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The World Unknown

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ThatBioshockInfiniteChick, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. After Earth was destroyed in a war against Aliens humans were forced to move to a planet called Tiac. The only other planet that produces nessisary items for people to survive. As humans slowly become extinct, alien population grows. Will you survive the harsh planet as a human or thrive as an alien?

    Jade ran as a creature was following her. The mighty desert snake was a gigantic worm with razor sharp teeth and no eyes.
    He screeched as he rammed his tail into her, knocking her body into a sand dune. The sand creature slithered towards her as she was knocked unconscious.
  2. Pulling out the Longest knife she could Find in her Mini Bag Jhenna stabbed the Snake - Like creature and curved the knife, Killing it off by its two hearts. Retreating the knife, Jhenna quickly hopped over to the hurt female and injected her with an antidote to help numb the pain.
    She hoped the Unnamed female would wake soon as she lifted her onto her own shoulder, continuing her journey.
  3. The young woman woke, completely startled. The only way she's been carried off like this before was when she was about to be sold off to another alien race. She wiggled and kicked "get off me!" she screamed over and over again until she looked to see it was a human. She wiggled out of her grip and grabbed a blunt, metal object that if not could kill her could do serious damage. Holding it over her head, ready to strike, she started asking questions.
    "Who are you?" she asked viciously as she got ready to strike. "Why did you save me? For your own benifits?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.