The Witch's Son OOC

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  1. Hello everyone!! I have an idea for a roleplay I would LOVE to do!!

    Most of my partners that I've roleplayed in the past with have been marvelous! I'm looking for something a little different, though. I am particular with who I roleplay with, but I don't ask for much.

    Just proper grammar, a nice diction, and prompt replies!!

    (( image not by me ))

    I was hoping I could possibly do a roleplay that was inspired from this picture! It could take place in any time, really, as long as everything fit. My character, whoever it may be, would meet your character- again, whoever it may be, at the market.

    If I were to be the Witch, I would have him go to the market in look for some spices or specimens for a potion or concoction of some sort. And that would be when he meets your character.

    I would have your character- or mine, if you prefered to be the Witch- to be an apprentee in search of a teacher, which would be the Witch.

    I was hoping that possibly a romance would spark between the two characters- let it be by emotion or simply a potion, I wouldn't mind whatever! PM me if you have any questions, or if you're interested!!
  2. I might actually be interested~~ ^u^
    I love romance, need it always otherwise I can't do rp xD It doesn't have to be totally romance, I love plot.

    -I haz no life, therefore, I'm on most of the day every day~
    -My length depends on if I really get into my character, otherwise I try to match quality and quantity. Unfortunately, even when my muse is being kind I managed at most 3 lengthy paragraphs. Or at least that's my max so far. Heh.
    -I do male and female but I need to do female more because I've been doing so many males it's like "Overload!!"
    -I reply super fast as long as I notice it.
    -I do chatbox, thread and PM's. ^u^

    Message me or something~~ I'd be more then happy to rp.
    I have a partner for this particular roleplay! Thank you for looking at my thread, but please, if you would want to roleplay this, PM me and we can figure something else out! Thank you. ​