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  1. Welcome to the Winter House
    Welcome to the Winter House! My name is Naev, and I'm happy to invite you into my home. The weather has been very tempremental lately, and were expecting a huge storm. Before you're snowed in, make sure to visit me at the front desk, and for a small fee, we can get you set up in a comfy room and get a hot meal in your belly.

    As you can see, I'm no ordinary woman. I am a Winter spirit, offering my home to all different types of people and beings. The land around the Winter House is whimsical and sacred, so cautious.

    (This thread will be a bit dark, and for all character guests, there is a chance to be wounded or die. If you do die, you are welcome to create another character to join. If you die, do not complain about it. It is situational and if you do something stupid you will die. The chances of you living after poking around alone in the forest is very slim, do not be surprised if you are mauled to death :) )

    Inn Staff List:
    Inn owners: Naev and her Husband (Esthalia), Bruma (The Returner)
    Butler: Naerwen (Tribs)
    Male Maid: Liske (Dawn)
    Cook: Lana (DawnsLight)

    Inn Guest List:
    Red- Redwinter
    Issac- Excesmyr
    Three Rivers- Jericho
  2. The snow was thick and white and laid on the ground glimmering under the setting sun, the chill wind was starting up and the snow laden trees rustled about the path that a young man walked. Even with the thick coat he wore, he was still visibly shivering and the tips of his ears and nose were both bright red from the cold. Fine leather gloves, richly embellished with raised knot work at least covered his fingers. Long white hair escaped from the confines of his scarf and blew around in him as he rushed up to the house, the Winter House. His destination.

    At least Naerwen hoped this was it. He'd finally received a post, a job offer, a place where he was to go. After his last employer had let him go due to financial troubles, Naewen Cade had been lost amongst the UnSeelie Court. It was not a good place to be lost, that was certain!

    So it was with great pleasure that he'd taken the job that would take him far away from the Court and out into the world. He looked down at the snow and smiled a bit before stepping up to the door, looking for a door bell. The house was lovely and hopefully warm.

    The Butler could want for nothing more.
  3. Red Ridding hood Archer.jpg
    The cold white snow blew across her face, making it hard to see when treading against wind. She pulled her hood down over her face in hopes to save her eyes from the stinging cold wind. Her hunting trip had turned sower and her plans for winter were soiled. This early snow would be the death of her. She continued to forge her path through the snow as thoughts of shelter entered her head. A gust of wind sent her hood flying back, and her face was exposed to harsh ice knives.
    Off in the distance she caught a glimpse of a beaconing light. Her heart was freezing in her chest, but managed to beat faster at the sight. With the grace of a fox Red bound though the winter snow to the light. And at the end she found a neat little home that looked so welcoming nestled in the snow. Without a second thought she entered the house, the snow instantly falling from her body to the floor as the warmth welcomed her in. She then realized she had bagged in on a young woman whom sat at the front desk waiting. Red walked up to the woman, a woman who looked almost unreal, as unreal as this house. Was she dreaming? Had she passed out in the snow?
    "My name is RedWinter and I apologize for barging in," she excused herself. She also realized she had pushed a young man out of her way in her haste. She had thought herself to be the only one out here in the barren winter wasteland.
  4. The_wanderer_by_Shandra_chan.jpg
    Issac took step after step along the snow fallen path. The sound of ice and snow being crunched beneath his feet. The cold wind blowing snow and frost around him. He was tired and freezing, ready to collapse at any moment. The unfamiliar territory and ice lands froze him nearly to death. His life began to flash before his eyes, all the decisions and actions he took leading up to this. Was he really going to die here? Is it all going to end here?

    He fought hard to keep going, the nearest town seeming hundreds of miles away. It all seemed futile as he pushed onward, taking every agonizing step. He wrapped his arms around his chest in an attempt to warm him up. It didn't work. The snow let up just a bit, enough for him to see a building in the distance. Lights seemed to glow from , signifying life and shelter.

    His heart filled with vigor and inspiration started a light jog toward it. His breath immediately started to thin when he started. He forced himself through it and he reached the gates of the building.

    Suddenly the short distance from the gate to the door seemed like the longest stretch of land he's ever seen. Still, he managed to reach it and knocked lightly on the door. He wrapped his cloak around his freezing body as he opened the door gently. To his delight, there was a fire and warmth.

    Issac Winterfield 2.jpg

    Breathing hard he entered and pulled back his hood, revealing his snow white hair and pale skin. He looked around and found a front desk. "Is this an inn, perhaps?"

  5. Great white wolf was lying down by the fireplace. Not that he would be cold, but the sensation of fire warming up his was just as delightful feeling as when Naev stroked his head. Only her presence managed to calm Bruma down because he knew, he could protect her more when she was near. Naev was his dear wife and he swore to all gods and spirits and all the creatures of the Earth that he would protect her no matter what the cost. He would die for her if it was a way to safe his beloved lady. In order to be able to do that, Bruma would be regularly guarding the land around the house making sure that nothing queer would be disturbing the peacefulness of this place but lately he got the feeling that something was not exactly right. He couldn't pinpoint what it was, but somehow, he knew it in his bones and it made him feel uneasy. Nothing is worse than an uneasy guardian wolf of Winter.

    However Bruma could rest now, because Naev was somewhere in the house. He could hear her and her smell lingered all around. Breathing in deeply, Bruma took in the scent once again just for sake of it's light, fresh but a bit winter tingling fragrance. Being satisfied with knowing where Naev was, the great white wolf had his eyes closed and could appear that he was sleeping. However, every movement and word, every change in the air or anything else that somehow disturbed the atmosphere, all that reached the white wolf quickly because his senses were surpassing abilities of any ordinary or even magical creature.

    Therefore, it didn't elude him that newcomers entered the house - two males and a female. Huffing quietly, Bruma stirred a little, his side was getting too warm or maybe it was the itchy feeling he got in his back again though he wouldn't let that feeling ruin anything. Naev wanted this, it was her wish to be able to have unknown guests in the house and so Bruma obeyed and promised that he would not be grumpy or way too protective when someone unfamiliar enters the premises. He knew it would be challenging, but for the sake of his wife... Huffing again, a bit grouchily this time, all the great wolf could do at the moment was to rely on his senses and hope that those who come in would not cause unnecessary problems
  6. After an assortment of people pushed past him and on into the house, Naerwen followed. How could he not? They had opened the door to the quaint little place. He just had to follow. Besides, hopefully his new Mistress and Master would be waiting for him. In a way he was both eager to work and yet he'd like a little rest. Maybe a cup of hot tea to thaw his cold fingers. It was silly perhaps, considering where he was from to get this cold but he hadn't been home in many, many years.

    Naerwen set his bags beside the inner door so the snow could drip off them. One was a plain leather duffle and the other was a long hard case with a lock on it. The case was dull black and probably leather. He dusted himself off as well and found a coat hook for his coat to hang and drip dry as well. Long white hair was pulled away from his face and pulled into a semblance of order. His gloves joined his coat revealing long black hands and in the warm light of the house, he was indeed black. His skin was as black as night with a soft blue or purple sheen depending on the light hitting it and his eyes were different, one a deep red and the other a pale orange. Naerwen was of average height for a male of the UnSeelie Court, not too tall and definitely not short.

    Naerwen's lips curved up into a smile. "Mistress Naev, Naerwen has come." He stood there, waiting. His hands clasped tightly behind his back, his entire body rigid. Waiting. Patiently.
  7. The sudden intrusion had brought with it a gust of winter wind, which caused a charming smile to spread over the winter spirits face. Her glimmering, frost-tinted face turned towards the girl who had pushed her way into the entrance way. Naev's lithe body turned slowly, thin, pale fingers reaching out to gently grasp a silver pen from a small clear snowflake shaped holder.

    "My name is RedWinter and I apologize for barging in," The Spirit did nothing but nod her head, noticing how with the arrival of one woman, came the arrival of two other men, all shivering from the cold.

    "Bruma" she called to her husband, cascading the sleek, almost translucent waves of platinum hair over her shoulder and down her back. "bring blankets for these travelers, please" Her ice blue gaze was back on the people funneling inside.

    "Is this an inn, perhaps?" The man who had pulled his hood down to reveal a winter-esque head of hair questioned her, which earned a respectful nod from the spirit.

    "The Winter House is what we are called, welcome to you all" She took a smooth step from behind the desk, revealing the rest of her body, which was adorn in a sparkling silk gown, ice blue and glossy in the low lights of the room.

    "Mistress Naev, Naerwen has come." She noticed a man towards the back, setting luggage down to the side and smiled; pulling her purplish lips into an enchanted greeting.

    "Please come forward Naerwen, there is no need for you to be so formal, this is your new family after all; is it not?" A platinum brow rose with her question as once again her gaze was turned to the guests.

    "Everyone please take you time to get warm and cozy before signing in. There is coffee and tea in the room right across the hall. Do not fear the wolf, he is the master of the house"
    She smiled again, guiding Naerwen behind the desk to talk more as the guests were instructed to warm up.
  8. As silent as an apparition, a cute little thing in a pristine white maid's dress moved behind the guests as they entered and swept up the discarded chunks of snow from boots and shoes and luggage. Liske was the name of the maid and the reason for why he was wearing a dress was because he was so often mistaken for a woman that he'd given up on trying to convince people otherwise. His build was naturally curvaceous and lithe, you see, a quality not many young men possessed. He was also, by nature, very quiet. A wallflower, if you will, always trying his best to blend into the background and go unnoticed.

    Sighing softly, not because of the mess (because Liske enjoyed cleaning) but because there were so many people around, the olive-skinned young man paused in his task to lean his broom against the wall and set aside the dust pan full of snow, just for the sake of tightening the messy lichen-green bun atop his head. Previous guests had inquired about his hairstyle, curious as to why he would tie back his hair in a bun but leave his bangs so long that they blanketed his eyes and tickled his nose. Well, there was a reason, but Liske really hadn't even been one for conversation.

    Picking up his broom and dust pan, he silently floated over to the next clump of snow and stooped to whisk it up.
  9. Red looked around surprised to see so many out here in the middle of nowhere. But she could not complain. There was a nice fire which an interesting wolf sat by; unlike any she had seen before. Being a hunter she had seen many kinds of wolves, even dire wolves that had been thought to be extinct. He was a lovely specimen and she wanted to study him closer if given the chance. He felt as unreal as the rest of this place.

    Turning her gaze away from the magnificent beast she looked again an the even more elegant woman and the counter. She was about to ask a question, but another man took the words out of her mouth. She looked to see a handsome young man with snow white hair and a ghostly face.

    Red agreed with a nod. "If so I would very much like a room."

    The lady and the counter was very kind and offered the guests wamrth in both her voice and home. She offered them to stay and be warm, even after she barged in so rudely. Red found a seat near the fire. "Thank you."
  10. As Naev spoken, Bruma opened his eyes that were of the color of cold blue. There was lively, warm glint in them with the hint of awareness. Looking at everyone and everything, the great beast got the complete picture of the newcomers. Interesting group of guests, he thought. Noticing the woman who introduced herself as Red Winter to be almost staring at him, Bruma enjoyed the attention knowing that he was a magnificent beast indeed.

    Though, there was not much time to loaf around. Standing up, the wolf appeared even bigger than when he was laying down. He easily reached Naev's chest if he would be standing next to her. It was time to fulfill Naev's wish and so the great wolf ran of silently to get the blankets from another room. God knows, how he managed to do it but he returned with the pack of blankets positioned on his head and with a slight tilt to a side the covers slid down onto a table which was next to the desk. Only Naev knew what trick Bruma used, but that would hopefully remain a secret. Bruma was a creature of two faces and he showed his other face only when being completely alone with his wife.
  11. Formal? Naerwen thought absently as the wolf brought blankets and he snagged one, looking around the comfortable little house. How could a butler be anything less in a new post? He wrapped the blanket around himself. The guests looked cold and there was a maid here as well. Interesting. Naerwen couldn't remember if the job offer had mentioned a maid but Naerwen could work with someone, he had been trained for it after all. He just didn't have any experience in it.

    Soft footsteps took him to the coffee and he helped himself, filling a mug with coffee and then enough sugar and creamer to help him a slight sugar high. By the time he was done, the coffee was pale. Yet, he sipped it with obvious pleasure as the warmth bloomed across his tongue and spread into his body, warming him better than the blanket had.

    The night skinned Fae looked around the room he had found the coffee and tea in, it was probably a living room or maybe a den or something along those lines. Naerwen would ask later because for now this was going to be his home. At least no one so far had seemed to mind his incredibly dark skin or had minded his white hair or dual-colored eyes or anything else for that matter. It wasn't like he had sent a picture along with his resume. He briefly wondered what Mistress Naev had expected when she had hired him. For his kind wasn't known for venturing too far from UnderHill, unlike some other Unseelie sorts...

    Once Naerwen was warm, he folded the blanket it neatly and balanced it on a chair where hopefully someone else who needed a bit of warmth would find it. With his steaming coffee cup in hand, he went to go find his new employers.
  12. Issac nodded at the hosts of the house. He shook his head, getting the snow that had fallen on his hair and face off of him. The frost that covered his face already began melting from the fire. He was grateful that he found this place and he thanked whatever was watching over him. He had been traveling too long on this miles long road fraught with dangerous weather.

    "Thank you, a room would be nice though." He headed closer to the fire to warm himself up and to ward off the early stages of frostbite and hypothermia that had formed.

    "And what would we be eating tonight?" It was just now that he realized how empty his stomach was. He was too busy fighting the elements to notice, but now that he was sheltered he realized he hadn't eaten days. He held his stomach as the pain of starvation had set in.
  13. As the guests went into the living room, sporting blankets and warm drinks, Naev got the books ready to write them all up. Liske was busy cleaning up the intruding snow that had followed them in. Naev watched the feminine boy, smiling as she made sure to have everything in order.

    Naev looked up to the White haired man asking her questions from the fireplace.

    "What would we be eating tonight?" He asked, warming himself. He seemed eager to get into his room, which was completely understandable considering the nasty weather.

    "The cook will have a wonderful spread laid out in about an hour or so. We weren't expecting so many visitors so suddenly..." She gave him a sweet smile and tossed him a room key. "The rooms are cheap, considering the severity of the storm. I would never kick travellers out into this, so if you don't have the money, you'll help out." Her icey eyes looked at each individual, speaking to them generally. "Now if you would all be so kind to come sign in, we will get you set up before supper.

    She looked to her husband, who stood on all fours close to her. "Why don't you hand out the rest of the keys to our guests dear?"

    Naev took notice of the dark skinned butler, skin glittering as he approached her. " Feeling warm now, Naerwen?"
  14. Naerwen noticed then as his new Mistress approached him how very pretty she was. He smiled at her, teeth white in the dark face and his canines a little sharper than a human's. In fact all his teeth was just a little sharper than they seemed to need to be. It was the same with his fingernails. Just a little too sharp.

    "Mistress Naev." Hair fell over his eyes as he took a bow. "I am feeling much more warm now, yes. Thank you. Are you sure you wouldn't like me to start soon?" Naerwen had raised himself up and was now smiling at her with interest. "Or would you rather I find my rooms?" He tucked a strand of hair behind his ear. "I brought my contract as well, for us to sign with a witness. I also brought an assortment of my previous uniforms since you didn't say what you'd like me to wear here."

    Naerwen rocked back on his heels, feeling a little to invasive at the moment. "At your leisure, Mistress. Of course. I'm afraid I've never been idle for very long. So I apologize if I'm a bit too ... eager." He chuckled softly and let his eyes roam over the room and the other inhabitants for a moment. "Do you frequently get so many guests?"

    The last Master that Naerwen had worked for hadn't had so people in their house, that was certain. Considering who it was, it made sense but Naerwen had been trained to work for this many people as well as for a single family. The school made sure of that, it made sure of all things. Naerwen was prepared, even if he was 'Lord-less' at the moment.

    A Butler without his Lord.

  15. -Three Rivers Moved like a phantom through the snow. so apt at tracking he never even left a footprint in the fresh powder. He had been tracking the white stag for what seemed weeks could have even been months. he had lost count so long ago. making day to day by catching rabbits or fishing in the iced over lakes.
    He had fought through many blizzards before but this one was strange ,unnatural could have even been sent by the gods and they were angry at him for chasing the stag but he pressed on.,Three rivers always got the animal he hunted .
    When the wind picked up he drew the rabbit pelt round his face and covered his eyes with a clear white headband still moving.
    Having seen so many strange things in these woods he felt he was no longer near his land.He had stitched several pelts of wolves together white and grey natural camouflage in such a harsh environment.He carried a steel tomahawk that hand been handed from generation to generation on the handle the white feathers whipped through the cutting wind. ​
    He was running low on food but he had valuables that he had found in the bottom of the rivers ,gold nuggets the size of his thumbnails and a few stones of considerable value,he knew that he could resupply if he needed to man was greedy and they liked pretty things.
    almost instantly the wind stopped and the snow quit moving,he listened not hearing a sound except for the clank of some metal on the wind. he looked around and could not see except straight ahead. he froze for a moment adjusting to the sudden sound of quiet,lifting the blind he saw a light source from around a bend ahead. checking the bowstring and his quiver the arrows all still there.he made his way to the house where he seen shadows moving around inside.
  16. Bruma looked at his wife and with a slight nod of big head, a breeze rushed through the room and swirled around Bruma's body creating a white curtain of snowflakes as an illusion. None of it was as cold as it seemed neither cold itself emanated from the whole transformation. Suddenly a man of 6'2" was standing in front of the guests. His face was nicely curved with high cheek bones giving Bruma the look of an aristocrat but his eyes were as warm and playful as his wife's. There was life and good soul within the body that much could have been said. Bruma's hair was short and dark with occasional stripes of that shining blue color which could have been seen on his fur. Unlikely Naev, his dear wife, the now transformed wolf was dressed in formal dark tailcoat with plain black but matching trousers and very well polished shoes.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to rest in your room before dinner is served, I can write your name down in the book and give you the keys," he said in a voice which was warm, friendly and melodic. With a shining smile of white, human teeth, Bruma took his place behind the desk ready to serve their guests. At some point, his sensitive sense of smell caught a weak scent of someone new who, however, wasn't inside the house. Still with the smile on his face, Bruma looked outside of the window as if he wanted to see whether the blizzard stopped or not, but in fact he was searching the premises behind the walls of the house. There was a shadow just on the edge of vision, but Bruma could not say what it was that he saw. Could it be one of those strange things he encountered before? He better be aware and prepared, just in case.

    Returning his attention to the others in the room, the owner of the house didn't want to scare or worry the guests so he kept the discovery to himself.
  17. Around the side of the cozily-appointed cottage home a door forcibly banged open to shower the tiled floor with ice and snow that seemed to instantly melt into a slushy puddle as the wind howled in, as if determined to bring more. A figure hurriedly stepped in, heavy combat boots with deep treads squelching upon the wet mess as they tugged a sledge laden with some unknown burden covered over by a tightly-strapped tarp nearer the door. Thickly gloved hands deftly untied part of the cording and threw back part of the tarp to flap like a startled bird in the gale. Not stopping to bother removing the heavy gear the figure was bundled into- reflective goggles and knitted mask and fur-lined heavy down parka and more, the figure huffed and grunted as packaged were awkwardly drawn from the sledge and stacked in the small entry.

    The bundled trekker was more rough with some packages and more delicate with others, the small entry soon filled and the sledge soon empty. Struggling and breathing an annoyed grunt as they grabbed for the tarp before it was snatched by the gusting wind. It was folded neatly and tightly strapped to the sledge which was then itself propped and secured by the door. Once more fighting the wind, the door was closed and the small entry suddenly quiet but for the panting breath of the bundled figure.

    The heavy clothes came away in layers, hung by the door with regimented care to drip dry and leave their mess in the tiled entry; thick snow pants stripped off to reveal black and white houndstooth beneath and the combat boots exchanged for a set of black clogs waiting patiently by the step. Arms bare but for the tattoos painting them busily went about the business of removing the goods from the boxes and putting the supplies away in their appropriate places. Fresh produce and fruit, pantry items, pounds of butter and meat and fish all stored neatly away and the boxes smashed flat with an expedient efficiency. A bandana was fastened about unruly hair to keep it in check, and a pristine white jacket, double-breasted with knotted buttons was pulled on and fastened.

    Lana had arrived.

    The Winter House's chef-in-residence was a bit late starting supper preparations due to the last-minute supply run to prepare for the oncoming storm. Which she then got caught in, naturally. She had cussed a blue streak when that happened and was grateful for her heavy clothes though she would have almost sold her soul for a snowmobile. That much food was a heavy burden to pull under that much wind and sleet.

    After a quick wash of her hands she got started; there were trails leading up to the door as she passed so it seemed as if she would be cooking for more than Naev, Bruma, Liske, and herself. It was with this thought in mind that she moved about the small but well-appointed kitchen and absently worried the piercing in her lip. Ingredients were gathered, herbs clipped from small pots at the window and chopped, and warm smells of cooking soon began to waft from the copper-and-tile kitchen.

    It was a great gig working there and it beat scrambling behind a busy line for peanuts any day of the week. This far out with the snow and everything you didn't get deliveries but when you weren't caught in a blizzard the walk was actually pretty nice. Her bosses, Naev and Bruma were good.. could you call them people? At any rate they were nice and easy to work for. Didn't even mind her piercings and tats nor her somewhat strange tendencies. She liked that and had come to care for and respect the couple quite a bit. Liske was an odd bird too, after all. The quiet feminine man had grown on her as well.

    These thoughts and others helped her fall into her steady rhythm of cooking, the sounds of sizzling and bubbling and the beat of her knife against the board as she chopped making an odd sort of music. If the kitchen was the heart of a house, this one beat happily.

  18. The magnificent beast was then suddenly a man. How strange this house was. The magic here was unnerving to think about, but calming when you let yourself go. The warmth of the room didn't come only from the fire; there was... Something else. Red felt odd in this home, and uneasy. But perhaps her uneasiness was only from her lack of social skills. She had been living alone for so long being near people, or what appeared to be people, felt odd. She had listened to the trees and wind for her news, the voices of people sounded odd to her.
    A room was a wonderful prospect. Red needed to be alone. 'I will bed down here for the night and leave once the storm clears up,' she planed in her head. Hopes were set on the next day being clear.
    Red went over to the new formed man, and as she neared she found herself gazing into his eyes. She saw the eyes of a wolf, but saw the smile of a man. 'Which is he really?' Was there another form he held hidden.
    Red dug into her bag and excavated a few coins she had saved all these years. She never thought to have need of them, she only kept them to hold a sense of connection to the civilized world. "How much for a room?" she asked the wolf-man. 'How much are the coins even worth now?' she wondered.
  19. -Three Rivers made his way to the odd cottage it looked inviting of course he was weary a quick look around the woods he could still see nothing but the solid sheets of snow on either side of the path.
    moving slowly he went to knock on thew door though soon as knuckles touched the heavy door it swung open.
    he jumped back and glanced about spirits his first thought but no he could hear someone talking about rooms and service what is this place finally pressing the door open he stepped in and the warmth of the place had made the loose snow on the pelts he wore dissipate .
    brown eyes fell on the patrons of the house as they went about their business.Drawing in a breath the food that was cooking made his stomach grumble.
    he folded the hood of rabbit pelt onto his shoulders.
    He was dark skinned his features were finely detailed as if chiseled from stone , the cheekbones were high and well pronounced ,his flesh dark brown beaten leather evidence of his native american origin ,the black hair was pulled back and wrapped with feathers of different birds he stood with a pride common to warriors of old.

    looking around he had no idea where he was maybe he was dead though he knew magic was around he could only feel it brown orbs fell on the woman that was holding keys and leading guests around."Hello" he spoke to anyone within earshot...
  20. Naev was energetic; happy that her home was full of such humble guests. She was observing each on of them, taking in their faces and pondering their thoughts as Naerwen approached her. The dark elf spoke of his work ethic and his inability to relax. The winter spirit tucked her silvery hair behind her pointed ear and smiled, pulling her purple tinted lips into a sideways smirk.

    "I understand Naerwen, let us sign that contract in just a moment. We will retreat to the kitchen and have Lana sign as witness." She seemed to perk up as the human woman walked in and worked her way out of her heavy snow clothes and into the kitchen with groceries. Lana was sometimes tardy, but Naev minded little. The butler asked about her history with guests, making her ponder for a moment. "We have not had this many in quite some time. Normally just a few lost travelers, though, to be fair, my home only appears during the storms." She nodded her head with definition, turning her chin to watch her husband take coin and write down names in their log book.

    The petite spirit's back went ridged as the door swung open again, breathing into the house a gust of cold followed by a native man. Her eyes watched him closely as he seemed to observe everyone. She moved closer, pardoning herself from her talk with Naerwen to walk close to the Native. He spoke his hello and she greeted him with the same smile she did for everyone. She bowed her head and met his eyes with her own whimsicle pools.

    "Haʔahat ts'iʔ ahyaʔti" She spoke fluidly, greeting him in a traditional Native tongue.
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