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    Well first of all thank you for viewing this thread XD

    Now it's time for me to get super serious .

    Before I start explaining what I want I have a few rules and things I want from you .
    • I would like this roleplay to be long term since my own holidays are coming up and I have decided to ditch my own work for a week or three.
    • I don't expect you to write pages of content but at least a few paragraphs I would say 2 is a minimum. You don't have to be amazing at grammar everyone makes mistakes , I will probably/ most likely make mistakes myself.
    • Be respectful please, and if you are no longer interested just tell me , I won't bite you I promise.
    • If you are going away please tell me as well.
    • I don't expect you to be on every day , I would just like a few replies during the week.
    • There will be romance involved but it won't play a central part in the rp.
    • This is open for anyone of any age . If you are older than 18 and wish to involve certain themes we can talk about it first.
    • And lastly sure there can be pairings I can do most M x F, M x M, F X F but I prefer MxF
    Now that , that is done , I would like to make a fantasy sci fi world to rp in , or we can use fandoms to base our rp off. Themes of love, sadness, action , drama ,thriller, and angst, and death, some fluff will be involved.
    I have a lot I will just list a few but if there is a particular one that is not on the list just ask I have probably played or watched it.

    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    The Witcher

    Star Wars
    Naruto Shipuuden
    Game of thrones.

    A lot more anime
    A lot more games
    A lot more tv shows ​

    We can use any of those fandoms or more to base our rp off or like I said make a brand new world.

    So please just check it out and think about it.

    I can develop almost any plot and will most likely edit this when I can think of a good one.
  2. I'm extremely interested in this concept. Please PM me if you're interested.
  3. I find myself drawn to this and very intrigued, I would like to rp with you if you're still looking
  4. Of course I am
  5. Still looking XD
  6. I would like rp too ^o^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.