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  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Day 1

    They evacuated us so quickly, all my friends, my family, all those I cared about, gone. They fled to the countryside, they said they were the safest out in the country, they were wrong.

    Day 2

    My Name is Russell Tanners, everyone calls me Russ. This is the first day I have been on my own here in the desolate downtown of what used to be Philly. It is quite eerie actually. Whenever I go out and scavenge, the only thing I hear is silence. However at night, you can hear the homicidal rantings of some crazy nut job who is strung out on the mysterious virus known as SPORE.

    Day 9

    The outbreak has gotten worse. It seems as SPORE has spread all across the eastern seaboard, Great cities such as Miami, Boston and New York have fallen into chaos. These "mumblers" as they called are far from sane. Once a host is infected, the virus travels up to the brain and does significant tissue damage. This results in the victim becoming increasingly aggressive and hostile.
    the victim may experience hallucinations or false perceptions.

    Day 49

    It has been a little over a month since the SPORE outbreak happened, and more than half of the country is in ruins. I continue to live in isolation in west Philly. I haven't had any kind of human contact in over a month. The tests I have run on a possible antidote to SPORE are inconclusive. Running low on food supplies, debating if I should drop the losses and flee. There is evidence of possible human activity, might investigate.

    Day 53

    Running out of time. Tests remain inconclusive, dangerously low on food supplies. Unable too scour for supplies due to large gash I sustained in a scrap with a mumbler two days ago. Have resorted to eating dry rice and water for hunger. Have started to develop a minor fever, nothing to worry about . This is the last audio diary I will be making. If anyone finds this, please. I am held up in Lincoln Apartments on Greene road. The apartment number is 219 on the second floor. This is Russell Tanners signing off.

    This is where you come in. You are a survivor living in the deserted metro area of Philadelphia when you stumble on Mr. Tanners' last tape while scavenging. What happens next is up to you and me. All I ask is you are able to play the role of a female. Also she has to be younger than Russ, who is a 23 year old Med student at Temple University.

    If you interested Either respond with your skelly or PM to me

    Weapons (If any):
    Why did she stay in Philly:

    Here is my Skelly

    Name: Russell "Russ" Tanners
    Age: 23
    Race/ Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Build: 5 ft 9, 168 lbs, average build
    Weapons: Monkey wrench and pump shotgun
    Why he stayed: In order to help find a cure for SPORE and give shelter to those who needed it.

  2. Name: Emily Jones
    Age: 19
    Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Build: 5 ft 5, 130 lbs, average build
    Weapons: Baseball bat and handgun
    Why she stayed: She's searching for her younger brother who lived in the city and is trying to find ways to survive​
  3. Name: Marissa Wilson
    Age: 22
    Race /Ethnicity: American Indian
    Build: 5'7" 135lbs, avrage build but tone
    Weapons: Mallet, Crossbow, Machette
    Why did she stay: Over slepted in Lincoln Hospital while on call after a 3 day straight shift. Woke up to nothing but a wrecked hospital, with no people and confused as to what happened.
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