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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dip, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Hello... again. You've seen The Witch's Son MOCK 1, with Salem and Belphegor. You've seen The Witch's Son MOCK 2, with Aedian Petrova and Basil, but now, I present you the last and final mock of The Witch's Son plot idea.

    I present to you, The Witch's Son MOCK 3!!!


    My character would happen to be a teenager, or a young adult, living as normal of a life as he possibly can. His name, as far as I care (or so for the sake of this post) is Declyn. Declyn would live in an apartment all by himself (with his cat, whom we can call Cat-Face for now), and he would happen upon your character!

    The plot can be as dynamic as our characters; arch rivals who fight to please the lords, my character could be (trying) to live an honest life, while your character happens to ruin it, dark forces are upon the earth, and only he could stop it, or it could be as simple as him wanting to turn Cat-Face into a human! There can be unrequited love, love-hate relationships, anything!! Keep me on my feet.

    Now, this is the fun part. Your character doesn't have to be limited to simply human. Your character can be a rival Witch, or maybe a fanatic about the black and white magics, or hell, your character can be the cat for all I care! What I want from you for mock 3 is this: CREATIVITY. I want it SHOOTING OUT OF YOUR EARS! Fly by the seat of your pants! Be the Witch you were born to be!

    Please, if anyone is at all interested in this roleplay, don't hesitate to message me! Here are the rules of follow!:
    1. No discrimination/harassment of any kind.
    2. You must reply with atleast four paragraphs per reply.
    3. Character skeletons are a must.
    4. Keep active.
    5. BE ACTIVE
    6. Don't hold back.
    7. Don't limit characters by simply White-Male tropes.
    8. Unless your character happens to be an INTERESTING White Male.
    9. Just be creative.
    10. PLEASE.

    That's it! Now, happy roleplaying!!
  2. Hey I'm interested in the idea! Are you going to do this over thread or pm?