, miss. We wouldn't want you to fall and hurt yourself." She again nodded her head without replying to him, feeling her heart speed in such ways. However, this had caused Ryuusei to sadness for stealing this poor princess's happiness and family, she endure the time alone without her brother because his fault, he embraced the girl tightly in his arm. Aoi's eyes widen at this as she let the man hugging her, not knowing or dare asking what was wrong and embraced him in return to hope the man felt comfortable. They stayed in that same spot for a while then.
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  19. As the hours passed, the girls ended up just lying on the bed together in the calm silence. Rin was clothed in Haruka's shorts and a t-shirts two sizes too big, and Harka was dressed in loose pants and another t-shirt. She turned her head over to look at the half-sleeping girl to her side. The bed was a mess, and clothes were thrown all over the floor. She sighed a bit and got up from the large bed, picking up Rin's and her own clothes, putting Rin's clothes out to wash them. She would have to have her clothes if they were going somewhere. She thought back on her life as she did this, pushing the clothes into the laundry basket. She had met Rin when she was 10, making the black-haired beauty 13. It had been a rather normal relationship, with Rin treating her nicely and with care as expected an older girl treats a younger one. When Haruka changed herself, Rin was surprised but didn't say anything about it.

    When she turned 15, she had surpassed Rin, who was now 18, in height. About six months later, they had been dressed up in their usual boyish clothes, and they had been scouted by this magazine to pose as a couple. It was nothing serious, they were just required to get on top of each other (Haruka on top, and with their clothes on) and get close enough to kiss, but not actually kiss. The photo shoot went well, and fake names were put in the description, as well as appearance changes to make them appear less like themselves. It had been about a week after that, after Haruka had turned 16, that Rin had gotten a little drunk. She was old enough to drink, so Haruka did not have anything against her getting drunk every now and then. It was not very often, after all...

    But before she knew, the shorter woman had placed the bottle on the table and crawled into her lap. She had asked whether they should try out what they'd been close to doing while posing for that magazine, and Haruka had been very surprised.

    But it had not been unexpected for the 16-year old Haruka. She knew that they were pretty close anyways, and the next morning, it was agreed that this would be nothing more than a physical relationship. Haruka had not exactly been innocent when that incident happened between her and Rin, but thinking back about it it was maybe a bit stupid. She caught herself thinking these things and slowly walked back to Rin, crawling into the bed beside her. It only took moments before the next reaction came. Rin's stomach grumbled and she let out a chuckle, crawling on top of Haruka to cling to her.

    It only took moments for Haruka to remember Aoi. The thought made her expression hard. She had remembered the trust in this girl's gaze, her sadness, the odd care that she showed in her expression to Haruka. And her heart ached. Rin, catching onto this, lied down on her back again, pulling Haruka's head to her chest and hugging her until she stopped shaking. She was not crying. Rin knew that her friend would never shed tears. But she was emotionally troubled, and Rin knew that this was about some girl. It would always make Haruka extremely bothered because of her hiding her gender. If a girl fell for her, the girl fell for a boy. And when she told the truth, she had once been slapped and called the worst things that one could imagine. After that incident, Haruka had not had a real relationship. Not yet. So whenever her feelings would play a cruel trick on her, she would burst out with frustration and sadness, and anger directed at herself. She did not forgive herself for falling in love. Rin got up from the bed, pinching Haruka's cheeks as she leaned in over the female, giving view of her naked chest.

    "Haruu ~ You know I'm a hopeless cook, won't you come with me down and cook for me? I'm sure that Hiroki and Mako-chan will be back soon, so let's surprise them! I caught Hiroki on phone while you were resting, and he said they weren't eating out tonight ~" Rin actually managed to get Haruka out of bed with this, and the girl who had slumped back from the bathroom just moments ago had now moved down to the kitchen. Rin was actually a hopeless cook, but she helped with cleaning the things that Haruka had used and setting the table. When she couldn't do anything else, this was about it for her. She sighed lightly as she thought about this, though. She would have to work harder to become a good housewife. It also annoyed her just a little bit how Haruka, who looked more boyish and had the most boyish hobbies and interests, would make a better housewife than Rin herself. When confronted about it, Haruka would just say that she had been making her food on her own when Hiroki was busy. Rin had just sighed at this, knowing that she would have to work harder than that to get good at cooking. Though when she saw the expression that Haruka wore whenever she was cooking, she had thought that it didn't matter at all.

    They made the food in silence, Rin not bothering to try and make her friend speak up. Forcing her would give Rin nothing, after all.

    ₪ ₪ ₪
    "I'm worried about her, Makoto." To Hiroki's left side, a small male was walking. He had delicate, gentle features, hair dyed white, blueish silver and eyes in matching color like metallic snow. The smaller male was worried about his boyfriend, who had been in a complete conflict about his younger sister, Haruka. Makoto knew exactly how protective his boyfriend was of that girl, and he appreciated it. There was no need to get jealous about their relationship, it was obvious that this clingyness had something to do with the horrid events that had happened to the girl who was just a little child at the time.

    "Maybe we should just go back, then." Makoto responded. They had not planned out anything to do, after all. They were just walking about town aimlessly, enjoying each other's company. Hiroki had to agree with this, even if he suspected that Haruka was with Rin. He had heard someone stealing her in the afternoon, after all. That had been around 3 PM. Now it was 5:30. If he was right, they'd be making dinner by now. Together, him and Makoto made their way back to the large mansion, and Hiroki had been right in his assumptions. It smelled of food and Haruka was standing bent over the stove when Makoto and Hiroki walked into the house. It didn't take him long to add up two and two seeing Rin wearing Haruka's clothing, both girls seemingly fresh from the shower. Not that he was going to go against it. Haruka had been old enough since her birthday when she turned 15. She was now 17, so in all honesty, Hiroki could not legally do anything about it.

    The girls finished up the dinner and they ate in silence. Both Rin and Hiroki seemed to worry largely about Haruka, who was completely silent, eyes only focused on the food and nothing else around her. She seemed very sad and bothered, but neither of the two could bring up the topic about what was bothering the young blonde. After all, Haruka had never been one to speak up about problems and emotional battles. She would always go through things on her own without ever consulting anyone.
  20. Long five to ten minutes had passed after they engaging themselves into the embrace, the two opposite genders gradually broke away from one another, to look at each other in the eyes. In Aoi's judgement as she locked her contact with his crimson ruby eyes, for someone that she claim she doesn't know this person, her heart actually rejected that commentary for some reason. Believing that she had known this person really from somewhere before in years back. But she couldn't seem to recall about this matter at all. Aoi wanted to ask him a question but figured that she can't, she felt that she isn't allowed to know for some reason. It seem so familiar of this man... There use to be a boy who was next to her brother that probably either the hair color or just the eyes itself look alike next to him, but nothing came up in mind. Because she just realize one fact: she doesn't remember his name. Aoi had lower her head in shame to not remember so such a person who was close to her, her brother, Munayuki, Shina, and few other servants. They never knew his name, at least from what she believe, but they still welcomed him into their arms and loved the boy, one who was closer... No. Closet one to Aizuki.

    Ryuusei the green haired guardian watched the girl who was thinking too hard into this encountering moment. He had made painful look as if something physically hit him. No wait, that was his heart; Ryuusei understood why the girl doesn't remember him and it really kinda wounded the man, but he had no choice to not given her his identity. Besides, it couldn't been helped since Aoi was a young girl back then, she adored her brother far too much. But Ryuusei had nothing against it, for someone who acts cold is a big softie... Go figures, right? At any point, it wasn't the best idea for him to tell her anyways because he was afraid she might hate him. No. Not Ryuusei. It's Aizuki, her blue-haired brother who will be hated for trying so hard to help this man, Aizuki called "best friend". Or more likely, it was another purpose. But for the time being, he couldn't tell her because she didn't want them both to be hated. Mostly on Aizuki since Ryuusei the knight had blamed himself for all of this. Right when he was about to speak, a footstep behind the two came up to them, shown that the teenager boy with a smile. "Aiz--" The other male's finger tip had placed on Ryuusei's lips to cover his month, hushing his royalty friend. Didn't he say that he wasn't allowed to talk to her... The older man had saw that Aizuki had used one of his sorcery card that had the young highness's family name onto it, the forbidden blood Aizuki had mention.

    Show Spoiler
    "Ryuusei-kun, do you remember back at the day we turn against my family, the Minashiro? The wealthy family in Japan?" Aizuki had asked his friend, sitting onto a librarian's leather black armchair as he was holding a old documentary book. The two men were inside of a old yet clean-looking abandoned house that use to belong from Aizuki's family. The building was a run-down place for it had been left alone for years, so the blue haired sorcerer had actually used his forbidden magic card to remodel the house after the escaped from the Minashiro's royal family's mansion. Passing to one page after reading one side to the next until he flipped the page. Ryuusei who was organizing the few books that were already been on the ground and placed them away. He was dumbfounded to his master's question, "Yes. I remember at the time you had saved me from disaster by your horrible father who tried to kill me after he realized that I was from the Narukami's generation. Why? What brings this matter up, my lord?" He had to turn away for the moment to replace the document in order. The sorcerer frown from this brainstorming idea and didn't like to talk about it, because it was too sadden to tell his best friend. "My lord?"

    "Ryuusei-kun... If I had the ability to do this, 'if' is something I am going to say. I don't assume that I can, but if I was able to have the abilities to erase or rearrange people's memories... Even at risk, do you think..." The recovery green haired soldier's eyes widen at this surprised information and walked up to the prince, taken him by the wrist. "Ah, R-Ryuusei-kun! What are you..."

    "What nonsense are you talking about, sire!?" Ryuusei had raised his voice in obvious anger, showing that he was against the idea of losing people's memories because it could be actual worse loss than to die. Maybe losing people in shock is one thing, but people could possibly move on with their lives, but losing their memories?! "I do not like that one bit at all, Aizuki-sama! Where on earth did you get kind of idea from!?" The older man shook the younger one, hating the thought of losing something important... He still remaining to shake the boy until he gradually stop what he was doing and released the gentle, pained looking boy, soon apologized for what he had done. Aizuki sighed and gave an apologetic look.

    "Y-You don't need to be upset nor be sorry about, Ryuusei-kun... I was only saying 'if' I did have that ability. To be honest, I don't know if I can possess it to begin with. Right after I obtained the book and cards, I had read something deep inside the book that I am able to use the ability to rearrange memories, create any being that I want but use the blood to make contract with them as they will have no souls or memories, change appearances from the target's eyes... Or... Maybe erasing the memories, which it's a huge risk than anything else.." Ryuusei doesn't understand one bit of a thing why only the prince Aizuki has that power. In men's gene, they're supposedly be the knights who have to protect the Valkyries in battle to fight both Glory and Honor. At least according to the Rozen's tradition and Senzou's contact to fight along side with them as Loyal and Trust. Or, at least the roles switch around. But that didn't matter.

    What actually bothers the green hair guardian Aizuki's weapon is sorcery? Didn't the knights fought and won against the mages? Why on earth did Aizuki end up getting this? The female blood of the Minashiro aren't allow to wield such weapons unless Aizuki is allowed to do so with his own blood to do that since no one in the family was able to use magic themselves. It was getting ridiculous and he didn't want his majesty to get killed for betraying the whole Minashiro family. And swearing to the gods, he will never allow it. Second to the large family is the Narukami, Kinoshima, Sakihara, and Xagaro. Each family wields a different weapons and well, the Narukami are beast-like fighters. They wield the possession either the magical lance or blade. And what Ryuusei had chosen was lance over blade. Common sense if it's used for long range, if nothing else, really. So it seems like for the Minashiro, they are the sages as Narukami are beast-fighter (like dragons).

    "Even if you did had that power, my lord, it's against your nature for doing it for no reason, correct?" Ryuusei had to make sure about his master's decision. Although, it made the prince chuckle and the gladiator didn't like the silly reply and prefer the actual answer. With the hands behind Aizuki's back, he smile at the dragon fight with a brightest smile.

    "Of course... Otherwise, the blood inside my skin will probably burn me for trying anything evil." Aizuki replied as he turned away with the hint of sadness in his voice. "Besides, I never want anyone to lose their memories, not even my dear sister, my friends... Or you, Ryuusei-kun..." He turned his head to look at the taller male's eyes with the display of full emotions that tells Ryuusei that he doesn't want that. Ryuusei understood this and nodded his head.

    "Your highness..."

    "Stop." Ryuusei's eyebrow raised at that demand. "I don't like it that you still addressed me like that, Ryuusei-kun. The more that you kept saying that, I only felt that I'm not closer to my friends, especially you of all people... Please understand that I didn't come here to do the damned contract for the exchange of saving you for my freedom. I am here because I want to protect my friends and my only family away from harms."

    "Your hi--... ...Yes, Aizuki-sama." Ryuusei tried with his first name bases instead since he knows Aizuki hated the name of the Minashiro. Although Aizuki didn't like the prefix that was adding after his name because he was royalty, hell, even Ryuusei was one of it. But the battle knight didn't like to be one, either Ryuusei itself was just fine. This had made the boy smile more after his now closest friend and received a hug as reward for doing so. Ryuusei closed his arms by hugging the younger man in his arms, feeling the warmth like the back at the day when he and Aizuki's family and friends surrounded this poor lonely knight. In place for Aoi who was absent in Aizuki's place for five years, he promise himself for her that he will protect the prince in her well being. Of course, this had given him the idea for sending a letter to someone he knows.

    Why would he dare use that damned thing after he had promised Ryuusei that he wouldn't use it...?

    "Miss." Ryuusei grew shocked when Aizuki not only said that he wouldn't talk to her to but using magic to lie in front of his own sister?! Aoi didn't get why the green hair man had a horrible reaction, but had looked up to the man which was suppose to bed her brother who was spoken to her, which it was her own brother. However...

    Yes, kind sir?" Aoi looked flustered at the man who look different from her vision and Ryuusei can probably tell that he was using his magic to talk to his sister without using the real physical appearance. He had told Ryuusei that he wouldn't use it on his sister... So why? Aizuki had pointed up in the air, showing that they lost track that it didn't rain anymore. But instead of that, it was show the sky was getting a bit darker tango color sky that the clouds were fluffed light shaded pink.

    "I believe it's time for you to go home... It'd be no good if you're out here for that long." The prince had said while at the same time, removing his long jacket to place it on his sister who was a bit small built than him. Aizuki chuckle at how cute his sister shown a rosy cheek expression that said she was embarrassed, had grown up and it seem like it still didn't make any difference. The smaller her before did the same like before of wearing his clothes that was slightly bigger than her. But that's what made him dotted his sister so much. Alas, however, he was sad that he had neglected her for over five years. If only he, Aoi, Ryuusei, his other friends, and Aoi's other friends weren't born under the Minashiro's fortune. Maybe it would of done the better if it was entirely different. Aizuki just wanted to cry at this... For five years, he had missed his sister so much. His older brother that first disappeared before Aizuki himself, and the youngest sister who was never shown to him since he had left, and same along with servants who had been with since early age or less. "If it's all right, we'd like to take you home so you won't travel alone at night."

    "If that's the case, I'd like to offer you to join me--"

    "I'm afraid we can't accept that offer, miss..." The voice from the second oldest already spoken when she tried to offer. The knight gave a sympathetic look as the master looked at the girl with such fighting spirit to hold back onto his tears from spilling. "You see, we were passing through here by coincident and just saw you being alone without any guards. After all, you are royalty and you might never know who'll eventually kidnaps you for ransom... Or worse." The feminine student had frown, forgotten her own protection because of her thoughts that wonder around in her mind. Especially the knight she had left from such shocking moment.... "Not only that, but we... Are busy at the moment, so once we see you off, we'll be heading home."

    "Y-yes, you're right... If that is the case, then I apologize for your time being wasted on me."

    "It is nothing to apologize about, it is not your fault so please don't worry about it."

    An hour and a half had passed when it was sky had fallen into the night's zone, walking in the dark without any transportation, it was hard for the princess to keep up since it was usually Munayuki who often pick up the princess from school or such places, but since neither the men owns a cell phone since now was a modern's time, phone were necessarily needed at this time in case of important stuff but the princess Aoi didn't brought hers because it was left back with Munayuki at the time when she was watching Haruka's battle. ...Kanagawa-dono's... Aoi had seem to forgotten about the incident earlier of what had happen, but tried to prevent herself to remember it again. It hurt from the time she thought Haruka wasn't into the relationship because he was already in a relationship. But it seems to what the brother of hers said, it's important to understand that when someone is in love with someone, love will be revealed one day. Aoi had hope that she can find that love like how her brother had did, in her heart, she believed.

    After another thirty minutes of walking, they had finally found the mansion where Aoi had live. They went up to the front gate and rang the clicker, tell them that it was her and checked her identification. When it was confirmed, the group had walked up to the front yard to the door and Aoi had rang the door bell. By the time the door flew open, the group of workers had ran out to greet the princess and told her that they were worried to where she had gone to. She had told them that she was lost track of time and was founded by two kind people who took her back safety on the trip, only to turn around to find no one was there. Aoi had wonder where they had gone to... She wanted to thanked them personally for taking their time to return her back to her family of workers.

    "Are you certain that it was all right to leave her like that, Aizuki-sama...?" Ryuusei and Aizuki were hidden to the side from the house away from the crowd. They didn't mean to leave Aoi to be scolded and such, but Ryuusei couldn't afford the poor prince who's also suffering himself to reunite with everyone yet. In Aizuki's heart, he can't accept that moment yet. Aizuki who was in his arms didn't really answer but nodded his trembling head. Ryuusei didn't answer but patting the prince's head after he had finally manage to broken down in tears, sobbing quietly as the knight held him close in comfort to a way to calm the prince down, knowing that how happy yet sad the lonely prince had to leave his dear sister. If only things had changed back then... Aizuki, himself, and their friends wouldn't need to have suffer. Especially for Lady Aoi and the future knight of hers, Haruka Kanagawa, to get involve with the horrible future. "Everything is going to be fine, my lord..." Ryuusei had quietly spoke above the sobbed prince as Aizuki's body had shake in so much emotions. The crying majesty had nodded his head as the knight held him in remain. Unlike the parents' foot step, it's more like...

    Like brother... like sister....

    After sending the young princess hold while it was now the prince's turn who have now cried, the night had began its way to pass through until the crack of dawn, the next day.
    It had been two weeks since the meeting from the grandmaster's lounge to the Rozen's school building to the Senzou's school to the days that passed for the two main characters had continued on their ways to school. It was until a week later, message from Munayuki who has yet to seen Haruka Kanagawa's face that Haruka was required to come along a special training for the knight's responsibility and performance. It said that Kanagawa is welcome to bring whoever he's like to join in the training but must stay out of the way as they start the knight lesson.
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