The Witches of Blackboro (MxF)

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  1. The setting: modern

    The plot: a woman marries into a wealthy family and has the perfect life with her husband. Everything seems to being going great. They're madly in love, they have everything they ever wanted in life and she even found out she was a few weeks pregnant. But she has a secret.

    She's a practicing member of the Witches of Blackboro.

    In an attempt to summon forth more power, they murder her with a spell that summons a reaper. Reapers are ghastly demons that harvest the souls of the pure for their use in black magics. The death looks like suicide but because of the strength of her spirit she resists the initial harvest and haunts the house.

    Her husband mourns her passing but doesn't believe she would kill herself. He must battle the witches and his friends and family to clear the name of his wife and find those responsible for her death.

    She tries to adjust to life as a spirit and tries to tell him of the witches while avoiding the claws of the reaper.

    He will find her diary and will find out more of her life brought the diary. As she gains strength as a spirit, she will be able to communicate with him through writing on mirrors and moving things. Eventually being able to show herself to him.


    So a shorter version would be this:

    Guy: rich and madly in love with wife
    Girl: secretly a witch and madly in love with husband
    Witches: murder girl to use her soul in a dark pact with a demon who promises power.
    Reaper: evil spirit used to harvest the souls of the pure for black arts. The reaper is the murderer.

    Story goals:
    Guy: clear his wife's name and bring those responsible to justice.
    Girl: stay 'alive' long enough to help husband find those responsible.
    Witches: make a pact with demon in two weeks or lose their own souls.
    Reaper: 'kill' girls ghost to harvest the essence for the witches spell.

    I will be playing the guy, I need a female to play the ghost wife.

    This is a romance novel with supernatural elements. If you are interested here are the rules:

    Post at least once a day please.

    Spell and grammar check please. (We all fail at some point so not a stickler, just a preference)

    I'm playing the male, please be female. (It's hard for me to play with a male who is rping a female)

    Two paragraph minimum, though I really prefer more.

    If your interested please pm me or let me know here. We can then discuss this in more detail and we can address any questions you might have.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.