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  1. Two people who have just recently met each other must work together to solve several different mysteries!
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  2. My CS:
    Name: Vlad Night Williams
    Age: 16 (almost 17)
    Height: 6'4''
    Personality: Short-tempered, Stubborn, Tough, Sarcastic. Occasionally acts like a child, he actually sort of has a bubbly personality yet he is mysterious.
    Bio: His parents died in a car accident when he was 12 and ever since then he has been living on his own. He believes the 'car accident' wasn't an accident at all. He is still looking for his parents killer.

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  3. My CS:
    Name: Yui Kiyoshi
    Age: 15 (almost 16)
    Height: 5'9"
    Personality: Stubborn, Occasionally acts like a child, but can be slient when she needs to
    Bio: she was lost at a young age. everyone she loved died. she had her own personal killer. but lucky she found out who he was. she hated herself and so she allways dress as a character from shows she watched or seen. like soul from soul eater, or Cel from Black buttler, D.N angel she always dark and there are others but who remembers.
    looks:waers in the begaining.[​IMG] it will change ^^
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  4. Ummm.... She has the same name as my character? XD
  5. fix LOLZ
  6. I was about to say XD. That would be weird! Lmao!
    Ok now ideas! What should be the first case?
  7. missing kid/murrder
  8. Alright we share our ideas for the first case:
    The child's name is Jack and he was last seen at the park.
  9. and there was a body found. at the same time think it was a diffrent cases both of them want to take it. MUHAHAHAHAH see smart I take the body.
  10. Lol and I was just thinking maybe our characters meet up at a coffee shop. Your character could accidently bump into mine and spill her hot coffee on him by accident. XD
  11. Oh maybe i could have splashed it in your face after talking to you are something. LOLZ XD
  12. >.< NO!! XD I was just thinking on his shirt or something.
  13. but it would be funny
  14. >.< Nuu it wouldn't XD. How would you like it if I splashed HOT coffee in your face ?!XD
  15. She dose not drink cofe she drinks tea. XD
  16. -.- Will it be hot tea?
  17. maybe maybe not some days she drink hot tea sometimes she drinks cold tea.
  18. ... I wont risk it XD. She can only spill it on his shirt XD. You should be happy I am giving you this freebee XD. >.< Can you start off the RP I always do XD. I already made it lol.
  19. alright there are things that must be said. and you suck. XP
  20. Back at ya XD.
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