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  1. Hey! So, to fill out this newbie survey...

    The name's PlayingMonster. However, that's a mouthful, so feel free to just shorten it to Monster or anything similar if you want. I am a teenage girl, and while I am new to the site, I have been roleplaying for about five years, probably more.

    I am up for group roleplays or one on ones. Anything, really.

    Running through grassy meadows, always. Bonus points for shoving your best friend down a hill.

    Right now, I am listening to twenty one pilots' cover of Jar of Hearts and trying not to drool.

    So yeah, if anyone's interested in a roleplay, feel free to hit me up.
  2. Hallo there Monster! :D Welcome to the site!
  3. Ey!
    Teenage girl too.
    --about to be legal, though so I'm scared.
    Can I call you 'Nom'?
    Kinda like nomnomnom,
    but just Nom.
  4. Sure you can! And I'm not far off legal myself, but due to a lack of attractiveness on my part and a lack of cute guys in my area, there's no fear of anything like that.
  5. Haha.~ Same here, sadly. Living on an island with illiterate monkeys can ruin your hopes of anything interesting happening. ;c
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  6. It's all fun and games until you meet a guy you actually like and he has a girlfriend.

    And then you meet a guy who is cute and reminds you of a character you once wrote but you talk to him about twice and he lives like an hour away so that was never going to happen.
  7. Oh, or you think he's sweet and nice and then one day for the rest of your life, all he'll talk about is vagina.
    Living on an island sucks, cause then you can't see anyone.
  8. Welcome to the site, playingmonster!
    Are you going to make a monster character?
    So you can start...
    Playing, monster? :D
  9. @Auburn- I live on an island, but so does everybody else. Ireland for the win.

    @PigIron- Haha. Yeah, no. It's a reference to two Paramore songs, Playing God and Monster.
  10. Hawaii, does not win in any sense because everything is overpriced.
  11. Worst part about Ireland is concert tours. And the one concert venue that smaller bands that I really want to see would play in is standing only and my parents won't let me go. Goddammit.
  12. Haha. At least you get people you actually want to hear. The only people that come here are comedians and some not-so-popular bands or singers. ;c
  13. I suppose I can't complain- since September I've seen four of my favourite bands live. And I went to one of them with my best friend.

  14. Awesome! :) Nice to meet you.
  15. I've been to no concerts or raves and I'd like to curl up in a ball. q.q
  16. @TheDeadBites- Same to you!

    @Auburn- I hadn't been to any until I saw Paramore in September. It's totally worth waiting until it's a band that you love, because it keeps hitting you and hitting you that they're actually real and how close they are to you.
  17. Welcome to Iwaku, Monster. Pleasure to have you :)
  18. Greetings organic lifeform from √Čire. We hope you enjoy our little corner of the interbutts.
  19. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here.
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