The Wolf Pack OOC

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  1. Alright, so this is the Wolf Pack, folks! First time making it on here so let's try and get it right, eh? xD
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  2. :D I'm ready when you two are. I want to try and keep the chatty comments to a minimum on here - save it for the chat! xD
  3. Ah, so it does work. Alright! xD Well, should we get started straight away, then?
  4. Here!

    Let's get going!
  5. Awesome. I'll start writing my first comment with Ferrin and Kona!
  6. I might be slow or unable to reply, since I'm starting to play Portal 2 with my friend Troy xD
  7. YES, Portal! Have fun xD
  8. He told me how to tab out so I can reply, so I'll just be slow XD
  9. Grenade padded through the forest, looking bored.
  10. Sticks yawned loudly, showing a sharp set of teeth.
  11. Grenade pushed through the forest quickly and stealthily. He had to tell the other wolves what was going on outside of the forest and fast.
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  13. Yo yo yo I'm back.
  14. And now I have dinner! BRB :3
  15. Okay, back. :)
  16. Aw, I have to go. We've had a good run today! See ya tomorrow :3
  17. Aww, OK xD See ya!
  18. I'm here! :3
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