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  1. Today, KickThePj posted a video about writer's block.
    I thought it was a pretty cool video, so I wanted to share it with iwaku and see what you thought about it ^^

    What did you think of the video? Was it an accurate description of how writer's block affects you and do you use the same solution as him to get rid of it?

    Bonus Q:
    If you ever made a video or wrote a text that would describe the feeling of a writer's block in a different way, how would you do it?
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  2. First of all -brofist-

    Second of all I thought it was cute and highly accurate. If you define yourself as a writer and wish to write as a career you cannot allow writer's block to affect you. Why? Because it is our job. You can't just call in to your prestigious law firm and say sorry I can't come in and lawyer today I have Lawyer's block.
    That being said it's highly actuate that when we writers get writer's block it follows us everywhere, because we get so obsessed that we are going through it, (which every writer does at some point), that we literally do all those things with it. Like eating it for breakfast, showering with it, hell even sleeping with it, ect... Writing is not by any means easy and most writers, even literary geniuses, will tell you that it comes easy for very few people.

    So to get to my point when we have writers block we have to force ourselves to write about anything and nothing all at the same time. The only true way to beat a writer's block is simply to write. You may not be writing your main novel or piece of poetry, but simply any writing at all will start to crumble the writer's block.

    So maybe more simply put I find it 100% accurate.
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  3. That was wonderful truly I just... that was so spot on I could not even begin to describe the ways in which it plunges into my mind and explains back to me my thoughts. Bravo sir just bravo!
  4. I'm going with... half accurate! I certainly agree with its presence, and I love the image of the little wooden block. Sure! Why not? It seems creatively appropriate that writer's block is a literal block. Although I would have imagined it a little bigger...

    The half that I, personally, don't agree with is that the best way to get out of writer's block is to just write something. This is because, for me, writer's block is my brain's own inability to know what it is trying to say. Because of that, more writing doesn't help anything. Especially if it is not the writing that I want to be doing. My brain doesn't know what it is trying, just the same.

    For me, the only way to get past a moment where I feel I can't write out a scene is to get deeper into the character's head. I can do this by re-reading the old scenes, trying to re-inhabit the space in which they dwell, but that only works sometimes. For me, the absolute best way to get past writer's block for a scene is to talk to someone else. Because then I need to clarify my own thoughts to someone who can ask questions and lead me on past those moments where my brain gets stuck. A good question posed by someone else can send me into a better train of thought, and then it writer's block is, at least temporarily, broken.

    If I try and just write, I usually wind up just with complete gibberish that will need to be deleted, and it doesn't bring me much closer to understanding the character in the specific scene in which I am stuck. So I may occasionally write-talk to someone else, trying to explain my character clearly and noticing things that my brain knew, but wouldn't acknowledge out loud. But mostly, I talk face-to-face with someone who wants to listen and who is willing to ask questions and help me dig into my character.
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