The world is gone and now a new one rises

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  1. It has been many years since this outbreak has happened, The bitters have taken over the world and humans have been pushed to the brink to the edge of the world. Now time has passed and most of the humans have gatherd into small towns walled off from each other. But even now hundres of millions of humans have fallen to the infection. Our tale takes place here with the last of the humans. Yet there was a specile breed of the infection it mutated in the humans, giving a few select humans enhanced strength speed aglity or brain power, these humans where raised and trained to fight against the hords of infected. They where found at birth taken from their familys and trained to be weapons, They had to use their ablitys to fight to protect and even now to war against the other settlements. But there was a small group of the experimants now dubbed the hunters that broke away from the Collectors, now they live out in the wastland always hunting the infected and the collectors who are coming after them. This was twenty years ago today. Now the hunters are sorta a myth of the wastlands, the collocter employed by the so called government, that controls most of the territorys and the settlements. They terriorse the remaining humans making sure they remain weak and poor.

    There are only 10 settlements in the fallen country. No one is sure how many outside of the old borders, no one who has gone that far have ever made it back. Yet there is a legend perhaps a false one but it is what gives travlers hope, that there is a place on the outside of this land at the egde of the world as the humans call it, paradise a place where man was not decimated by the bitters, a place where human still rules the land and the virus never made it, That if you reach the borders of this ruin land then you will find heaven no more worry no more heartace of watching someone you once love die from an infection that causes the body to break out in a feavr that heats the body up burning it from the inside out, then the body breaks out in painfull boils that fill with the victems blood, as the virus spreads you begin to lose your mind and the very meat on your body begins to rott away as your blood begins to drain from your body out of all the holes you have. Soon after that you are over come with a powerfull hunger something that takes even the wises mans and the strongest mans mind from them turning them into unholy monsters.

    Now as the sun drew high in the sky a lone man seen walking through the ruins of this old town, serching for suplies, water food, anything he can trade anything he could use. The man carryed a large rifle on his back and a large blade on his side. His red eyes glowing under his hat as the heat of the sun beat down on his sholders and his exposed neck. His black hair sticking out of the back of his old beat up hat. The faded logo of a sports team now as time has worn on the logo seemed to have faded away fleck of blood stained the hat long since setting in. Turning it to a deep faded brown color. The man slowly moving through the town keeping his eyes darting back and forth making sure he was safe for now. The man sniff the air smelling the scents of decay and rot. He knew this smell well it seemed that their were indeed infected in this town. The smell grew stronger as The man drew his long rusted blade from his side. It was not long when he had heard the sounds of a bitter coming, the harsh moaning and the rustling now as the infected came around a charred building.

    It looked like a women maybe her late teen early 20s, The man drew his blade in his hand facng the women with the missing jaw. Her toung brown torn to pieces as she moaned., she wore a once white dress that now has since been reduced to rags hanging from her decomposed body. Her right arm had been missing and one of the eyes hanging from a thick nerve. She was indeed a site to see that was for sure. As the man brought up his blade he looked at her.” May god have mercy on your soul.” He mutters to himself as the once women looked at him and let out an ear periceing inhuman screech. Dispite her legs being nothing more then skin and bones, she managed to pick up a good speed to her run, The man held his blade high ready to strike this women down as she drew closer to him. The mans eyes narrowing as the screaming grew louder, she may have lost half of her jaw but she still had her top teeth. They were broken and jagged having long ago turned brown and rotted along with her body. Enough left to do the job of infecting him if he was bitten.

    The man raises his arm and brough the blade down with a solid thunk right into the bitters neck breaking the spinal cord as it falls to the ground dead. What ever blood it had left in its body draining onto the ground. But her skin was tough, almost like leather in fact. It is sad really it was clear that she at one point had been a very beautiful women, but the infection had long since taken its toll on her body and her mind. All he could do for her now was to release her from her suffering and to end her life. It was hard for him and the killing never got any easyer. As the man knelt down he closed her hollow eyes and closed his own as well” May you find peace where your going” he whispers to her. He wanted to give her a proper grave but at this time there was no point. More undead would be on their way soon and he still had to go through some of these places looking for food or water. Hell even ammo would be great at this time.

    The man stands up and sighs taking a look around wondering now if he should even bother staying in this town, the undead would be here soon, as the man stood up he stood to his hight of 6 feet. His black hair blowing in the wind and his red eyes glowing under the rim of his hat.” If the undead are going to be here soon then I best be going hell I know they are still on my trail even after all these years” he mutters as he looks the way he had come. As the man was ready to turn around something had caught his eye. He reachs slowly for his rifle that hung losely on his back. Slowly grabbing it as the wind blew his way. He could see something moving in the fallen building about 20 feet away from him. He didnt know what it was. Could it have been a collector he didnt know, was it another human or was it a bitter. He was not sure, The man held his rifle and let out a sharp whistle letting the creatuer or what ever it was know that he was there and he could see it.

    Name: Alister
    Age: Unknown, but looks in his twenteys
    Gender Male
    S.O: straight
    Job: Waunder/trader/hunter
    Race: Exicutor
    Bio: Not much is known about alisters past or if he will even talk about it but what is known is he was taken in by the collectors and trained made into an one of them, When the coup happend he managed to escape into the wastlands, He did not join the renageds he managed to stay alone for all the years in the wastlands keeping to himself hiding when he needed to, he was always alone and he tends to prefer to keep it that way
    Personality: He is cold at first a little bit of an off putting man, but the truth is he has no idea how to talk to anyone, he never had any training in that and there for he never managed to say the right thing, tending to be very honest about everything, so he tends to put his foot in his mouth most of the time, He feels imense grief everytime he kills an infected because he still sees them as humans. View attachment 85890
  2. [BCOLOR=#010101]Name: Maxine (just goes by Max)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Age: 18[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]S.O: straight, possibly bi-curious[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Job: a sort of robin hood[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Bio: she was a former Collector, then became a hunter, then dropped her status all together. She attempts to live under the radar, helping the remaining humans who are unable to protect themselves. She did have a group she travelled with, but they all had gotten infected. One by one, they were all at the end, begging her to put them out of their misery. Max agreed each time, not because she liked killing, but she didn't like the suffering[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]Personality: kinder, but a tad stern and stubborn due to the years she had spent as a weapon. She has no remorse killing the fully infected. She reminds herself that they are suffering. She hears the voices of her friends begging her to save them each time. At night, she prays for every single one of them, in case they didn't have anyone to pray for them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101]Max was rummaging through the rubble. The building had fallen earlier, and she had seen no one come to check it out. She did it herself. She had gone through 2/3 of the building remains, finding some very helpful supplies that could help the child in the village who had , when a rifle went off nearby. She jumped at the sound, panicking a bit because it probably was a collector. She was about to flatten herself against the ground until she heard him whistle, finally seeing he was pointing his rifle at her. She let out a careful sigh, turning around with her arms up.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#010101]"Fine, I'll share my spoils with you." She said, defeated. If this was a collector, she could let them know she wasn't the average local. If she didn't share, she could be executed or worse, found out.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#010101](I'm not sure if there is an ic thread for this. Ill call this a test post :3)[/BCOLOR]
  3. The man looked at the women for a good while before lowering his rifle.” We should get going soon they will sworm the area within the hour” He tells her and puts his gun away turning his back on her. The mark on his neck showing off marking him as one of the humans who where taken by the collectors. The man turns and looks at her tossing her some water” Best keep it, there is not a town for miles that has any left” He tells her once more and smirks before looking down the road he had come. It seemed clear for now, But he really did not want to head that way. He was heading north to paradise and that was his goal. So the man turned to the women walking north he knew what was coming for him next. He stopped and looked at her” I can take you to the next settlement if you like,l its about a day or twos journy from here” He asked her

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  4. "Oh, thanks." She said, looking at the water. She caught a glimpse on the mark on his neck. She had a similar one too, but hers was covered by her long locks of hair. She had a small water bottle in her bag, but it was quickly running dry. Even though she could work harder that the average person on less energy, she still needed sustenance. She took out a small cup in the tiny bag she had and poured herself a small ration of water. She sipped it carefully.
    "Yes... I think it is about time to head to the next town... but can I first retrieve my personal items and deliver some medicine I found in these remains? There is a brave little boy who needs them." She said, adding a semi-desperate tone to the end. "I can quickly Sprint there myself and back if you need to be somewhere quickly."
    She almost added that she was pretty much just living without being monitored, and was allowed (and planning) to go anywhere.

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