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    Glancing back to see the new recruits placed in rows on the courtyard, Commander Erwin Smith smirked to himself. The castle would be as clean as a whistle, seeing as all of them were going to be placed under Levi's care. His stoic expression was hard as he glared at the few people who would have wanted to commit themselves to the recon corps. The Wings of Freedom... Many people had called the symbol on their jackets and sleeves that, dreaming they would be able to escape the enclosed 'pen' if they joined. However, they were not wrong. Many, many soldiers had lost their lives, for either their family's sake or they believed it was for the betterment of mankind. The blond haired commander had already figured out a plan, involving a certain brunette with turquoise eyes. Eren Jaeger. Now Eren Jaeger was an interesting case, a human with the ability to turn into a titan. There were many notable recruits here, and most of the top ten from the cadet school had decided to join as well. The commander though to himself as he faced to small array of cadets.

    "You wish to help humanity? Then show me, no, all of us gathered here today what you've got!"

    "YES SIR!"

    Only around 2 weeks passed since then. A girl, slightly shorter than Mikasa, was scrubbing at the filthy cobblestone floors of the castle, otherwise known as the Recon Corp's HQ. She had tucked her light brown hair behind a white bandanna, like the rest of her squad mates. Softly, there was a quiet knock on the door. Not once looking up, the girl said in a silky voice that sounded annoyed behind clenched teeth. The door creaked open and a certain brunette was standing, a bandanna in his hair and another in his hand. "Hey Eren, what's up?" The girl had looked at the boy and stopped scrubbing. "N-nothing... How about you Kyv?" Kyv stood up and yawned. "The Lance Corporal made me clean the Eastern wing of the castle... By myself." Eren flinched. Harsh... "I c-can help you I-I guess." A small spot of pink tinged her cheeks as he sat down besides Kyv to wash the flooring. The other recruits were doing God knows what, and there was still work to be done. Armin poked his head through the door and spoke timidly. "Hanji wants to see both of you... She gathered other cadets for something... And I don't know what for, however." Eren nodded while Kyv seemed like she wanted to faint to avoid meeting the major. So, Kyv ended up being carried bridal style by Eren after successfully knocking herself out, cerulean eyes rolled into the back of her head with her bronze hair still in her white bandanna.


    • Kyv is pronouced as Kai+ve
    • Hanji gathered the other cadets to assist with catching a few more titans due to the death of Sawney and Bean from earlier.
    • Levi forced Kyv the clean the Eastern wing by herself because Kyv made a remark on how she he was.
    • Eren has a crush on Kyv and looked almost like a tomato when he had to pick her up.
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  2. After notifying Eren and Kyv, Armin went off to get anyone else who would most likely not have gotten the message. He figured the others cadets of the 104th would hear of it from each other. However, Amora probably wouldn't hear of it since she never associated with anyone in the squad, so he went out to look for her.
    How convenient it was that the girl was right outside the Eastern wing of the castle. It was a little windy and chilly outside, but the sun still showed through the moving clouds. Her long black hair rippled through the air when there were small gusts of wind, sometimes strands of it getting in her face, but it never got out of its part and always fell against her head and shoulders perfectly right after. She was leaning against a lone tree apart from the others that had a good view. Her freckled face showered with sunlight and her green eyes gleaming as she looked out. A rusty silver coin travelled between her tan slender fingers as she twirled it. Every now and then, she'd look down at it thoughtfully, only for it to be ignored once again when she gazed back up, her expression calm and peaceful. Her gaze seemed to reach far out beyond the trees of the surrounding forest; it was as if she was trying to get out and go somewhere with her mind. Amora wondered what it was like outside of the walls. She and Armin shared this interest; However, it was not that she cared of the scenery that was said to exist; she just didn't want to be stuck and surrounded by the cruelty within the walls. There'd be more places to go to be left alone. More escapes.
    "Amora", Armin called out. He was right next to the tree, and he kept his distance from her; she wasn't an approachable person, but he wasn't scared of her. It's not like she'll beat anyone for bothering her. And she was more tolerant of the blond haired boy. "I came to tell you that Hanji has gathered the other cadets. I don't know what for, but it would be best if you went", he added.
    Amora stopped twirling the coin between her fingers and looked at Armin from the corner of her eye. "Okay. Thank you."
    Armin noticed the coin between her fingers. He recognized the design on it - some stype of bird was inscribed - but it wasn't from anywhere inside the walls. Where had he seen it before? His stare was broken as Amora placed the coin quickly into the cuff of her fingerless glove and walked past him into the castle. Armin followed her, but changed course once he was inside to respect her need of personal space.
    Not long after entering the castle was Amora bothered again. She enjoyed the comfort of silence while it lasted as footsteps grew nearer and nearer behind her. Her head leaned forward slightly to cover the side of her face with her hair, and she nuzzled a bit into her charcoal turtle neck to avoid any eye contact. She quickened her walking pace, but kept a cool speed, only for the person behind her to catch up.
    "Oi Volkov", the person called. Amora raised her head from its seclusiveness when she recognized the voice. Uncomfort was replaced with annoyance, but it didn't show on her face. She continued walking and looking ahead as she gave her attention. "Jean", she said.
    Jean was already caught up next to her, getting into her personal space as usual, which really pissed her off, but she was used to it. "Got the call, eh?", Jean asked. He tried to make conversation every now and then as the two walked down the hall. Amora didn't look at him. She just gave him small answers, hoping he'd just get the hint and go away, but he didn't.
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  3. Not that it mattered much to him, but Malachi had heard about the meeting. He wasn't a new recruit by any means, and thus didn't expect that the meeting had anything to do with him, but he picked up his gear and headed off anyway. He was still new to the squad, and he didn't know anyone. He'd heard a few names here and there, but didn't have face to attach them to. The only one he found interesting by name was the girl, Mikasa. Top ranking, expert of practically everything she set her mind to. He had no idea who she was either though, so it wasn't of concern at the time.

    As he walked, he periodically reached into his jacket and pulled out a flask. He'd take a heavy swig of the liquid inside before stashing it back into his jacket. Regulations were regulations, but they didn't matter much if he never got caught. That was the idea anyway. Of course, he'd been busted a few times already. The punishments didn't bother him as much as the restrictions did though. There were rumours that in another life he'd been a pirate. If the world were a bit different, he might have been anyway. Pirating wasn't a very feasible lifestyle with titans roaming about everywhere.

    Malachi let out an exceedingly loud yawn as he entered the hall, making his way to the meeting place. It was as he walked that he noticed a young girl being bothered by someone. As they walked and talked, he noted how she seemed to have been trying to get him to leave her alone subtly, but he wasn't taking the hint. It wasn't normally his way to get involved with other people's business, but he was bored, and he needed to get to know them anyway. "Hey you!" He called over to the two, though directing the tone at the guy. "Help a new guy out?" He asked, keeping it polite. At the very least, she could use the opportunity as a way to get away from him, whoever answered him.
  4. Getting pinched by Eren probably wasn't the best way of waking up, but Kyv didn't seem to mind. In fact, she didn't mind so much, that she punch him. Rubbing her knuckles after punching his hard head, Kyv sleepily asked, "Are we here already? Ugh..." Eren smiled, and the brunette kept a watchful eye out for Jean. "Come on, we aren't where Hanji gathered the other cadets, but let's get going. My arms hurt from carrying you here." Letting out a defeated sigh, Kyv got up and walked with Eren through the twisting, winding halls of the castle, when he spotted Jean. He was talking with Amora? At least, Kyv was sure that was her name. "Hanji's just up there, in the courtyard, come on you slowpoke!" Dashing past Jean and Amora, Kyv grabbed Eren's hand as he ran down the halls, Kyv (Somewhat) following.

    "Great! You made it! Only a few more recruits left and I can tell you guys what's up!" The crazed captain had a wicked grin on her face, making Kyv shiver. She took off her cleaning bandanna and folded it neatly on the table. "Where's Armin?" The titan-shifter had asked no one in particular, though a high pitched, timid voice piped up. "I just told the rest of the recruits, I'm right here!" The blonde boy made his way to Eren and the sound of footsteps made Kyv turn her head. "Eh? More?" How fun.

    Though Hanji's missions were never fun.

    "Are you serious? That will be enough? Just that?!"
    Mr. Colburn sighed and replied to his daughter, slightly usual. "Yes, Evin. I assure you, nothing will happen to this wall." Evin crossed her arms and tilted her head towards the group that prepared material for repairing the Wall Rose. "Sorry, but it just doesn't seem enough. It is the line of our defence after all. Maybe you should take it more seriously." Instead of frowning, her father laughed sincerely and rubbed the top of her head with his hand. He knew that she couldn't help but worry. It was just her. Even though Evin was quite tall, her father was still way above her.

    "Well look at you acting all serious about things." Evin frowned. "Dad, please. It is embarrassing." He smiled a bit more and moved his hand, allowing his daughter to fix her hair. "Well then, if it is so bad, don't you have a better things to do?" That must have been the exact reason why the commander convinced him to let Evin sing up for the training although his wife and he were still against it. However, since she refused to even think about joining the Military Police, he still hoped that she would stay by joining Garrison by the time she is truly recruited. Seeing her walking through those gates and maybe never come back... he shook his head gently, forgetting about it. The last titan break in simply took it's toll on him.

    Evin thought a bit. "Ha! Please, I think I would remember if I---" In the moment of realisation, she mentally facepalmed. Earlier she was told about the meeting she must attend to. And as usual, she forgot. "Oh crap!" She shouted and started running towards the HQ. Her father sighed and rubbed his forehead. "That's my daughter..." Few of his colleagues laughed and he added smiling. "And yes I am one proud father. She's only a half an hour late, probably." Statement resulted in another round of laughter before they got back to work. But he was proud. By the time she was allowed to sign up for the training, she was so eager to be noticed, that she did a lot of great things for Garrison and for that many members already respected her. That was even more than he could ask for.

    Evin had no idea how long was she running, but as she did, she probably cursed on every possible living thing since everyone turned to glare after her as she was running pass them. It was a damn long run, and she already got tired when she reached the castle entrance. On the entrance she stopped briefly to ask for the place of meeting. Hopping up and down the stairs and almost tackling down people in the hallways, she headed towards the courtyard.
    "Move, please! Move! I'm late!" She barely managed to break, while she almost stumbled into the courtyard due to her speed. Balancing back, she jumped on the ground and pleaded. "I am here! Please don't scold me again! Pl---" She looked around noticing how everyone looked at her like she was nuts. Not far from truth, but still. It hasn't even started yet and Evin realised that for the first time, she was actually on time. "Ah, sweet heavens!" She sat on the ground panting and resting. "I swear... this better be good." She mumbled to herself.
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  6. "Yea", Amora replied to one of Jean's previous remarks. She was disinterested in the conversation he tried to make. Could he take the hint already? Maybe it was the sound of her voice; it was always melodic and smooth, which was a disadvantage to her desires of being alone since it sounded inviting, especially when it came to this ignorant and blunt horseface.
    "Hanji's adventures are never fun. She's so crazy, I feel like she's tr-"
    "Jean", Amora interrupted his jesting. An exasperated sigh escaped her mouth as she continued walking toward the destination. Still, she did not make eye contact with Jean. "Why do you do this?"
    The tall boy looked down at her. His eyebrows furrowed to the question as he was confused by what she meant. "You mean why do I talk to people?" What?
    "Why do you come to me all the time?" she asked more specifically, irritation building up in her tone; her expression still stayed neutral. When Jean didn't have an answer to the question, she would further speak out what she was thinking at the moment.


    Of course Amora would contemplate about Jean's behavior.

    The trainee years, she found it much better than now when it came to having just her own company. No one knew her, and no one bothered to try to know her. Amora was alone, and she was better off alone. Her skills and abilities improved greatly without anyone's interference, making her a great fighter even though she wasn't ranked in the Top 10. However, when it came down to it, she was not a good comrade or soldier. Because of that, it brought forth the many deaths of soldiers that could have stayed with the 104th and continue to serve. Amora, seeing the bodies of fellow comrades that she could have saved, was completely unnaturally and inhumanly unfazed by it.

    The only scene that still lingered in her mind was the night after the Battle of Trost. Remaining victors of the battle mourned over the deaths of comrades, best friends, newly loved ones. Corpses burning in the fire was a sight resembling Hell on Earth. What really caught Amora's attention was seeing someone so close to the flames.

    He fell onto his knees, clutching onto something in his hand as if life depended on it, sobbing to himself in the mourning process. Suddenly, he looked up at nothing in particular, just the empty space in front of him. His eyes grew wider as his gaze remained, then looked down again not long after. Oddly enough, he began muttering to himself. Amora didn't know what for. It was then that she recognized the messy ash brown hair, the lightly tan skin, the tall physique. This person was Jean.

    Jean Kirschtein, the one that she despised ever since that day she was recruited. "To join the Military Police and live in comfort within the walls". How pathetic; he was so pathetic. Amora, thinking of her experience within Wall Sina, thought to herself, Did he really desire to be so disgustingly corrupt? It did fit his personality anyway - blunt and stubborn and ignorant - so why the hell not. She absolutely hated him. So to hell with him.

    Knowing that it was Jean crying near the flames, she remembered Marco. His intentions were similar to Jean's, but at least he was humble about his own delusions. The freckled boy was one of the only ones Amora came to like, even though the two never knew eachother directly. He was a great person and a great soldier, and she looked up to him. It was weird seeing Marco hang around with Jean a lot. To be quite honest, she was jealous of the friendship Jean had with him.

    At that moment, Amora came to the conclusion that the person Jean was mourning over was Marco. She felt a tear travel down her face as she stood hidden in the shadows. There shouldn't have been a reason to cry, but somehow she felt the loss as well.

    Ever since joining the Survey Corps, Jean started to take notice of her. Amora was surprised to see him walk through the halls of the headquarters. He did say he wanted to live in comfort within Wall Sina after all, and joining the Survey Corps was off the tracks to that destination. It started with little glances at her; Amora was oblivious to the miniscule attention she was getting from him, which encouraged those glances to turn into a stare every now and then. This made her uncomfortable at first. Sometimes a faint pink tinge would spread thwart her cheeks, not because she was attracted to him, but because she didn't know how to deal with the situation. To make it even worse, he actually started to try talking to her. Was he trying to get to know her better? Was he trying to be friends with her? Or was he just trying to annoy her?

    And why all of sudden? Why now?


    Her curiosity about Jean stayed unrevealed, until now.
    "If you're trying to escape lonliness after losing Marco, I'm not the person you should be running to.", Amora said blankly. She continued talking, of course still not looking at Jean, "If you're trying to become friends with me, don't get your hopes up. I don't have time for anything like that in this world, especially not with you".

    After a moment of silence, the footsteps behind her stopped. Finally, he would go away, or so she thought. She would have continued walking, but instead was caught off guard when she felt a pull on her left fore-arm. Amora was forcefully being turned around to face Jean. Anger smothered his face at what she just said. However, his voice was paradoxical with his expression. He tried to pull her a little closer, but Amora kept her distance.

    "The only lonely person here is you, Amora. I worry about you." Jean's voice was soothing and calming, but Amora didn't take in what he said. Uneasiness ran through her system with Jean's grip tight around her arm. It wasn't a bloodstopping grasp, but to Amora, it felt like it was a bit threatening on her fragile self. The feeling was way too familiar.

    Amora looked up Jean, slight helplessness appearing in her eyes. "Please let go", she faltered. His expression softened, and realizing her discomfort, he let go of her arm. Her right hand hugged the arm that was just violated. She look down and turned on her heel to continue walking. Jean absentmindedly followed her. They were going the same place anyway.

    Jean began to open his mouth to apologize, but was interrupted by someone behind them.
    "Hey you! Help a new guy out?"
    The boy turned to see who it was, but did not recognize the person. Malachi, was it? Who knows. He decided to help him out anyway and walked toward him, letting Amora to herself. As he started to walk toward the stranger, Eren and Kyv ran past him down the hallway like little kids. "Fucking Jaeger", he muttered to himself. "Just walk with me this way", he told Malachi as he turn to walk in the same direction again.

    Amora was still at a viewable distance of Jean and Malachi. Jean was guilt-ridden, seeing her look down shamefully at herself when he was the one that caused the problem. Not only did it seem like she didn't want to be bothered, but it seemed like she was trying to hide herself. He didn't know what for.

    He remembered her face when she looked up at him. Why did she look worried and helpless? What was the reason why she acted like that? There were a lot of things Jean didn't know about her that he wanted to know.
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  7. "Thanks. Took me weeks to get the 23rd's space memorized. This one's a bit easier, but it's still pretty big. I'd hate to miss this big meeting. What's the commander's name again? I can't seem to remember it." He asked, scratching his head slightly, as though he had no idea. He knew, but it was that tip of your tongue knowing. He'd heard of her. Some said she was crazy. Crazy suited him just fine. Still, it would be best to learn of her more than just some rumours. Information was the most important thing he could acquire. "Or for that matter, what's she like?"
  8. Kyv glanced around, eyes on the new recruits who just came into the courtyard. Apparently, the Lace Corporal was even called, the rumors that were circulating about said, so she figured this must be important. Taking a small moment to once again sigh, the auburn haired cadet began braiding her hair absentmindedly, with a bored expression stuck on her face. "All right! I'm really, pretty, positively sure this is all the recruits! Gather round folks!" The incredibly smart and crazy Hanji, otherwise known to Kyv as the 'Mad Scientist', piped up and was already standing on a table. There was an insane look in her eyes as she spoke up. "Now, you all have heard the devastating news about Sawney and Bean, correct? Yes, well, instead of put Eren under so much stress, I've told Erwin that i'm running an expedition of my own! Even though it's right before the other expedition, but who cares! Yes. We need new test subject. So, our little group here shall be heading to the areas outside of the walls that our scouts have called 'Titan-Infested-Areas.' There will be a few group positioned in other places, while our decoy groups lead them o the capture devices. Now, do I have to repeat myself?" Hanji looked around and pushed up the goggles slipping off her forehead. The Lance Corporal Levi just sat here and leaned against one of the columns, looking as bored as always. Kyv and Eren were standing on the cobblestone paved courtyard and waited for anymore directs and commands from the brown-haired major (And *cough hack cough* holding hands *Cough cough*). Amora and Jean were standing side-by-side in the grassy area of it, while a man she recalled to be named Malachi, or Requiem, took a swig from a flask stroed inside his uniform's pocket. "Aie... Now! Prepare your horses and supplies, seeing as we leave tomorrow. Tata!~"

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-------------------------------AT THE STABLES WITH EREN-------------------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Come on, Castor... Ah, now that's it!" Kyv cooed as her horse, or Castor ate an apple from her hand. Taking a quick peek at how Eren was doing with his horse, she had to stifle a loud, round of laughter. "Hey! Pollux! Quit it! No! NO! Don't kick people! OWWWWWWWWWWW!" Pollux, the sweet thing, had kicked him in the head and he was rubbing the injured area with his palm. "You even managed to anger Pollux, Jaeger. Nice one." Kyv removed her hand from her mouth after trying to suppress her laugh but she couldn't do it anymore. Throwing her head back, she let out a loud, wonderful laugh at his incident with the horse.

    "My God, Eren! You have such a way with horses!" She said before giving Castor a few cubes of sugar. "Oh fine! You win! Now calm Pollux down, Kyv!" Snickering, she brushed the horse's manes and settled him down. "Done Eren. Now it seems someone owes me something!~"
    "Well? What do you want from me?"
    "Not yet! I'm saving it!"
    "Why would you do that?"
    "Because! I feel like it!"
    Grumbling, Eren peeled away from the argument. "I can smell dinner. Come on! Kyv, you slowpoke!" Racing out of the stables Eren pulled Kyv along by the hand, giving her the feeling of having her hand being popped out of its socket. He stopped abruptly near the window, the sudden loss of momentum causing Kyv to tackle the brunnette. They both landed on the ground, tumbling. Eren was staring out the window. "W-what's up?" Kyv asked as he got up and walked to the large, clear window. "It's beautiful, isn't it? The sky at night. Still, it's not as beautiful as you." Kyv blushed. "E-Eren? What are you-" And she was cut off by a pair of lips being pressed on hers under the light of the moon being filtered through the window.

    Eren was kissing her.
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  9. Sitting on the floor by the door was a girl with dark grey. Lilian pulled the white bandanna off her head and leaned her head back up as she huffed from exhaustion. The room was large and mostly empty and she had cleaned it al by herself. It wasn't as though she was forced to do it on her own like a certain girl. What was her name again. Kyv? She liked the colour the girl's hair, It had a nice light colour that didn't seem to bright either. Lilian picked the ends of her hair staring at it. Unlike Kyv's, her hair was a dull shade of grey. If only it was completely jet black like that of Mikasa, the top trainee on the squad.

    Lilian scanned the room once more time to inspect the visible mess before walking up to a window sweeping it with her finger assuring that not even a speck of dust was there. She wouldn't want the Lance Corporal Levi to find out that she cleaned a room by herself and failed to do it right. Corporal Levi was also a man she respected. His age was unknown and unlike her other superiors like Hanji and Commander Erwin, she could guess his age. Levi however. That aside, she always thought that if something was worth done, the it should be worth done well. And to know that the superior she admired most would be happy with her work would be enough satisfactory.
    After the discussion on Hanji's plan, Lilian went to the stable to tend to the horses. It was her favourite part of the job today so far. After locking herself up in a room for practically the whole day, being able to be with a part of nature felt nice. She fed the beautiful beast, Prancer, a fresh red apple. As she brushed it's mane, a giant man with dark hair and slightly tanned skin. It was Bertholt if she remembered correctly.

    "Bertholt, was it? Good evening."

    "Um...Hey. Dinner's almost ready. You wanna...go back to the castle together?"

    Honestly, Lilian didn't mind his company. She didn't mind anyone's company in fact. She just preferred being alone. Most of the time at least. Lilian gazed at him for a moment with her dull green eyes before smiling and putting away the horse brush away. "Sure. Shall we go then?" They walked out of the stables chatting lightly and softly as a new friendship bloomed.
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    By the time Hanji concluded the gathering, Evin was already excited. She would always felt bad for every lost comrade. However, lives were at stakes for achieving their ultimate goals, and they all knew it when they were signing up. Or at least they should have. This kind of opportunities were what Evin waited for. All those years of people coping with their fear needed to end no matter how long it took to do so. She yet again was positive about rather dying than being a slave of fear. If the worst should happen, she had it all planned. A goodbye letter and a sharp knife to end it fast. She smirked lightly at her thoughts. Nonsense, she was just getting started. There will be enough time to die later on. Yawning, she stretched and walked out of the courtyard.

    Along the way, she noticed Kyv and Eren walking away, holding hands. She chuckled lightly. Always considering them a great couple, she was thrilled that things were looking good for them. She only hopped they will be careful on the field. At least Kyv. Evin saw things that happen when one looses a lover. It was something she would never wish to anyone. Walking slowly and holding her arms above her head while whistling, she got to stables just as Lilian and Bertholt walked out discussing something, mentioning something about dinner along the way. Evin's stomach growled and whined.
    "Oh cut it out, will ya? First things first."

    The smell of stable didn't bother her. It was he smell of the best horses that were heroes just as their riders. Truth be told, she saw a lot of them flinch in front of titan, dragging the rider along the way. It wasn't a nice sight. But all these horses passed the training. They were ready to serve to their riders until they either fall or come back victorious. Her horse probably waited for her patiently, and she was thrilled, hurrying to get there. All horses that she passed by were just amazing. However, as it usually is, she picked her horse for a reason. Argo was exactly what she needed. Stubborn but loyal. Above all, he was brave and aggressive whenever he needed to be. Just behind the corner, she noticed Kyv and Eren in a kissing position. Evin chuckled wickedly and teased will passing by them. "Get a room, love birds." But it wasn't sour in any way. It was more of a sweet teasing way of her approval.

    Argo was just a few boxes further, and she was there fast.
    "I am here!" Evin grinned to Argo, and he replied with a quick "hmph!"-like sound. Evin sighed taking of her jacket to make herself comfortable. "I know big guy, I know. Hanji was bugging us again." She grabbed a hay stack and shifting her strength, tossed it over, into Argo's box. "There we go, nice and fresh." The horse nudged her as if he was thanking her, before he got on to mercilessly tearing the haystack apart. Grabbing a brush, Evin looked at Argo, waiting patiently. He was a beautiful horse with his red slim body and black legs, tail and mane. But the most interesting part was that pure white line in a shape of sword, that dropped down from his forehead, between his eyes, till the narrow end above his nostrils. With that he bought her in a first place. After he was satisfied with that hay stack sacrifice Evin offered him, he allowed her to brush him. And she did, patiently and carefully, talking about her day along the way. No, she didn't find is weird at all.
  11. Though it didn't really seem like it, Amora, to be quite honest, was thrilled about the plan. Killing titans was just as easy as killing people, but capturing them? That was on a whole nother level for her, and she gladly accepted. An extra expedition before her first official one wouldn't hurt. This would give her more practice, more skills, more experience. So what if she didn't make Top Ten? That shouldn't stop anyone from getting better, especially when one decides to be in the Survey Corps. Maybe one day, she could live on the outside on her own and start somewhere knew, even if the titans weren't all wiped off the face of the Earth. She could do it... She survived the Battle of Trost after all, and training during the cadet days, and trying to live on her own. All her life, there was something she'd have to survive through - the contempt, the losing, the abuse, the violation, and the realization of her own corruption. Amora wanted to leave that all behind.

    Then again, there was a chance of dying. Anytime and anywhere, she could die, especially outside the walls on her own when she's so vulnerable. Maybe that was the point; Amora didn't like life within the walls, and she refused to die hating her life and hating herself. Her Wings of Freedom will always be torn apart as long as she remained in this cage. A prisoner trapped within walls? A slave serving for humanity? That was not what Amora wanted at all. She needed this freedom for herself.

    Just as she turned on her heel to head to the stables, a tall figure had blocked her way, resulting in her bumping into that person's chest. "Sorry." she mumbled, trying to hurry away now because she knew exactly who it was. A glare came from the corner of her eye as she exited the courtyard. Why are you here again? Did he really think staying close to her would make her like him more? Couldn't he just leave her alone like everyone else? What was his deal anyway?
    Who cares, she thought. That dweeb would be going back to impressing Mikasa - well, trying to impress Mikasa, since she's more concerned with Eren - sooner or later. Hopefully he'll forget me.

    Fyodor stood alone from the rest of the horses in a stall at another stable. It wasn't that there was anything bad about him - the Survey Corps did have the best and specially bred horses; rather, there were just so many damn horses. His hooves would pat the ground beneath every now and then due to boredom in isolation. Footsteps upon grass were heard coming his way, and looking up, his ears shot up and his hooves began striking the ground. "Calm down, Fyodor, it's just me." Amora assured him as she walked in. She unlatched the lock of the stall, motioning her horse to come out and forward. He did so gladly, even it was just a few feet out of the stable, at least he'd be able to feel some freedom.

    Fyodor and Amora were much alike. Apart from the looks, since he was a blue roan horse - black mane and dark smoke gray body - they both had a desire for freedom.

    Amora walked Fyodor around the stable, and then off to where the entrance of the forest was. They weren't going to go any further, reason being that this spot had a better view of the sky, and there was a horizon that was not cut off by any wall; it seemed like there was nothing blocking that way, as if humanity was finally safe and free. She could just run off and travel all she wanted and nothing would stop her.

    But something would anyway. Amora could imagine and dream all she wanted. That wall was always there.

    She pulled out a few carrots and an apple for Fyodor, feeding him as she stroked his long black mane. "Sorry, no sugar cubes. You'll be stronger this way. Hay and water when we get back" Afterwards, she leaned lightly against Fyodor, resting her head and arms on his back as she looked up at the twilight. It was getting late, dinner was already being served, but she didn't care or worry. Stars were beginning to appear in the sky, and she wanted to see them.

    Fyodor began striking his hooves again, trying to move himself forward from their stagnation. He wanted to gallop freely into the world. A neigh escaped from Fyodor as he lifted his head into the sky. Amora calmed him down, stroking his mane, then his muzzle, and speaking softly. "I know", she looked up at the sky with him. "We'll be out there soon. For good." After spending some time with Fyodor, she walked him back to the stable, feeding him hay and giving him water as she promised, and walked back into the HQ for dinner.
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  12. Blushing madly as Evin made that 'comment', Eren was the first to break away from the kiss. "If you haven't figured it out yet, I've been meaning to ask this question for a long time. Kyv, will you be my girlfriend?" Kyv seemed to be a tomato as she blushed. "YES! OF COURSE YOU FUCKING HORSE-TAMER!" Kyv launched herself into a hug and she wrapped her arms around his neck in a flying tackle.


    "Um... Kyv? Did your stomach just growl?"


    "Eren? Did YOUR stomach growl?"

    "It seems that we are both famished."

    "Please try not to act like Armin. Intelligence seems out of character for you!~" Kyv teased the grumpy brunette and helped him up. "I swear, I could just slap you right now. "

    "Let's go eat dinner."

    "Why now?"

    "You get a little angry when you're hungry, Eren. You can have a part of mine when we get there."

    Digging in already, Kyv glanced at her boyfriend, watching him devour his meal like a crazed


    "Better. Though you have some food on your lips, here let me get it off." Eren said, before wiping her face off like one would do to a spoiled child.

    "Jaeger, you are the biggest fucktard in existence. But Hell, I still love you." Kyv whispered, making no one could hear but the Titan-Shifter and herself.
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  13. Amora came in a little late to dinner. Everyone was already sat down, enjoying, or trying to enjoy, the food they were served as they chattered among fellow comrades. A few unwanted eyes were on her as she walked in alone.

    There was always an empty table at the corner of the mess hall. No matter how filled the place was, no one seemed to want to sit there, except for Amora. She figured that if no one sat there, she might as well take it. Thus, it became her table where she sat in her own company.

    “Wow, look at rich girl over there. She’s even dressed up prim and proper for just eating shit.” "Yea, and look how much space she's taking. What, are we not worthy enough for her prescence?", A few had whispered about Amora as she walked in, grabbed her food, and sat down. It was a regulation that the soldiers should change out of their uniforms and into civilian clothes before having dinner. Most of everyone’s clothes were similar styles and material – long skirts, cardigans, vests, button up shirts made out of cotton or burlap. But for Amora, hers were completely different having come from Wall Sina. The family that had adopted her hated her and was ashamed of her for no reason, yet they didn’t want to ruin their image. So still, they gave Amora clothes, which had more ruffles and lacing and were made out of silk or satin and sometimes cotton. Unfortunately, these were the only clothes she had other than her uniform.

    Wow, are they stupid? No one wanted to sit here. Amora ignored the comment, but still gave the person a glare before she began to eat. It wasn’t the best stuff, but at least she was actually given food. Sometimes she wondered how she even got muscle from eating mostly bread and soup. No matter, as long as she wasn’t as thin and malnourished as she used to be when she traveled around and lived alone years ago.

    “Come with me. Commander Erwin needs to speak with you”, a smooth voice told her. It belonged to Petra, one of those in Levi’s Special Ops Squad.

    “Oh and what for?” Amora asked.

    “Something to be discussed privately.”


    Amora walked into the Commander’s office, nervous and curious as to why he needed to speak with her. The blonde commander sat behind his desk that had papers and files laid out on it. “Hello. Come sit”, his hand gestured to the chair in front of his desk. As Amora sat down, she peered a little closer at the papers on the desk. Her profile?

    “Your name is Amora Volkov, correct?” Erwin asked, still sorting out the papers.

    “Yes”, she replied. Why does he have my profile?

    “Born to Aldor and Sif Volkov in Dauper within Wall Rose. Parents executed for treason, murder, and cannibalism by the Military Police at age 4", the commander read the facts straight from her profile with a rational tone. Afterwards, he looked up at the girl and continued. "How did you feel about this?”

    Amora's brow raised to the question. “Excuse me, sir, but what do my feelings have to do with anything concerning this military branch?”

    “Please, Amora, just answer my question and there will be no conflict”, Erwin said, giving some sort of decieving smile.

    Amora leaned back into her chair and sat up, a silent gulp traveled down her throat. “I was just… indifferent about it.”

    “Why is that?”

    “My parents always left the village, left me, leaving me to reside by myself. I didn’t know them well enough during my first 4 years of life. I figured they didn’t care about me, so why should I care about them.” Her voice was monotonous and blank; she tried to keep her neutral expression, but she started to feel nervous about where this would lead to.

    There was short silence as Erwin wrote her answers on a notepad. “The Cromwell family from within Wall Sina adopted you. Your experience with them?”

    Just hearing Cromwell, and thinking of the scathing memories that was brought along with that name, Amora trembled. Her face was that of neutrality, suddenly turning into that of anger, pain, and sadness as it showed only in her eyes. It still didn't show on her face. She tried to keep professional. She hesitated to answer. “It wasn’t any better. Horrible…" She stopped, trying to find the words to describe anything about that time in some way without faltering. "Is it all right if we not discuss this?” Her voice started to tremble, and she tried to keep herself together.

    It didn't matter to Erwin whether or not she wanted to talk about it. He needed to know her experience with that family so he could try to refer to it when concluding his investigation on this girl. However, seeing that the expression change on the girl in front of him just by hearing the name of the family, he figured that he would agree to her request. "That's fine. I'm sorry for bringing such serious topics up."

    "It's fine." was all Amora replied. Her tone was as blank as ever.

    The commander sighed. His interrogation wasn't going as planned. Instead, he tried to get a similar answer that would have been received by the previous question by restating it, since Amora did not want to talk about it. “How and why did you come and join the military?”

    “I-.” Amora stopped herself from answering, for she remembered everything she did after escaping that hell. What am I supposed to say? I don’t want to be found out about… “I escaped before dawn. Most of the men were either asleep or not out. I waited near the district gates until they opened, out of sight from any Garrison officers. As for why I joined… I needed to get away.”

    Erwin's brows slightly furrowed. Escape? Why did she need to escape? Instead of satisfying his curiosity, Erwin nodded and said, “Just one last question: How old were you when you escaped and how old were you when you were recruited?”

    “I just turned 12 years old when I escaped. I was still 12 when I was recruited, but I was about to turn 13 in the next few months”, Amora replied.

    The commander nodded and jotted her answers down, furrowing his eyebrows as if he was trying to figure something out. Afterwards, he looked up at Amora. “That is all. Thank you for your time. You are dismissed.”

    Amora left the room without a word. Having to talk about her past made her extremely furious, and extremely ashamed for some unknown reason. As she walked through the halls of the castle, she silently fumed to herself; her fists were balled, her jaw was clenched, trying to bite down the rage.

    Levi stood next to Erwin as they tried to figure out Amora’s files. “So, do you think she’s the mass murderer?” the short-statured man asked coolly.

    Erwin looked up at Levi from his seat. “It’s possible. Those murders started about the same time she escaped and ended about the same time she was recruited. She escaped at age 12 and was recruited about 2 months before she turned 13. Of course, she would have to find a way to survive during those 10 months.” Erwin looked more into Amora’s files. “Maybe… she is the mass murderer that the Military Police is looking for.”

    “So what now, should we just get the girl executed or what?” Levi asked in his usual asshole manner.

    Erwin looked into empty space, pitiful at the thought of a girl who’s only experienced the worst in life, get killed. “I am unsure for now. She’s only lived a short life, and I assume she's experienced only the worst. I believe killing her isn't the best moral choice." He sighed at his frustration witht the situation. "She said that she escaped. I'm still trying to figure out why she needed to escape when she could have just simply signed up. She also said something about not wanting "the men" to find her. That, too, I'm still trying to figure out - what about the men and what they did to her.”

    Levi decided to leave, since it was almost time to go to sleep. As he walked toward the office door to leave, he looked back at the commander. “If you’re trying to make a choice based on morals, just remember that she killed over 70 people. We already have the titans killing us; we can’t have a murderer, especially one in our branch, killing us either. I’m not saying kill her. Just consider the facts. We’re fighting for the freedom of humanity, not the precious life of some random girl.”
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  14. After the Rogue Titan Eren Yeager plugged the breach in Trost, work began immediately after to seal up the rest of the hole and prevent any more visits from the titans. The Garrison, in charge of such duties, transported supplies to the breach, putting its soldiers to work on the arduous task of repairing the walls. Among the soldiers was a young girl, Micah Watson, newly graduated and newly recruited, thrust immediately into duty after her traumatizing survival of Trost.

    “Watson, take over for Horrowitz on the assembly line,” barked one of her superior solders, Kitts Verman.

    “Yes sir.” Micah saluted and jogged up to the exhausted soldier. “I’m here to relieve you. Go home and rest.” Horrowitz thanked Micah and moved out of the way to let Micah proceed into the line.

    The entire line consisted of moving brick and cement along a conveyor belt to the repairmen upfront who were busy sealing the wall as fast as they can. Up above them, perched on the wall were soldiers equipped with 3D maneuver gear. Among them were Commander Dot Pixis, his escorts, and Rico Brzenska. The wall was for the Garrison’s most elite. Their duty was to watch for any titans who approached too close or if any actually managed to break through. One of them yelled something and a bunch of soldiers headed to wherever he had pointed. Micah was thankful to not have been elite; to her, she had encountered enough titans to last a lifetime.

    The solder on her right slid the large brick her way. Micah stopped it and prepared to send it to the next person after her. She turned around to direct the rock in the next direction and saw a girl with red hair and freckles on her cheeks.


    Hannah nodded in acknowledgment, and retrieved the brick from Micah and slid it on to the next person. Micah noted the blank expression present on her face. So different from her training days when Hannah was a bubbly girl, especially around Franz.

    “How are you?” Micah asked, sliding the next brick to Hannah.

    She shrugged. “Could be better.” She caught it and turned it to the next person.

    Micah was well aware Franz was lost in Trost. All who had perished in the breach were counted and all whose bodies were found were piled together and burned in the funeral pyres. She remembered seeing Hannah crying in front of a particular pyre with no Franz at her side. But Micah was desperate to find someone, someone familiar, someone whom she could be comfortable with, and Hannah was the only person closest to her.

    “At-at least we’re both in the Garrison,” she said, trying still to attempt a conversation. “We can still see each other through, right?” Hannah didn’t respond. “And I see a few others too; maybe later we can—“

    “Watson! Be quiet and keep working!” shouted Verman.

    Micah winced and closed her mouth. She kept her eyes trained on the bricks as Kitt walked right past her. She swore she could almost feel his stare piercing through her back.

    “Did you notice all those who joined the Scouting Legion?” Hannah asked a few minutes later.

    Initially startled that Hannah started the conversation with her, Micah turned back to passing bricks before saying, “Yes. I was very surprised to see most of our top ten staying behind.”

    “I had no doubts about Mikasa and Armin, along with a few others. But the rest surprised me the most.”

    Micah nodded. “Especially Jean. He was always so vocal about the Military Police. Even Connie bragged about it too.”

    They were silent again, going through the motions of the assembly line. Catch and slide, catch and slide, over and over.

    “Would you have joined the Scouting Legion along side them?” asked Hannah.

    Micah stared at the brick in front of her before she shook her head. “I-I’m too scared of the titans. I wouldn’t survive one minute out there.” That was her, cowardly little Micah Watson. She hated it.


    In the cramped space that was her office, Hanji heard three knocks on her door.

    “Come in!” she called. The door opened, revealing her assistant, Moblit Barner. “Moblit, what can I do for you?” she asked.

    He handed her a sheet of paper and proceeded to repeat the contents of the letter. “By order of the Military police, Malachi Ruari is not permitted to participate in the expedition—”

    “I can read the damn letter fine!” Hanji barked, slamming the paper on her table; Moblit winced. “Why is he not allowed? Because he was a member of squad 23? That was shut down years ago! All cases against it had false claims! And what right do the Police have in this too?” Out of frustration, Hanji tore the paper into little scraps before shoving it into the coals of her dying fire.

    “So what now, squad leader?” asked Moblit.

    Hanji removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes of the strain. “We’re short. So we’re gonna need to recruit. We may even have to pull from the other factions if Erwin won’t let me take anyone from the Corps anymore.”

    “And how will you do that? You know these people won’t just give their lives like that.”

    Hanji re-positioned her glasses and tended to her fire. “Why not a little incentive then?”
  15. Audrey was in distress as of the moment Hanji said the were going on another expedition right before the official one. It didn't help that she was still trying to get a handle on her comrade's deaths from the last gruesome battle they all had only a few weeks ago. She had seen them, seen them all either crushed by the giants, or eaten one person at a time. It reminded her of how little a chance humanity had against them, all the deaths it would cost just to try and change their fate.

    She was in the stables right after Kyv and Eren had left, thinking about what exactly was waiting for them outside those cursed walls. She had never liked them, they stood for too many fears and lies. It was a reminder that humanity lived in fear of paying full price. She patted her horse Juniper on the muzzle, trying to comfort herself. Saying that she was afraid was a huge understatement, and she wasn't afraid to acknowledge it.

    After she took care of all of Juniper's needs, she was heading down the hallway when she saw Amora. Her eyes looked on the verge of tears.

    "Hey, Amora! Are you alright-"

    "I'm fine" Amora said coldly to her and she ran past her. Audrey would have ran after her. Insist that she could help with whatever was wrong, but she was sure that she would be rejected either way. It had always been like this, everyone being in their little cliches and her just not fitting in anywhere. Even Kyv had her group, and Audrey knew she felt left out on things. She could she the same pain in her eyes that resided on hers.

    As she reached the mess hall, Audrey shook her head away from her thoughts. Now was the time to think positive, and not dwell on the future, even if there wouldn't be for much longer. She sat down at an fairly empty table, the only ones there ignoring her completely, which made Audrey lose her appetite very quickly. She soon disposed of her food, and proceeded to head to train, not seeing what better thing there was else to do.

    She heard the swaying of one of the bags inside the room before she even entered, and guessed it was Mikasa. She couldn't think of anyone else at this hour who would be training. Sure enough, she was right Mikasa was at her usual spot, jabbing one of the bags. Right, left, left, left, right, kick right. Audrey went to her own bag and began to do her own combonations.

    "Everything alright?"

    Audrey looked up surprised. Mikasa had never talked to her before, they just usually trained in silence. Though she was still looking straight at her bag.

    "Um, yeah. I'm just a little nervous about the expedition, you know?" she said. Mikasa suddenly stopped punching the bag.

    "Look, I don't talk to other people that much. I'm not talking about the expedition, I'm talking about what's really bothering you" Audrey's eyes widened, but she still kept punching her bag. She didn't feel like telling people about her past, but knew people had been through much more than what she went through. Maybe, just maybe she could tell Mikasa, but she didn't want to seem like a complainer, so decided against it.

    "Um, I don't really want to talk about it, it's kind of personal," she replied. Mikasa looked liked she was about to question further, but then the door suddenly slammed open.
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  16. Another day had passed with another long shift at the breach. Micah was once again in the assembly line, taking her place as she moved bricks. She noticed Hannah was two people away from her this time, and no one else she knew was close. By the time she was done, Micah’s shoulders were sore, and she had no doubt it would be even worse the next day. With her luck, she had to come back and work all day, again.

    She wiped the sweat off her brow as she left the line. Micah glanced at the wall and smiled a little. It was almost done. Give it another day or two and it would be finished and everyone can rest knowing they are once again safe.

    Micah approached the desk agents, turning in her time card to get the stamp saying she was done. Off to the right she noticed a group of soldiers gathered around a spot on the wall. They pointed to a flyer that was taped on the wall before laughing and walking away.

    “What are they looking at?” she asked.

    The soldier looked to see what she was talking about. “Oh, that. That’s from the Scouting Legion. They’re trying to recruit people from other factions,” he said. “It’s for a supposed expedition coming up and they’re offering quite the sum of money.” He snorted. “Shouldn’t come as a surprise. Only the lost and suicidal would dare join that faction. ‘Sides, you can’t put a price on my life.” He stamped her card and tucked it away in a folder with her last initial. “Alright, you are free to go.”

    Micah thanked the soldier and walked away. Before she realized it, she had found herself standing in front of the flyer, and it said:


    The Scouting Legion is in need of help in an upcoming expedition. We are recruiting members from either the Military Police or the Stationary Guard. Participants will be reimbursed for €92,000.
    If interested please bring this flyer to the Scouting Legion Trost Branch and turn it in to Scouting Legion Squad leader, Hanji Zoe.

    Micah stared at the flyer for a long time, letting the words sink it. Then she reached up and plucked it off the wall before tucking it in her pocket and heading home.
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