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The Witcher 2 Partner Request~

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by GoodEveningClarice, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Hey friends! I will make this short and to the point! I just finished playing The Witcher 2 for the fourth or fifth time in light of the upcoming Witcher 3. I am OBBSESSED. It’s bad. So as an outlet, I’d love to get one or more Witcher based roleplays going.

    Expectations For You and From Me:

    -I really want this to be a multi paragraph roleplay as in beefy, descriptive, deliciously amazing posts. I don’t always want longer lengths but the level of skill I want for this roleplay is higher than usual. I may ask for a writing sample but I promise to be nice!
    -I am almost a college graduate for the next two weeks may get busy. Usually I can reply at least once a day but it may take me two to three days at times.
    -Romance is a must for me.
    -Help me with plotting, please oh please!
    -I’m not the best at combat scenes but I’d love to get better so if you’re willing to deal with me practicing throughout the roleplay I’d be very grateful.
    -I’m open to an AU setting.
    -If this ends up being sexual (18+ only), we will need to discuss limits like an adult.
    -Do not come to me if you “only bottom” please. I like playing switch.
    -I ONLY RP in threads. Thanks!
    -I prefer M x M strongly for this but could be convinced to do M x F if you for some reason want to double and can convince me.
    -Feel free to ask for pairings not listed~


    Geralt x Iorveth (OH GOD PLEASE)
    Geralt x Roche (YES)
    Iorveth x Roche (YASSSSS)
    Geralt x Roche x Iorveth
    Geralt x Cedrick
    Iorveth x Cedrick
    Male Ves x Roche
    Male Ves x Geralt
    Male Saskia x Iorveth
    Geralt x Original Witcher (Male, preferable)
    Scoia’tael x Scoia’tael
    Witcher x Witcher
    Sorcerer x Witcher

    Any mix of the above.

    PM me or inquire Below
  2. Still searching.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.