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    {OOC and Sign ups}​

    'magic exists to serve man, never rule over him.'

    In the year 1790, in the town of Froutsenburg, there was a mass witch hunt. Many women and some men were accused of practising the dark arts and being in a Deal with the Devil. For thirteen days and thirteen nights the once peaceful streets were stained red with blood and the quietness was replaced by the sounds of the tortured and dying. It was a time of carnage and pain, a time of an unspeakable slaughter. Ironically for every ten innocents killed, only one actual witch may have being killed. The people known as the Witch hunter's didn't care, as far as they were concerned all those they assumed were witches must surely have being so.. even if a confession was forced out of them by the most unethical of means, the guilty were guilty until proven innocent.. and any who were 'proven' to be innocent were very rare indeed, no one wanted to die.. and fear spread through the souls of the town, no one wanted to die and eventually the town turned on itself. Friend against friend, brother against brother, father against son. The mayor of the town ordered the door's to the outside world to be closed, keeping outsiders out and the town folk trapped within. The mayor promised that when the witch hunt ended the gates would once again open, the mayor lied. When the Witch hunt finally ended, the mayor became intoxicated with power and decided to keep the gates closed and his people in his grasp.

    Our story begins twenty years later, the gates are still shut and witch hunters roam the streets. Those with magic powers are in a greater danger now then they ever were before, because now many humans who aren't even witch hunters won't think twice about trying to kill them if their powers are ever revealed. Some magic casters do all they can to hide in plain sight, they try to live normal lives and abandon their magic roots.. others practice their magic in secret while maintaining the illustrious of being normal.. others.. they use magic to fight their fate.

    Dear friends, this is a story of friendship and betrayal.. cruelty and kindness, torture and salvation.. diffrence and normality.. but it's most important aspect is you. Are you a witch or warlock, a hunter or normal human? Are you gifted, are you cursed?

    The Witching Hour is Upon Us!

    The Rules

    {!}No god modding
    {!}No perfect characters (IE Mary sues)

    {!}write how you wanna! From short to long posts, all are welcome
    {!}you may use anime, realistic or videogame pictures

    {!}please treat everyone with respect in OOC
    {!}this is a gritty and dark RPG, please don't join if you're frail of heart

    {!}there is a plot, but it's flexible
    {!}most of the form can be filled in later, but things that have being bolded need to be filled in for the character to be accepted

    {!}if you wish to play as the me *evil laugh *
    {!}please move all sexy moments to pm (unless you're rping with a younger member, then please fast forward them instead :] )

    {!}warlocks (male witches) are very rare so please ask if you want one
    {!}the ooc will contain more relevant information about the RPG, if anything's in spoilers then it's an optional read

    {!}if you have any questions please feel free to pm me
    {!}all relationship and gender preferences are allowed!

    {!}Have fun!
  2. I'm interested.
  3. yay! thanks, Raven :] I'll get to work on the extra infomation and OOC :]
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  4. hmmm does mages exist? sorry for the question since I don't know what is the difference between warlock and a mage
  5. I was thinking about adding mages, yes :] (or at least add the title of mage since I'm not quite sure about the diffrence between a warlock and a mage.. bar warlock being a more negative connotation :] )

    and it's not a dumb question at all!
  6. A mage is either male or female and they are usually considered good. A witch and warlock are usually considered evil. But other than that they are the same. (I think)

    And can't wait I'm excited.
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  7. ahhh, it makes sense.. thanks Raven! because of personal issues I'm not going to be able to get on for the next few days.. I'm sorry about the delay..
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  8. Your welcome Any Time. I am a fan of most of the unknown so I'm glad I could help.
  9. I am definitely interested in this.
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  10. thank you for your interest! I'll have the OOC thread up today..hopefully :]
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  11. I'm interested! xD
  12. I'm certainly interested in this RP.
  13. yay! you're both welcome to join :]
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