The Witch's House.(Closed)

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  1. All by myself
    Waiting for a "friend" to show
    My magic won't help me now
    Not until you walk through the door
    Please set me free
    Don't be afraid
    I am always by your side
    Come now, my friend
    Death's sweet embrace
    Was once a gift I'd yearned for
    But now that I have found you
    I don't need death
    Not anymore
    Come set me free
    You'll be okay
    I'll keep you safe
    So, I beg
    Don't go away

    Story:You were a curious person who had ventured the forest, When venturing you come across a old house and the curious inside you had grown stronger and so you decided to look into the house, Everything was fairly normal and seem to be in good use in the house, That until you come across a room, Where you hear coughing, You had decided to take a peak in the room and saw a young girl there all alone, her skin so pale you mistaken her dead if you saw her asleep. The girl was surprised by your presence. But as time pass you two become good friends. One day she tell you she is a witch and had a very bad sickness that would kill her, Her magic couldn't help her so she had asked if you could switch bodies just for a day.
    Will you accept or will you disagree.
  2. Name:Carolina Rose
    Personality:Nice and caring but deep inside is a twisted girl.
  3. Name: Aiden Sage
    Age: 15
    Personality: Shy, likes to avoid getting into conversations with other people cause that only expresses his shy nature. Other than that he is pretty much nice and caring to those who he holds dear. He avoids getting into fights cause he couldn't bring himself to harm other people and he would most likely end up being hurt anyways.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.